Need A Fasting Buddy? Closed

We tried the fasting buddy system for a year and although many fasters were looking for a buddy few contacted each other.Β  What works is to create a progress report.Β  It get sent to all users emails. It keeps your information organized and makes it easier for support.Β  The best way to get a fasting buddy is to post encouraging comments on other progress reports and then people will start to support you.

To create a progress report just click on “create progress report” at the top left in the blue above the logo.

You also get more support from Kieth and, I as we want to encourage other to use this system.

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588 Responses to Need A Fasting Buddy? Closed

  1. lisesheehan says:

    Hi, I want to fast, i keep starting and fall off the wagon. I am 48, live in massachusetts, have gained a ton of weight recently. have some health and emotional issues i’d like to clear up, and food is separating me from God. But really my pain is what is driving me this time, adn my weight. I use to be much healthier eater. I’ve always struggled, but had made lots of progress. Then, a breakup set me off. BUt, on the positive, i quit smoking over a year and a half ago, so that is part of it. I believe that this next step in my healing will be more deep, like becoming an attentive eater. So, if you’d like to talk about supporting a fast, you can email me at

  2. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Lisesheenan,
    You should read to help get your thought more positive. I now have a program for coaching fasting and the link is on the top bar of this site. With paid support I invest my time and energy into you achieving your fasting goals. Free support is usually a few lines of text. But for many, that is what they want, but 80% fail.

  3. leahwebster says:

    To introduce myself I will start with some of my journal entries.

    Journal Entry for 10/19/2008- I hope to achieve optimum health and a
    closer relationship with the Father. I want a greater understanding
    of the Word and how it applies to Weight loss.

    Journal Entry for 10/24/2008- Well, I started being careful of what I
    eat on Oct 20th.. Lots of green tea, veggies, and small portions of
    everything else. Starting weight 250 lbs.
    My key focuses have been too PRAY and drink tea first, before eating.
    Stop eating when the hunger edge resides. Play this little game…
    see how little food it takes to get by. Feed myself in the Word of
    God not physical food. My hunger is spiritual.
    * My body is not my own, it was created by God for His glory and has
    been paid for by Christ. Do my actions glorify God? Will I respect
    his gift and be a good stewart? Take care of God’s Temple? Walk in
    self- disappline? Walk in the strength He has supplied?

    YES LORD, I will!

    By following the above I am making good progress.
    Currently 242lbs.
    Started Hydroxycut 10/23/08 to help the process along.

    Goal #1-
    Loose 30 lbs by dec. 12th Dr. Appt.
    7 weeks + 4 days= 53 days
    4 lbs a week= 28lbs

    Loose 60lbs by surgery date-potential july.

    End weight- 160 lbs

    Journal Entry for 10/27/2008- Well, sunday was the begining of the
    Makers diet. that way sabaoth with be off. weight- 240.8 Breakfast-
    zuccini and eggs snack- apple lunch- chicken salad- 4 oz chix, 1/3
    red pepper, 1 cup celery, 1 T mayo, 1t dijaun mustard, 1/4 c flax
    seeds, chopped and combined on top of 2 romain lettuce leaves. snack-
    apple dinner- green salad w/ranch dessert- 1/4 c vanilla pudding. I
    have lost the water weight and now it is time to get to business and
    loose fat. We went apple picking yesterday so I didnt exercise. MY
    BAD! I NEED TO EXERSIZE TODAY! On tract to my Dec.12th goal to weight

    Journal Entry for 10/29/2008- Prayer is all sustaining daily. When I
    wake, go to sleep, when the baby cries, when the kids argue, every
    hint of hunger or craving I pray to the Lord. Every indearing smile,
    laugh and giggle, new picture and lesson learned, every loving act of
    kindness I thank the Lord. Today is the first day of my juice fast.
    Juice only until the 3rd day. Then I will break and plan for the next
    which will be 7days. My goal is to Love the Lord and sacrifice self.
    To call on the Lord in all things, to be lead and guided in all
    things in complete wisdom and truth. For the glory of GOD!

    I too have alot of weight to shed.

    I am currently 239 amd am shooting for 160. As I have been studying
    and praying I have been really lead to cleaning this temple God has
    created, to bring it back to the level of functionality that He
    created it for.

    I am at the end of my first day. Hands are shakey, head lite, and
    tummy rumblin’ Praise the Lord for He sustains me. My goal is 3 days

    This is the biggest challenge I have every taken on. But with the
    Lord as my strength I can beat this addiction to food.

    The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.

    That brings us to today. I am at the end of my second day of my
    juice fast. I would like to start a central spot for people to
    gather to address fasting and faith. Scripture has a lot to say about
    the benifits and the Makers Diet touches on it too.
    Fasting is a scary but needed step. We can support each other and Christ will support us all.

    10/30/08- the 3rd day of my juice and water fast. I felt good, not hungry, plenty of energy. The cleansing symptoms have passed! I was reading about a salt water colon cleanse and tried it which made me sick.

