Fasting For Bipolar Disorder

Is it ok to do a water fast while taking bipolar medications?

Age: 25
Weight and Height: 5’11, 145
Type of Fast: water
Any past experience with fasting: One 3 week water fast per year for the past 4 years
Reason for the Fast: weight loss
Health Issues: Bipolar Disorder (included in this is severe depression), Anxiety
Pre-fast diet: fruits, veggies, fat free greek yogurt, whole grains, egg whites (I’m vegetarian)

This is not my first water fast for weight loss, but it is my first water fast on medications.  I have Bipolar disorder and I am currently on two medications for it.  My question is, is it ok to do a water fast while taking medications?  I CAN NOT stop these medications or i WILL go into either a deep depression or high manic state, so would you suggest that I maybe take my meds with some juice?  If so, how much?  I do not want the juice to interfere with the weight loss I typically achieve when I water fast.


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