Juice Fast- Urine Acidic, Thick With Bubbles

As of Day 10, I began noticing a thick urine.  Filled with small bubbles (I read this is yeast – is this true?) and thick, filminess to it.  Also, I do pH ion test strips every morning to measure my alkalinity. Before the fast on my usual greens, it was usually in a good range around 7ish.  Since starting my juice fast, all urine tests acidic.  Can you explain?

Jessica in Atlanta

Bubbles in urine can be caused by the presence of excess protein in urine or it may also be something as simple as a forceful flow of urine that could make a foamy type of appearance due to excess trapping of air in urine as it contacts water. You will not be able to tell just by appearance.

This can however be established using a dipstick test for urinary protein or a simple urine analysis. For a more precise measurement, you may need to collect urine for 24 hours (microalbumin study – positive between 30 – 300 mg albumin per day).

Diabetes maybe associated with excess protein in urine.

On the other hand, passing actual air bubbles in the urine, is very rare – a condition known as pneumaturia. It is most often caused by a fistula between the bladder and the colon, usually as a result of a diverticular abscess, Crohn’s disease or cancer of the colon, bladder or female genitalia.

I would recommend a visit to the doctor’s office to evaluate your pain and maybe do a few tests.

Info by Dr. Tamer Fouad

Ketosis releases acetone that may acidify the urine. Excess acetone or ketone bodies in the blood and urine can be a sign of Ketonuria may help signal possible complications during extreme fasting. But I doubt this on a 10 day juice fast. If you feel good I would continue the fast. If you want you can add 5 raw egg whites and 5 tablespoons of essential oils that will slow the detox. As this started with fasting and you are juice fasting which is very safe, I would not be concerned. Urine always goes dark and foamy during heavy detoxification and creates a foam in the toilet. B vitamins increase this effect.
Tom Coghill

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13 Responses to Juice Fast- Urine Acidic, Thick With Bubbles

  1. Jessica says:

    Day 17 of my green juice fast. I’ve had good days w/tons of energy & focus, and most importantly those days had no feet pain! This is super exciting. However, yesterday took a dive, I guess I am digging deeper into cellular cleansing by day 17? So exhausted, again no appetite, even green juice I could hardly make myself drink any, just water and pau d’arco tea which seems to give me energy when drinking hot. I slept 12 hours last night and woke up still a dragging body, weak. Feet pain was killing me last night & all I did differently yesterday was 1) I missed my ionic liquid mineral dosage (ran out) and 2) I took liquid organic chlorophyll around 8pm & probiotic. By 10 pm, back and foot pain were horrible. Maybe it was too much. Doing yoga when I have time and I can tell it helps to unblock the meridians, from whatever is stagnant in them. I ordered a coffee enema bag and hopefully that will help. Dark circles still look bad under eyes and weight is down to 103 (used to be 112ish). Love your comments as usual, Tom.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jessica
      Detoxification is cyclic and the cycles reasons are unknown. You can for days feeling amazing then one day and the world crashes. But it is after these event that the greatest healing occurs.
      This is a good sign. All the symptoms mentioned are a common result of deep detoxification. Old injuries get painful. An enema helps a bit and sometimes a lot. And a coffee enema is the best choice to flush the liver. A cleansing crisis can can last up to 3 days but usually 36 hours.

  2. Jessica says:

    Day 18 of green juice fast. Dropped to 100 lbs so had mixed berry juice today to give me some energy and calories. Slept another 12 hrs last night, sleep has never been so welcome. Tired today, had colonic yesterday and WHOA at the black tar that came out of me. Gross. Hydrotherapist was shocked & said that it was coming from liver, also tons of yellow bile. I knew it was congested still & there’s my proof! Also a parasite! I know there are more to go. Terrible painful cramps during the session & lots of stool that also went out…tells me that it was caked on my large intestine, since I have had no solid food now for 18 days. Tom, is the occasional berry juice ok to have if I have candidiasis too?

  3. Jessica says:

    Day 19 on green juice fast. Down to 99 this am! Strange thing is you can’t tell by looking at my face- the last time I attempted a 1 week fast- my face was a skeleton. Now it’s my body. So I’m just dressing in long sleeves and layers to try to hide it at work. No clothes fit, technically I’d be a double zero (00) now. I know it will come back, though. Needing less sleep. Not a dead body in the morning lately, had energy to move. So nauseated after Day 17’s colonic I slept all day & couldn’t even consider one SIP of water. It really pulled some junk outta me. Back on my green juice, diluting in water. Mixed today cabbage, leek, parsley, kale, & bok choy. Pau d’arco tea. Yoga this am. Tons energy, wide awake. Great posture at my desk. Feet still on fire (liver congestion). Getting tons accomplished in my workday today. I think sugar (even fruit) agitates me- prob the candida throwing off toxins. I am trying to go on a 90-day raw food diet after breaking my fast. Was told to break fast if I lose 20% weight, which would give me until 92lbs. Can’t wait to get a colonic next Tuesday to see what else may flush out.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Did you try Milk Thistle for you liver? A coffee enema may help.

