A Taste of Heaven Juice with Carrot, Sweet Potato, Apple, Onion, Dulse Powder

A Taste of Heaven
2 carrots
1 sweet potato
2 apples
thin slice of Spanish onion
pinch of dulse powder


Dulse is a red seaweed that is found all over the North Atlantic. Commonly used as a food and medicinal plant, dulse powder is a great addition to any juice because of its high nutrient content. With a higher mineral content than most other vegetables, dulse has most of the trace elements that the human body needs. A handful of dulse powder contains almost all the vitamin B5 and B12 and a day’s worth of iron. And despite the slightly salty taste, dulse contains very little sodium, which is great for reducing high blood pressure.

Dulse powder has a distinct seaweed flavor. You can mix it with your juice, spread it around your salad, or sprinkle it around your garden; dulse does wonders for your plants too!

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