    I was originally going to juice fast for 3 days then break 10 days and fast 7 days, break 7 days and fast 14 days, break 7 days , fast 21 day, break 7 days , fast 40 days. Each “break” I follow The Maker’s Diet Phase One. But now that I have begun the 3rd day of my juice fast I don’t want to stop. So I will continue on my juice fast
    thru the 7th day then begin The Maker’s Diet Phase One

    11/1/08- beginning of day 5 is here, weighed in at 236lbs this morning. the salt water solution I tried the other day took a couple of days to where off but I am fealing better now. I woke up a bit hungry but other that that I am doing good. I have been drinking green tea this morning to help flush the water retention from the salt water cleanse. On toward day 7.

  4. leahwebster says:

    The greatest change so far is the way I rely on the Lord more and more thru out the day where as when I was not fasting it was easier to just get caught up in my day. Now every time I feel a little hunger trying to bug me I praise Him because it was for me He fasted 40 days and overcame Satin. Then suffered so much to defeat sin, illness, and the grave. To give His authority to man to follow in His example. WOW, how AWESOME is that!?! It is amazing the connection between food and the Spirit. When my resolve is weak, my spirit is weak. Easily overcome with doubt, confusion, self. As the Lord strengthens me daily and we bring this body under subjection, His power and authority is made more and more aparent in my life.

    Praise Him

  5. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi leahwebster,
    There is lots of info on Biblical fasting under the link prayer and fasting. If you send a pic I can make a post for you.

  6. Fizz says:

    Thanksgiving is coming up just around the corner. My boyfriend is coming over soon, and I haven’t seen him in many months. I need a fasting buddy to keep me focused on my goal. I’m fasting to help myself relieve my stress and take hold of my life again.

    About Me-
    I work at a fitness center, I do karate, and I lift weights, Not including my job, I work out for 7+ Hours a week. I’m not sure what type of fast I should do considering my hectic life style that I’m trying to grasp a hold of again.

    In the last few months, I have gained about 20 lbs. due to eating on the go to get from place to place. Considering my job, I should know what to eat, but I just don’t have time to eat healthy, or even think x-x.

    I just really need to get control of my life again, so then I can get into healthy eating habits, after my fast.

    Please e-mail me at to contact me, the sooner, the better. πŸ™‚

  7. Sonia says:

    Hi guys, my name is Sonia and in my mid 20’s. I’m on day 3 of my juice fast and want to do a few days of only water. It’s tough because I’ve got hypoglycemia, but I was hoping maybe it would cure it. Haven’t found really any info on fasting curing hypoglycemia online though.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    <3 Sonia

  8. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Sonia,
    Water fasting will be hard. The treatment is 30 day juice fasting. Space your drinks out it maintain blood sugar. If this is too hard add some banana. Keep us posted and I will guide you.

  9. Ashley says:

    i know im young, but im 16.. and im 158 pounds and 5″5. i think a fasting buddy would be a great idea, im really strong and dont get that tempted by food easily so i think ill be able to handle it, i think ill try 7 days first then maybe drag it on longer maybe to 20 or so, i want a fasting buddy to keep me motivated, and i can help you be movtivated too. Also id like my buddy to discuss different forms of excercise that could help me get rid of my cursed family tummy, and love handles. write to me if your interested πŸ™‚
    thanks in advance

  10. dee says:

    hey ashley, i am starting a 3 weeks water fasting tomorrow, if you want to join me i would be very happy to be fasting buddies. we’ve got similar stats, i am 5’7 tall and currently weigh 152 pounds. please let me know if you’re interested in this.

  11. Marilyn says:

    Hey Ashley,

    I’ll be your fasting buddy =]. I’m 16 also, 5’7″ and 140lbs. I’m going to start mine after thanksgiving because I think that my family would freak out if I didn’t eat then. You can email me at


  12. cczo says:

    Hey guys – I would like to try a fast in order to get rid of the toxins in my body and feel better – I’m eating a lot of junk food and high processed food – as well as a lot of caffeine- Hopefully lose some weight as well. I’ve tried fasting before but have never lasted more than a few hours.
    If anyone would like to be my fasting buddy let me know. I’d like to try a 3 week fast.

  13. kari says:

    I am looking for a fasting buddy to help keep me motivated and share experiences. I am 21, 5’5″ and about 157 lbs. My reason for fasting is not only weight loss but for spiritual reasons as well. I have not yet decided how long or if I will water fast or juice fast. Let me know if you’d like to join me! πŸ™‚

  14. leahwebster says:


    there is a grea way to connect to the fasting community to find support and also expert advise. – check it out

  15. Abraham says:

    Hello, CCZO. I am also looking for a fasting buddy for a 3 week fast. I plan on beginning mine this Sunday (31 November), but could start Monday 1 December, too. If you’re interested, let me know and maybe we could work out some sort of a support system–including how to maneuver the challenging reintroduction of food post-fast.

  16. Whitney says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I am starting a 20 day water fast, and want to post my progress to help me with it.

    I hope to lose weight and be in position to develop better eating habits by the completion of this.

    I am fairly active and used to never eat junk or fast foods, but over the last few years have fallen from those good habits. As active as I am I think it is also very important to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, so hopefully this fast will help with that.

    best wishes to the rest of you who are fasting too

    : )

  17. Leigh says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m getting ready to embark on a 3-4 week fast. Things have been slowly getting out of hand for a multitude of reasons, and I know that fasting really helps you stop and re-evaluate what’s important in your life.

