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Please post your fasts here or in “Fasting Progress Reports”  The “Fasting Club” page is a place to share with other fasters.   Fasting is a bit like climbing a mountain. You need some knowledge and training. And like mountain climbing …. falling off is painful and occasionally needs an emotional rescue.

Feel free to post, emotions, events, and personal stuff as these small images give new user windows into the world of fasting that makes it real to them and what seems impossible becomes doable.

If you want to have a “user pic” beside your comments, just log in and click on your name at the top right, upload the pic and then click the update profile. It is nice to see who you are chatting with. Feel free to offer advice, or challenge other opinions as this site is an open forum to share ideas and knowledge to further the science of fasting.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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561 Responses to Fasting Club Jan 2009

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Day 2, I woke up weak but got some energy after some juice. It is cold here in the mountains of the Philippines but it is starting to warm up. Trying to do some yoga daily to loose up my body and stay young. Looks like it is going to be a great year. We have 5 cancer patients in the hospital juicing and more coming. The books are being upgraded. We just moved into a new place. Big changes for me and all are good.

  2. Cat says:

    Oh wow you live in the phillipines awesome. Im waiting for this dizzy feeling to go away so i can work out its 50below up in fairbanks alaska. so we stay inside. i thought this fast was gonna be easier, its so hard i hope i start feeling better soon, just been crying all day and its the only 3rd day. Sorry if im being annoying this is my 1st time and i just wanna make sue im doing everything right.

  3. Cat says:

    my husband when to the phillipines last febuary for a month with the army to train he brought home beautiful pictures really beautiful! He had a good time there he said it was a really nice place. Ive lived in Anchorage Alaska until i was 18 and then we went to Fort Campbell kentucky with the army, were back in fairbanks alaska now and its just cold. He goes alot of dif places though out of country hes been to Iraq twice hes there now, and to the Phillipines.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cat,
      I have a nice 3 bedroom apartment with cable TV and water inclusive for $60 a month and my high speed internet is $20. My electricity is about $16 monthly. The climate is perfect and it is safe and beautiful. The hospital is a 5 minute walk. Life is good here and what money that I make selling books covers what I need to live.

  4. Cat says:

    wow that is crazy! the military takes out $1700 for rent where we live i cannot believe that! Alaska is expensive living wise anyways. but dang. i thought you were a doctor? ive been reading alot on here i thought i read you were one. i am feeling better have more energy down cleaning downstairs so im so thankful i am feeling better, i prayed which i havent done in a long time… i will def start doing it more though.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cat,
      Wow this is indeed expensive. This place for $60 monthly is as nice a place as I have been. Pine floors are amazing. No I am not a doctor. It is a bit of a learning curve to work in a hospital and guide a program but the doctors are quick to fill me in. Day 2 of my fast and I am dry fasting. This is bad. I have a cold from the cold mountain air that I am not used to. Moving is always and event. This needs to be a long fast.

  5. Cat says:

    the phillipines sounds amazing. well i wish you luck on your fast and i hope you get better soon. Do you just deal with cancer patients at the hospital?

  6. Al says:

    Hi there. On my first major water fast. Have done a few small ones before, but, I really need to detox after the 2 hit combo of Thanksgiving and Xmas. Last food meal I had was on 12/26 at lunch, then I got really drunk the next day so I wouldn’t really care about the hunger pangs, and was completely hungover the next so no hunger pangs then, And its been smooth sailing to today. Sitting in the lunch room at work while everyone else is eating is the worst. Hope to make it thru the month, mabye next month too. Hope things are going as well for you as it is for me

  7. Joshua says:

    josh, age 16 here. Ive been distancing myself from my parents beliefs for about a year, not to be defiant or because I don’t agree, but just to find out what I believe in, and not just be a product of my parents in following years.
    I became a vegetarian last year despite my parents red meat and dorritos diet.I also began studying transcendental meditation in brief, among other states of consciousness.
    Day one of a few day water fast now. I know teens shouldn’t fast, but I’m six foot and haven’t grown in almost a year, so I’m cautious, but not too worried about fasting affecting my growth. I’ve done about two days before, and I’m going to try three or four now and hopefully, by the time I’m in college I’ll be able to do two to three weeks. My parents don’t know I’m fasting, my dad already thinks I’m flakey enough, I don’t need to worsen it.
    I find it helps to write or listen to music during a fast. I stay away from tv because of food ads that are tempting.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Joshua,
      We had a 9 year old boy do 30 days with ease at home to be healed of multiple lung conditions. He said it was easy. I also went your route. I was fasting and searching for meaning and by 17, I was traveling. I guess I never stopped. I always recommend juice fasting to start.

  8. Joshua says:

    its getting a little tougher as the day goes on. I took a nap and read part of hemmingways the sun also rises. Day one is usually harder than day two.

  9. Al says:

    on day 23 here, and its sorta getting rough. stomach has been getting increasingly more and more upset as the last 2 days have gone on. Always had this problem in the morning, where I want to vomit when I wake up, but generally it goes away within an hr or so. not sure if I am getting sick or not, or the fasting is turning my stomach towards rebellion. any advice?

  10. Al says:

    Day 25…. Just vomited, Hope this will calm the stomach down a bit

  11. Fawn says:

    So depressed over a death and suicidal thoughts are jamming my senses. I googled fasting then tried to find some books,this site popped up. I didn’t know fasting could help depression but am willing to try this. Today is day 1. I feel okay right now and it’s 11:30 am Colorado time. I have a tiny juicer.I’m juicing what I have…cucumbers,kale(ewwww,it’s for my birds!),celery. 2-8 pm will be hard for me as it gets busy here. Food everywhere.
    Thanks for this site and for those posting,helps to read about your fasts too.Good Luck-Fawn

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Fawn,
      To fight depression forces yourself to think, shout or say. I am happy. My life is good. I am blessed. I am successful. Make a list and keep saying it for hours every day until you believe it. And with fasting your life will be transformed.

  12. Al says:

    Hi tom,
    This is a straight water fast, And the only symptoms before that was increasing nausea. No previous stomach conditions. I switched from tapwater to spring water yesterday, but I vomited last night again. Seeing as I feel that vomiting on a regular basis is rather unhealthy as it is, I will begin breaking the fast this afternoon, Starting with straight juice, then on to a raw vegan for a few days

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Al
      Breaking the fast is good. If there were other signs other that the body was detoxifying then one or two days of vomiting would be acceptable but prolonged vomiting may lead to dehydration and/or dangerous electrolyte imbalances and may be an indicator of kidney failure.

  13. rhet says:

    Al, try Glaceau SmartWater–it’s delicious and has electrolytes, but nothing that would cause you to officially break your fast.

    See if the smaller steps you are taking stabilize you, before returning to food, if you had wanted to fast longer.

  14. JJ says:

    I have a couple questions…one of my friends is juice fasting and he would like to know if not having his gallbladder wil affect the detox process.

    Also he chews tobacco and wonders how that will also affect the detoxing process


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JJ
      The gallbladder stores bile, which is released when food containing fat enters the digestive tract to emulsify fats and neutralizes acids in partly digested food. Since you are not eating bile is not needed. Gall bladder removal will not affect the detoxification. Chewing tobacco is a serious negative in detoxification. Juice fasting is recommended.

  15. destiny says:

    I’m new to this site. I am starting my fast tomorrow. I will go for as long as I comfortably can. Because it is my first fast I am not setting high goals. I will be happy with 2 days. Does anyone have any tips or advice they can offer? Thanks.

  16. Fawn says:

    day 3 for me…almost bedtime as i am weak but feel in control. i’m reading alot,staying away from tv. i also bought some books on fasting and took a long walk in the rain.
    i can do this. i am not as hungry today,just thirsty yet not really drinking as much as i want. best of luck everyone.

  17. Rhet says:

    Hi all,

    Am on the second day of an open-ended fast. I am suspecting some pretty dire things wrong with my health, but can’t get into the doctor for tests for several weeks. Also, my insurance is not great. So, I am praying and de-toxifying as much as possible beforehand.

    My longest fast before was 19 days a few years ago, with occasional vegetable broth. This time I am doing a weak concentration of squeezed lemon and lime in water, and that’s it, because I’d like some pretty aggressive cleansing to be done. I may use SmartWater at some point to restore some electrolytes.

    I’m feeling ok, but I had been low-carbing for several weeks beforehand, so I’m not having the sugar/carb withdrawal that can make fasting so harsh.

    Often in the past, on the 3rd or 4th day I would get so horribly nauseous that I would retch and get a terrible headache. I’m curious to see if that happens this time, but I am bracing for it.

    Does anyone else find that you are more restless when you fast, and need to stave off really insecure and negative thinking? I get so vulnerable when I fast that I basically have to tell myself not to pay attention to my mind if it’s conjuring up something negative, because it’s likely that my preceptions are quite off.

    How are the rest of you doing?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rhet,
      Fasting opens a can of worms. All the junk from the past want to wriggle out. Yes you get more vulnerable. But if you go with it your life will be transformed. The second day can be the worst so it may be just a matter of hanging on.

  18. JJ says:

    Hi Tom

    Thanks for answering my questions…I have another one…So if a person still chews tobacco do they benefit from fasting and will any detoxing happen..will energy increase?


  19. Fawn says:

    This comment is for Rhet-I am very restless,trouble sleeping but actually feeling good. I only a severee headache the first night. I find myself crying,and then get things outand go on with the moment. I think emotions run high when we fast. I am on day 4. I am juicing and water both. I have energy popping up and dont know what to do with myself. Praying that you feel God right beside you. Call on Him,I have done this a few times today.

  20. healing and fasting says:

    Hey there,

    I’m about to start some sort of water fast. I tried the other night and when I woke up in the morning I was so on edge and felt pretty anxious. I’m doing it to detox and promote relaxation eventually. I pray to god I will get through it because I have been on an extremely low carb diet with pretty good results, but I know I need to detox more so my gut and digestion will improve. I’m praying the anxiety will subside eventually. I’d love to find a buddy to detox/fast with. Email me @ actualize81#gmail


  21. Rhet says:

    Tom and Fawn, thanks so much for your wise words of encouragement.

    I stumbled, but am back in the saddle, starting at Day 1 again. When the intense nausea and pulse-racing hit, I panicked and ate. It’s amazing how powerful those waves of sickness and uncertainty are. It’s like the mind is almost irresistibly programmed to con us into eating. The “just one bite” or “just enough to stop the nausea” gets me every time.

    Also, I found that I have a hard time resisting peoples’ guilt trips (I live with a few other people) if they’ve cooked a meal and I refuse to eat it. Unfortunately I live with people who don’t understand or appreciate fasting.

    This time, I’m being proactive. I’m telling my house members in the morning that I won’t be eating dinner. I’m adjusting my schedule to plan for the predictable bouts of nausea.

    Because of my health problems, I need to keep reminding myself that my life may ultimately depend on my steadfastness. I also need to tell myself that this fast should be my #1 priority, and if something else has to wait for me to get through it, then it must wait. Also, it’s possible I may not be able to do this under my own power, but as the prayer says, Someone else has power to do All things, and I need to frequently seek Divine help.

    Thank you for this resource. This time I am committing to posting here more frequently, to take advantage of the sacred witness, and the community of support.

  22. HB says:

    I’ve had an interest in fasting for several years, but have never intentionally started one. My interest stems from some strange illness i had a couple of years ago. it came and went for several months about once every one or two months. My thoughts are that it is very much stress-induced, because it happened when i was traveling. however, I’m in college now and am pretty stressed out, but haven’t experienced anything like it for nearly a year. The first time it happened, i was at a restaurant in Baja, Mexico and suddenly felt incredibly full even though i hadn’t eaten much all day and had just begun my meal. i almost vomited leaving and became extremely cold for the rest of the night, wanting to throw up the whole time until i fell asleep. this was coupled with an intense shivering. The next morning i was fine and ate a good breakfast. The next time it happened, it went on for a week and i lost between 10 and 15 lbs. I couldn’t force myself to eat a piece of toast or drink much of anything, because i just knew how terrible i’d feel 30 minutes after.

    That experience still makes me wonder. Now, I’m more interested in a fast that i would have control over, instead of imagining that i was terminally ill. I did a two day fast last week and am just sort of dabbling in this because i am very curious about self control and willpower and how faith plays a role. Hopefully i will progress to a week-long fast later this spring when i have fewer obligations and more time to read. This website has been a wealth of information on a subject where most people don’t know too much about. Thank you for helping me out through this resource.

  23. Amanda says:

    Hello all- I googled “fasting properly” and ended up here. I’m not currently fasting, but doing my research to prepare myself. Cheesey as it may be, my new year’s resolution (like those of many others) is to improve my health. I have successfully quit smoking cigarettes and drinking. Only one month strong at this point, but I’m feeling hopeful.
    Essentially, I’m here for advice from people who know about fasting. What should I have in my house to be prepared? After reading these posts I am sure that I will need a juicer. How should I prepare my body for fasting? How long should this preparation last? How long should my first fast last? How do I bring my body back after fasting? And what are the best juices/tastiest things to juice while fasting?
    I know I have a lot of questions, and response to any of them would be appreciated. Thanks so much, and good luck to all of you.

  24. Rhet says:

    Amanda, congrats on your interest in fasting. Read all the links on this site, I think virtually all of your questions get answered there.

    How are we all doing out there? Are you fasters still on the wagon, as it were?

    I discovered an interesting thing, which veteran fasters must already know quite well. Hunger pangs come in waves, and when you’re in the middle of one, you can think that harsh twinge will be with you every moment of the fast, tormenting you. It’s easy to think–“There’s no way I can do this for hours, let alone weeks! I’m out!”

    But here’s the thing. It’s a mind-trick. It’s a convincing trick, but don’t believe it! It’s like when the fasting Buddha would say to his temptors and frightening visions: “I see you, Maya [illusion, devil], and I am NOT afraid!” Or how Jesus would say “Get thee behind me!”

    I learned that the pangs do LEAVE. They go as fast as they’ve come, and then you feel as if you’ve eaten. That is, you feel NO hunger. Yes, eating can kill a hunger pang the fastest, but if you can hold out for 30 minutes or an hour without eating, it goes away ANYWAY. (Sometimes I command my body to feast upon the substances in my body that I need to get rid of, if it’s really that hungry.)

    So it’s really just about keeping food out of your hands until the wave of pangs pass. Yes, the pangs will return (just like they would if you HAD eaten), but practicing the same kind of patience does work. I find I have almost the same rhythms of hunger and “satiety” when fasting as I do when I am eating.

    I also discovered that my not-eating makes other people very concerned and uncomfortable. Anyone else have that in your life? They comment, want to know why, they keep track. It’s a lot of pressure! Maybe I’m sensitive because I was always taught to be grateful for food and to the cook. I do hate missing the social and “familial” aspect of mealtimes (as mentioned, I live in a kind of ‘urban tribe’ setting, so we’re family of sorts). But sometimes I don’t FEEL like explaining why I’m fasting to people, or even telling them that I am. I don’t want people questioning my reasons or the wisdom of my choice.

    So, when all else fails, I use a little sleight-of-hand that I remember from parties when I was a young adult. If I hold a glass of red wine at a meal and tip it once in awhile without actually taking any in, people don’t bug me to eat.(I don’t love alcohol or cigarettes, hence the “sleight,” I sometimes carried a beer at parties but never actually drank it, or would accept a cigarette without’s cowardly, I know, but I want the social “peace pipe” aspect of the ritual without the substance itself).

    Anyway, people seem to accept “drinking your dinner” a lot easier than they understand fasting. (Dogs are also great for “sharing” dinner.) It’s the same as if I keep a little loud bag of (untempting) candy or nuts that I happen to dislike in my pocket. I can share them, rattle them, and nobody bothers me about not-eating. (A tack that may be too risky or silly for most other people.)

    This is a long, sad treatise on deception, but it’s one strategy I use I protect my psyche from doubters and questioners.. it’s hard enough to protect myself from my own doubt!

    Anyone else want to share their strategies for getting by while fasting, either internally or socially?



  25. beaches says:

    Hello I am new to this forum but find it very interesting. Years ago my husband and I changed our diets because our children were always sick. We swore off fast food and went to fruits and veggies and fresh juice every morning. Our children thrived and we did too. We went through lots of ‘dumping’. My one daughter that had been on tons of antibiotics went thru the toughest time but became fully cured…she even got the mumps and I was told it was her vaccine coming out. (another controversy -We chose not to vaccinate out other children). We have 5 children. Now that they are grown (the youngest is 20) we have found ourselves back to the same old garbage (for about the last 5 years) and have gained especially.
    I decided in December to practice what I’ve been preaching and planned to start a juice fast in January.
    Please note we have always had our fresh glass of juice in the morning or we would probably be dead:) last summer we were binging so bad I ended up in the emergency room with high blood pressure peak of 210/105 and they immediately put me on bp pills…I knew the cause but even after a week of juice fasting then i went right back to eating stupid.
    So as of Jan. 1st 2009 I have been doing fresh juice. I first had to have a complete mental evaluation with myself to decide that for once and for all I was going to get healthy and the time was now so I could enjoy life again. I had ballooned to 250 lbs and was totally unhappy with myself and it showed. I searched the internet and found excerpts from different place, printed them off and use them as my inspiration and information. I have to tell myself every day that this is the beginning and I will be over with the fast as soon as I get myself in good shape. I make a plan every week and go a day at a time. I have fallen two days and eaten something..altho little it was eating..I then started back the next day and called it day 1. I write in a journal every day..nothing great,,just how I feel and what I want out of life. That has helped tremendously. Also my husband is a cheerleader and if there is one bit of advice I can give you is to share what you are doing with someone. This is the first time I have actually told him what I weigh and have been completely honest with him. He has made a huge difference. I am now at Jan 30th and feel so great…as I write this I believe I am going thru a little ketoacidosis..super weak and backache and all the signs but I know it will be gone in hours or tomorrow. I have a 16oz glass of carrot, beet and celery juice every morning. (I also use green and red pepper and cucumber – all organic) Because I’ve been so cold I then have hot water with a fresh lemon…sometimes lots of cups! Not every day but some days I have another glass of juice in the afternoon. I just listen to my body to see what I need. At first I had fruit juices too but found out for me they make me crave food. After I stayed with vegetables I am never really hungry. My addiction to food comes out and I am trying to realize that this is a lifestyle change so I visualize what I will eat again and I think of only healthy food. I have some weeks planned with a few fruits because of things we have going. I find the key is planning and deliberately dealing with food so there are no passionate binges.
    Now for the good part…I have lost 35 lbs this month (and I am a person that holds weight). I walk on a treadmill whenever I have the energy because my secondary goal is to lose weight and some exercise helps that end.
    I am fitting into lots of clothes and have decided to extend my fast until I get to the weight and health I want. I have weeks planned to break the fast (like Easter) but like i said PLANNED menus. I plan on going until the end of april and then start my new life and lifestyle. I tell people I am 57 going on 40. My skin is clearing up, wrinkles are going and it appears there will be hardly if any loose skin. That I will have to see to believe! I apologize for taking up so much space. I hope my story will help someone. I struggle everyday but as you get through the first week or so you will get motivated. I would be happy to be a fasting partner to anyone out there…my email is Good luck to all of you and like my motto is (from the Biggest Loser) SHUT THE … UP AND DO IT! No offense intended to everyone but it sure hit home with me!!!
    1. Sorry forgot to tell you I am going in on Monday to get my BP pills reduced for a week or two and then taken off of them…my BP has been low since the first week of the fast…..again good luck to all of you. there is so much information out there. After my 99.9% fasting journey is through I will still have juice every day and plan on doing a 1-3 day fast every week to stay healthy. Planning is the key and I never have done that before. Thanks for the forum to get all kinds of good info! PS my husband is not fasting but we have added juice 2 times a day instead of one and lots more veggies to his diet and of course he loses 10 pounds right away and his bp has gone down…but he didn’t do as much private bingeing as I did so he started out healthier

    Well here I go again…There’s so many things that come into play with a juice fast. Just a couple of tips when you just have to have a bite of something…. Make a pot of fresh vegetable soup – no salt just some seasonings….then have a cup of broth…I did that the first two weeks. Now when I want something I cut a very fresh organic sweet orange into smaller pieces and suck the juice out of each piece. It’s faster than running it thru the juicer and is a quick fix so you don’t grab something else. It also helps any nausea or blood sugar low. You will find out that you’re never hungry just old habits coming into play…be ready and you will succeed…thanks for listening

  26. Aram says:

    I feel in a heavy state of inertia….My creativity….something that I never felt could escape me feels dry…I have been thinking of fasting for some time..I will start with juice and herbal tea..and keep posting on this site for the motivation and outlet. I am twenty now.

  27. Oli says:

    Thanks for your post..i’m struggling with my weight,and I’m trying but not succeeding..binges cravings the list goes on. What i really desire is to have a healthy attitude towards food and manage my weight so i stay at an acceptable level. I am starting a fast tonight initially for 7 days to enable me reflect on how and why i got my self to the state i’m in. Hopefully neutralise my cravings…I hope this website helps me get some perpective

  28. Kari says:

    I need some input. I’m on day seven of a 30 day juice fast and I’ve actually gained weight over the past three days. I lost eight pounds in the first four days, then increased by a half a pound every day after that. I walk 45 minutes every day and I’ve done two salt water flushes, followed by drinking vegetable broth with onions because I read somewhere that you need to replace the good bacteria the the flush eliminates and onions help do that. I drink between 12oz to 24oz of juice, herbal tea, green tea sometimes and water. I’m a 37 year old female, 5’5″ and stuck and 176 now. Has anyone else experienced this?

  29. Liz says:

    I am nearing the end of day 1 of my fast. I have had periods of low food intake, but have never been on a full out fast, so I am starting with 3-4 days. My stomach is growling so loudly! I am trying to keep myself distracted. I am trying to lose 7 pounds in two weeks, so I am planning on doing two monday-thursday fasts and breaking (slowly) on the weekends. I am drinking mostly water, but enjoy tea more, so thats what i think I will be living off of. I love this site and am hoping to use it to keep me going strong.

  30. aram says:

    And Day Two Begins…Have not wanted food at all yet. sipping tea and water…and have more energy then expected…why didn’t I do this sooner? ……..the journey goes onward…….Hope you all are doing well I send my love and support.

  31. Aram says:

    Realizing everyday habits…that I don’t need. Energy more subtle. I can see my body more/feel it more. feel lighter and more in love with my life and what is here. Ending day two…well am I? Maybe not until rest and rising with the el sol. Goodnight

  32. Fawn says:

    I just completed a 10 day fast and have been on raw vegetables,fruit for 5 days. All my depression and sadness have lifted. My weight loss is 29 lbs. With that i am healthy and ready for a new way of eating. I certainly will be doing this more often. I hope to find someone to fast with in March. I am reaching for a 7 day water fast. I did juice,now I want to take it further.
    Good Luck Everyone. Peace.. Rhett-how are you doing?? Post!

  33. rhet says:

    Fawn, thanks for shouting out to me! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment! It feels so good to know someone is out there, reading. I bet your water fast will now be so much easier, having been on the juice and veggies. Let me know when you start it, we’ll check in.

    I’ve been having this weird experience where I suddenly go pale, start sweating, and my stomach does such a violent flip-flop that I’m certain I will lose it within seconds. It actually makes it hard for me to go places, because I’m so afraid I’ll suddenly throw up (bile, mostly). I’ve been carrying a plastic baggie in my pocket even when I drive, it’s embarrassing! I also have to fight the feeling that I’m actually going to die from this nausea, that it’s indicative of a heart attack or something (I turn into such a hypo when fasting).

    I’ve fallen off the wagon 3 times with regard to coffee/caffeine, which may explain the nausea and sweating, though they don’t often happen within the same 5 hours. Who would have ever thought that coffee is such a tempting demon? Not the sweets, not the bagels, not the pizza. I’ve decided not to send myself back to “Day 1” for the infraction, but if I do it again, Day 1 it is.

    I’ve discovered that food grounds me, gives me a sense of stability and ok-ness with the moment. Without food, I am so often edgy, restless, and my mind is very harsh about my life choices and the way I spend time. It’s like food has been a drug in more ways than one. I can’t tell which mind-state is the sane one.

    I’m also very touchy. I really need to watch what I say to people, and how I read situations and statements. I’m normally so kick-back, joking and easy-going, it’s a strange personality shift. Stripping down, stripping down. It’s humbling.

    Thinking of you all!


  34. Aram says:

    nearing the end of day three! I sipped on aloe juice today. Heal. heal . healing.

  35. Sky says:

    Hello, I will be starting my first fast tomorrow. Can anyone give me some advice..? I’ve never done this before.

  36. Fawn says:

    HI. First Rhett 🙂 I am worried and hope Tom comes in to advise us because I wonder if you’re okay here. The bile thing scares me alot. I would not know what to do if that started with me. Are you near fainting? I did feel very weak,at times light headed but I got down on one knee. I also did that thing where I got up slowly…I did get pale. I never really did as long a fast though as you.You’re on water yet. Are you eating today??? I slept alot while fasting but it was always during the day when I felt so tired. Night time for me was not good. I could not sleep.Are you sleeping????

    Sky,just read all the stuff posted. I took resting to heart when I fasted.I also drank something as soon as I felt weak. It passes! Don’t let headaches and rumbly tummys make you break it. Tom stops in and advises us alot. Look for his posts.
    I also wanted to say good job to Aram 🙂 3rd day. Keep going.

  37. Kari says:

    Hi Sky, I can’t say I’m an official authority on fasting, but I can say that I have completed 10 days of a 30 day juice fast so far. The biggest piece of advice I would give is to realize that the fast is a mental challenge much more than a physical one. In other words, when your brain is telling you to EAT, just respond to it politely by saying, “I heard you, but no thanks.” The reason I’m fasting is to overcome an alcohol addiction and the biggest gift its given me so far is to realize the art of choosing what my health wants instead of my mind (and all the tricky pitfalls it throws at me). The other thing I would suggest is to literally set your goal fast at completing one day at a time. Lastly, whatever your reason for fasting, realize that no matter what you do to achieve your goal, the fasted way to that end is the hardest way. In other words, you gotta walk through it, not around it. Good luck and remember you’re stronger than whatever you’re trying to overcome.

  38. tamara says:

    Today was my first of my fast and i could honestly say that i thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was. I find the hardest part is what my brain is telling me, its worse than what my stomach is telling me, i just hope i make it through the night…. if there’s any words of wisdom out there i’m will be more than happy to hear them.

  39. tamara says:

    My time on top says 3:48 pm but it is 6:48 pm here

  40. fawn says:

    since ya wont post my responses am moving on~~~

  41. Rhet says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your concern, Fawn. I think the vomiting is a detox-reaction. I took in some veggie juice off and on until those nausea episodes slacked off. I just got too scared about what my heart seemed to be doing on top of it. Now I’m back on water.

    Hopefully the little bit of juice was enough to get me over the hump, as it were. How are you all doing?

    I feel like I’ve been fasting for a thousand years. Man, time slows down. And my extremities get cold a lot. I’ve been hot-tubbing to deal with the cold, but some people say that’s a bad idea, what with the chemicals and unusual heat. Tom, do you have an opinion about this?



    • Tom Coghill says:

      Vomiting is part of water fasting if your body is toxic. For that reason I recommend juice fasting for 3 days before going to water. Sure take a hot bath if you are cold or a hot shower. Cold extremities is normal also.

  42. Rhet says:

    Thanks, Tom. Fawn, yes, I get insomnia a lot since fasting. I just watch TV or read, or sometimes I get up and play with the dogs.

    I must have a really slow metabolism, because I’m not dropping weight very fast. My body must have adjusted to the shift. Since the first few days, I’ve lost a pound about every 3 or 4 days. I sure hope this detox works. Fasting is harsh for me.



  43. rachel says:

    Hi all! I’m just ending the sixth week of an intermittent fasting program, and my body keeps wanting more and more abstinence from food. For weeks I ate in a five to four hour window at night. I experienced better sleep, energy during the day, no cravings, better breathing, mental clarity ect. Over the last week, when I feel no hunger at the beginning of my eating window, I put faith to the test and skip my eating window until the following night. I’ve done this twice this week and I feel so light and happy. Fasting, even briefly certianly gives you the sense of control and freedom being chained to food never did. I intend on skipping my window every third night until my body feels its ready for more fasting. You do get better and better at listening to your bodys clues as you get more and more clean. Thanks for the great website. I really hope this goes mainstream someday, to the chagrin of resturants and donought shops alike!

  44. mark says:

    tom i am already drinking 10 egg whites a day but not getting that good pump i used to in the gym will spirulina help and how much should i take? thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Mark,
      You will feel weaker in the gym and have to push more but the cuts will come and muscle gain if you and press through. Yes spirulina is good but you need a few tablespoons if you want a protein boost. There are some high end whey supplements that are nominally mucus-forming but you still have to take less than recommended. It also take about a week for you body to adjust to juicing with eggwhites and you get days of energy and days of being totally dragged out especially on the first week. And the hunger can be really intense after a workout. I did 30 days. Other than me you are the only person to try this. LOL.

  45. Nikki says:

    thanks so much for your “sleight of hand” post you are a genius! my boyfriend seems to think i’m going to die from fasting. he keeps cooking all my favorite foods & insisting that i just try a little something. i think your ideas will help me immensely! thanx again!

  46. Rhet says:

    Hey Nikki, glad the “sleights” were useful, I was feeling a little embarrassed about having shared all that. But boy, they really have helped me socially. Last night I had “wine” with friends at a concert (once friends have emptied one or 2, they are happy to let you switch glasses with them–grin!). Eating the ice out of drinks at meals or at clubs also keeps people off my back.

    Just this morning the dogs helped me to “share” a super-nice breakfast someone in the house fixed. (Thank goodness feeding dogs from the table isn’t taboo in our house).

    People are also happy to help me with little bags of M&M’s or almonds or cashews I carry in my pocket (sometimes I cheat and lick the salt off my fingers). I know, the whole thing is mildly insane.

    It’s true that the Bible says not to advertise it when we fast, but my “sleights” are likely taking it too far. But it’s how I get by. I can’t take on the hunger and weakness AND everyone telling me how I’m endangering my life. I need as little disruption in my routine as possible, and having everybody interrogating me about my fast at every meal and social gathering (or talking about it behind my back if I tell them to MYOB) is just too much for me to handle.

    Today I squeezed a couple of lemons into my water, and sweetened it with Stevia (a non-caloric natural sweetener). It felt like I had a 7-course meal. My body sure appreciates any little bit I toss it.

    How’s everyone doing?


  47. Jessica says:

    Hi I’ve been thinking of fasting for a while. I always feel backed up inside and irregular. But I am a runner and was wondering if fasting would affect my performance?

  48. Rhet says:


    You bet fasting will affect your performance–at least, water fasting will. I’ve found that even juice fasting slows me down. I also have to watch out for strange bowel activity, especially at first. It’s not so important if you’re just training, but are you racing frequently?


  49. Jessica says:

    I have competitions usually at the end of the week, usually fridays. but my season is just about over and I have championships at the end of this week coming up. so maybe I should wait till after so that I can perform at my best.

  50. jen says:

    hello, I am a new vegetarian who has been battling my weight my entire life, I have decided to get myself under control and just be thin already, I’m training for a 1/2 marathon in April but I need to rid myself of my old relationship with food, clear my head and focus on how to achieve my goals, Rachel’s way of just eating a small meal in a narrow window of time and then skipping it every few days sounds like something I can do, I worry about screwing up my metabolism but I need to cleanse and redirect my focus so I’m starting my “fast” today is 4:33 and I wont eat again until tomorrow at 7:00 pm when I’ll have a veggie burger and water. and I’ll try to keep that up for 7 days then start narrowing down my window. I’m going to be thin and healthy this year. I’ll keep you up to date with how I do

  51. jen says:

    rhet how long is your fast? and what motivated you to start and when are you going to be done, how long will you wait before you do another one….

  52. rachel says:

    jen, i admire your endeavors. i’m sure you’ll be very successful. i would like to impress upon you, however, that a one small, raw veggie salad before your breakfast would do wonders for the elimination process. during your fast you will be cleansings and depositing much toxins, mucoids ect. to the colon for elimination. eating the raw salad prior to any high energy foods (carbs/fats/proteins) assists the colon in a ‘broomlike’ way. a friend of mine has a child with a diseased liver, no treatements available, but the doctor prescribed one raw salad a day to assist the liver in its daily cleansing chores. the boy started to feel better immediately and has grown to love his salads, crave them even. imagine that, a child who craves raw veggies! happy cleansing!

  53. jen says:

    ok day two, so last night I had a fruit shake with strawberries, grapes, blueberries and soymilk, I had the same this morning. I didn’t run because I’m feeling really sick (separate issue my husband gave me a severe cold) but I’m trying not to eat so that my body can focus on killing the virus and not breaking down food I’m drinking hot tea which kills the appetite so, so far so good.

  54. jen says:

    got a little hungry drank my hot tea my cold isn’t as bad as i thought it would be, going home is going to be a challenge but ill just go to bed early. one more rich soymilk shake tonight if im hungry but tomarow I’ll switch to pure processes fruits and veggies. check in with us rhet ive been thinking about you

  55. Missouriman says:

    Hi Tom,

    By the way, great site! I just found it today.

    I’m a 6’1” 54-year old healthy male. I was 181 pounds when I began my fast so I’m not overweight. This is day 25 of a 40-day juice fast. Tried a water-only fast about 15 years ago. Was so weak and wiped out I couldn’t even get off the living room floor to answer the door!

    My current experience is much different which I attribute to the fact that I am drinking juice. My basic question is “What constitutes ‘juice’?” Does broth from boiled vegetables “qualify”? Is “juice” only that which comes from a juicer machine?

    Some of the store-bought “no sugar added” juice I drink (I don’t have a juicer…yet) appears clear. But some of the drinks (with carrot, for example) seem a little “pulpy”. Also I am drinking broth prepared at home from carrots, celery, spinach, and potatoes.

    It seems that the potato give is a thicker, more substantive quality. Somehow I feel this is little more than liquefied vegetable stew and does not truly constitute “juice”. Sometimes I think of it as solid food and thus feel like I’m “cheating”.

    Am I being too technical or picky or should I discontinue ingesting the stuff which has this pulpier” quality?

    By the way, are you a Christian? Just curious.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Missouriman,
      Sorry, but I did respond the computer crashed and I forget to see if it went through. So here goes again.
      Juice can be anything that is fruits or veggies juiced. It can be store bought but a juicer is what brings the health improvements. Herbal tea, lemon aid is good. Potato is good from a juicer but throw away the starch that settles. Cooked potato juice is to mucus-forming. Yes I am a Bible believing Christian. It is best to strain the juice as the pulp builds up in the intestine and causes hunger as it is still digesting. So it is a choice. You way will work it is just slower than juicing fresh veggies. Also on store bought stuff you do not get the fasting “high” and exileration that come after prolonged juice fasting.
      Your patience paid off. You got a better response than the first one that died in cyberland.

  56. Rhet says:

    Hey Jen, et al.

    I’ve been fasting because I’m suspecting some health problems I don’t want to name just yet because I haven’t had the appropriate tests–they are still several weeks away (love this stupid PPO Plan).

    Suffice to say, if I test positive, I’m up a creek (it’s not HIV). I don’t have the money or insurance for the treatment I’d have to get. And I won’t put my family members in the poorhouse. I’m not even going to tell them.

    I’ve read here and other places that certain kinds of ailments can be slowed or reversed by fasting for some people. So, I’ve been fasting ahead of my tests.

    All that said, I completely, utterly blew it yesterday! I don’t know what happened, but I got hungrier than a starved tiger and just about ate the family dogs! Anyway, I royally imploded, ate complex stuff, and totally infuriated my system, of course. I was like a junkie on a heroin binge. I have no idea what came over me. I wasn’t myself. I was infected by the Hunger Demon, and God help anyone between me and the fridge. The one thing I didn’t eat was sugar or wheat/flour products, because the condition I’m suspecting I have is significantly worsened with sugar and things most easily turned into sugar.

    I paid for the lapse with many agonized hours on the porcelain throne. I was completely humiliated, I even sobbed. (An odd and fairly gross side-note, for as long and profligately as I occupied the bathroom, it didn’t really smell. Might I have murdered all my intestinal bacteria?)

    They say break a fast slowly, and boy, they mean it. My system was so enraged, I even had heart palpitations. Boys and girls, if you’ve been fasting for over a week, do NOT go nuts and eat like a werewolf in winter.

    So, here I am, the prodigal, wayward idiot, back at the end of the line, back at Day 1. I’m pretty sure I caused myself enough misery to never break a fast that way again. I hate this, because I’m reminding myself of wrestling friends I had, who would go days without eating to make weight, who would weigh in and go binge. They inevitably made themselves sick–it was a total eating disorder brought on my the pressure to fall into the appropriate weight class.

    I don’t want an eating disorder, I just want the benefits of fasting! Ack, so, hopefully I haven’t just negated every good thing I was doing for myself.

    Hopefully you guys will take me back. I started my day with water with a squirt of fresh lemon. My system was relieved.

    Fasting’s hard.


  57. rachel says:

    not to worry rhet, just use the experience to help maintain better control next time. i doubt you undid a entire weeks worth of fasting in one binge session, but i see you learned a valuable lession. its fantastic you veered clear of wheat products and sugar. one thing i would if you feel yourself losing control and cant maintain is quicky make a big salad, or just grab fresh veggies and eat them raw, as slowly as possible. this has allowed me to gently get on a one day on, one day off program. i feel im getting more and more cleansed by the day, but without the intensity and exhaustion of a straight fast. i used to white knuckle it through weeks long fasting as a youth. now decades later, overweight, with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, estrogen dominance, you name it, im easing into the fasting slowly and gently. after i eat in a five hour window one night, the next night my body is very yeilding to the forty three hour break from foods. im enjoying fruits and veggies i used to choke down very sporadically. chin up my friend. each and everyday is new day!

  58. Rhet says:

    Rachel, thanks for the encouragement.

    Your advice is really good. You sound like a veteran faster.

