The Fungal Invasion Is The Strong Cause of Cancer

The Fungal Invasion Is The  Strong Cause of Cancer

The Fungal Hypothesis – by Dr. T. Simoncini

Dr. Simoncini is a roman doctor specializing in oncology, diabetology, and metabolic disorders. He states:

In the plant world, the cause of cancer is a fungal invasion, and it is possible to argue that the same thing happens in human beings. In cancers Fungi always involve and they find it both in vivo and in the post-mortem examination.
However, scientists believe that they develop after the onset of the illness. My opinion is that they come before it: they produce cancer, blunt the immune system, and then invade the entire organism.

Each type of cancer caused by fungi of the Candida species, as also referenced by other research*, and the histological configuration is a result of the defense reaction of tissue against the invasion. In time, the tissue gets exhausted and produces only undifferentiated cells.
Cancer can term as a ‘solid abscess,’ where the colonies form the center, and host cellular reaction is all around.

Sodium Bicarbonate Cancer Treatment

Traditional anti-fungal drugs are ineffective in treating tumors because the solid colonies can attack only on the surface of their volume, and after the first administrations, they become resistant.
A solid infection is much more powerful than a bacterial one. That is why simple fungal infections can last forever.

I have identified the substances uniquely able to penetrate these volumetric infections: for cancer of the internal organs it is sodium bicarbonate; and the best substance to eliminate skin cancer is iodine tincture, particularly when it is spread onto the growth. There are many publications that describe the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate on cancer*, but the conclusions drawn in them are invariably wrong because they assume intracellular, rather than antifungal action.

Sodium Bicarbonate Treatment

My methods have cured people for 20 years. Many of my patients recovered completely from cancer, even in cases where official oncology had given up.

The best way to try to eliminate a tumor is to bring it into contact with sodium bicarbonate, as closely as possible, i.e. using oral administration for the digestive tract, enemas for the rectum, douching for the vagina and uterus, intravenous injection for the lung and the brain, and inhalation for the upper airways. Breasts, lymph nodes, and subcutaneous lumps can treat with local perfusions. The internal organs can treat with sodium bicarbonate by locating suitable catheters in the arteries (of the liver, pancreas, prostate, and limbs) or in the cavities (of the pleura or peritoneum). It is important to treat each type of cancer with the right dosage. It required for a phleboclysis, 500 ccs at 5% or 8,4%; for external administrations, it is enough to taste if the solution is salty. Sometimes it is judicious to combine different administrations. For each treatment, take into consideration that tumor colonies regress between the third and fourth day and collapse between the fourth and fifth so that a six-day administration is sufficient.
A complete, effective cycle is six treatment days on, and six days off, repeat it four times. The most important side effects of this care system are thirst and weakness.

Skin Cancer and Psoriasis

For skin cancer, a 7% iodine tincture should be spread on the affected area, 20-30 times once a day, with the aim of producing a number of layers of crusts. After this treatment, cancer is over.

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