Fasting Progress Report – (User: RopinC)

  • Age   33
  • Weight and Height  259   5’10”
  • Type of Fast  Water Fast
  • Any past experience with fasting.  None
  • Reason for the Fast  I have had a lot of stress and would like to clear my body of toxins and start fresh eating right.
  • Health Issues  None
  • Pre-fast diet.  None

I started my first fast and then found this site.  What a wonderful resource! So I am on day 3 of a water fast, well I started out on the Master Cleanse but the acid was just too much for my stomach.  Today is the most difficult day so far, my back is killing me, and I am pretty grouchy.  lol  I know day 3 is the hardest so that is motivation to keep going.

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