How To Treat Ovarian Cancer In A Natural Way

How To Treat Ovarian Cancer In A Natural Way


How To Treat Ovarian Cancer In A Natural Way


Fasting Question

Hi, there my mum with ovarian cancer had a hysterectomy and had partially removed the peritoneum.

She has been advised to start Chemo but we are very skeptical about it, especially because she reacts quite badly to medicines in general. Also, she is under thyroids medications (for hypothyroid) and eyes drop for glaucoma.

If she decides to go ahead with the Breuss diet can she suspend those medicine?

And also I have read that Breuss himself said that his treatment is for those that do not have operations, chemo, and other invasive treatments. Has something changed? Is there any positive outcome from people that had those interventions with fasting?

I appreciate any comment
Thanks a lot.

Answer by Tom Coghill

Although there are many testimonials for the Breuss treatment I recommend an enzyme treatment with the fasting protocol.  I recommend package 6 which is about $1000 USD monthly.  Will will guide it with premium support or you can get support for free on fasting.  It is better to cut the thyroid medication during the fast and continue with the eye drops as needed. Please check the cancer center at for our latest research.

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