    At the moment, getting healthy is my Number 1 priority. I’ve fasted in the past, and it’s always worked, allowing me to channel my thoughts and actions towards improvement.

    If you’ld like to be my fasting buddy, we can share details! I start tomorrow, December 1st. I plan on maintaining this for 3-4 weeks, but will take it a day at a time with you! Let me know if you’re interested πŸ™‚

  18. diana says:

    I will juice fast. I am starting Monday as well. I don’t work so I think its a little for difficult for me to try and keep busy but I would like to do it for at last a week.

  19. diana says:

    I’m starting my juice fast Dec 1st. Ill be a support buddy if vis versa.

  20. brian says:

    hey i’m starting a fast tomorrow and am planning a 3 weeker

  21. Jack Lim says:

    hi i would love to fast with u. i’m from Malaysia

  22. cczo says:

    Hi Abraham – yes, I would like to start a 3 week fast. I plan on starting tomorrow. I tried today and only made it until dinner time. I think having a fasting buddy would be great. I need a support system.

  23. Lindsey says:

    Hey Y’all!! I’m 20 years old and starting tomorrow on a 42day water fast. I have completed 3 30-day water fasts over the past 3 years ( one a year always in the winter months) and am challenging myself to add another 2 weeks in length. I am 5’5″ and 110 pounds. In the past I usually lose about 23-25 pounds over 30 days, which obviously results in a final weight of about 85 lbs, however, I always check my BP and HR so I’m not in danger of hurting myself.nonetheless, i know Im strong enough to take on a 6week revitalization! I do my fasts to feel closer to God and renew my spirit and soul as well as conquer my anxiety, insomnia and compulsive habits. I would LOVE a fasting buddy for support and trading experiences!! Email me at!!

    Much Love

  24. Tiffany says:


    I’m Tiffy. I’m 19, and I have the worst eating habits of anyone I know. I’m addicted to caffine. I’m 4’11” and weigh 132lbs. For those of you who don’t know that is a bad thing for someone at my height. I’m always tired, I have problems sleeping, and poor health is killing my confidence. I’m not ugly, and I know I’m not fat. But I’m unhealthy and I carry that burden with me everywhere I go. I decided that I want to try fasting to not only detox my body, but to also build up personal strength. I hate to admit I am a very weak willed person. I feel like embrassing and tackling this challenge will make me a stronger, happier, healthier person.
    I’m hoping to start juice fasting for two weeks come Monday. I wanted to try a shorter period of time at first. I’m looking for support, and guidance. I am more than willing to do the same for anyone else.

    Thankyou for your time,

  25. Chantal.Bb says:

    Hey there Tiffny,
    I am also 19, 5’6″ and 160 pounds.. I gained a ton when i went away to australia, and have been Majorly struggeling to get rid of it agian. I worked as a weight loss councilor and i know how to do it.. But the motivation isn’t there..I am begining my fast tomorrow,I think it will help kick start me into a healthier Lifestyle after wards πŸ™‚ I feel for you, Alot of my issues are the same.
    I have fasted before, 10 days, And it is completely do able. A good support is what we both need, So i am game if you are πŸ™‚
    Have you began your fast already? If so.. How is it going?
    What type of fast are you doing??

  26. Chantal.Bb says:

    Also Tiffany,
    The caffien addiction will Go away in only a couple of days after sticking to the cleanse πŸ™‚ Which also will help with the sleep patterens!!
    Look Forward to hearing for you πŸ™‚

  27. Anna says:

    Hi – Im 26 and have lived a very fun life so far being very naughty – I have drank, done drugs and smoked…

    Whilst I have had lots of good times and bad times through doing this I feel a deep sensation to change and better myself…

    I have my own company and have been given the opportunity to go into partnership with a friend who has a very successful recruitment company, I am excited about this prospect however, i believe that living the life i currently do given that opportunity i will fail.

    I cannot justify living the drink/drugs/food (party lifestyle) when I have been given such an amazing opportunity not to mention the health/feelgood factor of fasting to get rid of my inner demons.

    So I believe that I am ready to say goodbye to the old me and look forward to meeting the new controlled, reserved, intelligant, healthy me.

    So…I am due to start my first ever 5 day water fast in hope that it will help me get the result/body/health I have dreamed of for years … I start on Monday 22nd December, I am off work and have nothing social planned during this time as I am unsure of what or how I will feel …. Please email me at if u are thinking in the same way for the end of 2008 or if you just want to talk about your experience/situation.

    Thanks Guys and Best wishes for Christmas and 2009!!!!!
    Love Anna – UK

  28. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Anna
    You should do a juice fast for 3 days first with a juicer. The worse your lifestyle the worse the dextox. It can be really rough.

  29. Anna says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for replying so quickly I was so excited I had to keep refreshing the page!

    I know it will be tough but I have done jucing detoxes before and found them great however I still seemed to go back to my old ways …

    I feel addicted to food…I just dont wnt to have the urges/cravings for junk anymore.