    Hey, sorry to go off-topic, but with regard to the e-dominance, a person in my house has that. Maybe you already know about this, but she found amazing success with natural topical progesterone cream (made from soy, usually) together with Wild Yam capsules taken orally. (It was the combo that really did it for her.) She dropped weight, got regularized periods, gentler cycles.

    Anyhoo, sounds like you are really off and running on your fast, and have found a workable balance.

    Is anyone out there doing the bentonite cleanse?



  59. jen says:

    what is this day three for me? I’m gonna call it day three, so the cold I have that everyone around me has been suffering with for weeks is fading and fading after only three days. I feel like I know a new healing power no one else knows, I ran two miles today, drank a fruit infused juice this morning its mega pulpy so I don’t think we would call it a juice per say but fresh full of vitamins blended and easy on the plumbing, I made a spinach celery carrot apple combo for mid day to sip on and as reward for my work the scale says I’ve lost 3 lbs which is very exiting. with juice or liquid salad ill call it I can see going on a 7-10 day fast. my goal is seven but if my body doesn’t tell me to eat after that time ill go longer. Rhet I hope your test come back in your favor or you find the healing power that will make you better.

  60. rachel says:

    thanks for the advice rhet. ill look into that. its strange how i can have no cramps all morning, but as soon as i get my walk/lifing in, i have mild cramps. i was told the body fat im burning off is dumping estrogen as it burns. i bet the cream would help a lot. ive fasting in my youth, long wonderful juice fasts, but was ignorant about how horrible sugar is, thus i never stayed thin, never ate properly after my fast. i didnt realize that if you are insulin insensitive, any old cracker or piece of toast can send you on a craving/exhuastion cycle for the rest of your day. now that i fast every single day during the day until my evening feeds, im keeping my eating under control easily. hopefully avoiding the diabetes that runs in my family. fingers crossed. whatever the test results are, you are way ahead of the game than most folks, since you understand how fasting and nourising principles work!

  61. Jessica says:

    Okay well, I’m starting a 3 day juice fast to ease into a water fast. I’m not really doing this fast to lose weight, more so to see if I can actually control my hunger because I have a problem when it comes to eating when i’m actually hungry instead of eating when i’m bored. I find myself on a binge 24/7 so I want to try and control myself better and eat when I need to. I hope that I will hold the power at the end of my fast instead of my stomach 🙂

  62. jen says:

    ok its Friday I’ve been running and exercising and drinking hot tea I got my juicer working so one big glass of diluted juice a day, I ate a spinach salad on Wednesday I over exerted myself at the gym and thought I was going to pass out so I caved. but like I said I’m following Rachel’s regime more then anything so I eat every third day if necessary but guys I’m not hungry. I look through cheetos, past egg rolls and am not even tempted by fruity cocktails that used to consume my days. I feel like the master of my domain, But I am noticing that people are not to keen on the non eaters, they say things like that’s not good for you while shoveling processed fatty food out of a bag in to their mouths its kind of ironic. my husbands been really supportive so that helps, but he’s quite the foodie and does want to take me out for valentines day, id rather go roller skating then out to dinner but we shall see. I’m holding out till Monday or Wednesday, 7-10 fast what if I can do more?

  63. rachel says:

    sounds like you’re very centered and in tune with your body jen! i was new to exercise with fasting, and i sprinted and then knocked down some kettlebell complexes, and whoshhhhh,,,tingling all over my body , my mouth , my lips. come to find out it was low blood sugar. intense exercise can sometimes knock you into it when exercising in a fasted state. now that my body is more attuned, i can pretty much lift a few dumbells and sprint some without trouble,,,but it took a bit to get here, and im still careful. i did one day on and one day off for two weeks,,, and im still doing my window, but for the next two weeks i am going to try a two day a week window skip. my workouts did suffer with the water fasting. i may just two day it three weeks out of the month, then water fast every other day the first week of the month. im learning how to tweak my cleansing cycles so they dont prevent my training, but careful not to suspend the cleansing all together. keep up the excellent work board!!

  64. Jessica says:

    Alright well day 2. feeling pretty good this morning. Going to do a light 2-3 mile run. hopefully i wont be dead at the end

  65. Cindy says:

    Depressed and having a difficult time sticking to any of my raw food protocols. Feel lethargic after quitting coffee and hydroxy cut (work out type pills).

    I expected I would need to heal from all the stimulants but it’s just harder than I thought it would be.

    So, after overeating huge bowls of salad today with all the trimmings plus making raw cacao/espresso concoctions, I’m stuffed and ready to just go ahead and do a fast.

    I have a bag of lemons. I don’t have stevia but have maple syrup and cayenne. Tomorrow I can start with master cleanse but also take apple juice with psyllium to clear out my system.

    *deep breath*

    Been trying to do the 80-10-10 and felt great for four days but then couldn’t take the weight gain. I gained up to 7 pounds since quitting coffee and diet-type pills and supplements. I’m not exercising then I’d eat huge bowls of fruit.

    I have to say my digestion felt better on the 80-10-10 but with the caffeine withdrawal (tho I’m still using green tea) the lethargy and getting plugged up along with stress, I just caved.

    So, I just discovered this site and I’m going to try it out. Looks like a few people are checking in here and fasting. I’ve fasted before I think i’ve made it up to 3 weeks before and have done 7 to 10-days many times over the past three decades. Lately I’ve been able to prepare for the fasts and also break them wisely.

    But right now, I normally wouldn’t start a fast after eating such a large salad with dairy in it etc. But it’s just to the point where it’s been so hard to get started on anything that it’s better to just get started from where I’m at. I’m sure my body will thank me and so will my despair and depression.


    I’m still figuring out if there’s a moderator etc. Thanks for reading!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cindy
      Your body will need some down time. Juice fasting is the best for that. It can reset your metabolism within about 10 days. You may sleep a lot. Moderator,,, mmm, looks like Rhet is maintaining that roll. We never seem to get anything bad or offensive. But is sure would be good to have a team. The site is growing it is hard to keep track of all the people.

  66. jen says:

    ok so valentines we went to a Mexican restaurant, I had a lettuce salad with salsa no chips which is awesome for me. then I come home no ones looking and I go to town on my fridge, guys I ate a pork chop, ok I’m a vegetarian what the heck?!?!?! well whatever I was intoxicated and my self control didn’t stand a chance but I learned I can do it, so today is Monday I ate fish and a salad at 4 which is my food window and tomorrow I’m back on the tea and juice, I’ve got to say I’ve kicked my butt in the gym for months and haven’t had the same weight loss results as I did from not eating for 4 days absolutely amazing. I just need to do it guys, I’ve been a slave to a size 14 for to long, and I’m not going to be called the heavy girl, no ones going to suggest lap band surgery, or say oh well you have such a pretty face. I’m so motivated, I learned a few key points I’ll share with you, I won’t work out till exhaustion while fasting cuz that doesn’t work, I wont be intoxicated while fasting because that weakens my will, and if I don’t like a juice I’ve made for myself that day I will toss it (beets ew) and make something else because not having juice effects my success as well. see I’m learning I hope these observations help. cuz I know they will help me. Going back to day 1 of a ten day fast tomorrow im exited,

  67. Missouriman says:


    I can imagine the difficulty of trying to reply to everyone. When/if you get a sec could you take a look at my Feb.10th post? Thanks.

  68. rachel says:

    true story: i’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 18 in TWO MONTHS. daily fasts of 19 to 22 hours. then two weeks of everyother day water fasts. symptoms aleviated by my two weeks of more intense waters fast include – disappearance of tingling sensation i would get after every workout (feet, hands mostly). low blood pressure or low blood sugar whichever it was the fasting cured it. also, every since starting my warrior diet styled fasting, i suffered pretty annoying pms like cramps, just about every day. a doctor said it was most likely estrogen being dumped from my fat stores as i burned them up in my post-glycogen depletion workouts. well, as well, this cleared up since i embarked on my intermittent water fasts. ive been doing my daily fasts now, and have had trouble getting anymore over night fasts in this week. im just working out so wonderfully and my muscles are sore and hungry. i do eat in a small window, mostly clean supportive foods. but i know ill do my week or two of daily fasts and then embark on more waterfasting. even intermittantly they are very agressive and beneficial.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rachel
      That is an encouragement. The cramps was a strange one to me. The doctors concept sound good to me. Those are great improvements to health and fitness. This just goes to show that detoxification can be successfully customized to fit your needs, time restraints and psycology.

  69. AnN says:

    Hi everyone, I am so so glad that I found this website. I have an extremely important event coming up which is my bachelor graduation. I have been trying to complete a 21 days fast. But the more I try, the more I fail. 🙁 I cannot even pass the first day. I know its a bad excuse but I live with my boyfriend and he is a food-lover. He eats alot but never gains weigh. Anyway, I know I have to help myself because my boyfriend has already given up helping me. Do you have any good advice how to achieve 21 days fast? I am an active person and I either play golf or do fitness everyday. I have exactly 3 weeks before my graduation. Please give me some advice. I will be very grateful. Thank you.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ann,
      Getting started can be the harderst if you are surrounded by food. After day one fasting gets easier.
      My trick is to use the enema the morning I decide to fast. After that I lose all desire for food.
      The second it to drink gallons of fresh juice on the first day and that will stop the hunger.

  70. Rhet says:

    Hey Ann,

    The following has worked best for me:

    If people ask, tell them you’re preparing for Lent and give them a boring lecture about sacrifice and appreciation. If they argue with you, accuse them of not respecting your religious principles (I’m joking. Sort of 😉

    1) Juice for at least 3 days. I know, you want a speedier result than that, but juicing gets your body accustomed to what’s coming. If you want, you can use things like spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, cabbage, spiralina and a little bit of carrot rather than fruit, which are more alkaline and won’t sugar you up. This will ease your body into the fast without the cruel shock of water fasting. If you don’t have a juicer, use a blender and a strainer. Walk a lot, do yoga, etc.

    2) When and if you switch to water, juice lemons and/or limes into a pitcher of distilled water, and if you like, sweeten it with the natural sweetener stevia (NuNaturals has a white powder stevia with no bitter aftertaste. They even have a NoCarb blend cut with eurithrytol or something. Look for it at your local natural food store. Don’t use aspartame or splenda or Ace-K or Saccharin, they’ll make you nauseous. Plus they are kind of toxic). Drink herbal teas.

    3) Identify your most vulnerable times and triggers, and PLAN what you are going to do when confronted with them. Don’t let them sneak up on you.

    4) Realize that your reptilian brain is going to do everything in its power to get you to eat–it will play on guilt, make you feel wasteful, convince you you’re sick or starving, make you nauseous and weak, tell you you can “start tomorrow,” tell you you can make an exception for salad or booze or an apple.. then you’re lost. Set your boundaries when you’re NOT going through a hunger pang period.

    5) Avoid coffee, gum, tobacco and diet soft drinks. They slow down detox, cause hunger and nausea.

    6) If you’re absolutely miserable and can’t handle the water fast, go back to the vegetable juice until you’re stabilized. Alternate between the water/lemon and veggie juice through your fasting period.

    7) Keep walking.

    8) Come here when you need strength!

  71. Heather says:

    Hello, all, my bf and I are want to start fasting for the first time on the first of next month. We are kinda confused as to what to do?.. just water? just liquids? for how long? can anyone help me out? thanks and god bless

  72. AnN says:

    Thank you, Rhet and Tom. I will try my very best this time. Fasting will start tomorrow, which is Sunday 22th. I also have a golf tournament tomorrow but will try not to eat. Wining is important but achieving the fast this time will mean much more to me. I will keep on updating. 🙂 Thank you and have a nice day.


  73. Rhet says:

    Ann, take your juice with you on the course. Stay hydrated, stay energized.

  74. AnN says:

    Hi Rhet,

    Do you know what is the best way to avoid food when you are hungry? I know when I get home I will be very hungry and want to eat. I always fail because I have to cook dinner for my bf. Do you have any tips? I really scare that I cannot pass the first day.


  75. Rhet says:


    I mentioned strategies for this in some previous posts, if you want to scroll back up.

    Are you juicing? If you are making vegetable juice, you should drink as much of that as you want on your first day, if you’re really hungry.

    Hunger pangs DO pass. They really do. I try to think of the fasting process like childbirth (what I’ve seen of it). When hunger pangs come, I think of them like contractions.. they are part of the process of bringing forth the result I want, and I just need to breathe through them until they pass (and they do pass).

    Practice being stubborn–don’t let your monkey mind take your opportunity away from you. Get away from the food as fast as you politely can, and take a walk or go to bed until the hunger passes.

    Or come and post on the board! You’ve got a lot of people here going through the same thing.

    We believe in you!

  76. Pastor Jim Hollingsworth says:

    All, On day 5 of a fast. I did my first 40 day juice fast 11 years ago after I heard Dr. Bill Bright call for Christians to fast and pray 40 days for America. I had no information or knowledge of the subject. All I knew was Jesus, Moses, and Bill Bright had fasted 40 days and lived to tell of it. It was frighting as 45 years of toxins came to the surface. I did see my doctor half way through to make sure I was o.k.. I continue to do a 40 day fast in January or Febuary each year to tune up my relation with God (God’s doing o.k., it’s just me that needs some adjustments). I drink only apple juice and water. I struggle getting the water down and drink all my juice warm.
    As for food, I cook 3 meals a day for my family for the 40 days. Family loves it when I fast for this reason. There is something within me that desires to cook and serve all meals.
    I have absolutely no desire to eat during the fast.
    I love to fast yet hate it. The benifits out weigh the downside for me.
    Bless all,
    Pastor Jim

  77. Cher says:

    Hello I’m Cher, I’m 17, all year I have been wanting to fast for a whole week. In the summer I juice fasted for a whole 6 days, but stopped on the seventh day because I had my driving test and I was afraid I wouldn’t do well without food in my stomach.

    I’ve never fasted for more than 3 days during the school year, because im afraid I won’t be able to concentrate in class, and the stomach sounds are embarrassing.
    I also have fitness class in school everyday… im not sure if I should fast? I would really like to and I believe I have the willpower. But Im also afraid I will get too tired. Any advice would be awesome

    Also since lent is coming up, I was thinking I could just tell people I was fasting for lent if my stomach freaks out during class. I definately don’t think I can fast for the whole 40 days though. ..If you fast during lent, do you eat only on sundays? (I’m a christian but I don’t attend church often)

  78. Hart says:

    Oh man….I start my fasting on the 22nd….and I’m a bit nervous. I’m shooting for three weeks. Wish me luck.

  79. Cher says:

    **I meant to say I’ve been wanting to fast for 7 days for a long time

  80. AnN says:

    I am sorry, Rhet. I failed again today. When I reached to the golf course, I felt weak and I ate a pie. So the whole thing was ruined from the moment I ate that pie. My bf said he would help me tomorrow. But it would be useless if I dont help myself. I dont even know what I am doing.. Only three weeks from my graduation and I always come up with some excuses to allow myself to eat. 🙁

    I was thinking of doing honey and lemon fast. They taste quite nice. But is it better to drink only water? Can I drink tea instead because I dont like water much? I am sorry but will I ever success? Thank you.


  81. Rhet says:


    It’s okay. Everyone fails when they try this. It’s like jumping the buildings in the Matrix. I have never met anyone who didn’t fall short of fasting goals their first try. It’s taken me about 10 false starts and “losing it” within the first 5 days before I finally got some momentum. We are robotically programmed to eat when we’re really hungry.

    Check out the Master Cleanse fast (just google it). I’m not huge on plain water either, which is why I suggested juicing the lemons/limes into water and using Stevia as sweetener (it’s basically sugarless but sweet lemonade). I personally don’t use honey or maple syrup (as the Master Cleanse suggests), because they make me really hungry, but it may be just the thing for you. Yes, tea is great.

    Did you try juicing the first few days, like Tom suggests?

    Anyway, if you’re still interested in fasting, just climb back in the saddle and try again. For me, building the skills to cope with hunger has taken a lot of trial and error.

    We’re with you in your successes and your struggles.


  82. Kristina says:

    Hi there!

    I am on a mostly water and (minimal) juice fast…not sure for how long yet, but I am now on day 7. I will continue at least until day ten.

    I am 5`6″ and upon starting this fast I weighed 157 lbs…after 7 days I weigh 146. My goal weight is 130-135. So far, so good.

    I have some questions that I am hoping one of you more experienced fasters will be able to help with!

    1) I am experiencing bloating periodically. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do about it? Does anyone know why it happens?

    2) So my weight loss is good…10 pounds in 7 days. But my measurements (waist, hips, etc) are all the same as my pre-fast measurements. Am I losing muscle??? How can I lose 10 pounds yet have all of my measurements be the same?


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kristina,
      Sometimes the pulp in the juice ferments as it sits in the colon for days. Try the enema and that should solve the problem. You do lose some muscle density. Catablolism strips and diseased, dead or dying cells. You lose some strength but that is due to lowered glucose levels. After the fast maximium strength comes back in about 10 days.

  83. Rhet says:

    Pastor Jim and Kristina, how are the fasts going?

    I caught a cold, which is no fun, BUT.. I can’t smell anything–which means fewer hunger pangs, and the fact that I’m not eating means I’m not contributing mucus-making stuff to my congestion, so I just have a sore throat and a very runny nose.

    I did break down and suck some sugar-free lozenges, and the numbing effect was so welcome.

    How is everything in the “fast” lane for everyone else?


  84. AnN says:

    Hi Rhet,

    I know I have failed but I wont give up until I achieve a 21 days fast. I know I have not done my best. I read some of your previous posts and you were going through a hard time at the begining as well.

    May I ask what enema is? What does it do? Can I buy it from a supermarket? Well.. I live in Perth, Australia. Dont know if they have it here or not. I have tried the lemon detox but I dont like it much. I prefer honey and lemon. Or this time I will try tea fast only. I do take laxative before I go to bed. I have a very bad eating habit which leads to constipation. Taking laxative does help alot. I have not tried juice fasting yet, as fruits in Australia are quite expensive and I am broke at the moment. Anyway, thank you very much for your support. Hope you will get well soon. 🙂


  85. Kristina says:

    Hi Rhet,

    I am doing well! Thanks for asking! The fast is going well. So far I am on day 8 and have lost 12 pounds! I have a slowish metabolism, so I try to take mostly water and a minimal amount of juice. Today I had about 1/4th of a cup fresh juice around noon. I cannot seem to go more than about 36 hours with only water because I become so sluggish and feel so crappy that it makes the time go painfully slow.

    I do not have a determined end date, I am just sort of seeing how long I feel like I can make it. I would be so happy if I could make it to 21 days.

    My fast is for spiritual, emotional and physical reasons. I am hoping to have some major breakthroughs along the way. The weight loss is a good start.


  86. Phyl says:

    I’m wondering if any of the veteran fasters consider bouillon added to hot water as part of the juice fast.

  87. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been on this site for a couple weeks now but this is my first post. I have fasted in the past but it has been a good 6 months since my last fast and I am fasting again for spiritual and emotional reasons.

    I am doing a 10 day water fast. Today is day 1 and everything is coming back to me like my last fast was yesterday! Knock on computer keyboard, but everything is going fine so far. The real struggle is the evenings, but I am being confident and telling myself I can do this!

  88. Rhet says:

    Hey Phyl,


    No, because bouillon, if you read the ingredients, tends to have a lot of nasty stuff in it (MSG, etc), and that’s aside from the meat derivatives, which massively slow down detox and kind of negate the purpose of a fast.

    If you really want the taste of bouillon, something that I’ve done is boil together onions, garlic, green veggies (any soup veggie actually but the starchy ones), add a pinch of potassium chloride or sea salt, and strain it. At least that will be better for you, and not have the complex or nasty ingredients.

    All that said, it’s not as nutritious as a juice fast (as I understand it) because the fresh-squeezed uncooked-nature of the juice gives you maximal nutritional value, and is less work for the body.

    But I’ve used the boiled veggie broth as a way for me to keep from completely throwing in the towel, because it is very soothing and tastes good. If you try it, let me know how it works!


  89. Rhet says:

    Kelly, you sound like a fasting-warrior.

    I have a really hard time going straight into a water fast, without using juice as a warm-up. But then, the junk I eat..

    I just fought my way through the meanest, nastiest bout of hunger pangs. It was really touch-and-go there for awhile. Yike! I had to really pull out all my psychological tools.

    –I got angry at the hunger, like it was a nagging, ill-disciplined, spoiled little kid. I ordered my body to feast on extra fat and any diseased flesh or infection I have. I kind of yelled at it. “You’re THAT hungry? You’ve got about six months worth of paunch there to chomp on, go for it! Eat at that diner, because the mouth-diner is closed!” (That must’ve looked odd to my housemates.)

    –I reminded myself that the pangs pass sooner than I’d’ve thought. (And they did, within 20-30 min.)

    –I went outside and took a quick walk.

    –I didn’t have to resort to this today, but in the past, when it’s been possible, I’ve taken a nap and let myself dream that I was pigging out. Tom advises against this, but sometimes it’s the only tool I have left.

    Cheers for beating the hunger pangs! This time 😉


  90. Kelly says:

    Thanks Rhet for the message. Yeah something I think its in my head and I can control it in the same ways you do. We will see if I’m singing a different tune tomorrow on day 2! It is 6:35 pm here so i feel like I am in the middle of the evil-time! So I am going to force myself to go out in the cold and run some errands so I’m out of the house. I tried to clear my work schedule for tomorrow in case I’m feeling under the weather, but I couldnt get out of some of my appts so I’m going to try the Lemon squeezed into my bottled water tomorrow- i have never tried that before- Not sure why I didnt- it sounds like a great idea! 🙂

  91. Bells says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I have been off and on fasting for a month, which is probably bad to do, but I somehow am stabilizing my weight. I am at a very healthy weight, but I am a compulsive eater at times and I want to learn to control my food addiction. I want to do atleast a week fast, but I’m finding that I have a hard time making it past 2 1/2 days! Which day does it get easier, or does it ever? I just started dating someone recently, which makes it really hard to fast when he wants to go out, and I know he wouldn’t except what I’m doing, so that makes it tough too. Any suggestions? Good luck to all!

  92. rachel says:

    hi phyl, i concur with the toxins in broth cubes. for some reason, blood sugar/insulin issues i suppose, i really only feel good on straight up water and maybe some hot tea or lemon water. i try to save my hot feasts for nighttime. that is my scary time. juice or veggie broth seems to inflame my hunger even more. not sure if this would effect you though, but keep it boiled from fresh produce fer sure.

  93. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone- I have made it past day 1 successfully! It is a small goal but I am taking it one day at a time. I am on day two and this morning i am feeling a little bit of a headache and about 30% dizzy but other then that, i’m moving along. I don’t feel too hungry this morning so I will enjoy that while it lasts (until about mid-morning- only 8:30 am here!) Yesterday I went to the movies with my boyfriend and of course he insisted on buying candy- when he kept insisting for me to take some, i said yes and then i put it on my lap and then in my purse. Well, i didnt realize that before I put it in my purse, the chocolate melted all over my work pants. LOL! Thankfully my jacket was long enough that no one saw and I came home and changed out of them and threw them in the wash! I thought it was pretty funny.

    Good luck to everyone today!

  94. Tiffany says:

    I started fasting when I was 17. I am now 25. I used to fast for 2-8 weeks. I have not had a solid 2+ week fast in probably 3 years. I love the feeling of fasting and always feel refreshed. I only had one bad experience when I chose to break my fast with a binge. I feel ready to begin fasting again. I noticed that someone mentioned dreaming of food as a strategy. Does that scare anyone but me? I remember while fasting I would have dreams of non-stop eating and wake up in a state of panic! I don’t enjoy those dreams lol. My other concern is that I don’t want to destroy my metabolism. I feel like fasting has slowed it down over the years. Granted, I don’t always follow up my fasting with healthy habits. But I always wonder. Does anyone else feel this way?

  95. Bells says:

    Tom, or anyone who can help???
    On what day does it seem to get easier? Day 2 and 3 are really hard for me to get past? This will be my 4th attempt. If I can make it to 4, will it get easier?

  96. Kristina says:

    Hi there!

    I am on day 10 of the fast and doing well. I feel stronger-both emotionally and physically- everyday and very clear headed.

    Weight loss is a total of 15 pounds! I almost cannot believe it myself.

    One thing I noticed is that I am super, unbelievably thirsty for water the past two days. I woke up with my tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kristina,
      During fasting there can be lack of thirst at 2 cups a day of fluid and thirst when you are getting 10 cups a day. These are the pathways of the body to rebalancing homoeostasis. Just follow the path.

  97. breda says:

    Hi everyone,

    Im new to this site. I am beginning my water fast tomorrow (february 26). I am plan to fast for 45 days. Why – well i am overweight, lack energy, have chronic sports injuries that wont heal, am depressed and i am a compulsive overeater. my overeating is now out of control and my daily diet is junk food. how did this happen to me? i was fit and healthy and enjoyed a raw food diet, but it hasa all gone wrong. here i am 45 pounds overweight and very depressed and unmotivated. so i am water fasting to heal my body, mind and soul.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Brenda,
      You choices are a minefield. Water and compulsive behaviour is a bad combination. You will end up feeling sick, depressed and never be able to do it right. You have to go very slow. Try a 3 day juice fast and think of all the healthiest foods and you enjoying them after the fast. Fill your mind with those images for days. Put them on your fridge. If you can break the fast right you are ready for 7 days. Read

  98. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone- I am on day 3 of my water fast. It is going okay so far. I actually do not feel hungry at all and have zero desire for food but just feel like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest. Not so much of a fast heart heat, just a very loud heart beat- does that make sense? I have never experienced that before- im usually just very dizzy and headaches. Just moving along though and ready to get past today.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kelly,
      The complaint of a racing heat, a heart that seems to thud louder and usual is fairly common. It usually passes within the first 5 days unless there is a heart condition, that was undiagnosed. Toxins in the blood from detoxification, and interfere with the hearts nerve communication. If you are worried go to juices for a few days then back to water fasting to slow the detox. Here at the hospital in Sagada, I always detox the patients with cardiovascular problems gradually on lots of juice and even half a banana for the first 3 to 5 day.

  99. Pastor Jim Hollingsworth says:

    I’m slow getting here due to obligations. Thanks for asking of my progress. All is well on day 8. I stay healthy during a 40. I have never had any sickness during a fast over the past 11 years. I appreciate that because I have always fasted long term in Jan., Feb., and March. Every year I find that the “spiritual” side of my fast kicks in a little sooner. I feel that has a lot with having less toxins exiting my body. That sidetracked me for 30 days the first time I fasted. Plus my closness to God has improved over the years.

    I’m on track with the white tongue (too much coffee prior to fast), dry skin, -14#, smells are strong, and the slowing of time.

    Always wanted to finish the last week of a fast at some unique location. Almost went to Israel one year but couldn’t swing it. Still in the back of my mind. It’s hard to describe the last days for me. People always ask me what God had to say after a fast, but it’s just too deep and personal to express.

    Bless, Pastor Jim

  100. Jessica says:

    well I broke my fast yesterday. I was doing really well but i got hit with something rather hard and binged. I started over today on ash wednesday! I would really like to try and do the forty day fast for lent. something I look forward to.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      If you are binging after a few days of fasting you will be in major pain if you make a longer fast. Why not try shorter juice fasting and breaking it with a healthy diet? Then do some longer fasts. A 40 day fast is an good intention but you will not have the self control to make it. Build self control first. That is what I had to do.

  101. sylvie says:

    I am on the third day of my fast. It is hard to write about it because I don’t want to dwell on it too much but right now I feel like I need to write about it. I am on a mostly “water” fast even though I mostly drink tea instead of water (hopefully I can work up to just water) and I’ll drink a little watered down juice if I feel really bad.

    The first day was all hunger pains and headaches. The second day I didn’t have headaches anymore and felt pretty good until night when the hunger pains kicked in, and I couldn’t fall asleep until 6AM. However, I felt extremely lethargic the whole day and when I walked up stairs my leg muscles felt extremely tired, like I had already been walking up stairs for a while. Today I still have hunger pains and feel extremely lethargic… I had to skip out on breakdance practice because I think I would probably pass out if I tried breakdancing right now… I feel horrible for skipping practice though and I hope the club doesn’t hate me now. But this fast is really important to me. My goal is a week to 10 days, because after that I leave for a month long vacation. The bad thing is I’m going out all night tomorrow night and who knows what will happen then. I’m just looking to see what this fast can teach me and to evolve my views on food and consumption… Hoping for some inner peace…

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sylvie,
      Inner peace come from peaceful thoughts.

      ...whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable
      – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy –
      think about these things and the God of peace will be with you.

      Phil 4:8

  102. belindadw says:

    I am on my fourth day of fasting, but I dont do a complete fast. I have a small tub (125ml) of fatfree yogurt every morning. How effective will the fast be with this? The rest of the time it is a water fast.

  103. Rhet says:

    Pastor Jim, you are a real inspiration!

    Kelly, I get the racing heart too, and it gets worse with nausea. I relate to how scary it is. But I’m still here.

    Kristina, you go girl! Wow, you have a lot of momentum.

    Sylvie, I totally hear you about wanting to avoid things that under normal circumstances are not so hard. Part of the challenge of fasting is working to maintain a regular schedule, even when we know we’ll be a bit more lethargic. Some days I’ve just had to tell people I’m under the weather. People often understand that more than if I just skip out on stuff (which I’ve definitely done). But sometimes it’s surprising when the energy returns–sometimes it’s right when I need it. Then again, other times I’ve had to run out the door and retch. 😉

    Belinda, I think they’d call what you’re doing a “yogurt feast,” but it might help you in preparing for a juice or water fast. Over time you might want to be careful with foods that aren’t fruits or veggies if you’re otherwise not eating, because it’s rougher on your body to survive on a small amount of complex product that is a lot of work for your body to digest. Much less nutritional bang for your buck, and much more stress for an already stressed-out body.

    Everyone, I was thinking, it’s kind of neat to be fasting during Lent, and knowing we are in the company of a lot of other people fasting right now the world over. Draw on their collective strength and spirit!



  104. Pastor Jim Hollingsworth says:

    Tom, Grew up in the Friends church, turned to Christ at age 23 (1978), went back to College at age 30, pastored Friends churches until 1992. Began a non-denominational at that point of which I still pastor. A lot of freedom in it. Without a denominational missionay contact I go to Kenya once a year to hold Crusades, preach in the churches, and hold pastor’s conferences through a Kenyan contact.

    I’m thankful I had a pastor when I was a young believer who taught me 3,5,and 7 day fasting. Over the years I’ve had many fellow pastors, but none that had ever fasted long term.

    I’ve made every mistake I read about on this blog in the past. It’s refreshing to see people talking others through.
    How about the time I fasted 7 days on a mission trip to Jamaica drinking water and COFFEE!

    Bless, Pastor Jim

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Pastor Jim,
      Fascinating. I have been with many church groups over the years. So your path make sense. A journey to truth. I did the coffee fast also.
      Hard on the body. Fasting sure does increase the impact of caffeine.

  105. mmk says:

    Hi Everyone,
    For the past few days I’ve been thinking about fasting. I’m disgusted with the softness of my belly after the holidays and discouraged by my attachment to emotional eating. I came online to do a little research and found this terrific site. I am so encouraged by all of you that I am going to do a 4-day water fast starting on Monday. I’m going to post my journey and hopefully continue on my quest for good health.
    I am 53 years old, 5’2″ and 114 lbs. I usually eat a fairly healthy diet and I run 30 minutes 5-6 days a week. I’ve been able to stay in shape but I still have an attachment to food that troubles me. I slacked off a lot during the holidays and the extra 4 pounds (I’m usually 110 lbs) has settled right onto my belly! I don’t seem to have any control and it’s getting to be a problem. I crave sweets and carbs. I want to feel light and fit again.
    Wish me luck…I’ll be checking in Monday night!

  106. Kelly says:

    Hi All,
    I am checking in during Day 5. My goal was to make it to Day 10 but I think I am going to slowly break the fast tomorrow. Since it had been about 6 months since my last fast, I think 10 days might not be the best step yet. I think I should take the next week and eat healthy veggies and fruits and small portions and prepare maybe for a 7 day fast next. Then work up to a 10 day fast. I have actually been doing well (if you dont include all the normal stuff- feeling dizzy, tired, horrible taste in mouth, hunger pains, etc) and want to be happy with a small victory since it has been so long. Total weight lost as of this morning was 9 lbs, which i know was a lot of water weight, but i believe I will have my portion control a little more under my control after this 5 day fast.

    Thanks for everyone support and good luck to everyone! keep on going! I will be posting again on my next fast! 🙂

  107. rachel says:

    im glad im not the only one with a weakness for coffee, anyone know of any whl priced organic sources? want to at least drink organic, but my budget is stretched. worth a shot.

  108. Kristina says:

    Hi again,

    I am on day 12 of this fast. I am a little disappointed with the major slow down in weight loss-almost none in three days. I am consuming a ridiculously tiny amount of juice daily-about 1/4 of a cup of fresh juice to a maximum of 1/2 if I know I will need extra energy to sustain me. I have the slowest metabolism ever!

    My husband, who is on this journey with me, will switch to an all vegetable and fruit diet beginning on Monday and I am so tempted to join him. He will follow this diet for about 2.5 weeks and then slowly add in other foods.

    Can anyone give me some really good motivation for continuing on the water/juice fast? Are 21 days that much better than 14 days?



  109. Aurelia says:

    Hello, (^_^)
    I am mid-way through my second day of my very first juice fast, so far so good….but very emotional, LOL…And food, I can’t believe my mom, she keeps asking me to taste stuff. She is preparing for a family BBQ party this weekend and has made some of my childhood favorites, some of which I have not had in nearly 15 years, figures, lol. My family knows I am doing this and they are supportive, they know I am very cautious and plan things, she is just forgetful…and a mom, LOL. Recently I have moved back in with my mother to help her regulate her diabetes. I hope to help her learn to eat properly. I love knowledge and will spend an immense amount of time meticulously researching a subject before attempting anything new, just cautious. I am the foremost in my family on nutrition because of all the information I have learned through the years from researching like this. So, they come to me when they have questions, ergo, being appointed to help mom, LOL.

    Before moving here, to help my mother, I was a nanny for my brother for about 1.5 years. During that time I gained 30 lbs and was diagnosed with gallstones. Not having medical and only being able to go to the ER I decided to flush my gallstones. Went well, and I thought all was fine. Four months later I started having horrible pains, went to the ER where they treated me horribly and like I was after their silly Vicodin (pfft, it did not even work so I quit taking it). They also told me nothing was wrong that the tests all came up fine. I asked them to keep looking and the doctor just talked over me then walked away (don’t worry, I wrote a very long letter to the hospital concerning it). Everyone in my family said it was just my gallstones and to schedule an appointment for surgery. I KNOW it is not my gallbladder. I know what that feels like.

    On top of that my brother and his wife seemed to forget I was there to help and became very demanding of me. Due to this, the pain, the move, and two deaths back to back I became very sick. Since mid December I have had constant intestinal pains, headaches, sinus problems, nausea, been unable to control my level of stress (emotionally, mentally, and physically). This has all been very hard, because I do not normally get sick or stress. …and I know stress and how to handle it I have been a restaurant manager for nearly 15 years and now a nanny of two toddlers and never lost my cool and yelled angrily (not sure how I did that one though). Never have I stressed out like this. Also, moving is not a stressful issue to me; I am the family gypsy (have lost count after 40 moves).

    I know stress has caused many of the problems. Yet, even now that the stress has been alleviated and life has gone back to normal I still am having many health issues that I wanted to look into. I started with looking for a natural way to heal my digestive system. I know that will affect the rest of my body. That is how I happened onto this site. I believe everything happens for a reason. So, I read into everything on here I could. I realized I really did need to detox. I forgot to mention, I quit smoking during that time too, was on the patch, but a week after the move I quit wearing it. Smoke free now for 2.5 months and patch free for about 2 months. All great and dandy, but I smoked for nearly 20 years and it seemed odd my lungs never expelled any toxins. Even the first day after, nothing, I have never coughed up anything from my throat or lungs since before quitting.

    So, I am going to give juice fasting a try. I do not want to set myself up for failure so I just decided it is open ended for now. Though I will be paying close attention to my body, and I will stop when it feels it is done. I will not push it if it feels wrong. (^_^) because I was having digestive problems, and my eating has been close to chaotic since the move, I did five days of raw foods first. Honestly, I am a little scared, but I have known fasters before, and I know it is safe; I am just worried I might botch it. My boyfriend is very encouraging and has set about to make sure I drink enough. I think he is worried, but I gave him some info and a link to this and a few other helpful sites.

    I read somewhere that it was bad to mix alkaline and acid in the stomach, and that one should do fruit one day and veggies another. I ran across something like this more than once so I was wondering if it is true. Also, can I use agave nectar as a sweetener instead of stevia? I have limited transportation and where we shop I can only find agave nectar. I think most other things so far have been answered on her, but I will ask if I run across any.

    Thanks for the wonderful site and all the helpful information. It is greatly appreciated. (^_^)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Welcome Aurelia,
      You can mix fruits and veggie juices and they digest perfectly as there is nothing to digest. Pineapple carrot and apple. Lemon carrot apple. Cucumber apple. Orange and yam. Taste and digest excellent. You certainly need a good fast to detox. We are glad to be of support. You may get very sleepy and want to have longer sleeps at night, for the first few days as your body will be repairing the damage from the stress.

  110. Pastor Jim Hollingsworth says:

    The longer you do the juice/water fast, the better it gets.
    I know everyones body is different and we all have had different ways of abusing them in the past so I can only tell you what I’ve experienced.

    3 day fasts make me grumpy. 5-7 day fasts just gives the toxins time to surface, and 14 gets me feeling better due to the weight loss. From that point I’ve never done a 21 except for the 21 day Daniel fast which I hated. I do better if I shut off the food all together rather than eat vegs.. I’ve found that when I go for 40 with apple juice and water something special happens between day 25-30 and lasts until I’m finished. A real feeling of peace, calmness, an abnormal spiritual desernment, a floating feeling in my legs (sounds goofy), special insights from God,ect..

    What I am saying is, the longer the better. However, I always determine a stopping date before starting a fast. I also set the ground rules for me prior to starting and do not change them. Uncertanity during a fast can sidetrack you.

    The best to you. I will leave this and post on day 20.

