Day Eight of a Juice Fast

I am on my first juice fast and just finished my 8th successful day! Overall, I have not had too much trouble. However, my 4 yr old is just getting over bronchitis and I feel I may be getting it as well. I know part of it is the detox, but I feel a slight rattle in my chest when I breathe deeply. I feel like I can definitely continue, but I want to make sure I won’t harm myself. Are there any juice combos that I could try to use? Or perhaps drink more water? Your thoughts are appreciated. Ideally, I would like to make it through 30 days. I know that seems ambitious, but at this point I feel I can do it! Thanks Liz

Hi Liz,
Strange aches and sensations are normal during a fast as the body doing a deep cleansing and healing. As to the juice, find what you like. Mix and blend to taste. The site has lots of juice recipes.

Posted on by coburn

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