    The other problem is that I work 5 days per week in a mentally stressful job so I dont get the time to detox properly very often … Have you ever done a water fast and if yes did you have the same kind of lifestyle as me?


  30. yazman says:

    hey guys i started water fasting 2 days ago.and im goal is to do it for exactly 30 days. im extremelly healthy, il a little overwieght and im really excited about this can u guys give me tips? like should i take my vitamins?

  31. yazman says:

    hey i want a fasting buddy lol email me at im dong a 30 day fast just on water its day number 2*

  32. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Anna
    Water fasting is not recommend during stressful work. Juice fasting is fairly easy in comparison. You could do it if you have a slow metabolism. As to your thinking it is based on breathing and being at peace. Concentrate on make every thought positive. Read to get your mind back on a healthy frame of thought.

  33. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi yazman
    Sure take vitamins, and some essential oil is good too.

  34. Erik says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m starting a fast tomorrow. I know its short notice, but if anyone is fasting over school break and starting soon, I could use the online support. I’m doing two days of juice, 10 days water… then figure out how to ease off it.

    Happy Holidays…

  35. Anna says:

    Tom – the website u suggested I read was excellent – so many pages of information and the best part was that the advice it gives is so strong.

    To everyone else I will post regular updates on how my water fast is going – too all good luck xx

    Please keep me updated on how u are all doing πŸ™‚

  36. Christina says:

    Hey all! My name is christina and I weigh 159 pounds and I am 5’7. I am planning on doing a water fast with lime juice in it, after christmas, for a month. I’m expecting to drop close to 40 pounds. Maybe 30. I can’t wait to lose this weight rapidly. I know I will lose a lot of muscle but I can always rebuild again. If anyone needs motivation I’m here. Hugs to everyone.

  37. diane says:

    Hi, I want to go on a fast right after Christmas also – i would do a 30-day water or juice fast. I really need a buddy to do this with me. My email address is

  38. Anna says:

    Hi Christina, I am on day 2 of my water fast and would be more than happy to support you in any way that I can πŸ™‚

    I will keep you posted on how my 5 day water fast goes, so far I feel great but I am expecting things to get harder from today … what date were you looking to start? xx

  39. Anna says:

    Day 3 now and yesterday was tough, I had strong tempting thoughts/feelings and was very emotional. Slept for 13hours and feel much better today. My tounge has swollen and my mouth tastes foul but I know that the true cleansing has begun.

    Might go for a walk later after getting a shower – will keep you posted – hope your all doing well.

    Love Anna πŸ™‚

  40. michael says:

    hi im michael…..

    i am 16 and me and my brother want to dod a water fast to lose weight.

    want to feel closer to god also.

    its gonna be a thirty day fast but i dont know how to manage the water daily

  41. Lanny says:

    Hello Everyone πŸ™‚
    I am on day one of my water fast! Starting a new job Jan 5th, want to be feeling fit, trim nad energenic. This is new for me never fasted in the past. Would enjoy an email buddy for support and encouragement. I have enjoyed reading the many coments and suggestions here. Great Site! So glad I found it. in New Hampshire

  42. Lanny says:

    Additional info for those who wish to follow my results; Male age 45, start weight on day one is 213lb height 5’7″

  43. S. K. Ward, Jr. says:

    Well, I’m not a religious person. My philosophy most closely resembles the Greek Stoicism, which promotes an accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept attitude.

    I’ve been having some odd health difficulties lately, some gastrointestinal (including the possibility of a gastric ulcer) but most all probably linked to poor diet. Since I am a vegetarian avoiding carbohydrates there is really very little I can eat anyway. I have always been curious about fasting, so I have decided to undertake a fast for several reasons.

    My main goal with this fast will be physical and spiritual cleansing. I also look forward to learning more about fasting through first hand experience. Times are tight lately, and this will help me save some money. Last but not least, I could really stand to lose about fifty pounds. I have had a lot of success with the Atkins diet before I quit eating meat, so I am hoping that I will have similar success with a water fast.

    I am 6’1″ 245 lbs. My last meal was dinner on Christmas. My stomach has been feeling interesting today. I’ll keep you posted.

  44. Jess says:

    Hi SK Ward Jr

    I am having the same issue with the gastrointestinal problems. I am starting my juice fast tomorrow 28th.

    I have fasted before so I know mostly what to expect.
    I too am looking for spiritual and physical cleansing this time around.

    Hope things are going well for ya!


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Jess if you have a problem in your colon you should use and enema daily.
      For the first time keep the bag about 3 ft above you to reduce the pressure.
      The lining of the colon may be delicate if you have problems in the colon.

  45. S. K. Ward, Jr. says:

    Hello Jess!

    How long does initial discomfort last? Or does it ever go away? I am past the point of getting hungry and have begun ketosis. I also am noticing a greatly enhanced sense of smell.

    I am really enjoying this so far. My entire life I have been a glutton. I am having great success with this and feel as if it really will help me in so many ways. I already feel a great sense of accomplishment having undertaken this fast. I appreciate this place and the supportive atmosphere!

  46. Jess says:

    Hi SK Ward Jr.