    Bless you,
    Pastor Jim

  111. David says:

    Hi Tom
    Can I please ask you if there is anything I can take to stop
    Bad breath while fasting as I work close with people and getting
    concerned! Can I chew gum?
    Many thanks

  112. Naomi says:

    Hi all,
    Have been occassionally browsing this site for a couple months, as I do fast on & off for spiritual reasons, and God is faithful & good and it is awesome to draw closer to Him in this way. I just spent way too long reading everyone’s posts tonight, but it has been very encouraging, especially to read your posts Pastor Jim!
    I am currently on day 17 of a 40 day fruit/veggie fast, with intermittent periods of water/dry fasting. Currently on day 2 dry fasting, plan to return to water fasting tomorrow and then back to fruit/veggies. I hardly tell anyone about my fasts but wanted to encourage any intercessors out there to stay focussed during your fasts. I often struggle with focus, but as God guides your fast He will also lead you through amazing breakthrough in your life, church, community, and country. My fast was started this time because I felt a need to symbolically obstain from most food as God shows me areas in my life I need to have cleansed & purified, and obstaining from all novels, TV & movies is helping too. So far He has been helping me walk through 2 major areas that I passed off as non-issues before (desire for human love above God’s love, & the focus issue mentioned), and I love how God increases the fruit of my ministry (as a lay worker in the church) during this time as well. Besides focus, the hardest part for me is staying warm, as I live in the Northwest Territories (Canada), and life often takes me outside. But returning to fruit/veggies seems to help that significantly!
    Anyway, God bless all you fasters, keep seeking Him with all your heart and you will find Him!

  113. mmk says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m ready to start my water fast tommorrow. I’ve been mentally preparing myself all weekend. I’ve got a supply of distilled water for drinking as well as green tea bags to help keep me warm. I’m going to use small amounts of stevia to sweeten if I can’t do the tea straight.
    I’ve fasted a couple of times before but not for many years and I’ve been feeling both excited and scared. I’m not a very big person and I’m a little afraid of becoming sickly-looking and also afraid that I will mess up my metabolism. But I’ve been reading all of Tom’s excellant articles and I think I can do this. It’s only going to be for 4 days of water and then 2 days of juice and easing back to food on Sunday. Those of you doing very long fasts are the real warriors out there! For me, I will do battle with my hunger and try to reclaim some control in my life…it’s time. God bless all of you…

  114. Kristina says:

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to check-in and let you all know that broke my fast after 14 days. I am pleased with the results-physical (16 pounds weight-loss) and emotional. I am sure I will see more signs of the spiritual results in the upcoming weeks and months!

    I am now doing sort of a `phase two` of a fast that I will continue for 16 days, it is a fruit and vegetable diet. I take one average sized piece of fruit for breakfast, fresh juice for lunch, and vegetables for dinner (portion size is about the size of a cereal bowl). I am hoping that this transition stage will help me in adopting better eating habits.

    Best wishes to you all!

  115. Aurelia says:

    I have made it five days now. Thank you Tom for you help, the carrot, pineapple, and apple have become my favorite and you were right, I have slept most of the time since my last post. I am going to try seven and if that continues to go well I may attempt 14 days. Then I will take a break and see how my body has fared. I would like to try an extended fast to strengthen my closeness with God. I had not previously thought of fasting as a way to do that, but all of your inspiring words on here seem to have awakened something in me.

    Again, thank you for your help and may God bless you Tom for all the help you give others. (^_^)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Aurelia,
      Fasting can radically transform your relationship with God. To do so you need to cut off from society, and have nothing but the least amount of juices, a Bible and pray. In that position the universe can alter. Please pray for Theresa age 19, stage 4 cancer, and fighting for life here at the hospital.

  116. mmk says:

    Thank you, Tom, for the well wishes. I started my fast Monday morning after a restless night. I got through Monday without any problem at all although I am drinking hot green tea with stevia instead of water because water seems unpalatable to me and the hot tea keeps me feeling warm. I am feeling cold and tight this afternoon, as though my body was squeezed into a fist. But I feel good overall. Just normal hunger pangs that I can deal with.
    I am going to work and functioning fine but I am being very careful and giving myself lots of time so that I don’t make mistakes. When I get home from work, I wrap up in a blanket and nap and then I do a lot of spiritual reading. I live in Florida near a beach so I plan to do a lot of walking on the beach to distract and inspire me.
    I am alternating feeling terribly hungry and feeling unbelievably great. I slept well last night-like falling off a cliff and then woke up in the middle of the night hungry!
    My husband is being very supportive and is kind of in awe at the idea of someone voluntarily going without food. He has offered to give me a massage in the evening to help with the tightness. I am not running this week.

  117. Roy says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just came across this webpage while browsing for more information on Bruess Cancer cure, anyone in this forum who have experience success after undergoing thru this diet? I am currently in my 31st day of the diet and have loss more than 20 kg, have another 11 more days to go, i am hoping that the turmour will shrink and go off after the 42.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Roy
      I am very interested in your therapy results. Your information can help save lives. We use a version of the Bruess Cancer cure here but modified as we are missing ingredients. I cannot get the celery root but the black radish is growing. As we are in a poor area in the mountains in a third world country we struggle just to get an enema supplier.

      Your tumor mass is what size. What was the diagnostic equipment used for detection. (CT scan?)
      Are you following the treatment plan to the letter? It the cancer only in one location in the body.?
      Do you have a fast metablism? What is your height?
      When was the cancer first detected?

      Please post as much as you want and …please let us know the diagnostic results.

  118. mmk says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Day 3 of my water fast and I woke up feeling awful. I could not make it through my shower without stopping several times and crouching on the shower floor; when I would stand up I would be overcome with waves of weakness and nausea so intense that I had to call off work. I have been sleeping and it’s noon now. I am sipping hot tea and feeling better-just tight and sore.
    What happened here? Is this the detox and cleansing crisis that I’ve read about? How long can I expect to feel like this? I have no intention of breaking this fast after enduring this and getting this far. I plan to do 5 days of water and then 2 days of juice. I don’t want to cave in…
    Some words of encouragement and wisdom, please…

  119. mmk says:

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Day five of my fast. After feeling so sick and resting most of day three, I was feeling much better by the end of that day. I did some stretching exercise and ended the day feeling light and positive. During the night I awoke so hungry that I got up and read for a while before returning to sleep.
    Day four was a breeze. Went to work and got along fine. The day was sunny so was able to sit in the sun during break. Stretching exercise again in the evening. I look and feel amazing.
    And now it is early morning of day five. I must get ready for work so will report on this day later…

  120. rachel says:

    hi mmk, i know what you mean in getting through those “hunger storms”,,i have spent many hours reading about fasting success stories here on the net to get through some of my worst. tv is a no no, since they have so much ‘food porn’ on there. keep up the great work!

  121. mmk says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Ending day five of my water fast. I found this day to be kind of difficult until this evening when I once again got a burst of energy and well-being and did stretching exercise again. The day at work was slow and wrenching with back pain and stomach cramps. But I got through it and now I feel wonderful again. Tomorrow I will have some juice and just the thought of it is glorious! I find myself so looking forward to eating healthy fruits and vegetables. I have great respect for my own determination. Never did I think I would quit…the longest I’ve ever gone without food before was three days so I feel very good about this.
    Initially when I found myself longing to eat fruits and vegetables, I was a little afraid that I might binge or really start to overeat after I break my fast on Monday, but I realize that if I can accomplish a week-long fast, I can easily manage to continue to be disciplined in my eating.
    I have great respect for my body tonight. I am strong and healthy and blessed.

  122. Amanda says:

    Im wondering about exercising while fasting. My current exercise schedule is about an hour of cardio 5 days a week. I’m worried about my heart and any stress I would be putting on it while doing this kind of exercise while on a juice fast, and hopefully a water fast…eventually. I read in some previous posts about losing muscle mass while fasting, is there any way I could prevent this? Thanks so much–this forum is just so inspiring and uplifting. Good luck to everyone, with everything

  123. Lia says:

    Hi tom i am 28 years old and im overweight 30 pounds but I’m not only doing this fast for weight loss purposes. lately I’ve been feeling reallly exhausted and I think that this fast will help me out alot. I want to do a juice fast but I dont have a juicer and truthfull i dont have the time to go out and buy one being that I live in the Middle of Nowhere. Anyway I do have a blender but i dont think that that will work…Will it?

    Also I might try the water fast as a result as this…Any suggestions? And I also started taking before pictures. Hoping to have a great after.!!!

  124. mmk says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Day Seven of my fast-5 days of water and 2 days of juice. I will break slowly tomorrow following the guidelines Tom has outlined.
    I look and feel great. I had low energy for most of the fast but that was expected. I only really felt bad early morning of day 3 and early day 5. The rest of the time I felt pretty good. Some stomach cramping and back pain but never any headaches. My sinuses, which are my trouble area, drained all week and it felt like everything in me was detoxing.
    Today I plan to walk on the beach and am looking forward to moving. While water fasting, the only thing physical that I wanted to do was yoga.
    One thing that I notice as a result of this experience is that all of my old negative feelings have disappeared. I feel grounded and at peace. I will log on tomorrow with a final report and my statistics. My best to everyone…

  125. mmk says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I DID IT! It was only a seven day fast but I feel a great sense of accomplishment and renewed health. My attitude about food and my sense of self are greatly improved. Fasting enhances many things that don’t become clear until you are in the phase of easing back into food. Suddenly everything feels richer and cleaner. I am promising myself to listen to my body and respect it. I will continue to visit this site to keep myself in check and to read everyone else’s journey.
    Thank you, Tom, for having this wonderful site available to help and educate us. I have a couple of questions for you…
    1. My starting weight last Monday was 113 (I am a 53 year old woman and 5’2″) and my weight this morning was 106. Do I have fast or slow metabolism?
    2. Do you fast regularly? How often should one fast for optimal health? I was thinking every 3-6 months. Is that a good plan?
    Thank you!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi mmk
      Congrats on a successful fast. You can fast when you feel the need. The more toxic your diet the more fasting is needed for a clean up. Metabolism slows as we get older and yes that is slow. But weightloss is a lifestyle so just keep juicing with lots of salads and no junk.

  126. Pastor Jim says:

    On day 20 of the apple juice/water 40 day. I’ve never watched it before, but decided to watch the cal. intake. I get between 350 and 500 a day. It still is a struggle to put much water down. I do good to drink a 16 oz. bottle a day. I have a couple of questions. In the past, if I get a scratch or skin a knuckle, the wound will not heal during the fast. I’ve had scratches that would not heal over for weeks. What would this be from? I try to be extra careful not to get hurt.

    I find that after about 15 days I begin to pick up smells on my tongue to where I can tast the smells. Colognes, soaps, foods, gasoline fumes, and yes body odors. Is this common with other people and if so, why?

    I also lose the ability to cry tears. Grant it, I’ve never had a sorrowful time during a fast but during events that would normally make me cry, I don’t. Not even tears of joy.

    Another side effect for me is I become very quiet. I have to force myself to talk and only if I have to. And that is difficult in my calling. Along with a contentment to sit and do nothing, these are so out of character for me.

    These are some of the questions I’ve had over the past 11 years as I do this once a year. I’ve just never posed the questions to anyone. I was going to ask God about them when I get to Heaven but after reading you I decided to gleam from your experience.

    Bless you,
    Pastor Jim

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Pastor Jim,
      The body heals on a juice fast but it seems that during a water fast the immune system is at it maximum load. The cuts taking time to heal validates why we use fresh juices for therapy at the hospital. Smell increase as there is a decrease in mucus in the sinus. Common with every faster after day 5. Quiet detached attitude is also common with fasting. That is a path the runs to the center of the soul if you follow it. Emotional stability comes from the detachment that is a result of your thoughts slowing. You can watch your thought form. Most pastors are alpha types and can drive themselves very hard. Fasting hits the reset. The result is peace and stillness. I recommend you break the fast with a few days of fresh juices. And realize you can feel bad breaking the fast as the fiber can push the loosened intestinal wall ahead of it releasing toxins.

  127. Roy says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am about 1.75 m weight before the diet i weight about 90 kg, now i believe is around 68 Kg, i was diagnose with Sarcoma cancer somewhere in May 08, the tumor was growing on my right inner thigh and it was remove surgically in July. i went thru all the procedure of a whole body scan before the surgery to determine any spread and was given all clear, the tumor was conform to my thigh, after surgery Pet Scan detected activity in my lung and follow up by CT scan show that it is growing in sizes, my last scan sizes was about 4 cm, and my oncology has advice me to go for the chemo but as I am only into my second week of the fast I told him I need to complete the whole 42 days and go for a scan before preparing for the Chemo, today is the 37 days I have another 5 more days to go to completing the diet, I am keeping my finger cross for the result to be good.
    Hope the above helps,
    I will update my status here as often as I can,
    Please let me know of the juices detail that you guys have modify from Bruess and any positive results?


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Roy,
      We have found that some cancers respond very quickly to fasting and others seem to master the low glucose state and starts to regrow. The greatest, natural cancer cure is cannabinoids. If you search on Google “run from the cure” The research on tumor retardation is amazing. The best is a coconut oil extract from the buds. By boiling them in water and with the coconut fat. I recommend the chemotherapy. You cannot take cancer lightly. I would take juice daily with cannabiniods using the extraction method I mentioned. I will give you more details if you are interested. The hard part is that you can get really hungry.

  128. Kels says:

    I have just done day 1 on my first juice fast. I am going to do this just for overall health and well being. I am hungry but am going to stick it out. I will see how day 2 goes, im a little worried since I have to work and think it may be hard while im at work.


  129. Neil says:

    Looking For A Fasting Partner!

    Relatively new to fasting and keen to hook up with others on the journey.

    I have gone through a relatively difficult last 3 years and am seeking God for a breakthrough in the areas of health, direction and purpose.

    I am based in the UK, friendly and non judgmental!


  130. Pastor Jim says:

    Thank you for the information. Makes sence to me. It is neat the way my nose is totally open (my wife appreciates it to). But what is absent from my body during a fast that clears up the sinus cavitys? Can it be maintained without a fast. I’ll come back on day 30 to post.

    Bless you,
    Pastor jim

  131. mmk says:

    Thanks, Tom, and God bless. I will check in regularly and I will keep up the good word.

  132. Roy says:

    HI Tom,

    Thank you for the information, Chemo will be the next on my list after the fasting, please send me more detail pertaining to extracting method so that i can explore more into it,


  133. Kels says:

    I just did 2 days on a juice fast and got really hungry so i had a healthy salad and soup. My goal is to do a 7 day juice fast so I figure I will have to work my way up and get my body prepared. This site is very motivational and is a great support group.


  134. Aurelia says:

    First, Tom, I would like to say I am sorry I was not able to respond sooner, but yes, I have been and will continue to pray for Theresa.

    As far as the spirituality of fasting I slipped and had to start over. I am now on day five of a mostly water fast. (For energy sake I am drinking about 8oz of juice throughout the day.) So far this seems to be working much better, I can feel the detox more powerfully where as before I barely felt anything other then being hungry. It has also led me to rely more on God and now I can see why so many people connect God and fasting…other then the biblical connections.

    I do have a couple questions though. Does anyone know if there a juice combination that would give me a lot of my nutrients, perhaps not all, but still a good dose of them without me having to drink a lot of juice.

    I just noticed after my shower today that my skin is really sensitive and easily irritated…did not happen till after the shower. Some parts of my skin are fully irritated, red, and warm…It looks like a rash, but is not really itchy. My face is dry, warm, and very sensitive. I was wondering if anyone else has felt like this, and if it is normal. I could not find anything on here about rash like symptoms. Mostly it is my abdomen and face that are having issues. I would say it was my soaps, and it could still be. However, I do not use my body wash on my face and both are hypoallergenic; my skin is naturally sensitive on a normal basis, but never this bad. Also, can I use lotions without messing up the detox. I know it sounds like a weird question, but what you put on your skin IS absorbed into your body.

    Thanks Aurelia (^_^)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Usually skin problems are healed through long juice fasting. I would take vitamin E, 4x 400 IU daily, and 3 table spoons for essential oils such as Udo’s choice. Parsley has the highest nutrient content with the lowest calories. You could ad in some stevia. But it needs a special juicer like a champion. Cucumber celery and apple with lemon is a good low calorie mix.
      Rub some vitamin E and essential oil on your skin. Aloe vera will give temporary releif if it itching badly.

  135. jen says:

    guys!!!!!! im down 20 lbs!!!! wow its awsome, I’m fasting for the next three days and going for raw fruits and veggies this weekend some carbs monday and tuesday and then fasting again thursday through friday. Its working, not only is the weight loss making me feel and look fantastic (if i do say so myself) but my confidence and relationship with food has altered too. I feel like i’m in control, for the first time in my life. and fasting has come in so handy, I can be the designated driver, I can always drop whatever it is and come to your rescue I dont need lunch money most days. Yea shoe collection, my energy level is through the roof and my husband just by accident has lost 30 pounds just because their is only fresh food in the house. any thing i cook is vegan and he walks with me, so its helping everyone.

    my goal for this time around is to stick to my convictions, if im fasting im not gonna eat that today but it will be their for me on saturday, so i need to set it aside, stay clear headed, loose myself in a book and go to be early.

    I found a cool vegan restraunt to go to on saturday for my breakast meal. so I’m saving up for that. looking forward to things like that keeps my eye on my goal, and my belt keeps getting tighter.!!!!

    thank you all for being here, Rhet you keep me comming back how are you, feeling ok? test ect you sneek in to my prayers almost daily.

  136. Rhet says:

    Hey everyone!

    Long time no check-in!

    I needed to break my fast awhile back because I had an unexpected run-in with a deer tick. Anyway, long story short, I got put on the nastiest-ever regimen of powerful antibiotics for Lyme’s, and there was just no way I could continue trying to take them on an empty, or even partially-empty stomach.

    So, I have two weeks to go on this vile regimen, then I was hoping to resume my fast if no other action needed to be taken.

    Hope you all are doing well!


  137. Kels says:


    Just curious on the enema as to how many times should it be used on the fast? I have done it the two times as you said to take away my hunger and I feel great but should I be doing it again?

    Thank you,


  138. Aurelia says:

    Thank you Tom, I made a quick lotion of vitamin E and aloe and it made it feel a lot better. It is completely gone now and my skin is back to normal.

    Rhet, I hope you get better speedily.

  139. Jessica says:

    Hi All-
    Reading this has ben very good for me! I am on my 5th day of a juice fast and I have been remarkably well, though the only excercize I can do is yoga. I have surgery in another month to revise my double masectomy reconstruction from last year. It is the first fast that I have done since before my last surgery. The only thing I have continued to add is skim milk for protein. Because the body needs protein to rebuild and heal I feel cautious to cut it out. Any thoughts on this practice? Am I totally bombing it?


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Your body has ample reserves of protein for fasting. Have you ever heard of a person diagnosed with protein deficiency? Does not exist. Whey protein drastically slows down the cleansing and detox and clogs the sinuses. Juice fasting is excellent for preparing for surgery and for recovered after it. If you feel any negative effects you can always quit fasting.

  140. Annie says:

    Hi Tom,
    I have a problem. Two days ago I did a five days fast and I lost 2kg. Then I binged. I ate McDonald for dinner. I felt very guilty, so I did 60 mins exercise. The day after that, I weighted myself and found out that I gained back the 2kg I lost. I felt very sad and disappointed. I know I should not have eaten McDonald, but isnt there any mercy?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Anne,
      Fasting can amplify compulsive behaviour rooted in the hunger impulse. As there is no hunger during fasting there is a sense of freedom and it feels like the battle with food has been won. Then hunger comes or you break the fast and compulsive behaviour return with full power. You cannot fast successfully without self discipline. That come through a disciplined life and thought control. A healthy diet, exercises, staying positive and short fast of 3 days on juices would be a good first step. A long fast will be a hell trip without benefit. Read from that will help.

  141. Jonathan says:

    Well I’ve been reading this site for quite some time, it’s pretty good, probably the best fasting site I’ve seen. It gives me inspiration. I’ve tried fasting multiple times and have not yet completed a water fast for more than 2 days. It drives me nuts, I’m addicted to eating junk food sad as it may seem. I want to start a water fast to clear me out and to prove that I can conquer these bad habits. I’ve done an apple fast before, but it was for 3 days. I’m not sure if I want to start again with a water fast or go with an apple fast. I figure I can get in a good 5 day water fast. I’d like to get in a 3 day apple fast once a week (over the weekend). Thoughts?

  142. rachel says:

    what about apple diet for a few days/juice for a few days/ then plunge right in to the water fast? a creative twist?

  143. Kels says:

    Jonathan, I am the same way, I am a junk food junkie and cant seem to make it past 2 days on a fast. I just found this site a week ago and find it very motivating. Good luck to you!


  144. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the reply, I will do another juice fast for the next 7 days and omit milk this round. You are quite right, I have never heard of anyone having a protien defficincy. I am also having a consult with a naturopathic doctor which will help me with herbs and such for the next few weeks.


  145. Sal says:

    Thank you ALL for the greats posts! You all are a great wealth of knowledge as well as big motivators to keep with this.

    I started a limited water fast yesterday. I fasted through breakfast & lunch and for dinner I had some raw vegetables. I could have made it through it without the veggies, but I read that it’s good to “ween” yourself into the water fast.

    I have never done a fast before so this is all new and different for me but something that I am very motivated to continue.

    Should I continue on a water fast or since I have never even attempted a fast before, should I start with juice? I think I have enough self disicpline to go straight for a water fast but that may be me thinking that because I have never truly felt the hunger pains you all speak of.

    My goal is a 10 day water fast but I’m thinking I should slowly build myself up to that to avoid failing.

    Thanks again.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sal,
      I cannot imagine life without my juicer. I just made some pineapple carrot. MMM good. Best investment of your life, especially for people who want to water fast. Three days of eating fruits and veggies will prepare you for a water fast. With juice you can jump in of the most toxic diet on earth.

  146. Jessica says:

    Over the past 12 years I have done juice and water fasting. I might try a juice fast for the first one. Personally, becuase I work and have lost of obligations at home juice fasting works pretty well for me and helps me continue to have energy levels that can help me meet the demands of my daily obligations, and also get good rest at night. I find that when I water fast I have very low energy for day 1 and after I exceed 48 hours I have a TON of reserve engergy, but my focus is not very acute. Also- when I water fast I don’t sleep, which poses a problem for me.
    When I juice I try to get an ounce or two every hour. Helps me remain on an even keel. Let me know what you decide!

  147. Sal says:

    Thanks Jessica!

    I decided I’m going to do a water fast for as long as I can, up to 10 days. This is Day 2 for me (some may say Day 1 since I had raw veggies last night) and I feel good so far so I’m going to stick with it.

    I have a slight headache and a weird taste in my mouth. But the energy is fine, Im actually not hungry at all. Very pleased so far with how I’m feeling.

    I’m doing this primarily for weight loss and to jump start me eating healthy and starting a workout regimen that I stick to. The dextox effect and cleansing of the body sounds wonderful.

    Thanks for your insight. I’ll update throughout. If I can’t make it the whole 10 days, is it OK to jump right into a juice fast or should I break inbetween?

  148. Jessica says:

    Good luck! I am not sure what everyone else thinks but if you can’t make it the whole 10 days and you want to continue I would switch to juice. I find I have similar weight loss results with a water fast as I do with juice fasting. Plus, after even a few days of a water fast my body needs to take a few days to get used to taking in nutrients. Several years ago, I did a water fast for 10 days and ate a peice of toast to break my fast. It was the worst feeling ever! Juice is a good way to wake up the digestive system.

  149. Botshi says:

    wow – wow – wow
    I have read through some of the posts on here and I have got to say – it has been quiet educational and sooooo helpful. I have been going through the soul searching process and I know a fast is exactly what I need. I have been procrastinating but I know the time has arrived – esp having just come across this website and finding all this helpful information. I do not have a juicer at present but intend getting one in the interim I think I will try 100% juice for the 1st 3 days and then do water thereafter. I have not set a time period at this point – I am not too sure if that’s good or bad – as I know it is good to set goals but I figure because this is a journey of finding answers and just being closer to God – time isn’t a necessity.

    Anyhow – I wish everybody the best of luck on their fasts and I will definitely be dropping in frequently as I know there’s nothing better than knowing you are not alone whilst on a FAST.

    I thank you once again and Blessings & Light to you all:)

  150. jodi says:

    Hi ALL–I am on DAY 5 and finally, the headache is going away. A little about myself, I am 38 and had my one and only daughter at 34 alomost 35. I have since had terrible fibrocystic breasts with lots of pain and go to a specialist every 6 months. On January 22, I went in for my annual mammogram and had to have a biopsy–it was small and benign. My specialist put me on evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil, vit d, vit e….seems like a lot doesn’t it TOM? When I was pregnant I also had toxemia and gained ALOT of weight. On Sunday monring, March 15, I weighed 249. I am 5’3″ and miserable. I work in a law firm and can not dress like I should and would like too….I have been juicing and drinking water with orgainc lemons all day at work also. We got a reverse osmosis system at home, so i bring my own to work.

    TOM–any suggestions thus far? also, i take a low dose of blood pressure med, can I continue taking all of these things along with my fresh juice?

    I have been juicing, ALL ORGAINIC TOO: carrots, parsley, cucumber, celery, apples, green apples, spinach…husband wants to know can I juice lemons with peel on?
    I have a beet in the fridge and do not know where to begin with it?
    the warm water in the am with lemon….i read about, How do I warm the water? silly question i know.

    TOM, How long can I fast like this? as said, 5’3″ and 249 last Sunday am. I AM DETERMINED to do this. I need to face my painful breasts and stop the craziness with them also.



    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jodi
      Your specialist is smart. His nutrient recommendation is right on the mark.
      Your blood pressure can normalise on the fist day of juicing. Our protocal at the hospital is to cut off after 2 days below 130. If the blood pressure takes days to lower there is usually organ damage or diabetes. Your liver may be the root cause of your toxemia and raised blood pressure.
      If this is the case the blood pressure only drops after 7 to 14 days of juice fasting at the organs had to heal.
      You could easily do 60 days on that juice fast. Heat water with any means.

  151. Pastor Jim says:

    Wanted to post on day 30 of the apple/water 40.
    This has been a good last 20 days for me. No dizziness like I had in the early years. At this point there are no open cuts or scraps to heal and skin is not too dry. I’ve lost 29 pounds which is normal for me (139#). However the back of my throat feels dry and rough. The tongue is still coated, so is this dehydration or toxins making an exit?

    One emotional change that I experience is the lack of fear.
    Approaching situations that would normally make me uptight mean nothing to me. I have to watch my driving because I feel no consern when I’m on the road. I have chosen not to ride my motorcycle due to this. I also speak my mind rather than just let it pass. This has got me into trouble a couple of times with my wife of 34 years.

    As for time, it seems to stand still. I don’t think of the past and feel no need to look to tomorrow. I think this is why it only seems like I started this fast this morning and don’t even think about 10 more days. And I know if I weren’t fasting I’d think differently. Is this normal? I told you earlier I’ve never had anyone to bounce these thoughts off of who understood fasting.

    Bless you and all you help,
    Pastor Jim

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Pastor Jim,
      The experience of “time standing still’ is common but coined with different words like “sense of just being.” feeling like being an observer.”
      Or your brain is burning ketones and getting you high. LOL
      Either way enjoy the ride.
      Confidence or increased faith and determination, usually comes with an “energy peak” after a detox crisis or prolonged juice or water fasting.
      A green, yellow, white coated tongue is cause by detoxification in almost everyone who fasts.

  152. jodi says:

    Thanks Tom—I plan on using this forum as “checking in” if you I will be weighing Sun AM and posting my loss for the week. SO let me understand, it is OK to continue with the supplements while juicing? OK, great. 60 days would be wonderful. I am determined to do this. My breasts have eased up noticeably just in the last 24 hours. Do you have any info on fibrocystic breast condition Tom? YOUR WEBSITE ROCKS!

    Is reverse osmosis water of? It has its own faucet that was installed in our kitchen. I was going to put in a ceramic mug and put in microwave for the lemon water, then thought, maybe the microwave wasnt a good idea?

    AGAIN THANKS–and curious if you have ANY info on the Fibro breasts….I have no histroy in my family, mother is 61 and grandmother is 88—and I AM DETERMINED to never suffer from that dreadful cancer.

    THANKS, JOdi

  153. jodi says:

    sorry, meant to ask is reverse osmosis water OK?

    also, how much juice is good? my mason jar is i think 12 ounces??? and i have 1 in the am and one at work (packed on ice) then i take it out and let get to room temp and drink it BUT i have to admit, by the time i get ome from work, i do not feel like cleaning it and put in dishwahser and then just have some tea….so only getting 24 or so ounces a day? What do you think Tom?

    Thanks again, Jodi

  154. Rhet says:

    Hello everyone,

    No more antibiotics! (Stupid deer tick.)

    I can start my fast back up, and I’m so happy. I am amazed at how fast I re-gained weight, even without eating too much evil stuff. For people fasting to lose weight (not me, though I suppose it doesn’t hurt), beware of this, after your fast.

    I’ll do a juice/water cross, like before. One thing I’ve found works in an pinch is juicing limes and lemons, putting them in an ice cube tray, and freezing it. Then I toss them into my water throughout the day. It’s not as good as drinking right after juicing, but works when I’m busy.

    It’s been wonderful reading your testimonials. Good to be back among you.


  155. Rhet says:

    Pastor Jim,

    I just saw your piece about time standing still. This really happens intensely for me. Sometimes it’s unpleasant, because I feel restless and anxious. I keep trying to tell myself to let the “time standing still” factor work FOR me.. when fasting, the passing of time is really your friend.

    I hope the fearlessness comes to me like it did for you. One time when I was on antidepressants (I was working way up north and the no-light situation made me want to sleep for weeks) I felt fearless (and kind of reckless), but they gave me headaches, so I got off them.

    Hopefully I can get the courage aspect from fasting.

    Thanks for sharing.


  156. rachel says:

    i really enjoy that detached, free-floating feeling you get sometimes. seems to help me back away and look at life in a more objective way. great for decision making, planning, reprioritizing, ect. glad i can see others feel it too when they fast.

  157. Question says:

    Is it unsafe to fast when you’re underweight? Not severely underweight lets say 103lb’s and 5’4 would it be dangerous?

    How much weight would be lost in a 14 day water fast?
    Will it be easy to regain weight after?

    Should I gain weight first and then fast?

    I would be thankful for any advice.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Question,
      Weight loss is complex, and never accurate.
      Fasting is usually safe if broken correctly and the prefast diet had sufficient nutrition.
      Why are you fasting?
      Regain??? have you been losing weight?

  158. Pastor Jim says:

    Rhet & Tom,
    Thank you for sharing. I don’t even share my experiences during a fast with my wife because, well, you’ve got to admit “floting, time standing still, observing” sounds a little out there. I always get the feeling no body knows I’m there when I walk into a Walmart, ect.. I have likened days 30-40 in some aspects to my earlier days without Christ in the early 70’s. No disrespect but you know what I mean.

    I’ll post again on day 39.
    Bless you,
    Pastor Jim

  159. Renata says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I will be having gallbladder surgery scheduled for April 17th and I really feel the need to fast(I have been feeling really down lately). I have done a 5 day juice fast before and had great results. Should I wait until after my surgery to do a 10 day fast? Is it safe to do so before the surgery?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Renata,
      I always recommend 3 to 5 days of juice fasting before and after surgery. Longer is better. It will reduce, post surgery complications and speed recovery. If this operation is for gall stones, try the gall bladder flush.

  160. jodi says:

    Hi Tom, Can you give me an idea of how much juice is the best perday??? Thanks in advance-
    Also, is reverse osmosis water OK?
    Thank you, JOdi

  161. ClydeBe says:

    You can download a free ebook on fasting at Might help you.

  162. Heidi says:

    Hi, Tom! I stumbled across your site and became immediately interested in trying juice fasting. I have never fasted before and currently work at a job which requires me to constantly be on my feet (often running around), so a water fast would be unwise for me right now. I am a criminal justice major at the moment and hope to become a homicide detective for a major police department, so I think the weight loss would give me a real boost in the right direction. I experienced depression for several years and really let myself go, so I am sadly thirty or so pounds overweight. I am also interested in attempting the fast for health reasons: I suffer from fibromyalgia and IBS. I have a few questions for you based on this:

    1. I noticed that you told one person with IBS to start with two enemas for the first day, one per day for the next two days, and one every other day after that. Are there any additional suggestions you would give for fibromyalagia?

    2. Do you have a recommendation on which juicer I should purchase? I do not have that much money, but I really want to make the best of this experiment. If it works out well, then I would hope to do a thirty day fast once or twice a year after that. I really want to get some inspiration, so I feel motivated to work out and keep myself in shape again.

    3. I would like to add a cup of tea to the juice fast. I am thinking one cup of loose leaf green tea before bed every night. Tea helps to relax my body and often puts me to sleep; plus, I know loose leaf green tea has tons of health benefits. Do you think this is wise, or should I stay away from tea entirely during the fast?

    4. I would love to record my progress for you if you are interested. If so, then what kind of detail would you like me to record? Weight stats, possible side effects, highs and lows, juicing habits?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Heide,
      Greed tea is good during fasting. Sure record you data and we can give it a page. Juicers….. to many choices. Breville is the best for veggies and speed. The champion for durability. With IBS you want to have an enema daily and let the water in slowly, especially the first use. For fibromyalagia, take some essential oils, vitamin E, B complex, and other herbs recommended on the web.

  163. jodi says:

    Hi there! It has been 1 week yesterday that i started juice fasting. This morning I was down 10.5 pounds. I still feel a little sluggish. I have not had anything other than fresh juice, filtered water with orgainc lemons all day (work), organic, caffeine free herbal tea. NOT ONE CHEAT. I am ver proud of myslef and can only really share with husband and YOU ALL. I chose not to talk about it to others because they can be not so supportive. I NEED FEEDBACK please. AM I heading in the right direction?

    I was thinking this morning of the lady in Florida a few years ago who suffered a stroke and was kept on life support. SHe was an avid dieter and suffered a stroke from not enoough potassium i believe? Is this something to be concerned with?

    THANKS, Jodi (10 pounds lighter in 1 week)

  164. Rhet says:

    Hey Jodi–

    Congrats on your amazing progress! Terri Shiavo was a bulimic. Very stressful, very dangerous. She was not fasting, far as I know.

    If you’re worried about electrolytes, drink Glaceau SmartWater. But the lemon water you are drinking should give you a lot of what you need, especially if you don’t go past 15-20 days, as I understand it.

    Coffee is still my terrible bane. I know it’s hurting my fast. I know I shouldn’t. I know I’m “feasting” on the nasty stuff (or it’s feasting on me). I’ve banished myself to Day 1 status, but after this, I’ve decided not to do that if I break down and drink coffee or diet soda (I know, sad) again, but I’m recording it whenever I do it. (I also put AlkaPro drops in, to cut the acid. Does help.) I want to mindfully stop. If I slip, I’ll record it and keep working on it.

    Which brings me to the real story. Which is that whenever I fast, I’m made hyper-aware of what a pathetic bag of chemicals my body is. I’m addicted to everything. Not just coffee. Chocolate. Meat. When my girlfriend is away, I get anxious. I physically miss my dogs when they are not there! Just wow.

    Mind over matter? Hah! So I’m waiting for that stillness, that detachment, that strength that Pastor Jim talks about, to arrive. Trying to do the Buddhist thing and watch the thoughts go by, watch the hunger storms, watch the body panic, the nausea, the chills. Not get too involved.

    I feel weak and will-less. Trying not to get too attached to that feeling either. I’m wondering if this spoiled four-year old that is my fasting body is a uniquely American thing. Hmm.

    Hope you all are having a less tantrummy day than me. 😉


  165. jodi says:

    Thanks so much for responding Rhet, I am waiting for the “coldness” to go away! I swear I am freezing all of the time. Is this somewhat normal? cold hands, feet, yikes. I tell myself everyday, tonight I am going to go home and get on the treadmill. Ask me how many times I have this week–0! I just do not feel like it. In your experience, how much juice is “good”. Right now I am drinking out of a mason jar I brought to work packed on ice, then I take it out about an hour before and let it become room temp. I think it is 12 ounces, but i fill to the rim so it is at least 14 ounces and I had similar this morning. I am already tired of cleaning the juicer though! So sometimes at night I just have my hot tea wich soothes me but does not motivate me to get moving. Do I need more juice? Tom sai I could go 60 days. (wow) I am 5’3″ and 239 (now) I had a terrible pregnancy in 2005 and never lost the weight. BTW I am addicted to Starbucks. I miss it but have not had it in over a month. Caffeine flares up pain in my breasts so I avoid caffeine. Again, thanks so much. Reading the posts throughout the day while I am at work (even though I should not be) helps so much…..Have a good one Rhet!


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jodi
      Cold hand and feet are normal making it hard to fast in cold climates. Tiredness is also normal. Usually you will get more energy as the fast progresses. Yes usually the more juice you drink the more energy you have.

  166. Bear says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am on the lemon and cayenne fast day 23. I did this to allow time for my body to heal athritis and tinnitus. I have been 40 lbs over weight. Yes I lost weight but the good news is I don’t take pain meds after day 2. I have no hunger.
    The question is I still have swollen hands and lots of conjestion, my gums hurt electrical feeling when I brush my teeth. This concerns me but I am willing to continue to day 30 and beyond for the sake of healing


  167. Jessica says:

    Hi All-
    Its been a few days but I have been reading all of your posts. very energizing!
    I have done lots of research of lots of types about breast conditions and have had a bi-lateral masectomy by the one of the best cancer center teams in the county. Everything in my personal experience and my research experience says that caffine is a big risk for someone with fibrostistic brests. If you can, try one or 2 less starbucks a day. I cut caffiene out completly many years ago for this problem (and chocolate)and the condition completly went away. I also love a good cup of coffee, but nt worth the pain, and ultimate worry, and subsequent biopsies etc.

    Good luck to you all! I will check in next week!