      • Jessica says:

        I do have MT, but it seems to aggrevate the nerve pain in my feet. I do not understand the correlation. Did the coffee enema last night and it went very well. I am surprised at the “poo” still coming out of me during the enema, I mean no food now 20 days. Was this very old fecal matter most likely? Tom, is it safe to do a coffee or water enema daily while fasting, and if so, which one do you recommend?

      • aprilrain says:

        Hi! Do you think you could give me some advice on doing a fast for a inflamed pancreas, congested liver & candida?

        April Rain

  4. aprilrain says:

    Hi Jessica,
    How are you doing on your fast? I have a congested liver,candida & I believe a inflamed pancreas.
    I have been having alot pain in my feet since my liver is so congested also. I could not understand why my feet ache so much at times lately especially since I only weigh 109 lbs.

    April Rain

    • Jessica says:

      I did the green juices (watered down) for 24 days. Not bad for my first fast I feel. By day 25, I just could not take anymore juice. I dropped to 98 lbs and decided to listen to my body & stop. Next time, I will try for at least 30 days. You are the first I’ve heard of also with feet pain due to liver/pancreas. I do believe it’s inflamed pancreas with me, as a naturopathic chiropractor plus a hair analysis expert both confirmed, although all my doc ‘tests’ come back normal. I know something’s off. The only time I feel foot pain relief is when I have just finished a liver cleanse (Hulda Clark protocol), and when I go for days with NO drop of sugar, including fruit. Where in your feet does your foot pain occur? Mine is inside of the soles (edge between big toe and back of foot). It flares up with sugar intake. I am now doing tons of organic green smoothies a day to try to build up my magnesium/calcium/copper, which my hair analysis showed I was very deficiient in- magnesium esp, causing the pancreas inflammation. I have done several liver flushes already but see I have more to go. I just started Julia Chang’s Chinese Bitters/Gold Coin Grass tinctures which are supposedly the best at removing stagnant bile from the liver. I know I have a lot to go, the most recent flushes I’ve done have been eliminating WHITE stones of different sizes, which I was told are cholesterol stones. Also, supposedly the uterine fibroid I have will benefit from cleansing the liver. Fibroids form b/c the liver is congested & unable to filter the estrogen appropriately, hence it deposits. I notice the day AFTER I eat sugar is usually rough in terms of the nerve foot pain, suggesting a delayed reaction. Please feel free to email me personally at jsscterry@gmail.com if you want to compare progress. I am so glad to hear from someone else dealing with this same thing. Tired of going to docs to no avail and them acting like I’m making this up. The juice fast did help & the pain diminished, & I did colonics throughout and watched it flush out tons of yellow bile. My poor liver! Please email me. Jessica

      • aprilrain says:

        25 days of veggie fasting is great! I sure hope I can make it. Can you tell me about how many drinks a day you made & how much water you diluted with the green drinks? Did you use any carrots? Did you do 1 coffee enema a day? I drank some the paul d arco today a few times but it makes me extremely sleep because it so antifungal & my candida is so bad. Can you send me a link for the chinese bitters?

        April Rain

      • H H Hampton says:

        Hi, I’m on day two of a juice fast, but am intrigued by the organic green drinks, especially as one of my goals is to lose weight. Do you have any recipes or instructions you could refer me to? Thanks.

  5. aprilrain says:

    Thank you so much for the quick response. I know exactly how you feel about the doctors acting like your making stuff up & your being a hypochondriac. I wish that was the case. I hate most allopathic doctors now. I seen a Naturopathic doctor a couple times but haven’t been back to her lately.
    My feet mainly ache in the soles near the toes & back soles sometime too but sometime even the middle part of the foot aches. I know for a fact my liver is congested & my pancreas is inflamed. My stools are now being a pale color. I don’t have a gall bladder it was removed about 2 yrs ago not because I had gall stones but because it was inflamed & only emptying at 11%. So I’m not sure if I should still do a liver flush. Do you still have your gall bladder? Did the liver flush make your pancreas ache more when you drank that oil? Were you getting pain in your pancreas & if so now that you did the fast for 24 days did the pancreas pain go away? I really like to get a hair analysis when I have the money. I know I’m very deficient in minerals my problems all started after breastfeeding 2 babies & I wasn’t eating healthy at all & my babies took all my minerals & thats when the imbalance started in my body. How was your energy level during the fast? I tried recently mainly juicing green veggies since having this pancreas pain the longest I think I lasted was 3 days but I felt so tired,achie,joint pain & crabby. I know I need to veggie fast for at least 30 days or more to help heal my pancreas & liver but I need some advice because I need some enrgy I have a 2 yr old & 6 yr old to take care & I’m afraid I’m loosing so much weight & muscle. I’ve been doing some coffee enema’s they seem like they help with the brain fog. I’ll email you.
    April Rain

  6. ClydeBe says:

    Thick urine is dehydration most likely. Check your urine specific gravity.
    Bubbles could be detox reaction or sugar.
    Best to test your urine as above.

    Clyde Be