    The initial disomfort may be different from person to person but for me it was about 4 days. YES the first thing I noticed is my sinuses clearing up! It does feel really good to give our bodies a break from all this which most of the food I ate our bodies don’t or use or need and spends energy trying to get rid of!

    This website is a SAVIOR for me it helps sooo much to be able to talk with others and there is so much information to learn about which really helps!

    Keep it going the feeling good only gets better!


  47. UMKJJD says:

    Hi Jess,

    It’s been a while. I hope ur doing gd with ur fast, I just started my fast on the 26th. I’m going 2 do a quick dry fast, then a water fast and the a juice fast and then stop m y fast in February. Then I’m going 2 start my fast up again on February 8th and keep it up until May. It’s going 2 b super easy 4 me since I’ve fasted b 4 so I won’t have 2 wry about being tempted ny food or ne thing else like that which would want 2 make quit my fast cuz my will is way 2 strong 4 that.^^

  48. Erik says:

    Hello All,

    I’ve finally begun my water fast. I did one day of juice, and moved to water today. Honestly, I really don’t feel hungry. It’s mostly psychological. I’ve done other fasts in the past, so I’m sure the next two days will be rough. Anyway, I’ll try to post here each day of the fast. Besides the bad taste in my mouth I don’t have anything interesting to report concerning the experience… yet.


    I’m trying to drink 8, .5 liter bottles of Poland Spring water a day during the fast. I’m using spring instead of distilled because distilled water lacks electrolytes.

    I’m also chewing sugar free gum (which some purists frown upon) because I can’t go into hermit mode and have to deal with people professionally.

    Beyond that, I slept for eight hours last night. I went for a walk, but otherwise it was a lazy Sunday.


  49. Jess says:


    Yes It has been a while I have been wondering about you and how you are doing. I wish you well with your fast. I am doing another one due to these ulcers I suddenly got. And for other reasons. Bad time of year for a fast though I work outside and we are having below zero temps. So I hope to try and stay warm.

  50. Jess says:

    Hi Tom

    My problem is in my upper stomach right now and hopefully my fast will heal this. They want me to take medicine but I wont unless I feel Im too uncomfortable. I am feeling pretty good so far. SO hopefully the fast will zap this sucker!!


  51. Erik says:

    Hello Again,

    Well I’m finishing my second day on the water fast, third day without solid food. I drank a little more than a gallon of water today, think I’ll cut it down tomorrow because I read that too much water can be dangerous without also replacing salts within the body.

    Anyway, I still don’t feel hungry. Last night however, I felt like I was having a panic attack and almost drank some juice. I fought through it without juice and am glad that I did.

    For those of you fasting to lose weight, I’ve gone without food for three days and haven’t lost a pound. I am overweight, and am slightly surprised at this. I think my body has yet to switch to stored fat as a food source. Tomorrow should show some loss.

    As for side effects experienced so far, the taste in my mouth is bad, but not unbearable. I have noticed that I’m starting to give off an odor, which is common with fasting. I haven’t noticed anything else today.

    I have the luxury of being able to work from home sometimes, and I made one of those times today. However, I am an attorney and will be in court, although briefly, tomorrow. I hope that this will not be too much for my system.

    Well, I’m going to unwind and head to bed soon. I hope posting my experience is of benefit to more than just myself.


  52. Erik says:

    Well it’s day four, three on just water.

    I’ve “lost” five pounds since yesterday. However, my body fat percentage and my body water percentage have not changed at all. I really hope that doesn’t mean I’ve lost five pounds of muscle, but that’s what it logically seems to be.

    Well, I’ll keep the fast up for now depending on tomorrows situation.

    Still barely hungry, and was able to work efficiently. The only new thing, that has me somewhat concerned, is that my eyes are horribly bloodshot. I noticed it slightly yesterday, but not like this. Anyone know how long this typically lasts?


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Eric,
      The weight loss is a reduction in body fluids as you need less due to lack of digestion. And less bulk in the colon.
      Your body will not use muscle if you have fat which is a fuel cell backup. The detox stage uslually last for 2 days but can last 3 days. You have a slow metabolism and weight loss will be gradual.

  53. Erik says:

    Thanks Tom. Tomorrow I’m going to step up my activity level to get my metabolism going.

  54. Lanny says:

    Hello All!

    Today is day 5 for me on the water only fast.

    Day 2 seemed to be the most difficult. I had head aches and aches above my eyes although I did take an aspirin which helped; also the NFL playoffs were great to distract me. During the first 3 days I did drink allot of water, probably a 10 oz. glass of optimized water per hour. I know it is recommended to drink 1/2 the body weight in fluid oz of water daily. (My start weight is 213)

    Day 4 my energy seemed to return a bit. I did 25 min. on my elliptical machine and a 20 minute walk.

    However my sleep has been rough because of minor aches and pains throughout and some intestinal cramping.

    Day 5 still experiencing some intestinal cramping although not real heavy.

    I have not weighed myself yet, thought of waiting until Saturday. (Don’t want to get discouraged too soon)

    Day 4 and 5 I did have a β€œgreen drink” (Innate brand). My thoughts are to begin my day with this drink and substance myself with a small V8 for lunch with water as needed. Also did have a blueberry tea before bed. (Without any thing added, just water)

    If anyone would like to comment, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts!