  168. jodi says:

    Thanks Jessica, Yes Caffeine is something I have been struggling with since 2006…I will do excellent for a couple of months, then 1 good coffe puts me over the edge and im hooked again..I have not had any caffeine in over a month. My breast problems go further than that…I have been miserable for 2 days now, and been juice fasting since March 15. I take so many supplements its crazy. Nothing seems to help. Thanks anyways, Jodi

  169. Jessica says:

    How about Yoga? I am usually a runner, but don’t usually have the energy when I fast. I make myself herbal tea at night and do Yoga. Patricia Walden does a great Yoga for beginners called PM Yoga. It is very relaxing and always helps me with improving my mental state. I also often feel ‘miserable’ when I am fasting, but the effects soon go away…Mango juice also helps me feel lighter and happier, like I am filling my body with a little sunshine.
    Be well,

  170. Bear says:


    You mean combine all that you recommended and drink only that?
    My swelling is slowly going down and I just rub my gums but they feel Ok. I thought to go for the full 30 days. I’ve been working the fast dry brushing, rebounding,and receiving shiatzu, also self massage…plenty of prayer and meditation.

    I only have 6 more days till 30 days and it would be an accomplishment! I thought to break it with fresh organic OJ and a steamed veggie soup after 5 days of OJ.

    Actually I’d prefer to introduce veggie juices. The past 4 days I’ve added spiralina and chlorella.

    I am getting proper nutriants. I don’t think I was as effective the first 20 days because I wasn’t using a laxative tea then added one. But I have been drinking the full quart of salt water every morning. I take it easy and rest alot.

    thanks for your help. I’m a 60 year young female who began with 193lbs and now I am down to under 175


  171. jen says:

    BACK ON BOARD FRIENDS!!!! Work is draining, lots of changes are coming and I’m going to be faced with some pretty life altering decisions, fasting can help me reach a calm clearness that I need, I’ve done two five day fast since February, I’m ready to go longer, a clarity hit others around day twenty and based on the upcoming events I need to go for about 21-25 days, I’ll check in when I need to remember why I started. its 2:00pm I had a veggie soup and celery and carrots today. Tomorrow back on boiled veggie broth. Clarity God give me strength and clarity
    Starting weight is 188

  172. Nikki says:

    Hello everyone, I’m back on board! 🙂 I tried starting my fast over & over again at the start of february. After several tries of not making it through the first day, I started getting really embarrassed by my failures & gave up. I just started reading again & found that I’m not the only person on here repeating day 1 again & again. So thank you so much to everyone for sharing! I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone. I’m new to fasting & you all seem so strong! I’d breeze through the day until about 5 or 6pm. Then I’d let my cravings overpower me. I’d have a bowl of soup or something & decide I blew it. Then I’d binge until midnight since I already had to start over anyway – terrible, I know… Anyway, I’m back now & with The Good Lord on my side, nothing can stop me this time!
    So my plan is to juice fast for the remainder of this month, maybe snack on raw fruits or veggies the first few days if I need to – & Not binge if I do! Then starting on the 1st, go to a distilled water fast – maybe with lemon? & a cup or 2 of tea each day for the next 40 days. I like my tea just plain with no sweetners, I think that’s good? I have lots of green tea & I also have fasting tea with all sorts of good nutrients in it 🙂 Plus I’d still be drinking plenty of plain water everyday as well.
    How much juice should I drink? I was thinking maybe 1 or 2 cups a day in the beginning? In addition to plenty of water of course. Then maybe 1 cup a week throughout the rest of the fast? What do you guys think? Sound ok? Anybody?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      The secret to getting past day one of fasting is to drink volumes of fresh juice. Fill your stomach when you get hungry. Water works too.
      The enema always works for me. Use it twice on day one. Drink as much or as little juice or water as you want.

  173. Jo says:

    drinking juice, lemon in water, ‘special’ drinks with electrolytes added to them (Read: fake man-made chemicals that have no resemblence to the electrolytes found in food), artificial sweetners, teas, and worst of all coffee (a drug) is NOT fasting in any sense of the word. It’s an extremely low calorie diet, but it’s not fasting.

    Fasting is when your body is getting 100% of its energy from its fat and protein reserves. Because there is nothing coming in, it is able to control and balance its internal nutritional reserves and run smoothly without food. As soon as you take something in, you upset that balance. For example refined products actually leach phosphates from the blood stream in order to be dealt with, that is, you lose vital nutrients by taking in these empty substances because it takes nutrition in order to be able to process nutrition.

    Don’t think juices and sweetners and coffee are any different. Living on sugar (fruit juice) is highly demanding of your liver which HATES fructose (fructose is half the sugar in fruit and half the sugar in table sugar, and honey), it also turns on genes that in effect create more of a demand for protein, so you will be losing more muscle mass than fat than if you were water fasting. When scientists want to deliberately give rats diabetes, all they have to do is feed them a high fructose diet. Human livers and pancreatic cells respond similarly.

    So by juicing you’re getting plenty of advantages from the low calorie aspect, which turn on all sorts of life-extending genes (FOXO, Autophagy) but you are countering a lot of those benefits with the high levels of fructose.
    What no-one seems to understand, is that when you are fasting, you are living off animal fat and protein. Your body is catabolisng your flesh which has the exact same components as the flesh of any other mammal. You are essentially eating a carnivorous diet!! It’s the same with juice fasting or veganing where the calories are low enough to lose weight, your body needs fat and protein and it will continue to eat it and replace it with the carbs you are taking in, a balance can be reached where your weight stabalizes, but still you are eating staurated fat.
    The truth is we a designed or evolved, whichever you like, to eat animal food as well as plant matter. We are omnivores. Our guts aren’t fermentation tanks like cows or horses, animal food is perfectly liquified and completely absorbed in the human intestine. When you fast, you are mimicking a carnivorous diet, and all the beneficial gene switching that goes with it. They are the same, only they are your own tissues, so you can get rid of your own wastes as well.
    The science is out there and it supports fasting and calorie restriction, you just have to look hard enough.

    Please see if you are concerned about your health on a vegan diet. There are many many people who have turned their health around reintroducing meat into thier diet – or by fasting, temporarily giving themselves an animal feed using thier own tissues.
    Another misconception; fruit is not natural in the slightest. It has been selectively bred over the last few hundred years to be sweeter and sweeter and now contains more sugar than any human or animal could possibly get from wild fruit. It is a packet of sugar in a decpetive guise. Nutrient levels are minimal compared to meat ‘n veg. harsh but true.

    Oh and to the poster who was asking about loose skin – you shouldnt get it on a fast if you’re young. Thanks to autophagy, your cells consume damaged proteins as the fast progresses, and skin should shrink back fairly well, it always has in my experience. If you break and stay on a high carb/high fruit diet you will not only gain weight back just as quickly as if it were high fat (your cells insulin resistant so glucose gets immediately shuffled into fat cells)
    you will also stretch your skin as it tries to expand and create nasty stretch marks and lose skin. Break on veges and/or home-made broth only, is my advice.

    Thanks to all posters who report thier progress and results, this is what matters, not theory, not belief.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jo,
      Good info. But I would challenge you on the fructose being bad as glucose is the preferred fuel of the body and fructose is low on the glycymic index. I agree that excessive sugar intake can damage or over work the pancreas. You states you will gain weigh on a high carb/high fruit diet. That depends on the fruit and the carbohydrate. Grapefruits are famous for weightloss.

  174. rachel says:

    hi jo,

    some of what you shared really struck a cord in me. i was an avid juice faster in my early years. weeks on end. it did me some good for sure, but i never tried water fasting. well, 20 years later, i did a bout of short water fasts over a few months and wow. i know no one can speak for everyone since not everyone suffers insulin resistance like i have all my life (the juice fasting left me up and down, up and down because of the sugars),,,but the brief water fasting was amazing. i always shied away from water fasting because of work, commitments, but short water fasts have proven to be very effective for symptom relief (pms, blood sugar symptoms, weight loss). and well, it takes less time. i did get really exhausted toward the end of the months in regards to my workouts (even with a few eating days thrown in) but the quick, tangible results kept me going. water fasting may not be for everyone, but i wanted to put my “bravo!” in for it. if long term water fasting is too daunting , might be an intermittent water fasting schedule could work. i love the way some toss in a few water fasting days in their juice fasts, brilliant. for me at least short water fasts were more effective than long juice fasts. cheers everyone!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rachel,
      We have successfully reversed diabetes here at the hospital with juice fasting. Patients are allowed half a glass of juice at least 30 minutes apart. The period for healing is 30 to 40 days. A straight juice fast does not work for diabetes as you have discovered.

  175. Rhet says:

    Hi Jo,

    “Animal protein,” fascinating, I’ve never viewed fasting that way. Very interesting. I have one of those minds that want to be vegan and one of those bodies that wants to be carnivorous. I like it.

    I understand what you are saying about intake of anything but water–especially fruit and drugs like coffee and trash like diet sodas–is a form of “feasting,” not fasting proper.

    That said, it sounds like some of your argument is a semantic issue, which is fine. Fasting or light “feasting” though, what little we do take in does matter. For some people, water fasting alone is so harsh they can’t do it for any length of time. For cancer patients, there must be a balance struck between giving the body the tools it needs to fight the cancer, and letting the fasting do its work.

    Gandhi fasted for weeks but put some small amounts of lemon juice in his water. Every D.O., and nutritionist I’ve ever seen has recommended a slight amount of fresh lemon or lime in water while fasting, because of the detoxing and electrical properties.

    Several have also recommended Glaceau SmartWater for fasting (NOT chemical and sugar-laden products like Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Life Water, etc). SmartWater is distilled water plus potassium bicarbonate; calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. (You can make your own sort-of similar brew at home with distilled water, sea salt and baking soda and such, if the thought of Coca-Cola now owning Glaceau makes you ill. It kind of does me.)

    Not all sweeteners are the same, of course. Fructose messes with blood sugar, and artificial sweeteners (not stevia, which is officially listed as a non-caloric fiber) contain nasty chemicals. The alkaline nature of some juices and products can be incredibly beneficial, and some have VERY little fructose (spiralina, cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, radish, etc).

    Anyway, I want to be careful not to minimize anyone’s exhaustive efforts by saying they aren’t REALLY fasting–this is why Tom specifies “water-only fast,” “dry fast,” “juice-fast,” etc.

    I am now going to proudly tell my body it’s having a meat and fat dinner while I’m fasting. Sweet.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    I don’t weigh (don’t have a scale), but I wear size 34 pants, pretty much (the shorts I’m in are 36’s, but I look like a JD or a plumber in them). I’ll let you know when I drop to a 32!



  176. Nikki says:

    Thanks Tom! I was going to ask about enemas next. I’ve never used one before & I’m a little scared, lol. I was just going to ask about frequency. Twice on day 1, got it. After that not at all?
    So far, so good. It’s getting to be “that time of day” the time I’m always hungriest & food sounds absolutely disgusting to me. Looks like I’m off to an excellent start! I think I’m really going to make it this time. keep your fingers crossed for me everyone!

  177. rachel says:

    success is in the details, thanks tom! thank God for experts like yourself!

  178. Pastor Jim says:

    Wanted to post as I said I would on day 39 of the apple juice/water fast. Seems like this morning I just got started.
    Started at 168# and lost 33#. Had no cuts to contend with for healing this year.

    I told you I always wanted to do the last week of a 40 somewhere special. Listen to this! I live in Ohio U.S. and went to Illinois for a funeral. Yes it was neat to see teachers, principles, old friends, ect., but the timing was wonderful. I had a boldness to share Christ in a way I never have had. Due to the fast? Absolutely. For two days I drove around to find and speak to those I left 25 years ago. The greatest news was when I lead my father-in-law to the Lord!
    Do I evangelize normally? Sure, but this was a wonderful trip without so much of self to get in the way.

    Then I drove home and left 13 hours for West Virgina. There I worked 33 hours in two and a half days on a house hidden up in the mountains with a man as a mission project. The strength I had was unreal because usually during days 35-40 I’m pretty layed back and not doing much.

    So I’m saying this year’s fast has really been different than in the past. Usually on the eve of day 40 I’ve had enough, but I wish this could go on. But as I practice and preach, there are ground rules to be set up prior to a fast and a planned ending is one of them.

    Again I see clearly that when my flesh is beat into submission, the Spirit side has free reign to operate.
    A simple truth but wonderful when it hits home in a fresh way.

    Thank you, Ret, and others who have shared your wisdom to answer so many questions I have had about the 40 day fast.

    One question that was not answered to my knowledge was conserning the sinuses. I am totally clear during fast but what can I do or leave out of my diet when I’m not fasting?

    And why does a gritty substance form on the inside of my teeth as soon as I get around smoke, purfume, cleaners, dust, and other smells. I tast them on the tongue, but why does it collect on the teeth? I can feel it with my tongue. Anybody have this know what I’m saying?

    Pastor Jim

  179. rhet says:

    Pastor Jim (and hi to all, as well),

    What an inspiration you are! I know with your example and support I can make it to 40 days.

    I really appreciate what you say about the flesh being forced to submit on a fast. It’s not just the hunger. It’s fear. It’s compulsive thinking. It’s compulsive behavior. It’s impatience. And it’s response to discomfort and pain.

    And speaking of, this lemon/lime water I’m drinking is kind of doing a number on my digestive system, especially the “exit” part of the system. Like yeowch. I’ve ordered more AlkaPro drops, which is supposed to super-alkalize whatever you drink (I pray it doesn’t take the beneficial elements away from the lemon/lime), hopefully that will make a difference regarding the acid.

    I also did one of those Master Cleanse “salt flushes” yesterday. Yecch! I can’t really bring myself to do the enema, but the salt flush is loosely called an “oral enema,” because it’s supposed to do a similar thing. And judging from the amount of porcelain throne time I spent, the advertising appears to be true. Tom, what do you think of the Sea Salt Flush?

    Also, anyone out there doing bentonite and psyllium shakes? It’s supposed to push all the years of accumulated nasties out of the digestive tract and colon. Well, I ordered some bentonite, because a friend had awesome results with it. Tom, do you have thoughts about bentonite clay?

    I’m getting a *little* better at ignoring the hunger storms, and promising myself that they will go away just as they would if I actually ate. I’m not one of those folks for whom the hunger ever goes away. I pretty much deal with it every day.

    How is everyone doing?


  180. Sarah says:

    Hello. I am 34 and living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. In December I started methotrexate and was on the verge of starting a biologic drug to help with this arthritis when I spoke with a doctor who recommended I stop the drug therapy, drop my weight to 120 (148 now at 5 foot 5 inches) and do several short fasts, all with the aim of balancing my immune system.
    So far, I’ve been off the MTX for almonst 3 weeks, I have completed two 3 day water fasts now that the MTX is out of my system and am gearing up for a 10 day water fast. I am wondering if anyone has experience with fasting and autoimmune disease. My greatest challenge is handling the arthritic pain and stiffness during the fasting since I cannot take the NSAID’s that keep things relatively manageable — I’m talking about not being able to button pants, clip my young child into his carseat, walk up and downstairs… sit on the toilet, etc. It’s debilitating and I am really nervous about the 10 day fast for that reason. Fortunately, my body has been telling me to fast for about 3 years (though I’ve only just started listening) — I have absolutely no appetite and the short fasts have so far been completely comfortable for me.
    Any helpful advice or comments are welcome. Thank you.
    – Sarah

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sarah,
      For health conditions, juice fasting is far more effective. 21 to 30 days is a better fast with some water fasting days in between. Buy a juicer and you will love it. Autoimmune disease is benefited by fasting as inflammatory response is reduced. I have see one person healed of a life long allergy on a 30 day juice fast.

  181. greatjassy84 says:

    Hi Tom please I will appreciate it if you answer my one question.I am going on a three week water fast and walking on the treadmill for an hour three times a week. How much weight do you think I will lose. I weight 185 pounds and I am 5 feet 10 inches tall. I have been having pain all over my body, fatigue,weight gain and depression,which are some the main reasons I am fasting. I need to do this and make it a life style too(healthy eating and fasting). Thank you.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi greatjassy,
      Please read the post on weightloss rates, it is long and in depth. You need to read more on this site.
      Water fasting and exercise… for 21 days on your first fast. That is a fantasy.

  182. greatjassy84 says:

    HI,Tom, I never said this was my first fast…it may be the first long water fast I will attempt and I just needed an answer for motivation from you. I am not a quitter and can accomplish a 21 day water fast!! Thanks for the “HUGE” help.

  183. charlie PIP says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am a 21 y/o female and a somewhat experienced faster, having done about 6 or 7 in the last couple years. My first attempts never lasted longer than a few hours, so desperate to try anything, I began with liquid fasting. Eventually, I became strong enough to try juice and the master cleanse fasts, but it took many, many attempts. My body dislikes going without solid food… I would find myself curled up in bed in the fetal position for hours, chain-smoking and drinking coffee like mad. I’d be depressed as well, and my emotions up and down without warning.

    Well, my life is very different now. I used to fast for weight loss, and now I fast for cleansing and detox. I am no longer a smoker/drug addict/eating-disordered mess. Today is my 5th day of a proper fast that doesn’t include stimulants like caffeine and nicotene. I began with a day of raw foods, three days of master cleanse, and today I’m just drinking water with lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper. I’ve lost 7 pounds so far. I’ve also been going to the gym every day and putting in a gentle, 30-minute cardio workout followed by stretching, just to keep my metabolism going. I have loads of energy, and my emotions are pretty stable… I’m sure that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m sticking to the fast pretty strictly, and not chugging coffee all day.

    Yesterday, I did a sea salt flush (my first ever), and today my stomach seems slightly bloated. I am in overall good shape and exercise 4-7 days a week, but I have this mound of fat on my lower stomach that won’t seem to budge. Annoying! I think I’m possibly retaining water… maybe I’m not drinking enough?

    One thing I’m worried about is my upcoming weekend. I work at the biggest, busiest bar in town and I’m scheduled 6pm-3am both this friday AND saturday night. Normally, I would plan to break my fast before any events that sap energy (like busy bar shifts), but considering how I’ve been feeling (pretty good!) I’m toying with the idea of continuing the fast right through the weekend. Also, I’ve thought maybe during the day on friday and saturday i could switch from my water/lemon/pepper to juice and vegetable broth, and then on sunday go back to my fast. I may also need to drink a caffeinated beverage during work, because that’s usually necessary for me to make it through such a long shift. Has anyone ever had to do this semi-break? I don’t want to harm my body or undo the good I’ve done this week, but my job is incredibly physically challenging (a reason I love it!) and I need my energy and mental focus in order to it. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

  184. MKJJD says:

    Hello 2 all. =) I’m on day 3 of my fast. I plan on going 28 days without juice and 60 days without food. This is my 5th fast but my 2nd long fast. My previous fast was 53 days long but I want 2 reach 60 this time bcuz it seems like a well balanced number. ^_^

  185. rachel says:

    Hi Charlie,
    congrats on all your efforts. Im an old coffee hound that can’t seem to break the habit so you’re an inspiration.

    Careful about the fast breaking. Ive been at work and compulsively started eating after a few days of fasting and really really gotten sick. Keep us posted! Rachel.

    MK, 28 days of water is amazing. keep up the great work! Rach.

  186. charlie PIP says:

    hi rachel, thanks for the feedback 🙂

    I know that breaking the fast is much harder than beginning one, and tonight (work night!) will be a big challenge. I’ve semi-broken my fast today with broth and green veggies juice, and will continue to drink liquid calories throughout the weekend. We only have one thing on the menu at work that I can have tonight, and it’s some really tasty tomato and basil soup! It comes with buttered baguettes, but I’ll call the kitchen and tell them NOT to put them on the dish… I know I’ll get really sick if I eat solids, especially wheat products.

    Anyway, I’ve lost 12 lbs (!!!) so far, and am going to be very careful the next few days. Great site Tom, I’ve been living on here all week!

  187. Sarah says:

    Tom, thank you for your response. My understanding is that the body will not go into protein sparing mode on a juice fast like it does on a water only fast. If the body goes into protein sparing and consumes excess body fat, that’s a good thing for autoimmune disease since the toxins stored in fat are culpable in the disease; reducing the fat, reduces the toxins, balances the immune system. What are your thoughts? I am preparing for the fast to begin on April 15th, so your input would be much appreciated as I prepare.
    Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Babies grow healthy and strong with mothers’ milk that consists of only 6% protein. So that massive grow is done on a very small amount of protein. Juicing, I estimate will give about 2% protein. If you drink small amount of juice on a long juice fast your body will use your protein reserves which is a good thing. Catabolism is the tearing down but it is very systematic. Dead, dying and disease tissues are used first except in with cancer. You are right in that fat stores toxic oil and toxins. So fasting and ridding your body of old fat is healthy.

  188. Sarah says:

    p.s. I am open to juicing.

  189. Rhet says:

    Hi Tom,

    You say with a fast that dead and dying cells are used first *except* with cancer? Does the body refuse to feed on the cancer? How does that work?



    • Tom Coghill says:

      Cancer grows as it fulls the immune system into thinking the cancer is a normal cell. They are almost identical to the body from the perspective of the immune system. A change in the DNA caused by negative health factors like toxins, stress, nutritional deficiencies genetics weakness changes the way the cell reproduces. Cancer reproduces faster as it is out of touch with the bodies growth control mechanism.
      Fasting increases catabolsim, boosts immune performance and increases immune activity. The cancer is weakened by the low glucose levels and the cancer regresses in mass for 2 to 5 weeks. Symptoms of the cancer is diminished and quality of life is increased. The hitch is angiogenisis. The cancer creates more blood vessels to increase nutrient absorption. Then the cancer regrows by eating the bodies resources. Catabolism become a metabolic pathway to the cancer. We have seen this in 5 patients. What herbs or chemotherapy could inhibit angeogenisis.

  190. shellelou says:

    Can’t wait to start my fast! I have increase din weight steadily over the past few months — no medical reason, doctors just say I am getting oler and want me to use that as an excuse (I am 41). I feel bloated and have no energy. I have about 15 lbs for sure to lose, mabe 20, but I am not going to stress too much about that. I just am worried about muscle loss and ruining my already slow metabolism with a fast. I am at the end of my rope nad do not know what else to do.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      For sure a 30 day juice fast using an enema will have a magnificent benefit and total recovery. For those benefits, so what if you can only bench press 2/3 of you normal weight. And you will bench more 30 days after the fast. Which is the best time to put on muscle mass as the body is dedicated to rebuilding.

  191. Annie says:

    Hi Tom,

    As you know the 1st and 2nd day are the hardest day to start the fast. I am planning to fast tomorrow but I scare I will fail. Do you have ideas how to get pass the first two days? Thank you.

  192. sam says:

    hi all,
    i started my juice fast 2 days ago with a gall bladder flush..whoa!!! i cant believe what came out!!! the doc wants to cut out my gallbladder,he reckons i dont need unconvinced! so anyways, i thought id try the flush and a fast first, can anyone tell me particular juices that will benefit my liver /gallbladder? also does a veggie broth the same nutrients/calories as juice ? ive always used them in past fasts but am wondering if im cheating!!! i started at 102kgs, aiming for 80kgs
    awesome site , truly inspiring!
    blessings, sam

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi sam
      I met a woman who had stone flushed by the gall bladder flush and verified by ultrasound. You can find the instructions for the gall bladder flush are on google. Veggie broths are good on a fast. For the herbs for the gallbladder do a google search if you have not already done that.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sam,
      We have one confirmed case of the gallbladder flush working confirmed by ultrasound. Could you let me know the results?

  193. sam says:

    hi tom,
    i will let you know for sure. i did an ultrasound the day before the flush so ill be able to do a before and after! there seems to be some argument as to wether what comes out are actually gallstones or just a byproduct of the flush. if they are stones i passed about 10 the size of large marbles and literally 100’s of small ones! flush consisted of juice in the morning, water at midday ,epsom salts + water at 6pm then 1 cup of lemon juice mixed with 2 cups of cold pressed extra virgin olive at 8pm. day 4 of fast..

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sam,
      Anything that floats in water is not a stone and just the fat in a partially digested state. So that caused me to doubt the treatment until the lady reported her success, to was verified.
      So your info will be very convincing for me to add it to the program for gall stones.

  194. Laura says:

    Hi All,
    I am so excited to find this site. I have fasted in the past and and loved how I feel during it. I have had a difficult time when I break fast doing it well. I have tried losing weight a few times in the past, I lose and then gain it back. I really want to be in better shape than this. I am 45 years of age, and a good 50-60 lbs overweight. I weighed myself this am and was dismayed to see that the scale read 187. I am only 5’4″. I also carry alot of it in my belly.I am pretty healthy other than some allergy problems. I plan to do raw foods (veggies and Fruits)for a couple days then go into my fast I am planning a 7-10 day water. I work at home, so I should be okay with temptation.

  195. Irina says:

    Dear Tom,
    I am on my second day of fasting. I have never fast before and trying to be only on water. Is it ok if I add a tea spoon of honey into my water? I think it gives me energy. After all day without food I woke up today absolutelly fine! no weakness not even hunger.
    I am a smoker and trying to cut off sigarets at all during the fast, but I smoked only one yesterday,do you think its OK??
    Thank u!

  196. Fiona says:

    I have started my fast today, juicing but am not clear on how much juice I should have. I am starving today and am planning to do it for 30 days, but really wondering if that is possible. I am sure it is but if I feel like this on day one!!! 🙁 I am doing the fast because I am feeling totally toxic and have developed some digestive problems. What is the max amount of juice you should have?
    Thanks FI 🙂

  197. April says:

    Hi Fiona and everyone,
    I’ve been following everyone’s posts since january but this is my first post. 🙂 I am on Day 6 of my juice and master cleanse fast today. I am fasting to help me break food addictions/binge eating and cut down on cravings for bad foods. My advice is to drink as much juice as you need to at first don’t worry too much about the amount just to get through the first few days. Take care 🙂
    Blessings, April

  198. Rhet says:

    Hi everyone.

    About those enemas. I just detested this idea. Seriously.

    But then I read the science on them, and Tom’s comments. The reason they cut the headaches and nausea and hunger of the first days of fasting (and beyond) is explainable.

    See, the digestive system isn’t just a big long hose, with the large intestine at the end. The large intestine is where the liver and blood stream dump all the toxins. When we fast, more toxins get eliminated from our cells. But we don’t eliminate as often when fasting, so the toxins just sit there and make us nauseous and sick. Hunger is the body’s way of asking to get the train moving again, so the toxins don’t get re-absorbed.

    We can cheat that process with the enema, which flushes the large intestine and gets things moving, so the toxins can leave.

    Those enemas still aren’t fun. But if you use them preventatively in those first days (and I’d say 3 times a day–you’ll get faster at it), it makes the fast SO much easier.

    Peace out,


  199. sam says:

    hi all, tom,im on the 9th day of my juice fast.ive developed a really sore throat and aching bones over the last 24hrs, it feels like a flu. if it is ,im not sure if i should break my fast or not, any suggestions?


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sam,
      Fasting can heal a cold in less time or open the body to getting one. If you get chilled during fasting you can get a cold. I have seen both. Sore throat is an indication of a virus so I would keep fasting.

  200. Annie says:

    Hi, what are the common methods for enema? I am not sure… Thank you.

  201. Rhet says:

    Hey Annie,

    Don’t do the “Fleet” enemas, they don’t do enough.

    Go the the drugstore, and ask for an enema bag kit, if you can’t find it yourself. Sometimes it’s with the laxatives, sometimes it’s with the feminine products and medicines.

    Try to open the box to see if it has a clear bag. With a clear bag, easier to see how it’s draining, and easier to clean. (I don’t have one–grr.)

    When you get home, read the directions about how to put the enema kit together and administer the enema to yourself. Be aware that the first several times, you might only be able to take a little at a time before having to release it. But once you release (on the toilet), re-insert the tip and keep filling, holding, and releasing until the bag is empty.

    Then wash your apparatus, and leave it somewhere that it can dry well so you don’t get mold.

    Let us know how it goes!


  202. rachel says:

    Mr. Coghill,

    I’ve been ITing for almost half a year and have lost much weight and made much gains in my strength. This months Ive started a wormwood/blackwalnuthull/clove parasite cleanes after doing several, successful but gentle liver flushes with egg yolk, lime juice and flax oil. Ive been eliminating white/green stones, and lots of sludge and chaff. At first I got somewhat feverish after flushing, but now can liver flush with no crisis. My question is, since I started my light parasite killing protocal, my appetite has lessened greatly. Is this a good time to take advantage of overt fasting? My instincts tell me that I should never eat if Im not hungry. And I love to fast. Just wanted to get feedback from a professional! Thanks in advance, Rachel

  203. rhet says:


    Do you have suggestions about what herbs might be best for inhibiting angiogenesis, and in what amounts?


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rhet,
      I do not know if their are any herbs that would inhibit angiogenesis as it is a natural process. There is a drug called bct-100 from hong kong that is prolonging the life of cancer patients, mostly liver cancer, and they could be taken during a fast as they are not like chemo in the negative effects. I thought cannibanoids could play a role due to the anti-tumor factors that have been discovered. I did a cannibaniod test and the hunger caused during fasting is too intense for anyone to endure; it would have to be counteracted with chemothearapy which may be effective as cannibaniods reduce pain. Restricted juice fasting, smaller amounts of chemo, anti-angiogenisis drugs and cannibaniods my be the solution for stage 3 and 4 cancers that do not respond to standard medical treatment. It would take a few good minds to put this together. We are not treating cancer at the hospital for the time being. Our first terminal cancer patient is reporting excellent health after 5 months, and others stage 1, their cancer did not return and are in good health. We did not have essential oils in the treatment so that may have been a factor.
      So we have something. And we did reverse diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

  204. rachel says:

    sorry for the lazy slang term, that just a short abrev. of itermittent fasting, probably should have been IFing instead. my favorite way to fast is everyother day, as Im focusing really hard on my strength training. for now im melting since once the liver glycogen is depleted and you work out intensly in a fasted state, your body gets really good at calling up fat stores for work instead of sugar. but i cant fast too many days in a row without real weakness. sweating is much more fun for me than longer fasts. but long fasting is still on the table. im primariy focusing on fatloss instead of cleansing, but im doing a healthy dose of that as well, thanks! rachel

  205. MKJJD says:

    Thx Rachel. =) I like ur method since ur trying 2 workout 2. I’m doing very light cardio bcuz without juice my energy is way low but I’m able 2 get threw the day without ne probs. I’m doing great and I feel good.;] I’m going 2 carry out my 60 day fast 2 the very end. =^.//=

  206. skyler says:

    day two again. feeling good I have found the vegitable stew is my ace in the hole when it comes to success. I filled up a gallon jug with the broth, I mixed it with cyenne pepper and I drink that throught the day heated to give me that satisfied feeling, I drink about 1/2 a gallon a day and probaly jog 2-3 miles evey other day. Im going the distance on this one I’m on day two going for 10 days. to me thats distance. Fasting makes me a better or just more sober person i suppose, I think clearer, I live cleaner and seem more centered if that makes sense. I am geting hungry now time for a glass of hot tea mmmm. i love tea

  207. lynden says:

    Hi all, im on day two of a juice fast. i havent done this since my daughter was born and she is now 10! After the fast (3-day), the weight just slid off…no one believed that I was a mother of 3. This hasnt been so bad but I’m thinking that I will need to do it longer than 3 days now that I am 10 years old – lol. I am very excited and happy to have found which has given me the initiative to get started. Reading others accounts is very inspiring. I am on a 5-day but if it gets good i will move the marker to 7 and so-on.

    Day 1, i found that fruit juice icees were very helpful and I also drank odwalla juices (no soy ones). the night of day 1 i took two hoodia capsules and today i feel very full. nows its much easier to identify the emotional hunger from the real pangs. i also sipped some pickle juice once or twice.

    6 more hours and day two will be over…wow! this is not so bad. its actually exciting! i had the feeling that I had lost all discipline, but now theres hope. i will post again soon.

  208. Genesis says:

    Hello all! Okay, I think that I have stalked this site enough now(lol). I have been looking into fasting for sometime now, but have never been able to stick to it. My reasoning for wanting to fast in the past was merely for weight loss. Now, although I am in serious need of loosing weight I also need some insight and direction on my life. I lost my job not to long ago and it seem as if I’m stuck. I rarely ever go outside anymore and I all I do is stay in the house and eat. My body is starting to hurt and I smoke cigarretts like it’s know one’s business. I need direction right now, I need healing not only for my body but also my soul and that’s why I think that this fasting will help me. I have heard of people only drinking water on a fast. But as I read I see that you are also drinking juices as well. By me not having a juicer if I brought lemon and made lemon aide would this be okay? And how about Orange Juice? Apple Juice and pineapple juice? My goal is to complete a 30 day fast, but I’m wondering if I should just do seven on and seven off until I get to a place in my health, emotional state and weight were I’m comfortable?

    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated

    Thanks so much.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Genisis,
      Long water or juice fasts are not recommended for any person with compulsive eating behaviors. They make the fast but break it with binging. Very common. One person received freedom on a water fast but that was rare. There are many types of fast, no water, water, lemon juice and honey, juicing with a juicer and with store bought juicer. So try some shorter fasts of 3 to 5 days first. Seven on water is a long time. Advice, 1) come to the Philippines for a year would be totally transformational. 2. When you fast write out your emotions… what your feel and what you thing. Just looking at your emotional life can be totally life changing. 3. Get positive even if you do not feel like it. 4. Do some exercise every day even if it is to walk one block. 5. read daily about the negative stuff about cigarettes. 6. Buy a juicer and make juice daily. 7. Learn how to make amazing salads. 7. Join a church and get some good positive friends. 8. Pray for Mexico City. 9. Rebuild your self-image buy telling yourself you are …… 10. Post your failures and be honest. 11. Dream big.

  209. lynden says:

    Hi yall! Im beginning Day 4 now. Starting to think that eating is overrated – haha. Im still drinking juice. Had some vegetable broth last night…just because. Im not hungry at all. Exercised both yesterday and this morning….im feeling good.yay! I dont know why im not getting the lightheaded, weak, feelings….should they be coming soon? It doesnt look like any real weight is coming off but thats ok for now because i know it will. One more day and i will reach milestone 1 (5 days). If all goes well i may extend to next week and incorporate a inner cleanse program with psyllium. That will get it moving! take care 🙂

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lynden,
      The dizziness is rare with a slow metabolisms which you must have as the weight is coming off very slowly. Try to do some walking every day. I new one woman who walked 5 miles a day on a water fast and felt great. Your body may only need a few hundred calories per day. The waling will up the calorie need.

  210. Shaun says:

    Hi Tom, I wrote to you on one of the posts, but can’t find the thread, so sorry I will ask again….I feel really dehydrated and my skin and tongue are really dry all the time. This is Day 13 for me of a juice fast. I drink coconut water every day as I swim about 2000 Km and it helps hydrate me. I am using coconut oil on my skin.I am thinking of doing a colon cleanse, but I know that is drying. You had said to take essential oils…to me that means Lavender, ylang ylang essences etc…(?) Do you mean oils like flax etc? I thought they would get my digestive track working again. Thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:

      H Shaun
      A mix of flax and hemp oils are the best like in UDO’s choice. A colon cleanse is good on a juice fast. Vitamin E is great for the skin. How can you swim 2000 Km? International travel would be cheap. Juice fasting over 15 days is the best for healing digestive disorders.

  211. Shaun says:

    Ha, it would be cheap. I meant 2000 meters, big difference. Thanks for the help…I have never done over 10 days and it’s been great to read your site. I will do the oils, can’t get hemp here but I will be in Singapore, so will look there. I do know colon cleanses are good, but was worried they would dry me out more.

    Day 14! Thanks

  212. lynden says:

    Thx for the reply Tom. im on day 7 now…not hungry at all. I started taking a one 80sc cayenne capsule and still doing two 500mg hoodia (100%) morn and eve. The weight is now coming off quickly…not sure if im healing as i dont have any notable ailments (thankfully). I feel NO hunger. none, not once and no dizziness. Its really weird. I am planning on going to Friday and then will probably eat. Not sure what do start off eating. Fruit maybe? I think there is a section on here about it…

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lynden,
      Do you think the cyanne increased the weight reduction? If so lets see if others will give it a try. Do you have accurate weight per day that you could post and the change using cayenne. Soft fruits are the best to end any fast for one or two days.

  213. mcdrewery says:

    Fasting Buddy Wanted – Hi Anyone. Simon from New Zealand here. Am after someone for support and sharing. I am on my second fast – did a 7 day water fast last year and are now 5 days into a 14 day water fast. Am keeping a brief diary.
    Anyone want to team up online?
    See diary to date below to see if we could work togther:

    14 Day Water Fast – Food, reflection and life in general 4th May 2009
    Last year I did an experiment. I spent a month eating only raw uncooked food. This was life changing and has greatly impacted how I approach food, eating and general health.
    I am now almost 100% vegetarian – still eat fish when served to me and eggs – I think I will drop them in the near future. I did a 7 day water fast and apart from finding it boring enjoyed the challenge.
    I am concerned that I can obsess about food and still over eat at times. I also have one big downfall in my diet – beer! Can easily drink 8 bottles. Am currently feeling over food and want to give my system a rest – also want to drop kilos so today I start a 14 day water fast.
    Here we go…

    Day 1:
    Weighed in at 81 kg this morning 6:30 am. Have drunk lots of water today. At work for this fast – the last one was during the holidays. So far feeling fine. Early days. Gym tonight but only weights not cardio. Ciao.

    Day 2:
    79 kg – mainly water and shit weight lose I’d guess. Feeling very alert and motivated. Hungry this evening but nothing different than usual. Day three is when I think the body enters ketosis. C U 2moro!

    Day 3:
    78 kg – woke feeling weak. Had hot and cold flushes. Did not feel great and thought about giving up while driving to work. Got better as the day went on. Feeling the cold very easily. At times my thought process is very clear and precise.

    Day 4: Woke up feeling more settled and even. 76 kg now – heck. Enjoying drinking hot water at times. Probably drinking 4 to 5 litres a day. Thinking very clear. So much spare time.

    Day 5: Feeling in the groove. Not that hungry just missing the anticipation of a meal & sharing it with my family. I can’t believe the ongoing weight lose. I believe that by day 10 it begins to level of according to Don Tolman. 75kg this morning.

