The truth About Fasting Problem

I Can't Get  My Fasting Started

I Can’t Get My Fasting Started





I am 39 years old and I weigh about 185 lbs at 5′-1″.  My baby is 15 months old. I have hypertension during pregnancy and never goes away and even the 25 lbs I gain.  I suffer from intense migraines that accompany my periods.  I have no experience with fasting and like to attempt 21-day water fast.

I attempt to start the fast 2 days ago but I break my fast after 36 hours.  Also, I eat a meal today after 20 hours.  I am having a really hard time getting started. Finding this site makes me excited.  I  love to have a fasting buddy to keep me on target.

My weakness is that I cook for my family and have no willpower to resist the food. When I am not in the kitchen I am fine.  I like to live a quality life without medication.

Answer By Tom Coghill

Is this a juice or water fast?  Always start by juice fasting and using an enema 2 times a day, this will get you started as you will feel no hunger.  If you do feel hungry drink juice.  Use a juicer. Fill in a progress report. Juice fasting always lowers and cures hypertension.

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