The Fasting is Amazing for Detoxification

The Fasting is Amazing for Detoxification

The Fasting is Amazing for Detoxification




Fasting is amazing for detoxification.  Our bodies are toxic like never before. Only fasting has the power to detoxify 20th-century toxins.  Juice fasting is the best for detoxification.

Today, we consume more toxic substances than all generations before us. Lead in our bones can be 200 times greater compared to bones excavated from 2,000 years ago. Our bodies are living cesspools of pesticides, food additives, drug residues, and household chemicals.

Within the cells, you will discover dyes, bleaches, antioxidants, preservatives, chemical flavors, buffers, noxious sprays, alkalizes, acidifiers, deodorants, moisteners, drying agents, expanders, modifiers, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, clarifiers, disinfectants, defoliants, fungicides, neutralizers, anti-caking and anti-foaming agents, hydrolyzes, hydrogenators, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and over four thousand other drugs residues.

Fasting Detoxifies the Lungs

Through the air, water, food, and even mother’s milk as a child, there is the absorption of thousands of toxins that saturate the environment. City living fills your lungs with 20 million particles of the foreign matter daily such as carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, mercury, DDT, cadmium, PCB s, strontium 90, radioactive iodine, x-rays, nitrates, and thousands more.

Fasting Detoxifies the Colon from Food Toxins & Parasites

The colon can contain billions of internal parasites and the 7-10 lbs. of impacted toxic fecal matter on your colon wall.

Fasting to Detoxifies the Organs

Toxins in the organs increase aging. You can be 40 years old with the organs of a ninety-year-old. Toxins disrupt your cells and thereby disrupt the function of the organs. If your organs do not work your body does not work. Fasting detoxifies the organs.

Fasting To Detoxify the Brain

Toxins build up in the brain. If you want to see the effect of toxins on your brain, just go a few hours without food, it will cause headaches, emotions and mental clarity disrupted. Your blood has overloaded with the sludge of toxic living and the blood feeds the brain. The less toxin in your brain, the better it works.

Fasting Detoxifies Cells

Cells are the vital structured parts of the human body. The body needs the continuous supply of the right balance of nutrients to feed the cells, for optimum performance. If we continue to absorb nutrients with high toxin content, we will diminish our optimum performance.

The poisons brought about by toxins in the bloodstream of any living organism can damage the cells & cause fatality. Juice Fasting is a safe, easy but effective discovery to detoxify the cells. Juice fasting cleanses the bloodstream from poisons brought about by toxins. Juice has less digestive work & amp; has a comfortable process in cleansing the cells. Detoxification of cells is a slow but thorough process. People engage in 30-day juice fasting because it takes that long to detoxify.

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