  214. Shaun says:

    Hi Tom, me again. I found some UDO oil in Singapore. Also found lots of food booths that make fresh juice right in front of me! Today I had a spinach, celery apple – it was good to get a little greens as they are not available in Bangladesh this time of year. Which comes to my question…I usually juice a LOT of greens on a fast but can only get celery,cucumber and green pepper (not even any parsley this time of year). Do you recommend adding Spirolina to a juice? Most of the “green” additives have soy or wheat ground in them – so was wondering about Spirolina or Barley grass powders.

    I made Day 20 today -pretty good since I am travelling!
    Thanks for the help.

  215. Shaun says:

    Actually, I don’t think so. The water is polluted around Dhaka and the few factories they have. The rest of the country outside of Dhaka is countryside and very rural. Dhaka itself is noisy and polluted as there are 19 million people but not as polluted as Cairo etc as they only allow natural gas in vehicles and have banned plastic bags. The wind and rainstorms blow much of the pollution off. Much of the county is beautiful and trips down the many rivers are nice!

    Found some fresh wheatgrass juice today! One last question..I am doing a medical checkup- will the fast affect my blood tests? Thanks for your help

  216. s.makeda says:

    This is my first day fasting. I am 5’3 220 pounds 31 years old. My goal weight is 120 pounds in 3 months. My daily intake consist of 64 ounces of water, a multi vitamin and “everyday detox tea”. What can I do to keep from feeling hungry? It is 5pm and I belieeve I can make it bthrough my first day but it is difficult for me to not eat.

  217. Lauren says:

    Today is my 3rd day of water fasting, and I felt completely normal up to today, I have already lost 6 pounds, and I don’t have any hunger pains. Its the light-headed feeling and slight back pains that are killing me right now, I’m just glad that I’m off till monday because hopefully I can rest and by the time day 6 comes around it will be much better.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Luaren,
      Back pain can be excruciating on water fasting if there was damage or past injury. It stops when you break the fast. It is due to deep tissue and nerve healing. Hot packs, hot baths, massage and stretching help.

  218. Aliya says:

    Hi everyone,

    Found one fasting guru’s book saying that “complete fasting” (not sure about the english therminology, the book was in another language. What I meant was complete abstinence from everything, no food, no juice no water, nothing)is the most efficient of all the types of fasting, but couldn’t find anyone practicing that on this site.

    Tom, you seem like quite an experienced “faster”)), what do you think?

    And anyone with knowledge and/or experience is welcome to share.

    PS The most problematic issue with fasting for me seems to be not even the cravings, but this terrible feeling in your mouth, which makes it difficult to interract with people. And which ofcourse is a very big issue, because you have to go to uni, work etc.

    How do you people deal with it??

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Allya
      Yes the original meaning of fasting is to “cover ones mouth” no food or water. I called it “dry fasting” the modern usage of the word includes juice fasting, the master cleanse, fasting with spirulina or wheat grass. Dry fasting is powerful and I was juice talking to a patient about it at the hospital that is may be very effective against cancer. Some find it easy other find it hard. Juice fasting is the best way to start and end any fast and water fasting is the best transition into dry fasting. The toxic mouth and foul taste is much less on juice fasting and you are more energetic. The rule is get the hang of juice fasting with lots of juice first. Then cut down the juices, then go to water then cut the water for 1 to 3 days then back to juice. The cycle can be repeated.

  219. Aliya says:

    PS2 Found the right term. Dry fasting)))

  220. Shaun says:

    Hi Tom, It’s me back in Bangladesh. It will be Day 30 tomorrow. I have looked over your site and you recommend 30 days mostly. I started detoxing again (a deeper one) about day 22 and am still detoxing. I think I want to extend the 30 days. I have lost 14 lbs and am exercising a lot and feeling good. What do you think? Any homemade suggestions for enhancing the detox? I have a Colon Cleanse formula and some detox teas. I do beet juice every other day. Should I try a day without juice? I do have to work full time, so am not into losing much energy. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shaun,
      40 to 50 days on juice is easy to do and without negative effects. Herbal teas with a natural sweetener are good. The colon cleansing formulas are good. I have been studying Cyanne Pepper which looks like it enhances metabolism and weight loss.

  221. Shaun says:

    Hi – I need some one to visit with!!! I am an American working in Bangladesh and am on Day 30 of a juice fast. I am staying really strictly to homemade juices + fresh coconut water (for great electrolytes) + a TB of oil. I have fasted many times, but not over 10 days. Am having a “high” feeling lately, but still am very functional and clear at work. It seems I am really productive! I am not sure whether to end my fast or not, we have a meditation retreat this weekend, on a fast , it would be best I think. Anyone out there done 30+ days that’s still fasting (hearing from anyone would be nice). I actually think I am afraid to end it, and this great feeling. I usually have more of a problem with hunger once I break.

  222. Ron says:

    Hi Shaun, I’m into my 15th day of a juice fast. What did you mean by a “deeper detox”? Are you doing something different since day 22? I know how you feel about being afraid to quit the fast! I have dreams of eating and wake up extremely guilty feeling. That feeling, plus trying to heal a digestive system from years of abuse have kept me going. Plus more impotantly, the help of God! Hope you get some company there in India! And good luck with your extended fast! Peace, Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      The fasting becomes a freedom and a high. It is like flying above the earth. When you eat the battle starts with tremendous power. It can become a demonic battle of obsession, compulsion and raw will power. The longer the fast the bigger the battle. Many blow breaking the fast and become depressed and lethargic. You need to prepare for breaking the fast during the fast. It is like going to war after a vacation. You have to know you body will have strong cravings and ever amount of will power you have will be tested. And if you have poor digestion, breaking a fast badly can be hell. Prayer, being super positive and know that is is only for 5 to 10 days will help. If you make that you are home free.

  223. Ron says:

    Thanks Tom! I understand exactly what you are saying.

    Prayer is so powerful too! And we don’t realize it as we should. It comes from years of trying to solve every problem on our own, without God! All he wants of us is to ask Him! What father would hold back a plea of help from their child?

    I’ve been fortunate and blessed with a wonderful, spiritual wife and family (9 children). We pray often, and for many who need them. We have also been blessed with many miracles of healing and Grace for these people in need, through our prayers. The Lord has given us a tremendous gift, and has “NEVER” let us down. No matter the situation prayed for, there is “ALWAYS” something good that comes out of it!

    If you have any intentions for prayer we would be happy to include them. Just let us know their first name, and need. We will also pray for you and the work you are doing to help others, physically, and spiritually.

    Also, Thank you very much for answering my many questions about my fasting! I’m not only feeling great in body, but have a NEW way to praise, and honor Our Lord!! God Bless You, Ron

  224. Shaun says:

    Hi Ron and Tom, What I meant by a “deeper detox” is that it felt like parts of my body that have been out of sync for years were detoxing- that plus old emotions/issues seemed to be arising. I had almost a pink tongue, then it turned yellow and brown. Tom, do you suggest liver flushes or anything like that? I have read about salt flushes, but haven’t done any.

    I am afraid to break – decided I would wait until the weekend retreat was done…will be nice to do it on a fast. Perhaps i will go for 40 days or so. I don’t take any vitamins, figure my array of fresh juices is enough.

    Thanks for the responses…no one to talk about this with here!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shaun,
      The salt flush is good at the start of a fast especially for UTI, candida or infections. At your stage that work has been done by the fast. A liver cleanse is good if you are juice fasting but not water fasting. The best for the liver is a beet, carrot, lemon combination fresh. So you could break your fast on that. Oh yea add some beet tops is you can get them and wash before using.

  225. Ron says:

    Hi Shaun, I have had mood swings. Not very emotional, but surprisingly, very cold and apathetic(if thqat makes sense to anyone)LOL!

    On the other hand I’ve had tremendous spiritual feelings, and revelations. Also, besides the detox effects, my body hasn’t been this fit in ions.

    The hard part is adjusting to all these influences. Sometimes at the same time! I’m focusing on the good, and prayer, and this fine website of Tom’s for support.

    This, my 3rd week has been a little rough hungerwise. I have a boatload of skinny kids, snacking and eating almost constantly in my home!! My determination is soild though! I’m gonna make it at least 21 days this time.

    I hope to do a 30-40 day water fast next Lent season. I’ve always fasted in some way during Lent so this will be the ultimate.

    I have also fasted one day a week for many years, as weight control, and spritual sacrifice. Not that it was anything special, but I have trained myself a bit. That’s probably why I was able to make it this first extended fast with relative ease.
    I just did what I did on my daily fast….DAILY! LOL

    I had the crappy tongue for 2 weeks. Then it disappeared! It was so thick and gummy…I could never get it completely off!! Amazing how the detox system in our bodies work! I’ll be looking for the next stage as you have found.

    Good luck and God Bless. I, and my family will include you in our prayers for your fast and emotional state. Ron

  226. Shaun says:

    Hi Ron, thanks for the encouragement and good luck! Day 32 for me today. I prepare food for my son and have sat and watched people eat all along. It’s strange. Every once in a while I get a hunger flash (only when I am around food and haven’t had a juice) I have tried grabbing the fat parts of my stomach for a reminder!

    I still have a grungy tongue- it’s so dark it’s gross. Wonder what is coming up/out? I have a great spiritual weekend (meditation retreat) so am looking forward to that. Good luck with all those kids! Remember, you are a great model for them…..especially how we don’t have to give in to all the desires of the world.

    I will be interested to see if you detox again this week….keep me posted!

    Tom – thanks for the tip. I do make beet, apple, carrot ginger juice, so my liver is probably already flushed. You have been a great help..hope to get to the Philippines some day (it’s not too far away)

    You should put something on your site about the wonderful powers of fresh coconut water. Tons of electrolytes I am told. Canned isn’t good, but most people can get them in the states and in tropical countries.

  227. natalia says:

    hi everyone! 🙂 it has been really interesting reading everyones posts! i have fasted many times before unfortunately never getting past day 4! 🙁 i really want to complete a 2 week water fat starting tomorrow. i just don’t seem to have the will power to keep at it which really upsets me! does anyone have any advice on how to keep keep going? and does the weak feeling pass after the first few days because on my 4th day i felt terrible and pathetically sorry for myself haha. everytime i break it i feel really bad, i have to do it this time! want to experience the great benefits and feel clean!
    im 5ft 2 and weight 9 stones 5 lbs, how much weight should i expect to lose with 2 weeks water fasting? is it ok to drink green tea whilst i am fasting as i love it!reading everyones posts has really inpired me, i think anyone who has the will power to do what you have is amazing!

  228. Shaun says:

    Hi Tom- tomorrow is day 40 for me. Seems like it’s gone fast really. I had a great meditation retreat. I am wondering if I want to break or not…(?) Any guidance on that? I have lost 20 lbs but still seem to be detoxing some as my tongue hasn’t cleared. I am a little worried about breaking I guess…Figured I’d go on raw foods for a week.

  229. Greg says:

    Starting a juice fast today. I have tried several times before but never make it past day 4. Hopefully a support system will help.

  230. JenC says:

    Hi you fasting-warriors, today is the 1st day I broke my 6-day juice fast and I just want to share the joy & lightness that filled my body today – even though it is just a short fast especially compared to those fasting for weeks!
    I am a yoga instructor from Singapore and have been vegetarian for almost 10 years. Even with a relatively healthy lifestyle, I still felt my intestines were not working efficiently at times. I am slowly adjusting to eating more raw food and would like to find a balance between consuming cooked & raw vegetarian foods.
    I must really thank Tom for all his advice and stumbling upon this website – with its wealth of info – finally jolted me to embark on my fasting journey. I have always wanted to go to a fasting retreat but could not afford it. This website & a book I was reading helped equip me with all that I need to fast on my own.
    I tried my 1st fast last year – before I bought an enema kit – by juicing & taking psyllium husk. I struggled with cravings & hunger – I was constantly surrounded by food in Singapore & was still running around teaching yoga at different places. I found I did not really experience any huge difference in terms of feeling cleansed or feeling light when I broke the fast, which lasted only 5 days.
    However this time I bought a great enema kit from & I must say it made a huge difference to my fast. Even though I fell short of my targeted 7 days, I feel it’s important to listen to our body and every small fast is a commendable effort. Fasting is not an end to all our unhealthy habits but more of a means to jumpstart our bodies towards healthier living & eating with more awareness. I still can’t believe what a relatively short fast did for me – my body eased seamlessly into every pose I was practising today & I haven’t felt this way for a very very long time!
    I will certainly be continuing to embark on periodic fasts to give my body the love & rest it deserves & once again, THANKS loads to all your inspiration and especially to Tom (did you enjoy singapore?).

  231. Ron says:

    Hi Shaun,

    How are you doing?

    40 days!! WoW…You are my HERO! LOL

    I’m on my 26th day, and feel SUPER! I’m planning on 30 days, and “maybe” end with a short water fast.

    I had a wonderful yearly check up yesterday. Needless to say, my doctor was astonished at my improvements over last year. He wrote down everything I said to him! Hmmmmmm. LOL

    I feel like I’m just about healed physically! Thank God….And you Tom!

    What are your plans for future fasts?

    I was thinking of following Tom’s “first” 30 day fast: 30 days fasting, followed by 10 days on raw solids, then twice again (30×10).

    My thinking is, (Tom, Please chime in on my theory) I will get the desired “complete” detox/cleansing effect, and find the “will” to do the ultimate 40 day water fast(next Lent season).

    This whole fasting experience has been a revolution to me! Everything has come to light, and I’m thrilled. The good feelings have overpowered the bad. And there is no way I want anything to do with what I’ve left behind.

    I just wish I started 20 years ago. I might have avoided several issues in my life…. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

    But hey…It could’ve also been a lot worse…. I may never have found fasting at all!

    God Bless, Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      The first time I got free through fasting I got wired to the high. I did 2 other fasts over 30 days with 10 between. No more healing as I was already healed. Mostly is was just for fun. My weight stayed about the same but I was drinking about 4 liters of juice a day and working. So it was really a juice diet. Detoxing is a flexible event. Which is great. My future with fasting is the same. I fast regularly to maintain health and energy. We have a new team at the hospital and we are flying ahead. Now we have 5 countries represented here on the team.

  232. Ron says:

    Hi Tom!

    Thanks for your help, and replies!

    It sounds like exciting work you are doing at the hospital. To be able to help people in such an enriching, spiritual, and healthful way must be very rewarding to you! I’d love to be part of it also!

    I have been looking to help people in a more spiritual way. My wife and I were talking about it last evening as we were driving back from visiting and praying with a friend. “Lydia”, has cancer. She has been fighting breast cancer over the years and finally decided to stop battling and join our Lord. It seems I have been around several people in the last 2 years that have been dying. Until recently, it’s felt a little strange, and unfortunate. Then I started thinking that maybe the Lord has a ministry for me!

    I have some friends that are Catholics and Christians who are also health care individuals. And I was thinking about a Christian Hospice care center! And wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring these poor people to the Lord in their last weeks, or days!

    It’s a way to “heal” them, and myself spirtually. The several people I have been with in the last year have all found the Lord and passed happily in the end, despite their pain, and health problems.

    We have 2 Hospice care centers in our area. Neither of which is religious in any way! As a matter of fact, a nurse from one of them showed up at our friends home and suggested that her “Rake” group comes to the Hospice care center to wave their arms over patiences to impart “vibes” & “good feelings”! Sounds creepy!!

    Do you have Hospice care there at your hospital? What do you think of the idea? I actually heard from a friend that “Hospice” was started by Catholics in its beginnings.

    My health care friends and I are getting together for a meeting to discuss the idea. I’m excited to have a way to “help” my fellow brothers and sisters in their time of need! My hope is that something will come of this if possible.

    Because, lets face it…in the end, it will be our relationships with one another that will matter to our Lord.

    Good Bless, and Thank You again Tom for helping me through my wonderful, enlightening fast! Ron

    “I bring you now a new commandment; Love one another as I have loved you.”

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      We treat indigent patients on a daily basis. We have a Chaplin that was cured of several health conditions through a 44 day fast. Most Filipinos are Christian. We would love to have you here. We are searching for volunteers and interns for the program. The costs are very low at about $200 a month living costs for interns and volunteers but we are trying to reduce that by sharing produce from the garden. I can call you on the phone and answer your questions. If you look at the front page of you can get a bit of an over view.

  233. Ron says:

    Hi Tom,

    I checked the Hospital out! Very nice, and GOOD!! It is obvious that people are cared for, and important there. Not just profit generators as here in the states.

    I would love to join you! Not only is your work so very good, but it looks like a virtual paradise in Sagada! I’ve dreamed for years of going to the South Pacific. I did some research years ago, and wanted to move my family permanently to the Marquesas Islands at one point. LOL..My kids thought I was nuts! My wife would go tho!

    Unfortunately, my family and career obligation don’t permit me to go there at the moment. But hey! Who knows? LOL… I could go “nuts” at any moment and leave the rat race behind.

    I can dream. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your fabulous work! God Bless, Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron
      Yes Sagada is one of the most amazing places on earth and a great place to raise a family due to its health and safety factors. If have found that if you stay open the doors open. So dream away. You can retire here with a family for under $500 a month and be very comfortable.

  234. Eric says:

    Hello all,

    I am a 34 year old, in good health, from Texas. I’m starting a long water apple juice fast tomorrow. It may be 100 degrees tomorrow. Is it safe to do a water fast and work in that kind of heat? For how many days?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Eric
      Water fasting radically increase the body’s abilty to endure intense heat as digestion creates heat. No digestion and the body is cooler. But brrrr cold in winter. Working is usually very difficult during water fasting. Better to juice fast with 3 to 4 liters of juice per day.

  235. Ron says:

    Hi Tom,

    Great advice! I will definitely keep my “doors open”. I have only a few years to retire, and will be looking into Sagada. I, and my wife may do a retreat at your place at some point.

    Which leads me to a question for you.

    My wife is thin and has a very quick metabolism. She is very much health conscious and has a superior diet. She goes religiously by the “blood type diet”. But, she suffers from migraine headaches. It “seems” like moldy foods and sugar are her culprits.

    Anyway, I’ve been trying to get her to fast to get rid of the headaches. She has been using caffeine in the form of diet coke to relieve them now. I think she is doing more harm than good with that!

    She is afraid to fast because 1. she is already normal to underweight. 2. she thinks the mold & sugar in some fruits will give her problems. 3. she gets hungry often during the day (taking care of my multitude of children) and eats small meals several times a day.

    I know you have a quick metabo….Do you have any suggestions for her? Thanks, Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      She may have candida. During fasting thin people get thinner but normalize very quickly after the fast. Caffiene causes Vasodilation refers to the widening of blood vessels[1] resulting from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls, particularly in the large arteries, smaller arterioles and large veins. The process is essentially the opposite of vasoconstriction, or the narrowing of blood vessels. When vessels dilate, the flow of blood is increased due to a decrease in vascular resistance. Therefore, dilation of arterial blood vessels (mainly arterioles) leads to a decrease in blood pressure. The response may be intrinsic (due to local processes in the surrounding tissue) or extrinsic (due to hormones or the nervous system). Additionally, the response may either be localized to a specific organ (depending on the metabolic needs of a particular tissue, as during strenuous exercise), or systemic (seen throughout the entire systemic circulation). Factors that result in vasodilation are termed vasodilators.

      Cayanne pepper has the same effect on the blood vessels as caffeine. So it is worth a try. Fasting may increase or decrease the headaches. I had intense, constant headache pain for several years then my 30 day juice fast reduced the pain to 10 to 20 percent depending on what I eat.
      It was well worth being skinny for a few weeks.

  236. Ron says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks so much for the info! My wife (Libby) believes that she indeed has Candida. She has tried to combat it thru no sugar in her diet. She uses grain and Agave sweeteners. She probably has kept it in check, but not gotten rid of it.

    I think “Lib” now realizes a total fast is necessary to starve the Candida. She asked me to ask you what she can consume during the fast for calories? She asked about olive oil with veggie juice? Is there anything else that will pack on the calories, yet have no sugar for the Candida to feed on?

    On another note…I’m at 30 days tomorrow! I am already planning another fast in a few weeks! Thanks so much for your support and advice. I don’t know if I would’ve been as successful without you! The whole experience has been very spiritual, enjoyable, and life changing! God Bless, Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      Candida is complex and hard to treat. Water fasting usually can reduce all symptoms of Candida but it can be rough as when they die off they release toxic compounds. Candida has the capacity to go dormant. The return when there is sugar in the blood. Juice fasting using cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, and any green with herbs like clover, garlic, ginger and I think sages. (check the web)
      It is on the plane to create a protocol for Candida but it is going to take some time. Cayenne pepper my also help and using stevia as a sweetener. The protocol may include a pro-biotic daily. Enema and vaginal flush. A short run of anti Candida drugs can also be very effective during fasting. Supplementation with B, Q10, E, C in mega dose, essential oils, and herbal Candida Buster formulas can also work. With Candida it is better to hit it with everything you can. You need the juices to buffer the herbs.

  237. Mary Beth says:

    I am wanting to start a fast but I am breastfeeding a 13 month old. Can anyone tell me if this will be safe?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Marry
      Juice fasting using 3 to 4 liters of fresh juice a day with a multi B vitamin and 5 egg whites or protein supplement will provide excellent nutrition for you and your baby and detoxify at a comfortable rate. Do a site search on breast feeding the box at the top right.

  238. Eric says:

    well it’s the end of day four. I was hoping to not be this hungry still. I am such a glutton, this is going to be hard. I am hungry but surprisingly it’s not a hunger that is greater than anything I’ve ever felt before. It’s just a constant nagging feeling telling me to eat. I try to keep from opening the refridgerater as much as possible and wear imaginary blinders when I’m driving around town. Everything smells so good. Work hasn’t been a problem yet but it has only got to 90 degrees so far. Seems like my muscles take longer to heal after a work out though. I’m sleeping more and getting out of bed is hard. I’ve lost 12 pounds already. Although I’m doing this for spiritual reasons the weight loss is welcome. I’m was about 25 pounds over weight. I’m doing it with just water for now. I’m going to see how long I can go like this, then add the juices later if I feel I have to. I’m not sure how long I want to do this for. I would like to go 40 but realize I probably won’t get that far. I will definitely go a week , then I will see about adding to it.

  239. Eileen says:


    Thank you all for sharing your personal stories and thank you Tom for hosting this wonderful resourceful website for all of us to share in.

    I am on my 1st day of my fast. I have been researching and preparing for over 2 months. I am doing a distilled water fast with water from 1 young coconut daily. I have been walking 3-4 miles everyday since I began my journey and have shared my plans with all of my closest friends and family. I think the walking and emotional support will be essential to my success.

    I am 33 years old and have been on a search for greater health for quite some time. It was by accident that I came across the Raw Food Diet online, before that I was trying to acheive health through supplements, herbs, etc but of course that never worked and I was still eating the SAD. I recently ended a 3 year relationship which has been very difficult at times and now that I have discovered all of this wonderful information, I feel I will be better able to move on with my life in the right direction. I am looking forward to the mental clarity and inner peace that comes along with a fast.

    I am hoping to do a 30 day water fast. I am about 40 lbs overweight, do not have any serious health problems, but am wanting to detoxify after 10 years of smoking (quite 8 months ago), occasional marijuana use, and 8 years of regular alcohol intake. Over the last 2 months I have been weaning myself off of alcohol and processed foods. That alone has made a world of difference so I am very excited to see what a prolonged fast will do for my physical and emotional health.

    Well again, Thank YOu to all who share your struggles and successes with the rest of us. To Tom: SALAMAT & MABUHAY!!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Elleen,
      Wise move taking the time to study before you fast. Many just jump in and run into problems. For people who are totally fucused on a water fast I tell them, buy a juicer, to start and end the fast and if the water fasting gets too hard have some juice. Are you in the Philippines? SALAMAT

  240. Mary Beth says:

    Tom, thank you so much.I will do a search, that helped out a lot 🙂

  241. Eileen says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the acknowledgement. To address your question, I am not currently in the PI. I was born there and have been back 3 times over my lifetime. I am the product of an Air Force Dad and local Filipina Mom.

    I have serious interest in eventually living in the Philippines and at one time considered selling PI Real Estate to folks here in the US, California. Since I am also a dual citizen, I have even considered running for political office in the PI but that may be a dream that is a ways off. We’ll see. 🙂

    So I am near the end of my 1st day of fasting and so far so good. I started the day with a 4 mile walk, then have been sipping on a glass of distilled water and a glass of young coconut water. I have heard many rumbelings in my tummy and have had plenty of energy to do some chores around the house. I think the more I can keep myself distracted, the better my outcome will be.

    Thanks again for hosting this support forum. After having read others testimonials, I do not feel alone or scared. I think you are doing a wonderful thing.

  242. Eric says:

    Well I made it! On day eight now with only water. It wasn’t easy, but I think my body finally realized I wasn’t going to feed it. Day five was the hardest. I came so close to going caveman on my ice box. I’ve decided to keep going for a while. Try to get to ten days. I have a question as far as breaking this fast. I have to travel from Tx. to Pen. on July 6 for a mission trip. I am going to need a lot of energy then so I want to be at least eating vegies by then. I was thinking maybe doing up to twenty days with water, then ten days on juice, then five on fruit then five on vegies. Do you think this is safe? Do you think I can do more time on just water and still break into vegies by the sixth?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Eric,
      Water fasting gets more difficult with social events, travel, stress but juice is doable. I carry a thermos at all times when juicing. Sure you can alternate water and juice and that is the preferred method as you rebuild nutritional supplies during the juice fasting making the water fasting more effective.

  243. Annick says:

    Dear Tom,
    Following the reading of your columns on the Net about fasting, and the knowledge I already had about it, I have started a juice fast but would like to ask you the following: I don’t seem to be digesting and eliminating since I have started the fast. It is as if food is still stuck in my oesophagus! I think this follows not having any bowel movement, you can get reflux of food that does not go down; obviously this is not good at all. What should I do? I intended to try the 30 day juicing fast. So: how much of bowel movement should you have on a juice fasting? what can you do if things get a bit stuck there? I don’t want to break the fast but I feel maybe I need to have an apple or something to help digesting the food accumulated before the fast. Please could you let me know as I am quite worried about it. Thank you,
    Annick West
    PS.I am French, living in the UK, married with 2 children. I have found your comments on fasting very interesting, thank you for putting it all on the Net. I am very interested in alternative medicine and nutrition. My own mum did a ‘grapes’ fast’ years ago (eating only grapes for one month and a half).

  244. Bernice says:

    Hello all! I’m starting my fast tomorrow….water,lemon,and maple syrup, with occasional herbal tea throughout the day. I’ve found all of your comments inspirational so thank you. THIS is my very first fast. I’ve been a smoker for 12 years with a brief phase of not smoking in the last year.
    I’m fasting to revive my spirit and cleanse my body of all of the horrible toxins I’ve exposed it too in the last several years. I’m hoping this will be life changing, give me some self control, and stop my addiction to food and cigarettes. I’m not “overweight” per say but cold definetly lose a few pounds. I’m really excited tonight, but I know that tomorrow will bring new emotions. Thank you in advance for the encouragement and if anyone needs a buddy like I do to get through this please email me!

  245. ray says:

    Day one of a ten day water and lemon fast/cleanse. Anyone else starting a fast?

  246. Bernice says:

    Hi Ray!
    I am too on day one of a lemon water fast. Have you done one before?!? This is my first time and I’m really looking forward to the benefits of a cleaner body and mind. Good luck!!! I left my email on another post if you’d like to contact me for the extra support (I know I could use it).

  247. Kae says:

    Hi all, question: I’m midday day 3 on a water fast. So far today I have been rapidly cycling through feelings ranging from minutes of being lightheaded to perfectly fine, angry and annoyed to excited, and just plain feeling sorry for myself. In your experience, will feelings like this continue as intensely or after 3-4 days might they begin wane a little?

    I have built up to this with 2 day fasts, and many cycles of fasting 20 hours/day Mon-Fri (intermittent fasting style), so this is my first experience going farther.

    Any thoughts are appreciated! Great site!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kae
      Your emotional cycles are a lesson on how toxins in the blood affect ever aspect of our being. The usually drop off after 5 days and the cycle length get longer. After a few weeks of fasting the negative emotions are few and the positive ones are more predominant. I called it a “fasting high”.

  248. Rhet says:

    Hi Tom, question about enema:

    For awhile, the enema was working great for short 2-5 day fasts. But lately, I’ve been getting headaches and nausea WITH the enema. Is is possible that the enema is dislodging toxic stuff from higher up in my colon that’s being partially re-absorbed, and making me sick?



  249. Bernice says:

    Is it ok to take fish oil,vitamin E or other supplements while I fast? I am doing a water fast and am 6 hours away from beating the first 24. I also quit smoking yesterday…’s been a little hectic this afternoon!! I went on a 5 mile walk today though, nothing super fast paced, just kept moving……
    Thanks for the advice. Also, I havent’ done an enema yet today. How beneficial do you think it would be to do one? I have been drinking senna tea for the last two nights.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Bernice
      Unless you have a slow metabolsim you may be entering into fasting hell. Starting a water fast after years of smoking and walking 5 mile will trigger a intense toxic reaction in 95% of people. Not wise to take supplements during water fasting as they can just sit in the stomach. I would recommend 5 days on juices using and extractor before going to water fasting. Enemas have clear benefits during fasting. Use it and you can tell me what they are.

  250. rukmini57 says:

    Hi everybody!I am new on this site,but really enjoy reading stories,people shared here.I have been a vegetarian since I was 18(now I am 52),but before I became vegetarian,I consumed big amounts of meat,cakes,white bread,cheese and everything else…I have been eating cookies and cakes every day(thanks to my grandma),never did any exercise…By the time I became a vegetarian,I had suffered tonsillitis constantly(my tonsils had to be taken out),pneumonia and anemia.I started to drink fresh apple-carrot-beet root juice and took some iron supplements and that helped a grate deal.When I became a vegetarian,I didn’t seem to have any problems with my health…I have been “experimenting”with food and once I went on row diet for the whole year-that felt grate,I had so much energy,I was climbing trees!

  251. rukmini57 says:

    I was also fasting from time to time just on water(I had some stomach pain,didn’t know what was that)and after 15 days of fasting just on water the pain was gone and didn’t come back until a few years ago,when I was in South France and all I ate was brie cheese and white bread.I realize,I can’t digest anything anymore.Even carrot juice was giving me pain.I went to a doctor and she said I have a helicobacter in my stomach,which can lead to ulcer and cancer. But I didn’t have any of it!The only thing that helped me was a supplement called fucus(sea weed).But I didn’t stop there and decided to fast.During my 7 days fast I was taking enema with my own urine every other day.Day 7th i broke my fast with carrot-beet root juice and went to the bathroom.What came out of me was unbelievable!It was black,foul smelling stuff and some black,excrement looking things,floating on a surface.I felt grate!My metabolism increased,I lost weight and my stomach didn’t hurt anymore.I read some books about detox and liver cleansing and realised that it was my liver,cleansing after fasting.But…gradually I went back to my old habit of overeating and started to gain wait again,felt decrease of energy and developing of arthritis(my mom has arthritis).I decided to do some liver cleansing(with olive oil and lemon),and the result was amazing!All kinds of gallbladder stones were coming out(white,green,gray),I did it several times with the interval of a month and it felt grate!My metabolism increased,I was loosing wait and had a lot of energy.But it seems,I have never learned to not overeat and eat between the meals.If I wasn’t a vegetarian and eating healthy,I would end up developing a deadly decease…By the age of 52 my diet was whole grain homemade flat bread with wheat sprouts,salads,stemmed broccoli,other veggies,fruits,nuts,seeds,olive and flaxseed oil,green tea with lemon and honey,fresh veggie juice.I add some fish and sea food in my diet(very rare)and rice.But…again,I ate more than my stomach could take and sometimes snaking between the meals and…sometimes feeling like eating a cookie.And I didn’t just ate one-it had to be more..And feeling of gilt after that…Anyway,last 2 years I experienced decrees of energy,depression,loss of creativity(I am an artist)and pain in my joints and bones.Today I am on juice fasting,started 4 days ago with juice,watermelon,water and a little mango(I just had to finish it up).Juice feels grate,but watermelon gives me pain in stomach…Can you tell me,Tom,what’s wrong with watermelon and did anybody experienced that before with watermelon,what’s a reason?May be my stomach is still not in a good condition?I am planing to go on just water as soon as I finish up with veggies in refrigerator.Is watermelon juice different then eating it regarding pain and heavy feeling in stomach?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi rukmini57
      Watermelon has an acid that can cause stomach pain and cramps.
      Honey dew and cantaloupe do not have that effect.
      You may still be dealing with the stomach bacteria.
      Alternating a few days of water fasting can have a beneficial result.
      A 30 juice alternating to water fasting should repair your health problems.
      An enema is also good. 2 on day one. 1 per day for the next 2 days then one every 1 to 3 days for the rest of the fast.

  252. rukmini57 says:

    Hi Tom,
    thanks for your grate advices-very helpful!I stopped watermelon and don’t even feel like drinking juice…I think I am going to go on water for a while…If I can make it to 30 days,(juice-water-juice)-that will be grate!I have only experience of 15 days water fast.
    Haven’t done enema yet-going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day on juice-watermelon.I think I’ll do enema on 1 day of water fast(as soon as I finish up my veggies ).I have a lot of energy,my joints doesn’t hurt so much,I lost about4 pounds of weight.I have artritis on my middle finger of my left hand-it’s visible and joint is very swollen.Do you think fasting can cure that?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi rukmini57
      Fasting can dramatically reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Joint flexibility is increased.
      A juice fasting of 30 days is recommended. With a change in diet, more veggies and fruits and ……cutting meat, coffee arthritis can be dramatically reduced of healed. A patient just told me he had sever arthritis which disappeared after changing to a vegetarian diet.
      With fasting follow the body. Many start with drinking lots of juice and end up drinking water as they lose desire for juice.

  253. rukmini57 says:

    Oh,yeah,thanks for inviting me to Phillipines and I will be delighted to come one day and volunteer for the hospital as well,but right now I have so much to do here…By the way,Tom,I uploaded my profile picture long time ago but somehow it doesn’t appear-waiting for approval…I clicked on my name on right hand but nothing happened…

  254. rukmini57 says:

    Thanks,Tom,I think I will go for 30 days fast and drink just water in between if I feel so…About cuting on meat-I am vegetarian for the last 30 years,just added some fish in my diet(very rare)last couple of years…I don’t drink coffe,but green tea every day…I think my arthritis is inherited from my grandmom and mom(but they are meat eaters!)…Another reason I think,could be tomatoes,cheese,overeating,sugar(in commercial cookies and chocolate,which I ate sometimes),cold can trigger it too,I think…

  255. astrauser says:

    Help needed, please!

    This is my second water fast, and I’m currently on day 10. I have been stuck at the same weight for the last 3 days now!! I started my period yesterday, so I’m trying to attribute this stall to that, but it’s still rather upsetting. On my first 14 day fast I lost almost 18 lbs, and I’m currently only at a 12 lb loss.

    I have had tea with honey at night the last few nights to help with the taste in my mouth and the dry spitty mouth, but I’ll stop that. I did the same occasionally on my first fast with no problem.

    I’m trying to remain positive to push through this, I really just want to be rid of this fat and I was doing so well.

    Has anyone ever stalled on a water fast? I haven’t seen this in anything I’ve read so far.


    Hello, my name is Shamikka. I’m on my first day of water fasting and i’m going through alot. I have the worst headache ever and i’m feeling so discouraged!! I know that i need to do this for myself mostly, but also for my kids. I have been dealing with depression for ten years and now i feel like it is at it’s worst!! I have three kids and i love them so much, and now i feel like i’m a bad mother and i’m being selfish because i get irritated quick and i can’t do the normal activities with them that i usually do. I don’t wanna give up and i won’t but i do need some tips or words of encouragment from someone who knows what i’m going through.Please, someone help me out in some way. I read almost everything about water fasting and i’ve done it before some years ago but it seems so hard now, why??

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Smamikka
      You should by a juicer and try juicing first before water fasting. Next you need to fill your mind with positive statements.
      If you fast correctly, it can be a transformational experience. Depression is to see the glass half empty. To beat it you have to fill the mind with every positive thought.

  257. tomikaalsobrook says:

    Im starting my fast this morning..and i am sooo hungry. What can i do to help me with this hunger? I am on a juice fast and trying to one day be a vegetarian. But i would like to start fasting inbetween because i have heard of the many miracles that can happen and healing my body. Any suggestions??

  258. Brenda says:

    Since it looks like this is still a current thread here goes: I am just into day 2 of what I expect to be a 90 day water fast. I will pay attention to my body if I need to end sooner but I really am dedicated to the 90 days. I did a 49 day fast in college many many years ago. I am 51 now. My last fast was for only 4 days about a year ago. I have a lot of weight to lose and that is one reason I am going on the fast (to help with reducing) but also for many other reasons, namely to reclaim my health. I have a lot of health issues mostof which I have read that fasting has “cured.” I also love God and feel it will be of great spiritual benefit. I have a strong addiction to food so I needed to go on a water fast.

    Day 1 wasan’t too bad until about 5:30 on where I kept having all the thoughts driving me nuts. I wanted to eat and lots of conversations took place in my mind. But I am resloute. I want to really live this next part of my life. I have become very limited due to my obesity and illness that has come from mostly being so overweight. I am in a positive frame of mind. Day 1 got a little brutal for a couple hours but I got through it. Day 2 is fine so far. I am reading information to keep my head in the right place. Thanks for listening and sharing my journey.

    Blessings, Brenda

  259. Brenda says:

    Hi, Brenda again… that 49 day fast in college is a typo… I did a 40 day fast (not 49). Thanks, Brenda

  260. Brenda says:

    Thanks Tom,
    I am now in my 3rd day. Yesterday was a bit tough, felt light-headed, crampy and achy with headaches a good bit of the day. My mind also played with me a bit but all in all, although it was that pleasant I was & am fine.

    I bought your ebook “Fasting” yesterday. The link for more info about it was broken so I was hoping I wasn’t throwing my money away and it was worth it. Wow! I am so glad I purchased it. I have read a couple books on fasting in the past and found either they are written by one who doesn’t recommend more than 10 to 14 days or by a medical professional that has excellent info but it reads life a medical journal. Your book is excellent. Much extremely helpful information written with heart and it is an excellent read. I am so thankful to have found it! What a gift it is to me and the timing is truly God directed.