    Happy Healthy New Year!!

  55. MKJJD says:

    Aw, Jess I’m sry about ur ulcers and I hope they go away with ur fast. Working outside in this weather, yikes! Do ur very best 2 stay warm. I noticed that while fasting I had 2 wear more layers 2 stay warm cuz I just felt a lot colder so it might b extra hard 4 u. Gd luck!^^

  56. Jess says:

    Hi MKJJD

    Yes my last fast I was ALWAYS cold…so I will have to bundle up for sure! Hope you are doing good πŸ™‚

  57. Erik says:

    Well I’ve made it to day five. Still have only had water. (since day one when I had two cups of juice) Picked a crappy time of year to do this, but its the only time I could free up. I checked my body weight percentage today, and I’m down 1%, which is better than the 0% from previous days.

    I drank 3 litters of water today. My left leg was killing me all morning. Even though, I was able to use an exercise bike for 20 minutes and do a stretching routine. I am starting to feel the muscle pains associated with fasting, hopefully these will dissipate as my body works out toxins.

    Anyway… happy sober new years fellow fasters.

  58. angela says:

    Doing a 30 day water fast for the new year today is day one so if anyone wants to join me my email address is Happy New Year everyone.xoxoxo

  59. Scott says:

    Hi Angela, I’m on a 40 day no-solid-food fast, starting today as well. I make myself smoothies in the blender four times per day, and drink plenty of water, vegetable and fruit juices, and a very occasional Mountain Dew (which I’m sure makes fasting guru’s cringe). This is my second time doing this sort of fast, and I’m looking forward to the results. I fast partly for health reasons, mostly for spiritual reasons. As a Christian, fasting enables me to better focus on my spiritual life. I wish you well on your fast…let’s keep in touch for the next month or so!

  60. MKJJD says:

    Hey Jess,

    I’m doing gd still a little under the weather but i’m doing gd with my fast. I’m about 2 transition 2 the waterr phase of my fast and then juice, and then build my body up 4 regular food but thats a long way from now. Do try ur best 2 stay warm. k^^

  61. Jess says:

    Hi MKJJD

    I am on day 5 doin pretty good I havent weighed myslef till tonight…Im trying not to be obsessed with a number…this fast I am focusing on other things then weight. Talk to you later!

  62. Erik says:

    Hello All,
    Day six was rough. Muscle pain and weakness. I’m not seeing the benefits that I’ve seen with other sorts of fasts at this point. In the morning I’ll evaluate how the fast is going, and consider switching to juice. On previous juice fasts I’ve had better energy than normal, and better results than water. (probably because when I’m on juice I have plenty of energy to jog)

    So this may be the end of my posting. Thanks for the advice along the way Tom.

  63. angela says:

    well today is my 2nd day.last night was really hard for me seeing how i have to cook all the meals and my husband with his sick sense of humor took out steak so i was like OMG OMG OMG the whole i didn’t give in had terrible headaches all night long and alittle this morning but it has gone away.starting weight was 179.5 weight today is 176.0 sooo doing good so far.i am praying alot.have alot of things going on that i am seeking answers..will repost laters.have a great day guys..god bless…

  64. greatjassy84 says:

    Hi everyone,I am starting a 10 day water fast today. I weight I75 pounds. I am doing this fast fort spiritual and emotional healing and also for weight loss. I have to try and start praying again because I feel I have drawn away from God and feel so discouraged. A lot has happened and I want it to be diferent this 2009.I want to make that change in my life.I will see how the fast goes.

  65. Michelle says:

    After you fast what kind of solid food do you start to reintroduce to your body? I need to give my intestines a break after the holiday binge eating and I want to loose 15-20lbs. I realize weight varies on the individual but I’m wondering if 10days of water fasting (maybe a little bit of juice if I get dizzy) is practical for at least 15lbs.

    Wish me luck!!! It’s my first fast.

  66. Scott says:

    Well, today is day #2! I’m in the office today. I’ve got a refrigerator in my office, so I’ve stocked it with the water, vegetable juice and the allotted number of “smoothies” I’m going to drink today. I’m following my schedule pretty well, but I’m not seeing kids today (I’m a therapist), so I won’t be knocked off schedule by kids in crisis or the usual rigmarole that goes on at a treatment center. I’m noticing the hunger pangs coming on very mildly at this point, but I expect the body to finally realize there’s no solid food coming, and shortly it will begin to complain a bit more loudly! Stay strong, all!

  67. Money-D says:

    I water fasted on 01-01-2009. Then I ate some grapes and cleminties around 8 PM. I am water fasting again on 01-02 and am going to eat the fruit around 8 PM again. I am going to do thi style for 7 days. Is this cheating? I wanted to do a mixture of water and juice fasting but ate the fruit.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Money-d
      That will work. There is no such thing as cheating. You make up the program that works for you. You will feel really good after a few days on that program. We can call it the “Money-D Detox”. It has several advantages and the one draw back would be hunger. It will has enough fiber to push through for small bowel movments and would not need intestinal bacteria after the fast. It would take more discipline. You can lay it out for us as a program and see if others want to follow it.

