Can I drink bottled juice during a fast?

Do not expect to heal your body drinking only bottled juices.  They lack in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Bottle juice is fine if you are only trying to lose weight and you can fast on it, but that is so much less than the incredible boost in health and vitality that juices from and extractor will give you. I do not recommend prolonged fasting on bottled, canned or frozen juices.  If you are going to fast that long, a juicer is a cheap investment and will transform your fast.

I only recommend bottle juices when you main juices are coming from an extractor and the bottle juices are a supplement.

Buy unsweetened natural juice is good since these has lower sugar levels. Bottled juice is great when you do not have fresh juice available, it is an alternative.  Also frozen concentrates are good. When I make fresh watermelon juice, I add a can of frozen pineapple juice and the taste is amazing and it also sustains me for many hours of hard physical labor.

Fresh juice is better for you as it has a revitalizing effect due to enzymes and all the nutritional mysteries that science is just beginning to understand that are killed by heat, air, and light. So drink as much fresh juice as you can and when you can’t drink sweetened herbal teas, bottled juice and frozen concentrates.

Bottled Juice Problems During a Fast

Too much acidic juice, such as apple or grapefruit take too quickly can cause stomach pains.

Heated tomato juice with some Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkle of garlic powder when you are chill from fasting is delicious and heart warming. Too much tomato juice slows the detoxification.

Freeze fresh cantaloupe juice into Popsicle and you feel like you are cheating because they taste so good. Enjoy as they are permitted during a juice fast.

Bottled juice is pasteurized and has lost its enzymes but has natural sugars, vitamins and mineral. Do not drink powdered juice mixtures or flavored fruit drinks.

My favorite bottle juices are beet, mango and pear.

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