Can Juice Fasting Help Poisoning

About 2 months back I got poison into my system. It affected the nerves and led to:

– impaired vision with the right eye. Somewhat hazy and washed-out colors

– speech impediment. I started mumbling and I feel numbness on the right side of the face, especially around the eye and nose.

– incoherent thought. It was hard at first to formulate normal sentences.

Needless to say, my overall well-being suffered severely as well. For two months now I am avoiding all substances which can have a detrimental effect on the nerves. The effects did regress somewhat, but recovery is slow. I am afraid of permanent damage. I have decided to start a juice fast in the hope to heal the nerve damage. Could you please advise me?

– What kind of fast would be best in my condition?

– Are there any food supplements that could help me?

– Any other suggestions?

Thank you,


Hi Marek
Yes, juice fasting will drastically increase healing time. A 30-day juice fast should heal your body from the damage caused by poisoning.
Use a veggie juice mix with various greens added. Fruit juices are good. There are herbs and supplements but the juicing fasting will do the work if you stick it out. It may be less than 30 days. If you fill out a progress report we will guide you.

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