    I am considering instead of 90 days on water only doing 60 days on water and the last 30 on juice. Any thoughts/comments on that?

    Thanks & Blessings, Brenda

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Brenda
      A person with a slow metabolism can easily do 60 days on water. For a fast metabolism 10 days feels like years of fasting and is very difficult. I always recommend starting with juices to build up mineral and vitamin reserves. Also a few days on juice along the way guarantees against health problems. Ending with juice is also preferable. Also if the faster has to endure stress, or energy demands juices are perfect. On a long a long water fast always watch out for any yellowing of the skin indicating liver stress. Thanks for the compliment on the book.

  261. claire t says:

    hi tom,

    i want to log an entry here. i am typing one-handed because a very tiny 3 week-old boy has possession of my right arm, which is asleep. a week ago i was preparing for my water fast, because i saw august as a fairly slow month for me, even with the kids on summer vacation. god threw back his head and laughed, long and hard, as he always does when he finds out i’m planning some r&r, and then sent me my daughter and her newborn son to take care of. they are in bad shape and need help. not complaining-what is the point? i have made it my life’s work to find and enjoy the humor in every situation, unless it’s downright macabre. i don’t know how reliable my thinking is right now. needless to say-my water fast was postponed a couple of days.

    i was feeling ok last week on the master cleanse, but i’m sick of it now. the last few days were so chaotic i was really upping the syrup. i wanted to drink it straight! i have a terrible headache that is threatening to become a migraine. i have never gotten the coated tongue or bad breath that everyone complains of. in fact, by day 3 of a fast, i wake up in the morning with the taste of whatever juice i had the night before, even though i brushed my teeth. my tongue is always the color of whatever i was drinking.

    we’ll see what happens on a water fast, which i am attempting to start today. i think it will help me with the stress, because i don’t seem to have so much adrenalin pumping around in my system. i am calmer. i went to bed very ill last night, shaking, nauseous, faint, and chilled, but was up again after 3 hours, unable to sleep. i took a turn with the baby-we are trying to give his mother a few nights of sleep. she really needs it, and the baby needs a calm caregiver.

    what the heck am i doing? i want to lose some weight, get rid of the sinusitis and arthritic twinges, and stop and assess the state of affairs physically and spiritually. it doesn’t look as if i’ll get time for quiet reflection-i live a noisy, chaotic life. tom-when did you last water fast-and did you publish a journal of the experience anywhere?

    wish me luck with day 1. i feel awful right now.

    claire t

  262. claire t says:


    Claire T again-I’m getting sicker and more stressed, and quite depressed, and my digital scales report that overnight, while doing household chores and holding the baby, I have GAINED 2.5 lbs. I didn’t even drink very much water. Meanwhile the baby’s constipated from the formula, my daughter’s taken off, and there’s a bench warrant out for her boyfriend-I’m really nervous and stressed out-I am spewing unsavory personal details because I’m too exhausted to care, and I’m wondering if I could actually hurt myself trying to fast right now. I just want to check into a secret motel, have a hot meal and shower and pass out for 2 days. Maybe a water fast is the right thing to do-I’ll be so disappointed if I miss my chance.

    It can’t hurt me can it?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Claire
      Stress and water fasting is a bad combination. The body is running on adrenaline. You cannot hurt your body but it is not comfortable or easy to do. A times like that I usually get away and find time to pray until I get my peace back. It is also difficult to maintain discipline in an emotional storm. Avocados are great for babies, just mush or blend them.

  263. Brenda says:

    It is almost 7 p.m. of day #5. Thankful to be at this place. I have lost 17 lbs in 5 days! I have a whole lot of weight to lose so this fast is giving me a good jump into getting healthier. I can already tell a difference in my energy level and I have had severe pain in one of my feet that disappeared for 2 days. I was out in the heat a while today and got too hot & a bit worn out and had the pain back but I know it is a matter of time that much healing will take place in me. Had lunch out of town at a very cool restaurant I had found with my (now 27 yr old) so & family and stayed on the water fast with no problem. My son is aware and fine as he has done some long fasts. I hust told family I was doing a detox thing for my health and they were surprised I wasn’t eating anything but they accepted it and we had a wonderful time! Wohoo… I feel so much hope towards getting my health back!

    Blessings, Brenda

  264. Brenda says:

    Day #6 10:30 p.m. Thanks Tom, I feel so much hope. It has been quite a day! On the tough side it has been a bit tough today, not mentally but physically. I had a couple spurts of energy and got a few things done which I am very happy about.Other than that I have had bad headaches, body aches and stomach aches. Plus the nauseous type feeling from time to time. About an hour ago I had a very very uncomfortable hollow feeling of my stomach being empty accompanied with the nausea. That was not fun but thankfully it passed within a few minutes. I have been very tired at times and had to take a couple naps during the day. On the plus side I have been so full of hope! Believe it or not I have now lost 25 lbs! A jump of 8 lbs in a day! Crazy but I have weighed several times through the day just to make sure it was accurate LOL. And it is! I have a whole lot of weight to lose so I imagine that has really been a huge factor in the 25 lbs in 6 days weight lost. I am doing a lot to keep my mind in check. Reading and listening to DVDs etcetera. Still very resolute and very grateful. My foot is still doing great and I am so thankful to have found this site. It was just another confirmation that I am doing the right thing for my healing & this path to reclaiming my life! Words cannot describe all I am feeling right now. God is so amazing and I am a very blessed woman.

    Blessings, Brenda

  265. shadowpuppet says:

    Hello all.
    Im at the end of day six on a water/juice fast and for a few hours now ive been experiancing pins and needles in my fingers so im just wondering if anyone else has had this so i know if its got something to do with the fast or something else all together.


  266. Brenda says:

    It is 4:15 a.m. of day #8 Thank God! Day 7 was pretty brutal – felt rough for much of it and expected this awesome day. (#7 God’s perfect #) End up getting a bit depressed over several things. Had a lot to do but all inside so I slep a whole lot both because I was tired and too escape the pain and depression. I don’t get down very often. I was feeling sorry for myself for a while there as I was dealing with emotions and couldn’t eat! Yep addiction raised it’s ugly head today but God is good and I am on track with His help. Just glad the day is over and I am firmly planted into day #8 now. 🙂 Yawn… was up all night working on some research. I just wanted to say hey I am still out here on this water fast & still resolute to see it through to distance! Blessings All, Brenda

  267. Brenda says:

    Day #9 of my water fast – Woohoo! 🙂 First of all it is 10:15 a.m. so I am still at the beginning of the day but so far I feel really good today. Minor aching but I was in pain most of the time prior to the fast so in comparison I am doing great today. Yesterday (day 8 of the fast) was my best yet. I had my moments of periodic crampiness etc. and tiredness (had to take a couple hr long naps) but other than that wow I felt great! Today I have a couple errands to run and then I am kind of giving myself to reading up on juice fasting and re-eating plan with Tom’s books. I just finished the “Fasting” ebook and am starting the “Eating In Freedom” this afternoon. I am on a 60 day water fast to be followed by a 30 day juice fast. Then I will go on the re-eating plan.

    As of this morning I have lost 35 LBS! (I can hardly believe it myself!) I have found that I will drop 5 to 8 lbs one day and then the next the scale shows no wieght loss followed by another big drop the following day, so I just look at the whole picture not the particular day. But to say I am pleased is a major understatement. For anyone here please know I am very overweight so I attribute the large weight loss to the fact that I am very obese. I don’t want someone at 180 LBS all depressed because they aren’t dropping the weight that fast. Be happy because I have more than your entire weight to lose!!! Bit I am doing so well and getting surges of energy that I haven’t felt for a long time. I can’t believe I am seeing as much improvement as I am already.

    When I get the aches, pains, lightheadedness or bad yuck feeling in my stomach etc. I just know it will pass soon & my body is working on getting rid of toxic junk and working on healing me from the inside out. That puts it into a whole different light for me. OK didn’t mean this to get so long. I have a couple errands I have to run today so I have to get going here in a bit. I used to be nervous about having to get certain things done due to my health and lack of mobility. But I am doing so much better that I am hopeful that today will be a pleasant surprise and not as hard on me. I’ll let you know tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for the support. I continue to be full of hope and gratitude. God is amazing & so very thankful to be on this path as challenging as it is at times. I am hoping I am going into my easier time period. 🙂 Just want to learn about the juice fasting and re-eating so I am prepared when the time comes. For now I’ll just keep on keepin’ on…

    Blessings All, Brenda

  268. Brenda says:

    Barely in to day #10 of water fast. I fell alseep for about an hour as was really tired. Woke up in a panic as I had a very vivid dream that I was eating KFC’s new grilled chicken and some of their vegis. In the dream someone brought the to me and I was eating them and had eaten almost 2 xhixken breasts and starting into the vegis and then I freaked out as I realized I was in day 9 almost 10(I actually thought that inthe dream) of a water fast and just tripped out. I was so upset! Wow… I was so relieved when I woke up and realized it was just a dream. Every once in a while I want to eat so badly… My mind goes crazy for a minute until I remind myself all the benefits of what I’m doing and that it is a small sacrifice for the pay offs. Wow that was rough… Day 9 was a good day. Got the errands done. Was very tired when I got home but I did well and had to walk a little further than I have in a long while. My back hurt a bit but I did it! 🙂 OK… Yawn… going back to bed. So glad I amin day 10 now!

  269. Brenda says:

    Day #11 water fast – Please excuse the misspelling etc. of the above entry – I was half asleep when I wrote it. I think I just needed to get that dream off of my mind. It was pretty intense and felt very real. I was so thankful to realize it was just a dream. I am barely in to day 11 and things are going well. Day 10 went well. I think at this pointing getting my health back is so important to me that even the thought of someone or something short changing that (even me) horrifies me. I am committed to seeing this through.

    Before I started this fast the thought of eating mostly vegis and fruits, basically vegetarian with chicken & fish… it was something I wanted but didn’t think I could ever do. Now the though of it is becoming more appealing to me. I am not there yet but I am thinking about it so that is a step in the right direction. ‘Night & Blessings, Brenda

  270. SbInstructor says:

    Hey okay so its officiall todays my first day of juice fasting. I was on here about a month ago talking about a V8 fast for all of you that didnt think it was possible it is. I went on about a 14 V8 fast with nothing but V8, tea and water. This was just to test myself to see if I could do it. Its not so much the physical pain as it is the mental pain. I had lost physical aches after about the 4-5 day of my trial run. I had numerous dreams going into my second week about eating food. They say in America you see 500 ads a day im gearing 90% are about food so you can see what i mean. Im 20 so I can do some of these trials. I also did a trial on strictly water and GNC vitapaks both the superathlete and the greentea vitapaks I bought a 50 pack of the sport and a 50 pack of the greens GNC vitapaks. Vitapaks are suppose to have all the vitamins you need for the day and its a little grab bag of your nutrients for the day. Let me know just say this trial run was a complete disaster do not do it very very bad. GNC vitapaks made me feel sick and not normal. I was having unusual fast heart beat very very dangerous. Im still in my 20’s so I like to try new things. If your just starting out your self in the juicing diet I suggest the V8 over a vitamins overload. I learned my lesson on that. I know have several tools including a heart rate monitor and body fat indicator which i bought off line for my official fast. So today is going to be my first day August 1st 2009 im 6’4″ 235lbs my goal is 200lbs. I will reach it the biggest thing you need to remember is that its not your body aches and pains (those will go away) its your mind pain. By mind pain I mean the agony of watching everyone and everything else eat but you. Its changing the way you think that is going to do it. Hope this helps I will post the end of my day later on tonight for all those interested stay tuned~SB

  271. SbInstructor says:

    Okay first day so far looking good. Im feeling find. I have done several short fasts before so i know the routine. I will have a photo link of my fridge of V8’s and the other herbals im taking. Remember when dealing with herbal vitamins guys even if they are organic they can create problems such as faster heart rate and since you know what kind of boat i was in the earlier post you know im being more precautions now no vitamin overloading just immune system, omega 3 and cod liver oil. Here are the specs

    Day 1

    Weight: 235lbs
    Drinks: Water & V8
    Other: Immune,Omega3,C.L.O.

  272. SbInstructor says:

    On my seocond day there isnt that much to say pretty normal day just drinking water and v8 took some other supplements not strictly vitamins. No loss. I attribute this to water gain ive increased my water intake a lot since starting my fast.

    Day 2

    Weight: 235lbs
    Drinks: Water & V8
    Other: Immune,Omega3,C.L.O.

  273. SbInstructor says:

    Sorry posts are coming in so late staying busy and active. I rollerbladed … if thats the word 6 miles today. I was feeling a lot of energy today I feel good. The usual V8 and tea all day nothing else. I will maintain that. Although I have noticed that the V8 has 680mg of sodium *dont buy v8 normal cans buy the low sodium my mistake i have a fridge of 100+ normal V8’s so looks like ive missed the boat on that one haha. Anyways how is everyone else doing im only on day 3 but I found and if you havent started doing this yet start posting online here do each day what your weight is if you care to share no one will judge you you can also just do a _23lbs or _83lbs that way you can keep the first digit to yourself keeps everyone safe i suppose. =) any how I feel a surge of energy today i think that with lack of food and sleep my bodies pumping me up on adrenalin which isnt good period but will make me crash once it wears off. Anyways long story short here are the stats.

    Day 3

    Weight: 231lbs
    Drinks: V8, Water, Tea
    Other: Immune supplements, Omega3, C.L.O.

    Its a 4lb loss its okay i know its mainly water weight.

  274. Brenda says:

    Water Fast Day #15 Just popping to say I am still out here and the water fast is going well. I have lost 43 lbs in 15 days! I have had absolutely nothing except for filtered water & 4 tylenols in the last 15 days. Again, I plan to water fast 60 days, followed by a juice fast of 30 days. Then I will carefully re-enter into an eating process. When I starter this fast I weighed 435. Today I weigh 392 (I lost only 40 lbs prior in 6 months so the weight dropping off so quickly is very encouraging.) This is the first time I have revealed my weight. I lost over 250 lbs a few years ago and ended up gaining it all back after going through a tragedy in my personal life. My health is getting better each day. I experience headaches and other pains and such but I just remind myself of all the good things that are taking place inside of me and it keeps me going. SO there you go, I am as committed as ever. I am not sure how others feel about it but I would think V8 would impede weight loss and the cleasing process with the processed salt etc. Just my 2 cents. If you are going to work this hard at this why not do what those who have gone before you have found to be most effective> If you don’t want to do a water fast do the pure juice (using a juicer) fast. If you don’t have a juicer you could purchase one with the savings at the grocery store you will have with your fast. Just my 2 cents. Check with the expert Tom.

    Thanks & Blessings All, Brenda

  275. SbInstructor says:

    Nothin unusual about today.

    Day 4

    Weight: 229lbs
    Drinks: V8, Water, Tea
    Other: Immune supplements, Omega3, C.L.O.

  276. Brenda says:

    Day 16 of water fast. Good news I have lost 45 lbs. Bad news I am miserable today. Feel like an out & out addict. It is very irritating. I have no food in the house. I gave all of my perishables to my son right after I started the fast & all my nutri-system food (I was doing previous to the fast) & organic staples I have packed up. I am moving the week-end of October 11th so I decided to pack up the food & my appliances, dishes etc.. I am single (divorced) and live by myself so that has made it much easier. Kudos to people who have to fix meals for family members. I am so glad I don’t have to deal with that. I am also impressed that Sbinstructor roller bladed 6 miles on day 3. That is incredible. I feel tired a lot. I get surges of energy usually that are awesome. But today I have felt lethargic and had to take a couple long naps during the day. Now I am up and tired but can’t go to sleep. I miss food terribly. I crave tomato soup or tomato juice. Sbinstructor’s V8 & tea sound like heaven LOL. I know this is the path I need to take. This has been a tough day physically also. I have felt pretty rough most of the day, achy, sick to my stomach and just yucky. That couple with what feels like depression has just been too much. And I can’t eat my way out of it!

    I remember trying to help a former employee (I was his manager) that was living in a recovery home. He had been a crack addict and had lapsed several times before he got himself together and remained off of it for months. I remember in first few months at times his emotions would go crazy and he would have outbursts. I called him in mutiple times. He was an excellent employee but it was getting out of control and hindering the office atmosphere. I talked to him for a while. I realized he was literally learning to cope with life in general without the crack or alcohol. It was like he was literally learning how to deal with life instead of avoid it. Then tonight that came back to me and this huge floodlight went off in my head! Even though there are no outbursts from me, I am calm… Inside my head I am crying out. Voices try to rationalize why I should be juice fasting and then eating well and no longer water fasting. If I thought that was God speaking to me… Fine. But it isn’t. It is food screaming out at me. I have made it my friend, used it to cope, to feel better, to treat myself, for entertainment. And I feel abandoned and sad and kind of pitiful. I won’t cave in because I want my life back too much and I know this is a God led fast. But I need to get a hold of my mind. This struggle is awful. I am kind of aggravated with myself. My son said when he was on his 30 day fast he dealt with this also. And it was normal and I should be proud of myself not aggravated. I am going to spend some time in prayer now as I feel sad and literally want to cry. I am sure I will feel more at peace after spending some time with God. SOrry this is such a downer but it is where I am, so I am trying to be honest. Thank God I am in day 16. Praying I can get to sleep soon. It is 3:10 a.m. Here. Blessings All, Brenda

  277. Brenda says:

    Day 16 Update: OK that super tough day 15 is over and I am into day 16. It is 5:00 p.m. here now. I wanted to post again to say I am glad I posted the above post because it was a hellish day & in being honest I think it is important to tell both sides. I have only had 2 major horrible days where the physical ough stuff merged with the mental tough stuff so intensley that I literally went into a depressive state. That was on day 7 & yesterday day 15. Whew so glad that is behind me. I literally could not sleep last night and ended up passing out in exhaustion at 6:15 a.m. After 8 hours of sleep I got up refreshed, full of hope again and all is right with my world. 🙂 I wanted to post to let people know even the toughest of days pass. I am at 388 today which makes a grand total of 47 lb loss in 16 days. A long way to go but I am so thankful that I will be out of the 300s before you know it, of that I am certain! 🙂

    A couple things: Sometimes I feel like I am posting to myself as there is rare feedback here, to me anyway. Tom ocassionally posts replies especially in the beginning but other than that no one comments. I have thought a couple times maybe I should just do a post like Sbinstructor’s day 4 post with just the bottom line stats. But I see in the numbers that thousands view the 300+ posts so I figure people must be out there reading. I wonder sometimes if it helps to post or I should just give the aformentioned stats.

    Secondly, I wish the photos we put on our profiles would be approved or whatever needs to happen so that it could be a little more personal when we post. The emails sent when a post is made instructs to include a photo on one’s profile. I did & saw where someone else stated they did also but they still haven’t shown up. Please consider that. (Thanks you.)

    Thanks for anyone out there who does say a pray for all of us fasting whether it be on water or juice & for our health goals to be greatly improved.

    Sincerest Blessings to All, Brenda
    Work from anywhere!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Brenda,
      We get 1000 visitors a day so many read but few post. The profiles photo should be automatic.
      I will have to check out what is wrong with that.
      We have having INTERNET problems and traveling soon.
      You are doing great. Be encouraged and posting helps many. Some people read for months before their first post.

  278. SbInstructor says:

    Nothin unusual about today.

    Day 5

    Weight: 229lbs
    Drinks: V8, Water, Tea
    Other: Immune supplements, Omega3, C.L.O.

  279. Brenda says:

    Ware Fast Day 17 @ 6:00 a.m.

    Thanks Tom, much appreciated. Your books have literally been a huge help in getting me through this and keeping my mind right. Understanding more abou the whole process has been huge for me. So I thank you so much for writing them! I was browsing for juice recipe and came upon a site where it had your article about juice fasting and the testimony of a friend of yours… can’t remeber his name… I think it was Gary W. Anyway it really touched me, his story, your part in it and his overal progress which was astounding to say the least.

    Fasting report: Day 16 was great. Minor aches & pains, a couple stomach issues, light headache but all in all very mild! And I was alert & full of energy all afternoon & evening! It was great! I am currently at 388 lbs. A year ago I weighed 475 so that is progress! Since the beginning of this fast I have lost 47 lbs! Isn’t that crazy – very motivating! But the real break- thru is I can see a significant difference in my mobility! Woohoo! I literally am getting better every day. I am so thankful to be on this path… God is good! I truly am so thankful for His love and direction.

    Here are my dates for the fast:

    Water fast began Tues 7/21/09
    30 day mark: 8/19/09
    60 day mark: 9/18/09

    First day of 30 day juice fast:9/19/09
    30 day mark 10/19/09

    Thanks & Blessings to All, Brenda

  280. Brenda says:

    Thanks Tom! 🙂

    Water Fast Day 18: It is 12:30 here and I am doing well. Feel great and at peace. Still at 47 lbs lost, which is common for me. I seem to lose nothing to a lb for a day or two then drop 5 to 8 lbs (once 10 lbs!) the second or third day. I guess it is just how my system works. I had a real break-through last night but it was a tough experience.

    The day went pretty well except I was exhausted all day & had bad stomach cramps several times throughout the day. The stomach cramps were from still passing junk from my intestines. It is not too bad, not gross as I have heard alot of people post about or that I have read about. And, it is in small amounts. But when I have to go in that way my stomach will cramp very badly and it takes a while to get it out of my system. Not a very fun process to say the least. But I understand it is part of my system cleansing itself of years of abuse. It is astounding to me I even still have anything in me after not eating anything whatsoever for the past 17 (now 18) days! I wonder how long it will be before that is done.

    The day itself wasn’t too bad but I was so tired. It was opposite of the day prior where I enjoyed so much energy. I slept alot yesterday and felt like I didn’t get very much accomplished which always bums me out. My big struggle of the day happened while I was happy and watching the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance”. I see food commercials all the time and even the awesome looking ones from Applebees, Red Lobster and O’Charleys don’t bother me. In a way they just make me feel still connected with the world somehow. I am sure that sounds weird. On the other hand smelling food is a bit harder on me. I was watching the show, enjoying it and then a stupid commercial about Kraft Mac & Cheese came on. I don’t even like the boxed stuff except… Annie’s Organic pastas and sauces of which I have a box of Annie’s Organic pasta & three cheese (in a foil pouch). I have packed everything up but that is sitting on a table without the top even on the plastic bin it is in. (I am going to seal off the bin and set it beneath another packed bin). I got to the point that I wanted it so bad that it scared me. It is the first time I was tempted to the point that I really was afraid. I called
    my son & we talked about how much I have improved already health wise & it brought me back to a place of gratitude. I was great after our talk. (He’s a great son. 🙂

    Then later on that night I saw where my youngest sister wrote on her facebook about our father saying she missed her daddy etc. (It was his birthday yesterday.) He passed away 24 years ago.I immediately began to feel bad. It always bothers me we she says all these mushy things about him. She is almost 9 years younger than I and he was a very different father to her than he was to my other sisters. My sister 4 yrs younger had it much better than the 2 of us older sisters of which I am the oldest. Bottom line after I saw that my sister 4 yrs younger wrote she missed him too. I loved my father and forgave him years ago, literally cried all night giving it all to God & it doesn’t hurt me anymore. But there were many pretty bad things said & done to me by him. I was so miserable and I desperately wanted to eat the pasta & cheese again. I was confused by why I wanted to eat it so badly. I finally fell asleep exhausted and twisted up over it. I didn’t realize that it was a trigger for me, but after I slept for a couple hours it was like God just brought it to my understanding clear as a bell.

    I felt guity because I couldn’t in honesty post that I missed him too. Because I don’t miss him in this life. Before he died he accepted the Lord and apologized for many things. I had long before forgiven him. I won’t say all the things he said and did to me but I will say that I realize it is the core of why I have had the huge weight gains in my life. Losing hundreds of pounds and then gaining it back. I never realized I had to recognize this deep thing inside of me and release it. I was thankful Daddy made his peace with God. I loved my Dad, but I never really knew him, I feared him and I loathed him and yet loved him too.

    Last night for the first time I realized how huge this trigger was inside of me. I look so forward to be reunited with him without all the hurts and emotional wounds he carried in his life on earth that contributed to who he was for many years. It will be so awesome to experience who he really is deep inside and I look very forward to that.

    I just realize that when I feel bad I desperately want to eat to feel better. Food has been my comfort. I have to learn to let God comfort me… not food. This has been a terribly personal entry but it is what it is. And I think I have now had an epiphany with God’s help of how food is so intricately tied up with my old hurts and damaged emotions. I feel I am very whole now but I have to learn to recognize those old triggers and learn to go to God and instead of using food to feel better and escape the pain of those memories.

    Long and personal post but I think I have hit some understanding of deep rooted triggers in me. And I think this is a crucial key God has given me. God is not only good… He is amazing and I am thankful He guides me through it all day by day. Thanks for listening… God Bless You All, Brenda

  281. SbInstructor says:

    hey everyone super tired been driving for 4 hrs went up to duluth 2 days ago and then just today drove up to brainerd i live in st paul but yesterday my day 6 entry slipped my mind so i will fill in for today and yesterday. time seems to be flyin.

    Day 6-7

    Weight: 227lbs
    Drinks: no V8, lots of Water, some Tea
    Other: cod liver oil, Omega3

  282. Brenda says:

    Wow it is moments like this that help keep me motivated! It is 9 p.m. of day 18 water fast. (I had that super long heavy post earlier today.)

    Just weighed myself… I am at 385 which means I have lost 50 lbs in 18 days!!! Woohoo! 3 hours from day 19 now… moving right along! 🙂

    Blessings, Brenda

  283. Brenda says:

    To Sbinstructor; Glad you made it bck safe & sound! SOunds like you are doing great! All the Best, brenda

  284. Nikki says:

    Hello everyone, I’m back!
    Today is day 1 of my water fast. This time I don’t have a disapproving boyfriend breathing down my neck to eat (he’s away on vacation). I’m very excited & I feel really good about it this time 🙂
    I would like to continue my water fast for 40 days, but I’m going to start with 21 – thats 3 weeks. That puts me at Aug. 29th, my birthday & when my boyfriend returns. If at any point it gets to be too much for me, I will break my fast with a drink of juice & get right back on track continuing on with water only. I’m sure my insides are a lot like a toxic dump, so I plan to use an enema daily to help clean it up. I know it’s better to do 2 the 1st day, but it’s already getting pretty late in the day & I still haven’t done one yet. I always feel pretty sick after an enema, so it’ll be best for me to do them at bedtime. I’m pretty excited about ridding my body of all the toxins i’ve been poisoning it with all these years. I’m going to & feel so incredible! I can’t wait!

    Tom – I was wondering if taking a multivitamin during my water fast helps, or hurts?

    Brenda – You are such an inspiration! I’m so thankful that you are here to share your story with us! After reading about your progress, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do! Of course I have God on my side to help me along the way, so I have nothing to fear 😉

    May God bless you all & help you on your fasting journey.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Nikki
      Supplements and water fast usually do not help and cause problems. Juice fasting yes, take lots. I just got back from picking up a client for our detox retreat here in Sagada so I will be fasting with her.

  285. Brenda says:

    Thank you Nikki! Your reply really blessed me! 🙂

    Water Fast Day #19: It is 6:00 p.m. of day 19 and I have to tell you that I feel pretty darn great!!! How awesome is that. Very easy going day. Very little pain of any kind! (I was riddled with pain daily before the fast for quite some time – over a year.) Wow, how awesome to feel this good, love it! Very very motivating! That coupled with hitting the 50 lb weight loss so far has me pretty happy indeed! As of yesterday afternoon I am weighing in at 385. I look very forward to breaking into the 200s! Once I get out of the 300s just as I said about the 400s, I will never ever be in them again!!!

    My mobility has improved so much that I am putting on my Jamming DVDs (dancing type weight loss exercises shortly to see how much of it I can do! That is huge for me as before the fast I could barely walk to the bathroom and was always in severe pain. Oh yeah, hear that? That is a deep satisfying breath of hope and gratitude in knowing my life is improving & I am headed on down to a great weight for me and a healthy active lifestyle! Onward… God is good & I am blessed!

    Blessings for Your Journeys, Brenda
    Work from anywhere!

  286. SbInstructor says:

    Day 8

    Weight: 226lbs
    Drinks: no V8, lots of Water, some Tea
    Other: cod liver oil, Omega3

  287. SbInstructor says:

    Glad to hear everyone is doing good thanks brenda for the kind words and nikki sounds great nice to see you coming along. Funny story time. Okay so my mom and my cousin are on diets ill give a brief rundown of everyone.

    Cousin: Ericka
    Weight: 180lbs
    Attribute: Hardworker, Clumsy, Funny
    Age: 20

    Mom: Andrea
    Weight: 250lbs
    Attribute: Caring, Thoughtful, Sarcastic
    Age: 50

    My mom and my cousin are both on diets because they seen me on one and kept saying that i was going to go anarexic (hardly) but it was pretty funny because my cousin was on this juice diet too i found out after she heard that I was on a juice fast so she came over and was just visiting and I was just visiting too because I was suppose to help my mom move a fish tank and plant a garden for a family get together anyways we were all talking in the living room and i was like im going to go make some tea and then my cousin was like im going to go make a smoothy and im like well that sounds healthy you know for me a smoothy is stricly fruits you know real strawberries, real blueberries, raspberries ect. Then I came into the kitchen to see her dumping in three large scoops of ice cream and mixing in cool-aid. I just took note but didnt say anything. Later after we all moved back in the living she mumbled that she just couldnt understand why she wasnt losing any weight. I almost lost it there *hahaha*. My mom and my cousin then went in a convo about how easy it is for guys to lose weight and how god had cursed them to lose weight hahahaha makes me laugh.

    On to my moms funny story that same day before I left my mom and my younger sister who is 12 were in the kitchen right before I left I was just talking to my mom and she looked bored and moved to the refrigerator where she found a whole cake from my sis’s 12 birthday anyways keeping in mind she was still on her diet she proceeded to take out the cake and cut herself a large piece for both her and my lil sis. Needless to say she protests shes still on her diet. Hahaha my lord sometimes I feel bad.

    My other sis who is 19 says the FDA puts something in the food to make it addictive. I do believe this to be a true fact. But if your on a diet please be on a diet hahaha (this post was all fun dont mean to offend anyone if i did, I just thought my two experiences were worth sharing)~ sb

  288. OffRoadFan says:

    Hey what to you think of Intermittent Fasting?
    Just eat every other day and on feeding days
    only eat plant based diet.
    No processed or manufactured foods. No meat/Dairy.
    Just 100% RAW Greens,Veggies,and Fruit with occasional
    no-salt seeds.
    This is my diet anyway, just wanted to try only eating every
    other day to give the digestive tract a break.
    Plant based diet is very cleansing and detoxifying as it is
    and it also digests quite easily and quickly.
    I have a friend in California who has been doing this for better than a year and she feels fantastic.
    But she doesnt eat plant based, just vegetarian.
    I was fruitarian for 2 years after a master cleanse of 14 days.
    And I was on top of the world, felt awsome and maintained a weight of 160 when before the master Cleanse I weighed 240.
    Now Im back to 210 after dabbing back into the Standard American Diet now since this last christmas and have had a serious addiction to Dorritos and Dr. Pepper.
    So 2 years fruitarian, back to 7 months now of junk food and soda I want to get back what I had.
    I read about Intermittent fasting and it sounds like something I want to do along with once a month doing a 10 day
    water fast. I read the book “The Miracle Of Fasting” by Paul Bragg 3 times now and I love that book.
    Some say only fasting 24 to 36 hours has no benifits because the digestion doesnt shut down to heal and clean till day 3 but I think theres much benifit to fasting for any length beyond our sleep at night.
    Also I see alot of talk on here of “hunger pangs” Im assuming thats the growling in the stomach.
    Hunger is not felt in the stomach it is felt in the throat.
    Ive never experienced true hunger but the growling in the stomach is simply digestion.
    Something to think about when fasting those growlies are not hunger. At least from what Ive read around the web.
    Nice site, very informative!
    And I love the success stories!

  289. SbInstructor says:

    Day 9

    Weight: 225lbs
    Drinks: no V8, mixed water and tea blend
    Other: cod liver oil, Omega3

  290. Nikki says:

    I’m on day 3 water only. My eyes were really red & bloodshot & my skin was kinda dry & peely the last couple of days. My eyes are looking better & my skin’s not so peely today but it’s getting rougher. I haven’t been using any lotion or skin products either, I figure they’re probably full of toxins as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my skin all nice & soft & smooth again soon. Does anyone out ther know? Does your skin get healthy again after fasting? Beginning last night I started feeling really run down. Today it’s getting worse. I’m very dizzy & weak, so I can’t do much. I nearly fainted at the grocery store so I think I’ll stay in for awhile, lol. I only get hungry when I see something that looks good, but the hunger passes quickly – thank God! I also started journaling & it makes a world of difference. It helps so much! I highly recommend it to everyone. I can right about all the foods I want to eat & it kinda gets that desire out of my system, it really is great. I had a dream last night that I was cooking & took a bite – forgetting about my fast. As soon as I ate it, I was devastated over my failure. Throughout the dream I got hungrier & kept eating whatever foods happened to be around. Boy was I happy when I woke up & reallized it was all just a dre

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Nikki
      Blackouts can be prevented by getting down on one knee if. The sugar or coffee scrub, (do a site search) is amazing for creating youthful skin. A long juice fast is amazing for the skin. Water fasting less so.

  291. Nikki says:

    Haha, it posted before I was finished. Anyway, I was glad it was just a dream & I am still on track 🙂 I still feel great about this & I know I’m going to succeed this time! I already am. I’m on day 3! When I first started on this site, I couldn’t get past day 1. I’d get to about 4 or 5pm. Then I’d get really hungry & binge til midnight. Then I’d start over everyday, very discouraging. This time, I’m definately going to make it! Although my plan has changed a bit.. For this 1st week I’m going to continue with water only. Then starting Sunday, I’m going to start adding freshly juiced lemon & cayenne to some of my water & nothing more for all of week 2. week 3, I will start adding freshly juiced fruits & veggies. Week 4 I will start eating some small amounts of fresh fruits & veggies. Week 5 if my weight stays on track, I will start adding other foods in small portions, 1 at a time. So that’s the plan now, I modified it so I won’t be weak & dizzy for 3 weeks. I’ve lost 6 lbs since Friday 😉

  292. Nikki says:

    Thank you so much for all the great answers Tom! They are so helpful. I will continue my water fast for the rest of the week, hopefully… Then I’m going to move on to a long juice fast. Thanks again for all the help!

  293. SbInstructor says:

    Went swimming today nothing major im pumped for 15 miles of rollerblading tomorrow though should be good times. Im amazed at the weight I lost today i dont even know if it is possible but I lost 2lbs in one day. I spent the entire day building a wall for my home and then did 40 lengths in the pool. Feeling healthier then ive ever felt. Starting football for my college here on the 15th so that should be good and my birthday is on thursday ill be 21 woohoo only thing is I dont drink 🙁 so yea not much of a victory I suppose but its all good. Anyways here are the specs everyone:

    Day 10

    Weight: 223lbs
    Drinks: 1 Can V8, mixed water and tea blend
    Other: cod liver oil, Omega3

  294. Nikki says:

    after all i’ve read on here about not doing a water fast for the 1st time, I’m feeling alittle discouraged. last thursday evening i ate a small bowl of chili with tortilla chips & i’ve had nothing but water since. with all i read i can’t help but wonder if i should switch to juice? or start adding lemon to my water? honestly i think starting with juice would have ended quickly in failure for me. when i got on here the beginning of this year i was trying to do everything right, everything in order. so i tried a day of fruits & veggies, then moving on to a juice fast before trying a water fast. i never made it through a single day on juice. i think it just makes me hungry. the hunger was so overpowering i ended up binging like an animal. you would’ve thought i was a junkie. this is my 1st fast, no juice fasts under my belt yet. I probably shouldn’t have ended my final day before a water fast with chili, but so far, so good! i made it through 3 days so far! i guess switching to juice right now wouldn’t be the right thing for me after all, i’m going to wait til sunday. still thinking about adding a juiced lemon to my water & maybe some cayenne starting tomorrow. then again, maybe not… i think i’m going to throw up, if i can make my way to the bathroom. i am so unbelievably weak & dizzy i can hardly move. typing is such a workout! i don’t think i have a choice about eating or drinking anymore 🙁 looks like im about to be hurled into an unplanned dry fast. i hope this passes & i don’t stay sick like this.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Niikki
      You are experiencing the symptoms of rapid detoxification and for that reason I recommend juice for first time faster. Yes water fasting gets you over the hunger stage more rapidly. You could use the enema as that dramatically reduces hunger on a juice of water fast.

  295. Brenda says:

    Congrats Nikki & Sbinstructor! It helps me so mast that you are both posting! COngrats to both of you for hanging in there and for your weight losses as well!

    Nikki: I have an all natural moisturizer that I use on my face & another that is a natural body cream that I use on my hands & elbows. My skin on my knees was so dry at one point but I seem to be fine now.

    Sbinstructor: It is sad/funny that people do those things and yet still don’t “see”. As Tom says, it happens alot. I think many times people see what they want to see. I am still amazed by how much you are able to do!!!

    Day 21 Water Fast: I am actually only a few minutes to beginning day 22. The last couple days have been pretty tough. I have felt very sick and not much energy. I know I have a lot of health issues and my body is working to heal itself but I felt pretty awful. Horrible stomach pains, heatburn type feeling through my chest (awful feeling and painful) headaches and aches about everywhere esepcially back and shoulder & neck. Weird feeling in my neck. And nauseousness was pretty bad too. I ended up unable to sleep all night & slept from about 6 a.m. until almost 3 p.m. today. Better tonight but earlier tonight I went through a really bad mental struggle that almost did me in! I was thinking OK great 21 days, almost at 22 now. And then I though 38 days to go… That is where it began to unravel. I became overwhelmed by how long I had to go yet and just kind of fell apart. I am learning to cope with life without my drug of choice: food! I literally started crying I wanted to eat so badly. Then I was irritated with myself because I have come so far in 3 weeks and yet here I was struggling to keep it together. I finally call my son. (27 & wise beyond his years – somehow he knows what to say) He has done a 30 day fast recently and it was supposed to be a 60 day and he crunbled at 30 days and lost it so he knows what it feels like plus the agoney of stopping short insteada of walking it out. He reminded me again that I was too hard onmyself and I have come along way but for my well being I need to walk it out the whole 60 days. Anyway he helped me stop the misery I was in (totally mental). I even went here to the “Blowoing it thread” thinking it would help me to read where others messed up and regretted it but no one has posted on it! Lots of views.. no posts. LOL – I guess people don’t like talking about their defeats… But I wish more people would as it would help.

