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Progess Report Isabelle

Progess Report Isabelle

Comments: Reasons for Fasting: To overcome my food addiction Intended Length of Fast: 15 days: 3rd to 17th september First Name: Isabelle Site User Name: Isabelle City, State and Country: Quebec, Qc, Cda Sex: F A

Fasting Progess Reports - Carol .:.

Fasting Progess Reports - Carol User:Carol03

REASONS FOR FASTING: My goal is simply to achieve PERMANENT, significant and noticeable weight loss to improve my health, my appearance, the way my clothes fit and look on me , and to improve my self esteem and mood through the d

Fasting Progress Report User: j .:.

Fasting Progress Report User: justdoit

Reasons for Fasting: To achieve mental clarity, overcome food addiction, heal and reconnect with life again Intended Length of Fast: 21 days First Name: Val Site User Name: justdoit City, State and Country: Sydney, NSW, Austra