  68. Ellen says:

    Hi everyone. I did a gall bladder/kidney flush last year, about 6 months ago. I did a salt flush the first night (a full cup of salt water, down the hatch, before bed). It made me nausious, but I kept it down. The following 4 days I drank a gallon of distilled water and a gallon of sugar free apple juice. ON the 4th NIGHT I drank a 1/2 cup of olive oil and a 1/2 cup of lemon juice. I layed on my right side before I dozed off to bed. This is required. The next morning I was in the bathroom, flushing, and I could see little pebbles of soft gallstones. It is cheaper than having surgery and my blood pressure went down too!! I no longer take meds for it. The hunger pains weren’t bad at all.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ellen,
      Did any of them sink to the bottom of the toilet as if they float on top as they all seem to do they do not have dense matter. Stones do not float. And there are no such thing as soft stones. The green globes are emulsified partially digested fat. No real science on the removal of real stones. The evidence would be grit link no-floating material.

  69. Faith says:

    Hello I’m a 24 year old female wanting to do a water fast for as long as I can starting next week. I’ve already done a two week cleansing fast and would like to do another fast for weight loss as well as mental clarity. Last night I must have eaten something bad cause all night I was sick and in the early morning I threw up everything. Now today I’m only able to eat non-solid food and some crackers. I’ve been wanting to do another fast for a long time and I think this is my jumping off point. Any one want to be my personal partner so I can have some encouragement and so forth? Thanks to whoever made this site, it was a God send.

  70. MKJJD says:

    Hi Jess
    I’m on day 9 and i’m doing great=) I feel a lot better now. My nose is fine and my headache is only on and off. Yeah u should wry about ur inches lost and not the scale 4 real results^^

  71. fastinggurl says:

    Hey Im 19 (turning 20 this year) Im 145lbs and im 5’6 im a female and I want another (female fasting buddy sorry guyz coz I dont talk to boys coz im engaged its just what I do) Im starting a water fast tommorow…anyone care to join and chat to me through some kind of Messenger? My email is πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  72. Jess says:

    Hi MKJJD

    I am on day 9…only complaint I have is being cold. I soooo want some hot chocolate! lol…otherwise doing well. I have never done a water fast before not sure its something I am ready for. I guess during my juice fast I do could a water day here and there.

  73. Money-D says:

    I am on day four. I drink apporoximatley 3/4 gallon of distilled water through out the day. At approx 6:30 to 8:00pm I eat some water melon, grapes, clementines, and some pear. Then the next day I go back to drinking water all day. The first two days I had massive intense food cravings and almost slipped up. The third day the cravings were less intense but still felt them and overcame them. I am in the fourth day (morning) and will continue. I have a small bowel movement every morning which seems to be related to the eating of the fruit at night. This is working so far, but when someone is on a fast, if they eat a little it can cause a binge. So far I have overcome this. I usually do not have good self control but am really forcing the issue. I walk 3 miles in the morning and played basketball for an hour on day three in the afternoon.

  74. Money-D says:

    That is three quarters (3/4) of a gallon of distlled water. Not 3 to 4 gallons.

  75. Faith says:

    I’m about to start my water fast tomorrow. Pray for me… hehe, I’ll be having my last supper tonight sometime and tomorrow is the big day!
    Congrats to all the people that are already on their way to their fasting goals.
    I’ll be posting updates here and there.

  76. MKJJD says:

    Hi Jess,
    This is day 11 4 me and I’m doing great. I don’t c ne thing wrong with a little hot cocoa^^ Try wearing a lot more layers 2 counteract the chills u get from the fast. The water fast is easy but it all depends on how active u r. I was able 2 go 2 the gym and run a mile on a dry fast np, but I guess it all depends on the individual.=)

  77. Sheri says:

    Hey Everyone,
    Im starting my water fast today Im going to go 12 days and see what happens, Ive done smaller 3-5 day fast so this will be my longest. Im 25 4’11 and 56kg or i suppose its about 123lbs. Anyway id love a fasting buddy if anyone wants to join me.

  78. Jade Morgan says:

    hey i would love to have a fasting buddy because i would hate to do this alone so who ever wants to my buddy id be happy for you to be thanx

  79. courtney says:

    Hi. I would like to start fasting and I figured this would be a great place to see what everyones routine is. For instance what liquids you consume and how much daily.

  80. Faith says:

    hey I started fasting today and would love to just chat with a few people just to get things out

  81. Scott says:

    Hi folks…day #5 for me today! I’m starting to get those digestive effects that come from the colon beginning to kick out some of the last of the big waste (not pleasant to talk about in public). Otherwise, I’m feeling decent and able to go through my day and keep up a normal life.