    I am determined to walk this out though I have to say mentally (and at times physically) it can be pretty brutal. Sometimes I want to kick my butt for doing 60 days but it is what I felt led to do & I believe God-led so I need to walk it out. It is not easy but I will continue!

    Progress: Now at 382 (Total of 53 lb loss in 21 days)
    Mobility much improved. Heel spurs gone. (Woohoo!) Arthritus in hands is greatly improved. Strength in hands improved 1000%! Hands & feet never swollen now and used to be badly swollen most of the time. My ankles, feet & hands are tiny like they used to be years ago! I have hope again! When I started I was afraid I would soon need a wheel chair. I never went to stores etc. Tried to go to the movies had to go from bench to bench. (Went with my son. Now: I am doing my own shopping (powder, mouthwash etc. no food 🙂 I walked around the store for 30 minutes this last week with no use of the electric chair at all!!! For people without limited mobility this may not seem huge but to me it is & I am so thankful!

    OK sorry for the “book”. And I agree with Nikki about the journaling… It helps me tremendously! I am going to do as my son suggested and write down all the reasons I am doing this so when I get weak I can pull it up and remind myself!

    Thanks for hanging in there with me thus far.

    Blessings All, Brenda

  296. Brenda says:

    By the way I did spell-check that but evidently it didn’t copy or paste correctly so sorry for all the errors…

  297. Nikki says:

    i want to throw up. i want to cry. this day is a miserable one for sure! but God will get me through it. it’s almost over i sure hope tomorrow is better

    brenda: how ru holding up? please continue to keep us posted. everything u go through helps me to brace myself. ok i guess it’s kinda hard to brace yourself for this, but i sure feel a lot less alone!

  298. Brenda says:

    Nikki, I am praying for you… I understand exactly what you are going through. I have bouts of those feelings as well… they are very hard. I am OK, but tonight was really tough. I got through it but I am wondering if attempting a 60 day water fast was setting myself up. I am on day 22 of my water fast & have not had anything but filtered water and 4 tylenol since I started on July 21st. late last night I at first was happy that I was almost at day 22 and then soon after got very depressed that I had 38 days to go. So much so that although I spoke with my son & got through the moment, I slept only an hour and have been up since reading and praying & trying to get my mind right. The reason I saw your post is I was looking through the testimonies to see how long it took people to heal of different things. I am struggling but I won’t give n because I don’t want to undo what I have done and end in a frenzy. I was thinking and praying about stopping the water fast and going to juicing and raw foods after 40 days. Then even 18 more days seemed brutal so then I started thinking about 30 days which is only 8 more days. I want to end the fast well and continue my weight loss and reclaiming my health (with God’s help)and not let it get the best of me and end poorly.

    I am not sure what to do at this point. 30 days, 40 days? If Tom or anyone has any comments on this I would much appreciate it. Nikki, It is tough but as you know the really tough stuff is the body cleansing itself and rebuilding. I have been through some awful times and for a couple days went through a very tough episode again. But I have to keep reminding myself WHY it feels so bad… because healing is taking place and the process of removing toxins and rebuilding the cells is not always an easy one.

    Praying for you even now Nikki… hang in there and don end it until you have your wits about you and do it the way you know it will all benefit you best, you know?

    30 days, 40 days? I just don’t think it wise for me to try for 60 days at this point. I know Tom advised against such a long first fast especially a water fast. I did a 40 day fast when I was in college many many years ago (I am 51) But in the last 5 years I have done one water fast about a year ago and only got to 4 days. So this has been an endeavor of desperation and faith. (Sounds weird… but it has..) I just want to end it well and continue in my journey. The 60 days feels like to much at this point…

    Blessings to Nikki & All, Brenda

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Brenda
      Considering the amazing healing you are experiencing I would continue on the fast.
      You have lots of reserves in the fat.
      A short period on some juice would boost your nutrition.
      For people with lots of excess fat, 40 to 60 days of water fasting is quite easy.

  299. Brenda says:

    Water Fast Day 22:

    To Nikki – I hope you made it past your crisis and I didn’t make it any worse… 🙁 I did make it past mine. I couldn’t go to sleep again and was feeling rough but passed out at 7 a.m. finally and slept for 7 hours. I now feel right with the world and totally am fine. I think when I/you/maybe anyone is feeling so bad physically that it affects the mental side of things as well. I was having a tough time then spoke to my son and he told me later he screwed up the end of his 4th day by eating at O’Charley’s with a friend. He intended to go and not eat but that didn’t happen. I acted fine on the phone and was there for him but it put me in a bad place mentally as I was struggling before that. That coupled with feeling rough physically kind of sent me over the edge… Plus I think I keep waiting for this easier time period which only comes a day or so here and there but outnumbered by the rough stuff. I mean a bottomless cavern type edge! LOL & Yikes! I guess the lesson learned is I am totally fine today. It is like the storm has passed (for now) and I am left standing and everything is intact and I am so grateful.

    At the end of my storm early this morning I cried out to God to show me how long I should do this water fast part of my “reclaiming my health mission”. I cried and told Him if He wanted me to do 60 days I would, but please show me if it should be 30, 40, 60… He is the one to chose not me. As of yet I don’t know… Still welcome comments. Please let us know how you are Nikki and I hope & pray you are feeling better.

    Progress: Still at 382 as of this morning (53 lbs lost)

    Blessings All, Brenda

  300. Samm says:

    Dear Tom,

    Thank you for website, may God bless you.

    I’d like to share my post; last month I embarked on a 30 day fast, I did about 18 of it. I lost about 20 lbs.

    I started out with a smoothie like drink (spirulina and chlorella) 32 ounces and endless glasses of water for 4 days (I don’t have a juicer).After this I felt ready to water fast, so I did, for the next 14 days.
    Some days were better than others; on the bad days I got a shot of wheatgrass for extra energy and once each week I got a dairy free smoothie mango+banana. It was quite the power surge after just three sips.

    Now for the unceremonius end-of-the-fast:
    I have this salt called himalayan crystal salt that is supposed to have 84 minerals,I thought that forduring the water fast would be a good time for the mineral absorption. So day 13 and 14(of the water fast), I dissolved some salt in my water. Day 13, I was energetic (wheatgrass + salt)I started passing some dark brown mucousy stuff, not too much. (sorry for the graphics). Day 14, I repeated the salt+water+wheatgrass shot. Same dark brown mucousy-even darker this time. Like previously clotted blood or something (???)This scared me so I ended the fast. See before, when i still had bm, it was green (spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass effect). I didn’t understand how it got brown all of a sudden. (Have you had anyone go through this or anyone with peptic ulcers?)

    By the end of the day, my stomach was killing me. I have ulcers, but they hadn’t flared up in years.I was bedridden for 7 days-I had no groceries (I had planned 12 more days of water fasting & I’m vegetarian, I didn’t want anything to spoil). Anyway, I eventually broke my fast on milk and bananas (was soothing but lasted about ten minutes).

    When I gained energy, I bought mylanta and prilosec, which gave me more enrgy to get up and buy aloe vera juice. (This really helps, by the way. I did 2 parts to 1 part rice milk until I got better.(Rice milk was the only other thing I had in the fridge, after the dairy milk ran out)

    I never did understand what went wrong with me, I was doing so well on my fast.

    Anyway, I’d like to fast again, I have 80 lbs to lose, and I’d like to lose it by year end 5 months. I’m fasting again, this time the plan is to do juice and water for 7 days and then 30 days water(I’m on day two and I’m experiencing the heavy head, bad breath, tired symptoms already, but I know this will pass)

    This time, I’m going to put a capfull of aloe vera in every 1 32oz bottle of water (just in case) until the end. Is that okay?

    Also, I’d like to add 1 cup of organic green 2 every two days for energy. Can I?

    What is the deal with that salt? It’s supposed to be good, no? I don’t want to awaken any healed ulcer, but I need to purge my body of the bad food that followed the milk and bananas-(bread, eggs, more eggs, processed soy burgers, sandwiches etc)

    Lastly, what do you think will be the effect of cayenne pepper on my stomach lining?

    I’ll appreciate your answers.

    PS: I’ll also document my current fasting experience.(7 days juice + water) and 30 days water (plus aloe vera?)

  301. Brenda says:

    My son just called and irritated me so badly I practically hung up on him. Ended with “I am not in the state of mind for this so I am hanging up now. Love you… “click”

    I told him about being so sick the last couple (now 3 days) and that I just want to end this well and in the right process and not in defeat. I have made too much progress to not continue on into a juice and whole foods program and continue my weight loss and health improvement. Well he went off very judgmental how when he ended his water fast a few months ago at 30 days he regretted he didn’t see it through the 90 days etc. I asked him if he would have planned the 30 and ended properly and into a whole foods diet and continued his progress wouldn’t that have been better than ending in what he felt was defeat. Of course that didn’t keep him from trying to debating with me about why I am not following through at least the 60 etc etc. I told him I prayed about it and am waiting on an answer from God. Anyway he just kept pushing me to the point that I started feeling sick so I got off the phone… I don’t even know what I feel right now but that sure didn’t help me!

    I am still walking this through but right now he has put me in a corner of sorts like if I don’t go at least 60 I am a failure and I will NOT be manipulated by him or anyone else. Grrrrrr…. OK I better pray. I posted this in case anyone else goes through tough “people” stuff. A trying to calm down & probably more hurt than anything else, Brenda

  302. marieat says:

    How amazing. Reading the posts have been so inspiring. I have 125 to 135 pounds to lose. I had started a fast and was doing well, but then I got sick. So I’m starting again. I would love an e-mail buddy (one who has over 100 pounds to lose) to chat daily with and to show mutual support. I’m beginning again today so please e-mail me if you have over 100 pounds to lose, if you want to fast for 30 or more days and if you’d like support and to offer it as well. My e-mail is Look forward to hearing from you.

  303. Brenda says:

    Tom I appreciate your site & your comments but I am somewhat offended and take issue with the highly generalized statement you made: “For people with lots of excess fat, 40 to 60 days of water fasting is quite easy.” I have been waiting for this “easy” time period I keep reading about. I have had a day here and there and once 2 days in a row that were pretty easy, other than that it has been quite difficult physically. The last 3 days I have had constant stomach pains, nauseau, horrible heartburn like pain all through my chest (which I never get) and general aches and pains through most severely my back, neck and again stomach. I have also had a couple vry strange feelings that came over me that felt like I was having a bad trip on a severe drug and have of course had nothing but water. The last time that happened was last night and it scared me badly and I don’t let things scare me I just keep going. I know you are the expert here but please don’t “generalize me in all the same excess fat category.

    I am now on day 23 and still water only. have last 60 lbs to date and regret ever posting my weight here. It is was very transparent and obviously a mistake. You may like to know I am not one who is some side show. I have been in management all my life and until recently ran a Tax Law Firm. I have also weighed from 130 to almost 500. I had a fitness show on a weekly morning show as the fitness expert for a couple years in NV. I am not an idiot I just am on a mission to reclaim my health after several years of severe stress and poor decisions have put me back into a place that I regret. Anyway it really irritates me when people generalize any group. I know you help many & you are much appreciated. You are my bother in Christ. I just felt this needed to be said.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Brenda,
      Generally speaking is all I can do. So do not take offense as there was no insult intended. Being specific takes a lot of time and I do not have that luxury. I also do not have the background data and medical records.
      Considering your negative experiences, a time of juice fasting should dramatically reduce them.
      Water fasting is a more difficult and more uncomfortable than juice fasting. I think posting your weight is a good thing. It has encouraged many who are in the same situation. I am glad you are open and I do not take offense.

  304. Tomika says:

    Hello guys…i am starting over with a juice diet/fresh fruit/veggies…i failed my last attempt. This time i am 3 days strong and my starting weight was 250. I had a baby 5 months ago and i have all this unwanted fat that i want to get rid of. And i also want to try and stay healthy and get rid of these toxins in my body. I am sooo inspired by Brenda’s progress and how much weight you have lost. I personally am so glad you posted your weight and your progress because it really has inspired me to well on this fast. I just hope i can make it over the weekend cause that is when i am mostly tempted. I weighed my self today and i already lost 4lbs just in 3 days….now i am down to 246. I would like to lose 50lbs. Please wish me luck cause i will need it…lol

  305. Nikki says:

    day 4 got much worse & i honestly believed i was dying. threw up all day yesterday & was so miserable, my whole body hurt. i couldnt move & i couldnt stay still, it was awful! i started calling relatives at the end of day 3 to come get my children. their father passed away 2 years ago & i didnt know if i would make it or not. i certainly couldnt take care of them or even myself. yesterday, day 4 i finally talked my uncle into coming over to get them if i agreed to go too. he dropped kids off st his house with my cousin & took me straight to the hospital. the dr. assumed i had a stomach flu, lol. he said my white blood cell count 15,000 which indicates infection, lol. im sure it does! all those years of toxins surfacing! he gave me some anti-nausea pills that my uncle made sure i took. then i threw up. my body sure is smart! after we got back to his house my uncle made me take more & drink gatorade! i was so upset. today i finished the 32 oz bottle of gatorade & had a microwave can of cambells chicken noodle soup – ick! he also made me take more anti nausea pills & a mucle relaxer :(. then he went to work & i had my brother come get my children & me. now we are back home away from all the soup & gatorade! i am so bummed that i’ve undone everything i’ve worked so hard for. so now i’m starting over. this time i’m going to drink just a little juice along with my water. a juice fast is probably the best i can do for myself right now.

    brenda, im sure my failure doesn’t do much for you, but hang in there! just take it 1 day at a time. if you thank you can make it to day 30 & i know you can shoot for that. when you wake up on day 31, see if you think you can make it another 10 days & pray about it. then when you are ready, break your fast with a little juice at first. then maybe raw fruits & veggies. go slow & add new foods gradually, just a little at a time 🙂 hope this helps & i havent lost your respect. you’ve been such a blessing me on here! i’ll continue praying for you.

    God be with you & bless you all!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Nikki,
      This is the problem of water fasting for the first fast off a toxic diet. It is a trip to hell. With juice fasting you can get passed it in 3 days then go two water without any suffering. Do not get down on yourself feel good about what you have done.

  306. Brenda says:

    Nikki, I am proud of you! You have tried very sonsistently & had to do what you felt best. Even after all that you still see the benefits and are planning the juicing & whole foods (good for you!) You have been a great blessing to me as well Nikki. You have put a name & a personality to this forum and that has meant alot. I am finishing day 23 & soon approaching day 24. Blessings to you Nikki! If I don’t post much here anymore it is because I have lost a bit of my confidence here but never in you! I am continuing on & will pop in from time to time just to check and see how you are doing.

    Blessings & Hugs, Brenda

  307. Tomika says:

    I woke up really thirsty today…and im very very tired. and i had im trying to ignore these hunger pangs…

  308. kittylovee says:

    Hi Brenda,

    I have been following your amazing fasting journey since day 1. You give me so much hope that I can also achieve a 30 days fast. The longest fast that I have ever done was 11 days with soy milk. I know you feel offended by what Tom said ealier. But please dont. I have been reading this forum for almost a year and I know he didn’t mean to offend you. I know I am noone to you but I would love to continue reading your fasting journey until the end. 🙂

  309. SbInstructor says:

    Sorry it has been so long everyone I was up camping in duluth

    Day 11-14

    Weight: 220lbs
    Drinks: Just water, Orange Juice, Apple Juice
    Other: none

  310. marieat says:

    Day 3

    Starting Weight: 258
    Today: 253
    Loss: -5

    Oil Pulling, Water, 1 cup oolong tea & 4 tablets Herbs & Prunes

    Started period yesterday so just trying to make it through.

  311. Brenda says:

    Thank You kittylovee,

    Your post meant a lot to me. I pray you do meet your goals in fasting. I have indeed improved much health wise, so much so it is astounding to me that so much can be improved in such a short period of time. I feel that I am coming alive again! It is an awesome thing. I had 4 awful days, was very sick but doing well now. Had a great day. Much success to you & all here, in all your self improvement endeavors! 🙂

    Day 25 of water fast
    Total weight loss on fast *62 lbs

    (*Also I had lost 40 lbs before the fast so 102 total lbs! so far 🙂

    God Bless, Brenda

  312. Nikki says:

    Tom, thank you so much for your understanding it is much appreciated & i needed that! I feel as good as new now. I haven’t been drinking much juice – a cup or two a day. I started adding lemon to my water as well, but I also haven’t been drinking nearly as much water. I don’t really ever want juice, I drink it just to sustain myself. If you think I’ll be ok going back to water, I’ll go back to my water fast tomorrow (half hour from now) & start my week off right!
    By the way, I lost 12 lbs on my 4 day water fast & only gained half a pound back. I’ll just work harder to keep it coming off 🙂

  313. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone here are the specs. Im still 220lbs I woke up I weighed myself i was down to 219lbs i was on track im like yes then i drank a bunch of water about mid day i weighed my self again 220lbs then i just weighed myself again 220lbs. Im doing the rollercoaster here but after burning 20lbs in only 15 days I can see that im starting to plateau i might have to do a water fast for the next 15 i dont know. My goal is 200lbs so if I have to push this fast into and even the end of september I am game. I LOVE FASTING =) Trust me for those of you struggling in the end it is all worth it I promise. I also watched ‘Super Size Me’ if you guys dont know its about a guy who goes against the big fast food industries but its mainly about a overly healthy guy who then eats nothing but mcdonalds for 1 month and nearly dies. Very inspirational for all fasters to watch. It will help keep you from eating. They also talk about how the fast food industries put stuff in the food aka ‘a food drug’ to make it addicting like cocaine only they call it a ‘flavor enhancer’ hahaha we all know the truth dont let food rule your life. Hopefully by tomorrow I can display a proud 219lbs =) I will have to burn some weight while im sleeping =)

    Day 15

    Weight: 220lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water, Green Tea,
    Other: none

  314. Nikki says:

    SbInstructor is right about the movie Super Size Me, definately a must see! I first saw it 2 years ago & had my little ones watch it with me. There are a couple parts I would’ve preferred they missed… but they won’t even consider asking for McDonald’s now! Needless to say, none of us ever ate there again. It’s really all fast foods. I’m pretty concerned to even eat in a restraunt. I know everyone here is fasting, but once you start eating again it’s very important to know exactly what you are putting in your body. You don’t want to fill it full of all those toxins again, once you have it all cleaned up from fasting. Do watch Super Size Me though. It will definately make you NOT hungry. I really need to just buy it, so I have it handy. It really is a perfect tool for fasting – Thanx SbInstructor!
    By the way I already got rid of that extra half pound I gained back & started working out. Things are going great. I’m just focused on staying on track! 🙂

  315. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone no new news! So ill keep it short here are the stats. It said 18.4 so i rounded down =) how nice i know but i fear i may be then 218 tomorrow oh well at least its progress. How is everyone else doing???

    Day 16

    Weight: 218lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water (drinking it out of a tin rather than plastic i wont get into to it but drinking out of a soft plastic water bottle is unhealthy it seems everything is unhealthy but supposedly materials used to make soft plastics and even sometimes in hard plastic can leak and pollute water within the container especially with sun light. Its kinda nit-picky but just something to look into if your not familiar with what im talking about)
    Other: none

  316. Tomika says:

    Hey guys…i am really having problems sticking to a fast. i have had two failed attempts already. Today starting all back over again. I am depressed about some issues in my life…mainly my weight. And i want to gain more confidence in myself because there are things that i want to accomplish next year. Today i sipped on some chicken broth. Tom, is broth ok to fast on? And does anyone wanna be my fasting buddy? I really need some help and support!!! Im back at 250…AGAIN!!!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Tomika
      Natural chicken broth does not have many calories so a cup a day would be fine. Better to heat carrot and beet, then at hotsauce and worstershire sauce. The packet chicken broth is mostly chemicals.

  317. SbInstructor says:

    Day 16

    Weight: 218lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water, Back to tea again
    Other: omega 3, potassium, and more cant remember everything but not gnc vitapaks. (Repeat do not use GNC vitapaks on a fast very very very very bad dangerous and potentially life threatening *sport or green versions)

  318. SbInstructor says:

    Dammit i got a little copy/paste enter happy and didnt enter for day seventeen disregard above post i just always copy paste then fill in the daily stats. Im down to 217.4 which was from yesterday a whole pound difference im rounding down to 217lb still on track =) how is everyone Tomika stick through it. Heres how it works usually your first few attempts will be failures im sure everyone in here can vouche for this however after a few times the feeling of failing will kick you into be staying motivated enough not to break your fast. The first few times the thought of food outweighs the thoughts of failure but once a few failed attempts compounds your stronger to stay on your fast. It will take a bit but hang in there you will be okay.

    Day 17

    Weight: 217lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water, Back to tea again
    Other: omega 3, potassium, and more cant remember everything but not gnc vitapaks. (Repeat do not use GNC vitapaks on a fast very very very very bad dangerous and potentially life threatening *sport or green versions)

  319. Tomika says:

    Thanks for the encouragment. This is my second day and i am doing pretty good. Im not hungry and i sipped on some juice earlier. I woke up with bad sinuses and allergies…and with a headache. I pray i get through this day!

  320. Tomika says:

    I have to attend a luncheon today at my job and they are serving seafood….YIKES!!!

  321. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone just got back from my aunts i flew up to visit her for the day yesterday in the arrow i check my weight and it was 216.5 lbs. Some odd things are now happening. I feel as though I am dehydrated a lot and I accidentally drank pop as thats all my aunt had available at her house since i dont drink tap water unless its filtered. I know its strange just a pet peeve anyways i had a lot of energy and then a major crash afterwards I felt as though i had zero energy and i can tell im getting lighter now ive noticed spots on my body where fat are disappearing which means i know my body is eating my fat stores around my body so its good and bad im pretty tired and i might even be too deydrated as i feel in my legs like it is going to crap up but it never does so i dont know i will just have to keep drinking fluids. All is well otherwise =) how is everyone else???

    Day 18-19

    Weight: 216lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water

    • Tom Coghill says:

      I am on day 10 of a juice fast here with a client at the Sagada Detox Retreat. Working really hard so had some whole eggs blended with hotsauce. Strangely, feeling a background of nausea. I may be toxic from exposure to diesel fumes from traveling. May have to go to water fasting to clean it out.

  322. Amber says:

    Ok so I’ve been trying to start a juice fast for awhile now, but I think I keep talking my self out of it, and I’m starting to get discouraged. I know there are a lot of great health benefits to fasting, and after years of stress and bad decisions and addictions, I am ready to take back control of my life. I think one of my biggest fears is that I will not have the energy to keep up with my daily routine. In addition to being a full time student, I have work, 2 kids to chase, and recently added kickboxing and yoga/pilates to the mix. If I fast for a long period of time, what can I do to make sure I can keep up? Also, how will the fast effect my concentration? Any advice would be great. I really want to kick off my fast the right way, and stick to it this time!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Amber
      It can be very hard to fast with intense demands like you have. You will need to cut your activities. Concentartion will come and go. The mind can be sharp or foggy at the beginning of a fast. At least drinks lots of juice and cut back on the kick boxing.

  323. SbInstructor says:

    Feeling tired tired tired walked around the mall of america yesterday sorry i didnt post didnt have time i checked my weight this morning 213.4lbs a success by anymeans and a victory despite being tired all day. I have no energy on the 18th is when i was hit with a wall of tiredness. Its all good and worth it in the end. Hope everyone is well.

    Day 20-21

    Weight: 213lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  324. Nikki says:

    SbInstuctor I have a pet peave about plastic too. All my dishes are glass, stainless steel or wood. I wouldn’t even think of drinking tap water – no telling what’s in there! I only drink distilled water. Because distilled water has nothing in it but, well..water, it grabs onto everything else. Great for drawing toxins out of your body! So I think distilled water is probably especially good for fasting. I would avoid water with minerals & electrolytes as they have no place in water. We’re supposed to get that stuff out of our food. Our bodies can’t use it with just water, it just builds up like a rock & don’t even get me started on spring water.. lol. Be aware although your body is using up some stored fat, it’s taking some muscle with it, but it’s worth it! It’s also getting rid of any retained water & all kinds of toxins 🙂 Glad you are still hanging in there & going strong. Sounds like you’re doing great.

    My weight loss has slowed down, but it’s still coming off. I was so worried I would start gaining it back when I first broke my water fast. It stayed the same for about a week until I was able to get a little excercise, then it started going back down again. At this point, I’ve lost 20 lbs & water that I was retaining forever. Other than that I’m not losing much size – just pounds. I started working my abs, hoping to lose some size around my waist… I’m still waiting for it though. I know I’ll get there. Until then I’ll just keep at it. I’ve been drinking a cup of juice in the morning – usually grapefruit or orange or apple to get me going, then just water.

  325. marieat says:

    Loose skin has always been a concern of mine. Doing a water fast, would something like this be helpful Thanks!

  326. JD says:

    Wow, you guys are amazing! 20+ days of a water fast?! Holy criminy! I was scared, but I’m not anymore.

    Day 4 of a water-only fast.

    Having trouble sleeping, have bouts of intense hunger and weakness, and last night I had terrible leg cramps (like overcharged restless leg syndrome, not charlie horses).

    The food porn on TV and the web isn’t really bothering me, and I’m not beating myself up for fantasizing or dreaming about food. I’ll even let myself take a nap and fantasize about food all I want. As long as I don’t actually eat it! I also haven’t minded being around other eaters, as long as they don’t bug me to eat (I haven’t told anyone I’m fasting. It always makes it harder for me–their doubts and expectations, I guess).

    I just tell myself that if I’m still fat, I’m not actually hungry–as in needing food–it’s just a body-habit trick. I have plenty of food in the form of fat for my body to eat, and I command my body to eat the fat if it’s hungry.

    I’m doing this for detox and weight loss. I don’t actually use a scale–probably couldn’t see it anyway! But I’ve a waist pants size 36-38 (I’m 5’4–very short, grr), and wear XXL shirts (yes, they are very long on me). I used to have a pants waist size of 28, and wore small shirts (which is much more appropriate to my structure).

    So.. I just buttoned a pair of size 34 shorts, so something is happening. You guys inspire me so much

    I have Burning Man coming up, which is in the desert and hot as Hades. I’m hoping the fast will make the heat easier, and give me some richness to the desert experience. After all, didn’t all the great Masters retreat to the desert to fast?

    I am drinking club soda sometimes, for the potassium bicarbonate. I seem to be doing better than in the past when I had just water. Read about someone who did a 92 day fast, and she got sick around day 50 and stayed sick. She finally added a little sea salt, potassium (via salt substitute) and magnesium (via epsom salts) to her drinking water, and she was much better. I understand that the loss of electrolytes is the most dangerous thing about very prolonged water fasts.

    Tom, what do you hear about club soda and electrolyte additions to water?

    Thanks! –JD

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jd
      That is why I recommend going to a few days of juicing or a glass of veggie juice here and there on a long water fast as it prevents any electrolyte imbalances. Juicing for a few day before water fasting will boost electrolyte reserves.

  327. JD says:

    PS, Brenda, where are you? I’m one of the ones you were silently inspiring. Even if you “fell down,” please come back. It’s all educational, all helpful. Even the falling off the horse times.

  328. Brenda says:

    Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I made it for 30 days of water only fast. I am now having organic soups and juices and working on keeping my diet clean. I have learned so much from this fast. It has been the fist fast of more than 7 days I have done for many years and the first more than 4 days in the last 3 or 4 years so it was definitely a success for me. It is only the beginning of what I will be making a part of my lifestyle. I will be fasting on water 1 day per week and probably 1 week per month as well. (Tom, what so you think of that?) Anyway, I lost 75 lbs in 30 days but as soon as I started even having juices and soups I gained about 7 lbs but now am back at the 75 lb loss again and continuing into this new way of eating. I have found this to be a real eye-oening experience in many ways. I have far to go but my eyes are opened and I see things in such a different way than prior to the fast. I believe that all who endeavor to become healthier through fasting have a great deal of character and fortitude. Kudos to you!!!

    This is a post I did on my blog about the fast:

    Sometimes I look for answers in the powerful rushing wild rivers, when it actually lies in a small gentle stream barely tumbling over the rocks in a hidden little cove. Recently I have been in a phase that involved extended fasting on my quest to get my health back & reclaim my life. This was the first time in many many years that I had even attempted a fast of more than a few days and to be honest after a couple weeks I began to whine to the Lord. I felt deprived at times, hopeful at times, but overall I just wanted to eat something! I realized that my flesh is very strong about what it wants! To deny the flesh… Whew not that easy of a thing for me. I would occasionally get frustrated with myself at how much of a struggle I felt through especially the last couple weeks of the fast. Funny because the whole time, though I prayed and told the Lord it was as much a spiritual fast as a fast for my health… I felt like it was pretty much about “me”. However, it was at the times where I was the most frustrated and deplete that I would cry out to God in frustration. In those moments it was like the red sea parting… All the “stuff” simply parted and I was left with the most humbled me crying out to HIM, completely vulnerable with realization that within myself alone there was not a whole lot I actually could control in my life anyway! In those moments it was no longer about “me”. In those moments it was about HIM and about the people I felt led to pray for, to lay at His feet. It is hard to explain what happened in the final period… The toughest period in the flesh… But somehow in that time of struggle and vulnerability and frustration I would come to that end of “me” and end up somehow headlong in HIS presence, without my even being conscience of it, HE was doing things, changing lives, changing me, changing others… All of a sudden I began to see some break-throughs happening. It stunned me. Things I had prayed for, for quite some time and all of a sudden different people were reporting break-throughs. I was and am astounded at God’s love and care for those HE loves. Here I was crying out in my struggles and only in getting to the point of forgetting myself and lost in just crying out to HIM did things truly begin to happen. And that is when I “got it”. THAT is what fasting is supposed to be about… About coming to the end of you, only then can GOD really take HIS most powerful place without human interference!

    I have the movie “Seabiscuit” on right now. I almost turned it off a couple of times in the first hour or so. It was slow moving and I guess I was looking for more immediate gratification. But something said keep watching… It has become an experience this movie. It is an awesome thing to see people arise from hurt and pain and even in inability to be all we should be, to come to a place that without even realizing it, we shine in our most humbling moment(s). The movie is about triumph for the humble, the common, the unlikely winner. In a way I think that is what GOD is about. HE is about breathing life into the foolish things (like me…) and using this old clay pot even when there are beautifully glazed vessels HE could choose to use instead. Isn’t that amazing… It boggles my mind. I don’t have to be the perfect expensive vessel to be used by the King of Kings. He is the not only the King of Kings but also the King of Hearts. The King of my heart who has chosen to use a humble, misshapen clay vessel. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this God whom not only do I love but the mysteries of all mysteries… HE loves me. Can you imagine such a thing? HE loves me… Wow… HE loves you as well… Take it in because therein is the source of life and hope and love… HE is amazing this God of love…

    Thanks for caring & supporting me through this. Your prayers and well wishes have been felt. I will continue on in this journey. Maybe soon Tome will be able to get the pics fixed in the site so we can “see” each other.

    Many Blessings to All, Brenda

  329. Brenda says:

    p.s. – The last day of phase 1: the 30 day water fast went through 8/19 Last Wednesday. I started soups & juices as of Thursday the 20th.

  330. SbInstructor says:

    So busy.

    Day 22-23

    Weight: 212lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  331. alideleondi says:

    Hi everyone. I’ve been looking at the posts here for about a week now and am very excited to start my juice fast. I am a 29 year old female and about 45lbs overweight. I feel horrible where I am, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I would really like to get some of this junk out of my body. I feel it is more than just my weight holding me down. From reading through everything here I see that some of you feel so much better after and during your fasts. I do have some questions though (even if they are kinda quirky). If someone could help me with this:
    1. Juicing- I bought a juicer that was in my price range (not very much) and tried it out last night, but I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to look like when it came out. I am totally confused and really new to this 😉

    2. Odor-I work in an office as a receptionist. I am a little concerned with the possible odor I might give off. I definitely don’t want to run away any of our clients.

    I really want to do a good job with this and understand it might take me a few tries to get going smoothly. I’ve never joined a group like this before and I am hoping that I can get support here as well as from my hubby. My next stop here is to the recipe section…
    Also, like I said I am a newbie here and I am sure I will have tons of questions…please be patient 😉
    Thanks so much!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi alideleondi
      Bananas, papaya do not juice. Melons, pineapples, apples are excellent. Strain the juice as it tastes better and you do not need the fiber during fasting. The only odor that can be a problem is bad breath. Chewing on a sprig of pasley occasionally will stop bad breath and supply some extra vitamins.

  332. TamaraInLA says:

    Hi all,
    I couldn’t find this box until now, so I will post my email to Tom and his reply.
    Hi Tom,

    I am at the end day 6 of, God willing, a 27 day fast. I have to stop about one week before the Jewish High Holydays, since this is the time of the year that I can’t avoid being invited to many meals. I will be careful, and then go back on a fast.

    Up until day 4 I felt quite OK, but then it started going down hill. I am so groggy, nauseous, etc. I don’t know how I can go to a 45-hour workweek tomorrow. My biggest problem is at nighttime. I sleep very badly and wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning, unable to go back to sleep. Any advise?

    I am 64 years old and eating mostly a healthy diet. Any time I eat unhealthy or sugary foods, I’m quite sick afterwards. I started juice fasting in 2001. My first fast lasted 35 days and I felt like climbing the walls from all this excess energy. I did it a few months before a knee replacement surgery. While the surgery was very successful, I had to stay in the hospital for 8 days (normally 3) because my body was “too clean” and any medication they tried to give me caused many allergies so they couldn’t send me home, until I told them that I am going home without it.

    The last few years I could do no more than 5 days, with major headaches, and being quite sick. I know that I have bad Candida and other issues that I refuse to call fibromyalgia, so I call it pains all over my body. I have done detox diets with a nutritionist but cannot tolerate any Candida killing supplements, as it makes me violently ill.

    I read today most of the fasting club posts and decided to try some juice just once a day. We have this wonderful health food store in LA that carries locally made bottled juice that is not pasteurized and comes in daily. So I got some Organic mixed greens – celery, spinach, parsley, romaine, kale. I also got apple-lemon-ginger.
    Then I got pure coconut water for the electrolytes, but it is full of sugar, I know.
    Hopefully with a little of this juice every day, I can feel better and go to work. I am afraid, though, that even the smallest amount of sugar will not kill the candida enough. What do you think?

    One more thing. Even though I got the lemon juice, I know I have a problem with lemons. After a few days my lips and my tongue get cracked and raw. I have been drinking for years every morning 1 tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar in water and it seems to alkaline me better. Can I do this on the water fast?



    Hi Tamara
    Yes cider vinegar is good on fasting and great in veggie juices.
    You may want to increase fresh juices.
    Restless and sleeplessness is normal and periodic.
    Reading will help put you to sleep.
    If you can post your question on the web I would appreciate it as it helps other. I do not normally respond to any fasting question by email.

  333. SbInstructor says:

    Days are flying by everyone staying busy with all sorts of to dos around the house.

    Day 24-25

    Weight: 210lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  334. Brenda says:

    RE pics to Tom: NoOne shows their pic except your on posting. And every notice we get asks us to post a photo. So why do we submit them if they don’t show up? Just curious. If it works then why no photos other than yours on posts?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Brenda,
      As to setting up a user pic did you follow these steps. 1. click on your user name at top right when you log in to get into your profile. 2 Upload image. 3. click update profile.
      Did you did that what error message did you get? The problem with wordpress is that the profile link is the user name and most people do not access it. We can change the code but ever new update would demand we do it again.

      • Tom Coghill says:

        Hi Brenda Kieth and All who created a user pic.
        USER PIC NOTICIE…..[B]IT IS NOW working!!!!![/B]
        I found the problem. The photos were set for needing approval without sending notification.
        It is now set for automatic so you should see any user photo automatically.
        Sorry about this. Our site is can be a bit more complicated as we have customized coding.

  335. kittylovee says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am on Day 3 of fasting. I have been consuming low-fat milk, yakult, and V8 juice. I am not good at water fast as I have failed miserably many times. I think consuming milk will prevent hair loss. However, the weigh is dropping very slowly. Do you have any comments or sugestions? Thank you.

  336. SbInstructor says:

    Nothing new sorry everyone for my little posting or stories im moving into a new apartment closer to my college campus school starts here on the 9th.

    Day 26-27

    Weight: 207lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  337. SbInstructor says:

    Coming along just nicely with this fasting almost 40lbs lost in 30 days. Excellent fasting is the best i will start eating minimally salad and olive oil here starting back on when i start to eat again in the next 2 days.

