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Fasting To Change Addictive Beh .:.

Fasting To Change Addictive Behavior

I will be venturing on to my first 30 day juice fast next week. I am going to start Friday in hopes that the fatigue and mental fog will clear by Monday. I have self-indulgent issues that I am hoping to change, I am a smoker, d

Fasting Progress Report Meg

Fasting Progress Report Meg

Reasons for Fasting: Weightloss!!  And the secondary (at this point in time) effects:  feeling of ease of movement, fresh skin, more energy with less sleep, freeing of alcohol/caffeine overconsumption, freedom of compulsive eati

Dr. Breuss Cancer Treatment yes .:.

Dr. Breuss Cancer Treatment yes/no

My dad 78 advanced prostate cancer with bone metastastes. PSA 320 hormone treatment now want him to start chemo! Is Dr Breuss worth a go? Answer By Tom Juice fasting  for prostate cancer has the highest response rate of