Addiction Fallacies

Addiction holds its position in our life through misconceptions, fallacies and illusions. To quit any addiction, you have to strip away the misconceptions, fallacies and illusions and see truth.

To break misconceptions, fallacies and illusions draw up a list and look seriously at what you consider the benefits of the habit.

You may drink coffee to stay awake. In reality, your body is so use to running on caffeine; it needs it to be normal. You may think cigarettes are an enjoyable activity. In reality, the enjoyment comes from satisfying an addiction. You may feel the need to smoke when under pressure. In reality, your nerves are so affected by nicotine that any pressure sets them off. You may believe that you will gain weight if you quit smoking. In reality, when you quit smoking food will taste better which is a good thing. You may believe that if you quit smoking you will turn into a raving maniac for two days. In reality, it only takes two days to get through the worst part of this addiction. You may believe that you have more fun after a few drinks. In reality, your fun with alcohol is destroying the body, costing money and making you feel bad in the morning. You may believe that cocaine is exciting. In reality, you are so desperate for a thrill that you are willing to make dangerous alterations to the chemistry of your body. You may believe that chocolate is one of your few pleasures in life. In reality, if chocolate is your only pleasure, it is time to be adventurous.

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