    Day 28-29

    Weight: 205lbs
    Drinks: Lots of water & A little tea

  338. SbInstructor says:

    Finally finished up the fasting i got down to 203lbs so I didnt reach my goal of 200 but i suppose if i spit a lot i would get there lol. Anyways not really worried im starting back to eating but here is the deal in order to keep the weight off im closely monitoring my weight as in like twice a day to keep me on track and get down to instead of 200lbs i want to get down to about 190lbs and then build muscle back up. So for this whole month im concentrating on burning my 3lbs and then an additional 10 all while eating. But heres the catch im eating only 3 cups of food a day and here is what my schedule details. Morning= 1 cup of Total (totals vitamins i assume are sprayed on) thats with 1 cup skim milk, Noon= 1 cup of salad w/ olive oil, Evening= 2 cups smoothie (blend of real strawberries, blueberries, spinach leaves). So all through september this is what it will entail every day. I will also excerise a minimal 30 minutes per day. I had not excercised at all on my fast and dropped 37lbs so i think with this excercising and a close monitor of my weight and meal portions i will get down to my desired weight within 2 weeks time safely. I also talked with a doctor and he advised me that dropping nearly 40lbs at my weight was dangerous and that what i did was not advised to anyone else. My original weight was 240lb for all the new people in here and now im down to almost 200lb in a month. Anyways hope all is well and i will post my first post tonight.~sbinstructor

  339. MoMoChan says:

    Hi everyone!!!
    I hope you all are doing well with your fasting. I thought it would be a good idea to fast since I recently just finished doing a colon cleanse and because my brother sbinstructor seems to be doing very well on his fast. Today will be my fifth day of drinking water and tea. So far so good. In the first two days I lost five pounds, but I haven’t really kept track after that. I continue to take all of my vitamins, etc. I take organic multi-vitamin for women, coral calcium, organic whole fruit blueberry, red marine algae, pomegranate extract, and lysine. And I also take a teaspoon of cod liver oil and two tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil. I have to say, the coconut oil is a great appetite suppresant. I also throw in a scoop of Go Ruby Go! super food fruit mix and two scoops of organic greens & fruits plus into my water sometimes. Oops! Sorry for the long novel here. Thanks for reading and good luck! I hope you all have a wonderful day! ^.^

  340. keith101 says:

    hi momochan,…your brother left a blog about taking vitimins, saying that it is a bad idea on a water fast?…im 2 days away from my 2nd week on water only..i was thinking about taking a multyvitimin pill on week 2..but iv been told quite a lot not to take one?..maby you or sbinstructor can give me some advice on this matter? regards keith.

  341. alideleondi says:

    Hi everyone, I left a post a few weeks ago talking about starting a juice fast. I am back and started my prefast on Sunday. So far so good. It has been easier than I ever imagined and it is only my 3rd day. I started Sunday at 191 lbs and this morning weighed in at 186. 5 lb is massive loss for me especially in only 3 days. I tried my first juice last night (since it is my pre-fast i am edging into it) and it was better than I thought it would be.

    Im also wondering why no one has posted for the last few weeks. Hopefully everything is ok with the system and my post will work. We will see. Good luck to everyone and I will be posting daily (hopefully)

  342. alideleondi says:

    Hello everyone, hope you are great! Today is going good for me so far. Yesterday I started my 1st day of juice fast and luckily didn’t have any problems. I did start the day weighing 185, YAY! (191 prefast weight).

    Today, I woke up and had to rush around to get the kids ready for school, but was able to get in a nice fruit juice. My weight today is 184. Last night it was a little rough for me to fall alseep, once there slept all through the night thank goodness. I know that won’t be the same for the entire fast, so I might as well enjoy the rest now.

    I have decided that it is time to start a little meditation, when I have the time anyway. It can get so busy around the house with 2 young girls. Anyway, thanks for listening. It is nice to have a place to post my thoughts and progress.

  343. Lena says:

    Hi alideleondi,
    Congrats on your progress! Why don’t you post in the ‘fasting progress reports’ page instead-plenty of activity there ;).

  344. marieat says:

    Is there any type of organic juice you can buy, somewhere like Whole Foods or Trader Joes, so you don’t have to juice?

  345. keith101 says:

    Hi there Marieat
    Tom can help you there, i live in the uk and can buy all my organic vegies and juice from the local store.
    Is this your first fast?
    If you have a look at fasting progress reports you will find and get all the info you need on where to buy your organic juices from.
    Here in the uk i would normally buy v-8 juices but dare say it is differant there in America, but my friends on fasting progress reports can advise you and Tom”.
    Best regards Keith.

  346. Nikki says:

    well im back again. trying to decide how i want to start my fast. im kind of leaning towards a dry fast for a couple days since i havent been able to make myself drink lately anyway. i have been overeating recently so maybe it would be too much for me? i have the will to just quit eating for a couple days but im worried about getting sick with such a rapid detox. i’ve never dry fasted before. is it really necessary to start a dry fast with a water or juice fast? if so, why?


  347. keith101 says:

    Hi Nikki
    Dry fasting is very hard as you probably have read it is a rapid detox, are you looking to loose a lot of waight?
    Have you thought about juice fasting.
    Tom… is having probs with his internet conection due to a typhoon in the philipines.
    Rob and i are on the fasting progress reports page if you need anymore advice.
    Best regards Keith.

  348. Nikki says:

    Hi Keith
    I’ve tried juice fasting over & over & over & over again. It just makes me hungry. I’ve never made it more than about 18 hours on a juice fast. I kept trying to start my first water fast with a juice fast in Feb. & Mar. before finally giving up & just going from eating meat, etc. straight to a water fast in Aug. I posted my progress in this thread. I lost weight pretty rapidly & continued to lose weight (at a much slower rate) even after breaking my fast. Only recently have I started to gain weight again. I gained back 2 lbs – due to overeating & lack of excercise. It’s fishing season & I’ve been so tired from long, long days fishing lol. Today was the last day of fishing though, so it’s time for me to get back on track before I go hunting next week so I can get off to a healthy start again. In Aug., I only made it through 4 days of my fast before I got so ill from such a rapid detox that I really believed I was dying, lol. It sounds silly now, since I clearly made it through just fine, but at the time I sure was suffering. Like I said though, I didn’t prepare for my fast properly. This time, I expect my fast will go much smoother as I should not be so toxic this time around. Prior to my fast in Aug. I was consuming ridiculous amounts of candy & junkfood & drinking way too much coke. I haven’t any junkfood since & I’ve only had 1 or 2 cokes about a week or 2 ago. Lately I’ve been intending on drinking a gallon of water a day, but I haven’t been able to get through more than a cup or 2. That’s why I’m considering a dry fast. Juice fasting makes me too hungry & I always seem to fail & I haven’t been drinking much water anyway so I figure it would be pretty easy to just stop everything all together? I imagine a dry fast will be pretty brutal though, especially without preparation? I plan to take it 1 day at a time. I’m going to try for a 2 day dry fast, if I’m still doing ok I’ll go 3 days. If I’m miserable after the 1st day, I will go to a water fast. After my dry fast, I plan to water fast for 3 – 5 days. Then juice for a day or 2, then fresh whole foods – fruits & veggies for about a week. Maybe after a dry fast & water fast juice fasting will be easier & I’ll be able to stick with it for several weeks, or throughout the year? Only one way to find out!
    Ok, I’m going to start at midnight – here goes nothing!
    I will keep you all posted daily (maybe more than once daily if I need extra support) on how it’s going.
    Wish me luck! -though I think it will go great 😉

  349. keith101 says:

    Hi Nikki
    Sorry i havnt got back to you hope things are going well for you as you know the site is going through changes at the moment so i am finding my way around again lol, my 10 days on water is at an end, iv had no real probs apart from the migrain that i suffered and was waring shades to log onto the site lol.
    Best wishes Keith and good luck with the hunting.

  350. Elisheba says:

    Hello, I´m begining a water fasting…I made a juice fasting before, but it´s not effective to me; I feel more weak and anxious than with water fasting…I want to fast on water for five days: the next three days fast on juice, and afterwards stick to a fruit and vegetal diet during a week; only later I want to introduce legumes, cereal and amonds, and stay with this diet forever…I´m vegetarian now, but I want to give up milk and its products, because of the lactosa and animal proteins…It´s very important to me make this well, so I would be very happy if someone starts a fast today and want to share the experience with me.

    I wish strength and patience to everyone!!

  351. keith101 says:

    Hi Elisheba
    Welcome to
    We have an experianced vegitarian on the fasting progress report page called Seeker1 who is a good friend of mine.
    my water fast finishes tomoz that will be 12 days for me.
    i was going to water fast for 40 days but i will be starting a new job next week.
    lilmiss is on day 14 of a 21-30 day water fast and would love to support you, i also am here for support and guidance on your fasting journey.
    Best wishes Keith.

  352. Elisheba says:

    Hi Keith, thank you very much for your welcome, and congratulations for the progress of your water fast, although you had to renounce to the 40 days fast, the 12 days is a good one!!! I never went so far myself…I have much hope in this fasting journey…in fact, the more difficult to me is the breaking of the fast, but is the most delicate and important part, so I want to be very carefull this time…

    I would like to Know if you feel more vital, and if you feel more strength and energy inside you…I would like to know how will you break your fast: with fruit or with vegetable juice?

    Thank you again, and, best wishes to you!

    P.D. I apologize for my grammar mistakes, I´m spanish, I do my best…:D

  353. Nikki says:

    Hi Elisheba. I started my water fast just today, I will fast with you! I’ll look forward to hearing about it 🙂 I’m on the fasting progress reports page as well, along with Keith & Seeker1. It’s a great thread, they are very insightful & so supportive. I really like this thread too, I just kinda forgot when Keith told me about the progress reports page. I just now remembered because I wanted to review how I did on my last fast & I posted it all this thread

  354. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone its been awhile. A Bit just wanted to let you all know im still at 197lbs. Im actually stuck at this weight it fluctuates between 193lbs to 199lbs never have I been over 200lbs since losing 40lbs. I want to get down to 185lbs now. Im 6’2″ athletic build so 185lbs is a good weight. I want to get at this weight before december so i need to lose 12lbs in a couple weeks its not quite a big a task as my 240lbs down to 200lbs but it seems for some reason that it is harder for me to shed the weight now that I have lost so much weight. So starting today November 14 2009 I will give you the specs.

    Weight: 197lbs
    Diet: Tea & Water (blueberry supplemental pills with antioxidants/ fish oil “1 tablet because it gives me a head ache”

    Just a warning if you buy fish oil that is non purified and distilled it will most likely contain small amounts of mercury fish is so contaminated these days *shaking my head*

  355. keith101 says:

    Hi Sblnstructor
    Yeah it been at least a few months since i have seen you on here, hows your brother?
    what diet have you been on? this the start of your fast again.
    Best wishes Keith.

  356. keith101 says:

    Hi Elisheba
    I break my fast with natural youghurt to line the gut with healthy bacteria with raw fruit and veg juice for 2 days then 3rd day organic soups, 4 day salad with a small chicken portion, skinless of curse.
    Long water fasts demand an alteration on breaking fasting.
    Hope this helps you for now.
    Best wishes Keith.
    hope you can pair up with Nikki on your fast as she has just started a water fast.

  357. Didrik says:

    Thank you so much for this great forum.
    I am 60 years, 5.11’ tall and weigh 183 pound. Into my 7 day of a 10 day water-fast.
    I didn’t do this fast to lose weight, but rather to boost my immune system.
    My Doctor has found that my white blood cell count is low. After taking numerous blood tests, they cannot find anything and I feel fine, with normal energy level.
    I am taking an antidepressant drug and have been during this fast also.
    On day 7 of my water-fast, this drug is starting to work “too good”. The feeling is the same as it was when I first started taking the drug, which was very strong. Feels like being on speed…

    I will discontinue the drug for the rest of the fast.
    I have only fasted twice before, only for one day each time.
    It will be interesting to see if my white blood cell count has increased after this fast.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Didrik
      I always recommend juice fasting over water fasting to boost the immune system. You get lots of nutrition to support the immune system while cleansing. Yes cutting the drug is wise but you may go through withdrawal state.

  358. keith101 says:

    Hi Didrik
    Welcome to
    I understand fully what you have said feeling on a high with the antidepreesants,the reason for this is that there is no food in your system to slow the full effect of the drug so it is working to max effect.
    Tom is right about slowly coming of the drug as you could suffer withdrawals,
    Well done on your 8th day today,on water, juicing is the best way to go on your next fast to boost the immune system.
    Best wishes Keith.

  359. Didrik says:

    Hi Tom and Keith,

    Thank you for your replies.
    Day 8 today and I am feeling well with plenty of energy. I am working on-board a ship during this fasting, albeit my work is not very physical.
    Tom: If I would have known that juice fasting was better than water, I would have definitely done that instead. I don’t have any need to lose weight; however, I have lost 11 lbs already. Hopefully I will gain a little of that back before I see my wife around Christmas. 🙂
    Keith: Thank you for replying. I can see that you are a good man to “know” and are helping many during fasting.

    I am very surprised how good I feel after eight days, my spirit, humor and overall good feeling today is better than on a “normal” day when I am eating.

    We are anchored off Rabaul, Papua New Guinea and about two miles away from an active volcano. This morning when I woke up, there was a layer of ash on the deck. The wind had turned in the middle of the night…

    All the best, Didrik

  360. Didrik says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am new to this forum and have a couple of questions:

    Would it be beneficial for me to do a dry fast the last day or two of my 10 day water-fast, when my objective is to boost my immune system, not lose weight?

    When I registered for my account, I didn’t upload any picture to my profile and no picture shows in my profile, but when I posted my first post; lo and behold; there is a picture of my 2-1/2 year old son! This picture does not show in my profile. Now I don’t know how to remove/replace it. Anybody knows how to do that?
    I have tried to upload a new picture, the picture shows in my profile, but it doesn’t replace the picture in my posts.

    Cheers, Didrik

  361. keith101 says:

    Wow Didrik
    Wish i was there to see that, what is it that you do on the boat..?
    LOL… As i said you will feel on a high with the pills you are taking, so it might be a good idea when you go back home and see the doc, then discuss what you would like to do.
    Water fasting does put you on a high without the meds.
    I am worried if you stop the meds that this will send you on a downer, so be carefull what you do, waight until you get home before you come off that pills.
    I was on Prozak about 6 yrs ago and stoped them suddenly and i lost thew plot…LOL.
    Sorry to be right to the point but be careful coming off that pills.
    I have a friend here who is looking to go on a fishing boat but he cant get a job, this is his life ambition, maby you have some tips for him to get a job on a boat.
    Anyway iv seen a lot in life and i would recomend waiting until you get home until you come of the A/Ds…you would have been better water fasting before taking them.
    My 30 days on water was amazing, mentally, body, and Spiritually.
    Finnish what you have started then get a full blood count as i would be interested on the results Dedrik.
    Keep me posted on how you are friend.
    Blessings Keith.

  362. Didrik says:

    Thank you for the answer Keith,

    I stopped taking the pills yesterday and I feel a lot better today and am not so dry in my mouth. The medicine is an antidepressant drug, but I got this drug prescribed as an anxiolytic. I am not the person that would go off of medicine that is doing me good, but this feeling was unbearable to me. I felt like I had been drinking many bottles of an energy drink. (Not that I have ever done that. lol) I did talk to the Doctor on-board and he felt that I should stop taking the medicine. (He is very skeptical to my fast. 🙂
    Anyways, I have only three days left of my fast.
    Good for you with your 30 day water-fast! On-board here they think I am completely nutty for doing 10 days. 🙂

    We just left Rabaul. PNG and are leaving for Valindi. We are on a 10 day expedition down here.
    Keith, I rather not publicize where I work, because this ship is a one of a kind in the world. I be glad to tell you in an email though.
    We have a hospital onboard, so I can take the test anytime I want, but I should probably wait about a week after a water-fast, don’t you think?

    Cheers, Didrik

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Didrik
      Forget dry fasting.
      Move onto juice fasting after your 10 day water fast.
      GO for a full blood count after 7 days on juice/veg fasting. Let me know how you get on, i will be very interested to know how you fair.
      Doctors have a one track mind when it comes to fasting, they are not educated on fasting.
      It takes a lot of mind power to even complete a 10 day water fast, when it comes down to the “nitty gritty”.

      If you have the “power” over your mind to water fast 10 days then you have the “power” over the depression that you have suffered.
      My email is
      If you would like to talk private.
      Blessings Keith.

  363. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Day nine today and I am feeling well.

    O.K., I will forget dry fasting the last day.

    I had been drinking a lot less water day 8 and also day 9 and for the first time I noticed that my urine had a brownish/yellow color. Does that mean that I am not completely clean yet? Anyways, after tomorrow this fast is over.
    The fast has not been hard for me and I could easily go on, but I just cannot stay this unsocial any longer. My working colleagues think I am completely nuts for doing this. 🙂
    I have lost almost 16 lbs so far, so I don’t know if I could have gone past the 10th day. I sure don’t need to lose any more weight! I like it though; I am starting to close in on my weight when I was 20. 🙂
    Have been reading up on ‘how to break the fast’ and will definitely follow the guidelines. Anyways, those juice recipes sound delicious!

    All the best, Didrik

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Dedrik,
      It take weeks to cleanse the body but you got a great tune up. Urine color change many times from clear to dark during juice and water fasting. The color of your urine is based mostly on how much you drink. Having dark urine is normal if you take a B vitamin. Urine is normally darker in the morning as you did not drink at night. Sugar beets can change the color of the urine or stool. During a dry fast the urine becomes very dark. Dark urine may be caused by dehydration but I have never heard of a case of dehydration caused by fasting. Mostly caused by sweating in heat, diarrhea or liver stress. For most people a steak dinner will turn the urine very dark. Although most fasting practioners believe in lots of fluids to flush the system, I have tried fasting while drinking lots and drinking little and even dry fasting, so my opinion is that you can follow your bodies natural thirst instinct. Doing that many people go from 10 glasses a day of juice of water to 4 or less.
      Congrats…. you made it. Be proud. Yea go slow on breaking the fast, juicing is great if you blow it and overeat. Breaking a fast is harder than fasting.

  364. Didrik says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am not able replace the picture in my posts.

    I uploaded a new picture in my profile-page and updated my profile with no problem. My new picture now shows in my profile, but the posting-picture has not changed / been replaced.
    All the best, Didrik

  365. ahrand says:

    New here and, kind of, new to fasting. I am a follower of the paleo diet and principles. After hearing Thomas Seyfried talking about ketogenic diets and specifically full therapeutic fasts for controlling tumor growth and wanted to experiment with it as it makes lots of sense.

    I have had numerous experiences with not eating anything for 24/36 even 48hours and I know that breaking the fast is as important as the fast itself.

    On day 1 of a water fast now and as usual : lingering headache and hungry.
    I intend to continue for at least 7 days, probably 10.
    Not sure if I should add some fresh lemon juice and or seasalt to my water. I have read conflicting recommendations.

    I don’t consider myself overweight but do have some belly fat but still a good BMI.

    I’ll report back as much as I can.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi ahrand
      Welcome to
      You do not need to add salt into your water, are you taking spring water or distilled?
      I do recomend that you do a one time SWF, on day 3 if your plan is a 10 day water fast, as this flushes out not only the colone but the intestines to speeding up detox.
      Well done on your 1st day, your headache is normal make sure you are taking enough water.
      Best wishes Keith.

      • ahrand says:

        Day 2 of my water fast : slept very well, very deep. Woke up and there was the headache again. Anyway, it’s something I can ignore. When my wife sprayed her deo this morning and I had to walk away, too strong. Also the coffee that she made smelled too strong.
        On my commute to work this morning I was bothered by all the lights, I’ll wear ski shades tomorrow. It’s like my brain wants a rest from everything: artificial lights, noise, chemical odour, I seem to want to avoid it.

        No signs of fatigue yet and the hunger is not there as long as I don’t see or smell food.
        My heartbeat is very noticeable but it does not bother me.

        • ahrand says:

          By the way, here is a link to the interview that got me thinking, then acting, about therapeutic fasting :

          I’m sure Tom will be interested in this.

          Another question, would it be possible to continue taking coconut oil during a fast as it :
          – does not interrupt the ketogenic metabolism
          – provides direct and long-lasting energy
          – as it is almost 100% saturated fat, it puts very little drain on the digestive system, in fact it bypasses mostly the liver and goes straight into the blood.

        • ahrand says:

          Day 3 of my water fast : slept very deep but not enough, although I went to bed at the same time, I felt I needed more. I was very slow this morning, my heartbeat and metabolism is definitely slowing down. Good news : headache is gone, bad news : bouts of nausea.
          Also I can ‘feel’ my kidneys, they hurt, but not terribly.
          The ski shades helped facing the traffic this morning, they have no disadvantages so I think I’ll wear then in the evening to.

          Started with 1 Tbs of VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) this morning, we’ll see where it goes. You can find lots of stuff about it on the internet, the theory is this : it does not interrupt the healing fasting process (body has run out of glucose and is forced to turn to ketones as alternate fuel) as VCO completely and directly converts into ketones. It will halt extreme weight loss as the body always prioritises energy from digestion first, but it will boost your metabolism enough for you to continue to work normally.
          It is also antibacterial and antifungal so will assist in the cleansing process.
          It is also very oily and it is food so it will cause minimal bowel movements, which is good.

  366. keith101 says:

    Hey Dedrik
    eeeerm brown urine means your body is going into dehydration.
    Please increase your water intake Dedrik or you will be carried down to see the doctor on a steatcher, lol. 2 ltrs or more a day is fine, your urine should be clear, this means your body is well hydrateted.
    Thanks for the invite on facebook.
    And you have done amazing for an oldy lol….sorry i had to throw that in, i am catching up with you fast am 41 lol.
    God bless Keith.

  367. keith101 says:

    Hi Didrik
    Sorry to disegree with Tom, but Didrik you are on a water fast right now and not on a juice fast mate, your urine tells me that you are dehydrating and you should up your water intake.
    Detox is a science, if done the right way then the body heals.
    If” given then the wrong Advice the body goes into deteriation and celular deteriation, then the detox has a back fire effect, resulting in the patients relaps into past ways of obesity.
    This is my
    own writing and experiance on fasting.
    And by the way you look like; A stud muffin for your age of 42. LOL
    Blessings as allways Keith.

  368. Tom Coghill says:

    It is great to disagree as that brings discussion and study. It is also more interesting.
    For those out there reading it, is ok to bring challenge to our opinions.
    I believe that science take an impersonal view of facts.
    I also have been proven wrong more than once. 🙂

  369. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Day 10. Hurray!
    Slept off at midnight and woke up at 04:00 am. Feel very restless. You mentioned that you were on a high during your 30 day water fast?
    Did you experience a constant dry mouth? I have had a dry mouth from day two or three until now.
    I have increased my water intake and my urine color is back to normal. Thank you Keith.
    I haven’t had a stool since the first day of my water-fast. Is that normal? I guess there is nothing there? Well, tomorrow I be back to “normal” again, so I hope it hasn’t grown shut…:-)
    This fast has been quite an experience for me and should my white blood cell count not improve; I will still do a juice fast next time I come onboard.
    I will get back on my medication in a couple of days.

    I now need to gain a little weight back before my wife and children come onboard in Sydney for Christmas and New Years.

    60’s is the new 50’s Keith .:-) I better stay young; my wife is a lot younger than I am.:-)

    All the best and thank you for the guidance and support during my 10 day fast.

    All the best,

  370. keith101 says:

    Hey Dedrik
    Some days i honestly felt as though i could run a marathon lol
    A dry mouth means you were not taking enough water.
    But a big congratz on 10 days, well done, many people that i have tryed to support dont even make it through day 1.
    One bit of advice i must give you is that you might feel a little low, dont worry about this as it is normal finnishing a water fast.
    You should have taken an oral enema on day 3 this would have removed the waste that is still lying in the colone and intestines, trust me there will still be waste lying inside you right now.
    You can still do a salt water flush to clean you out making you feel like a newborne with a spring in your step LOL.
    Let me know what you think and i will tell you how to do this but it, but its up to yourself.
    I will be back and forth on all day/night.
    And you look younger than me if that is a recent photo, must be all that fresh salty air that you get on a ship lol
    Best wishes tell the wife i said hello Keith.

  371. keith101 says:

    Hi Ahrand
    I have never read into the benifits of cocconut oil but i will have a look, i did have half a cup of green tea every once in a while without milk or sugar of course lol.
    People say its not a fast if you add anything into your water, but it all depends on why you fast in the first place?
    religeous, mind, body, and spirit, waight loss.
    If you are happy to put cocconut oil in with your water fast then yeah go ahead, if you have read up on this great.
    How are you today, i think i was about 7 days into my last fast and had to wear shades to go onto the pc, my mother thought i was nuts lol.I had a migraine real bad, but i was determined not to put pills into my body, only the ones that keep me alive lol.
    Blessings Keith.

  372. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    It is 4 o’clock in the morning here and I had a very good sleep. Feel really rested. Went to bed about 09:30 pm.
    That enema scares me a little… You obviously think I should do this before I start eating anything again?
    Don’t know if I have the equipment and I don’t want to ask the Doctor. This is a very little community and rumors spread like an Australian wildfire.
    I am willing to try if you let me know what I need of equipment and instruct me how to do it.

    Picture was taken last year. No, it is not the fresh air; changing nappies at my age keeps me young.:-)

    All the best,


  373. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    I don’t have a juicer, only a blender; I guess it doesn’t matter if I have the pulp ? I could strain it of course. Will purchase a juicer when we get to Australia. They are not into juicing in PNG. lol

    All the best,


  374. keith101 says:

    LOL Dedrik
    You dont need anything apart from having your own cabbin 3 hours time off, 2 table spoons of sea salt, 1 ltr of warm water and a bog roll or 2 lol.
    You drink it in a onner you can off set the taste by adding lime, it has nothing to do with a tube and bottle lol.
    But hey trust me it cleans the colone and intestines out, you will feel 18 again.
    But if you dont have the privacy for at least 3 hours after taking the [SWF] Then at least you know a bit about it, it would have been good if you did this on day 3 of your fast.
    When you back home to see the wife and change some nappies again?
    Blessings Keith.

  375. keith101 says:

    You can have a look at the site that i am trying to build, click on
    There is a bit about the salt water flush, ignore the rubbis about facing N, S, E, W, lol
    there are plenty of videos there about fasting enjoy.
    I still have a long way to go before i buy a dimain name and go WWW.
    blessings Keith.

  376. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    I did it! Burped down a liter of salt-water and was never further away from the toilet than I could reach it in 10 steps…
    Your did me a lot of good
    Have found myself a juicer onboard, so now I can make all the fresh juice I want.
    Just made myself a glass of carrot juice.

    Cheers, Didrik

  377. keith101 says:

    oh my god Dedrik
    Was it torture.
    I could time myeslfl to the last minit 1 hour 45 mins for me for it to work.
    You will have a spring in your step tomoz mate.
    The salt does not lie in your body it flushes straight through your system taking all the toxins with it.
    The first time i done this i was shitting myself before i even took it LOL.
    The loo is very handy in diong the SWF. Did you like my recipy on my site with the pic of bog rolls at the right hand side LOL.
    Sometimes you have to wiggle and massage the belly to get the flush going, but as you know know it works.
    The waste that you see has been lying inside you for many years sticking to the walls of the intestines.
    Sorry i forgot to mention start taking natural youghart to re- line the gut with healthy bacteria, then juice, then a salad, then a “CHUNKY” STEAK”…lol but true, but eat healthy.
    Blessings Keith.

  378. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Started off day 11 good, with an apple in the morning, carrot juice and some yoghurt.
    For lunch I had a salad. It is very easy here since we have a salad table for all meals.
    The enema went well and the reaction came less than half an hour after I drank the saltwater. Learned that the effect is still active even longer than three hours afterwards and had a small accident… Well, I haven’t done that since I was two…lol
    Had some prunes in the afternoon and some more juice and yoghurt.

    But in the evening I had three beers… Should never have had those, but have some bad friends onboard here…

    Woke up this morning (day 12) and did not feel too good.
    After having a large glass of Cantaloupe juice; I feel much better. No alcohol today!

    Cheers, Didrik

  379. keith101 says:

    hI Dedrik
    This is an adult site.
    I have sh.. my boxers on the salt water flush, dont worry LOL.
    The main thing is that you have completed 10 days on water alone,this is like climbing half way up mount everest, something that not many achieve.
    Be proud of what you have done mate.
    Not many get past the 1st day truth.
    The thing is the first thing we do is fall back into old ways, but it will change the way you think and view things.
    Trust me.
    Blessings Keith.

  380. JJ says:


    I found out I have a hypothyroid, how does fasting affect this good or bad…any tips on certain juices that help


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JJ
      Juice fasting is beneficial to all glands and organs. The question is … will it cure it.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi JJ
      Hypothyroid is getting more common on
      I was over-active for many years and was on iodine pills to try and stabilize it eat vegetables with a high iodine content to see if that stabilizes it?…I had to have the radio active treatment, best thing i did…I am now
      under-active, which is much easier to treat and control, I take levelthyroxin a nd have been stable now for many years.
      What advise have the doctors gave you…Let me know.
      Blessings Keith.

  381. Once says:

    But Keith…do you stop taking the levo while you’re fasting? That is a question I have also. Current medical belief is that most hypothyroid sufferers have had their thyroids destroyed by autoimmune attack (Hashimoto’s disease). I have asked my doctor if “destroyed” means that I have no chance of independent thyroid function again, ever. She said probably not.

    My question (and Tom’s) is still whether it’s irreparable, or could the under-functioning thyroid gland be healed by a prolonged fast. I would be willing to explore this question – in fact, it would give me a compelling reason to complete a fast if I thought I was contributing important information.

    Tom – is it juice or water fasting that is more likely to heal glands? And – should I stop taking my thyroid replacement hormone (Levo) to encourage healing – or, do you think healing might take place anyway? Would a 30 day fast be long enough?

  382. keith101 says:

    Hi Once
    That is a good question….
    Only part of my thyroid was killed off hence i have a lack of thyroid hormones. My thyroid is irreparable as they killed to much of the thyroid that’s why I am on levelthyroxin for life.
    My mother was over active and was given a course of iodine for about a year and was cured, that was about 15 yrs ago.
    I do believe that normal function can be restored with juice/veg fasting with an iodine content in the veg you take, but you must be able to know how much of an iodine content to take to stabilize the thyroid. {ONLY IF THE THYROID IS OVER-ACTIVE}
    Therefore a doctor has to be able to check with a thyroid function test to see how much iodine you need to take for stabilization of the thyroid, then you can work out what juice/veg you need to take.
    Regards Keith.
    PS The man who discovered thyroid dysfunction was called Graves….{AS IN GRAVES DISEASE}
    I do still take my levelthyroxin, but i will have it checked in 3 weeks time to find out if there is any change with the function.

    • Once says:

      yes I know, Keith – I thinking we are talking about opposite conditions…Graves is hyperthyroid (overactive) and Hashimotos disease results in hypo – underactive, which women sometimes get after childbirth. I had a bout with it after unloading my enormous middle daughter in ’92. I recovered, but after the last one in ’01, I went down for the count, and have been on Levo ever since.

      There was dragging fatigue, depression, and hairloss. I’m still mourning that one. But even with Levo, the sypmtoms remain, and now I have RA. It’s not bad, but I’m not interested in seeing it progress. Todd B. Nippoldt, M.D., Mayo Clinic endocrinologist says:

      “Keep in mind that hypothyroidism can increase your risk of developing other autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. If pain, stiffness and swelling don’t improve after adequate thyroid treatment, consult your doctor. He or she may consider other possible causes of your joint pain.”

      It took eight years to do that. I want to shut down my autoimmune attacks and get my thyroid and joints back without drugs. I have recently started working out again, and I must admit that being on a running track got me fired up and I had a good time running. Then in the gym I found I hadn’t lost as much strength as I thought.

      But the workouts “angered” my immune system, and today I am feverish, weak, glands swollen, kidneys hurting, feeling as if i’m coming down with a flu. I used to get these attacks when I ran track, or pushed myself, and it would last 12-24 hours but there was no flu. Now I understand it is rheumatoid stuff happening. I want to be fit, not sick. So if a fast makes all this autoimmune stuff stop, then it might eventually prove to a doctor that it can be healed, and continuous medications and steroids are not necessary. This is progressive, but can also go into “remission” with the right cure. I want to try.

      • keith101 says:

        Valid point Once.
        But being under active, taking juice/veg will not restore the thyroid to full function, yes it will however relieve the symptoms that you are having. I to get swollen glands, and sometimes feel niggles in my thyroid. I dont have any problems with rheumatoid arthritis, i hear people say that when the thyroid is stabilized, they still put on weight, this is utter rubbish. A healthy diet and even long walks will keep the weight off.
        I may bring this up on my next post Once.
        Regards Keith.

  383. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,
    I have been watching your videos on and you seem to be doing well. Good on you!

    We have a Doctor onboard at the moment that is more “open” to the idea of fasting and I have told him that I will start a 30 day water fast starting April 1st.
    I will take a checkup before I start, including a blood test for white blood cell count.
    That means that I am 14 days into my fast the day you end your 40 day fast.

    This time I will do the saltwater flush on day three.
    Anything else I should remember?

    We are in Port Blair India today and it is very hot here.

    All the best,


  384. keith101 says:

    Hi Dedrik
    I will be posting my video on day 18 tomoz with my weight loss so far, i was at my doctors today for a weigh in and BP…All is fine.
    I will be doing another SWF tomoz, if i am clean then that will be the last one i do. 1st one was day 3, 2nd day 8, 3rd day 18.

    Just make sure your work load is not to heavy on your 30 days.
    Best wishes Keith.

  385. SbInstructor says:

    Hey guys im still maintaining the 206lbs I fluctuate I did go down to 193lbs which was 3 lbs short of my goal but then i realized looking at myself that I looked way to thin on my arms and on my legs however my mid section seemed to be the same for all the new fasters in hear I lost 40lbs from Aug 1st to the 31st well nearly 40lbs. I do not advise doing that as its very dangerous im only 21 yr old so my RMR is a lot higher than the older crowd in here. I also play football so that helps but anyways im 206lbs. Im looking at maintaining around 197lbs-200lbs so im going to fast for a few days to get down to 197lbs. Wish me luck.

    Day 1

    Weight: 206lbs
    Intake: Lots of water, ran out of V8 (found out V8’s bad for you anyways)

  386. SbInstructor says:

    Day 2-3

    Weight: 204lbs
    Intake: Lots of water, Some Tea not much.

  387. SbInstructor says:

    Day 4

    Weight: 204lbs
    Intake: Lots of water & lemon tea

  388. SbInstructor says:

    Day 5-6

    Weight: 202lbs
    Intake: Rasperry tea & water

  389. SbInstructor says:

    Day 7-8

    Weight: 200lbs
    Intake: Water, lemon tea (did 3 mile run 110 pu 110 su)

  390. SbInstructor says:

    My roommate is in ROTC so he helps to keep me keep up the routine. Im 6’3″ 200lbs trying to get down to 195-197lb range I was at 206lbs for everyone joining just recently.

  391. Tomika says:

    Starting my fast over today….unsure of how long im gonna go. Im just hoping to make it past day 1!

    Weight – 237lbs
    i drank decaff coffee and just guzzled down some V8 juice
    So far im not feeling that hungry…and feel pretty good about the fast. My real challenge is alway over the weekend when around other people who eat. If i can get through this weeken then its easy breezy from here!! I LOVE THIS SITE!

    • Tomika says:

      I think im gonna start juicing some fruits because that V8 juice had a lots of sugar in 38 grams.

      • SbInstructor says:

        Juicing yourself is always better but its gonna cost ya a lot more of a hassle especially because you want to eat your fruits when they are fresh so that means you have to sacrifice some time and energy goign to the store every 3-4 days if not sooner. If you do V8 I did a V8 diet and it worked lost 40lbs problem was the original V8 have a lot of sodium in it so thats pretty bad stick to low sodium if anything i had about 125 cans of V8 when i started my fast.

  392. mxxm says:

    Fasting while being in the company of people who are eating is a real challenge. I have done that and looking back I think what bothered me the most was that I couldn’t think what to do. They were all occupied, eating, and I, except for trying to keep a glass of juice in my hand, had nothing to do. At first I felt odd but then a calm came over me as some began to ask why I was not eating. As I began to explain that I was fasting they began to ask questions and I soon found my strength and determination to fast rising up anew within me.

    I encourage you to continue your fast, even in the presence of others, because more than likely there are others around you who desperately need the benefits fasting would bring them.

    • Tomika says:

      Well i made it through the weekend!! Im so proud of myself. Yes it was very hard and food was everywhere. And I did find myself looking around with nothing to do while they ate with a glass of water in my hand. I just told then i had stop eating meat. I knew if i brought up fasting it was just bringing up conversation that i didnt want to get into. My sister always making the comment that i starve myself jokingly. So giving up meat was my answer and they left me alone…lol.

      Day 4 of my juice fast…and i feel great. I have usually have back pain when i get out of bed but this morning i literally jumped out of bed with a lot of energy. over the weekend i did notice there were times where i felt overly tired and dizzy to the point that i couldnt stand. So i knew my body needed to rest.

      i weighed myself and im down to 231. I lost 6lbs already!!! Yeahh meee!! Cant wait till the end results!

  393. SbInstructor says:

    Hey everyone glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. I accomplished the 195lbs but then went back up to 200lbs to much pressure from family and friends thinking im going anorexic which i am not im far from. Anyways for anyone that is new into fasting please read what I am about to type below:

    Everyone that you will encounter will most likely not like the idea of you fasting. There are many reasons why people will not want you to fast but the key to remember is that fasting is very healthy for your body. If you are overweight or even at a healthy weight for that matter fasting can completely detox your body of all the foreign toxins from the foods that you eat and help to clear up your skin, fingernails and toenails and also make you feel more alert. During the fast you will and I say this in emphasis ‘YOU WILL’ feel like your dying or that something is not right with your body and this is because your detoxing so quickly. Your friends will say that it is bad because then you will gain all your weight back but the truth is that being obese and overweight is more of a risk than fasting. With all the negatives that come with being overweight how can fasting be worse tell them that and see what they say. One of the reasons that others like to ridicule you if not because they want to help is because they themselves feel helpless to do nothing with their own health. Improving your health will improve your mind as well. During the fast will be the toughest time. I imagine fasting like going to war with your own mind because your mind is telling you that you need to eat but you should be able to control your self with your mind.

  394. SbInstructor says:

    Still at 200 weighed myself today im at 199.8lbs weighed myself three different times during the day my weight went up to 200.4lbs at its peak i had a lot of water but its stayed around the 200lbs i would like ot get down to 185lbs but my gf says im crazy if i do it and i dont think my other peers (friends and family) would agree. But remember I am trey so i kinda do what i want any goal ive ever wanted ive attained so im goign to be down to 185lbs by end of ths month guaranteed ill post about it and ill do a 1 on 1 support with anyone that is looking into getting fasting, I can help coach someone if they are in need and we can be a support group. Ive found by writing to others it helps keep me on track and I can also help keep you on track so let me know my email daglory (at) hotmail (dot) com