  82. Kevin says:

    Hello this is Kevin,I won’t to push it to the limit with a 14 day fast. I have multiple reasons for doing so, first & formost is my relationship with our God,other reasons to do so are mentally,physically & spiritual healing.I strongly desire a fasting partner to give & recieve modivation.Write me if you desire to join me to make a change that we all need in 2009.I will start JANUARY 6,2009 who’s with me! Email me at

  83. mojavemo says:

    Hi Kevin, I’m with U. I am starting a 7 day fast tomorrow evening. I recently finished a 4day juice/water fast and I was encouraged by how quickly 4 days passed, with only occasional hunger pangs and except for occasional fatique I really felt good. Im fasting for reasons similar to yours. Though my relationship w/ God isn’t where I’d like it to be or where it was afew years ago; My relationship with my body has been down right abusive. My body needs a break from all the toxins (food and more food, etc.) I’ve been stuffing into it. We can do this!

  84. Faith says:

    hey everyone I finished my first day! wow I knew it was always the hardest but man it was really hard.
    I only had water and some herbal tea with Honey.
    Around dinner time I fixed a great meal for my family and didn’t even taste it to see if it was seasoned right! I feel better about it today and I’m glad I said no.
    On to Day Two

  85. Cat says:

    I think a fasting buddy would be great, so for a little about myself i just turned 22 im 5’6 and 195lbs i have 3 kid’s under the age of 5 i just had my baby girl 3 months ago and i have lost 60lbs, so im back down to pre prengnacy weight. I am trying to lose alot more weight and i am trying the 30 day juice fast starting today this is my first time doing a juice fast well any liquid fast.Ive been reading about it say’s you can lose up to 40lbs and im trying to lose alot of weight before next month my husbands coming home from Iraq for leave. So i can work out like jogging on my tredmill doing a juice fast? And how many glasses of juice a day should i be drinking because it says 4 but is that right? Well thank you i have been doing research just can’t find my answers. πŸ™‚

  86. Cat says:

    Hi tom so can i make any veggies and fruits or is some fruits not okay to have? And a 30 day fasting is ok? My mom say’s it’s not and im going to starve to death.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cat,
      Any veggies or fruits, but bananas, payaya, and mange do not juice due to the type of fiber. Do a shorter fast to start such as 5 days. Starvation happens after you have no excess fat. If you see fat, you are at least a month away when you are water fasting but never with juice fasting. You can live for years on juice made fresh.

  87. Cat says:

    Well my first day is over and i was a little shaky, hungry and just a little dizzy and tierd. I made dinner for my kid’s and really started hearing my stomache but i resisted temptation. I went and bought a book Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing for life so i am gonna start reading that because it is long. Thank you Tom for answering my questions i really appreciate it. I did have a question though all my research i did it was for a 30 day juice fast why should i start with 5 days?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      A 30 day fast is good. A water fast that long is very hard. But juice is fairly easy. I find many people underestimate the difficulty in breaking a fast and that is where the blow it. Fasting is easy, breaking the fast is hard. Breaking a short fast correctly gets the feel of what it is like on a longer fast. Most people fail at their fasting goals. I read about surfing and it seemed so easy. I almost died in Costa Rica in a 7 ft wave. Or at least felt like it. But if you have no issues with compulsive eating and are disciplined in your thought life go for it.

  88. Cat says:

    πŸ™‚ I am gonna try i have been reading that book and about the enema do you have to do 1 of those…? Everything i have read about i know it’s going to be hard but i feel so tierd and no energy and i need to get feeling better i have 3 kid’s and only 22! I was reading in that book when your body is so backed up with toxins and it can’t get rid of it right and it’s trying to fast you may get pimples and boils i get boils all the time and they hurt but never pimples inever get pimples and i have a whole bunch all over my back, some on my face, arms legs and they itch and i was starting to get worried but i’m ok now. Im gonna read on how to break it when the time comes im just not gonna jump off. Is it ok to drink the pulp of the juices? Thank you!!!

  89. Cat says:

    well day 2 i was feeling really bad didn’t get much sleep last night just been groggy all day i went and got an enema and i feel so much better i feel relieved instead of oh my gosh this fast is taking forever i feel much better still dizzy with pimples but better. Thank you Tom!

  90. Kevin says:

    Hello everyone I hope your day is blessed with much progress being made.I failed on my attempt on Jauary 6 2009.I am now here again to make a change & seriously attempt my objective again.Fasting for 14 days, lets stay in contact with each other for support,modivation,& strength were someone else may lack the muscle.Reply, or email me at

  91. Cat says:

    Hey Kevin this is my 2nd day doing my juice fast im trying for 30 days my e mail is if you wanna talk or anything

  92. S.K. Ward, Jr. says:

    Tom, you rule. Thanks so much for the support here and all the great information. I fasted for seven days total and broke my fast with juice and citrus fruits. I have never felt more spiritually and physically alive and connected with the Godhead. I am a firm new believer in fasting! Next time I am going to see if I can go longer.

    Thanks again!

  93. Kevin says:

    Hello righteous children of God,my brothers & sisters.I just completed day 1 of a 14 day fast.I dry fasted & probaly will continue to do so for a couple or a few more days, or until my body feels it needs water.The reason for doing a dry fast for my first few days is because of it’s benefits, it is much more affective than water & juice fasting.Water fasting is much more benitficial than juice fasting,but all three fastings are great & a big leep of faith.Continue on your way to a new & happier life & I will do the same by faith & keep in contact with you.

  94. Cat says:

    I am on my 3rd day of my juice fasting and im not hungry today still dizzy and headaches but i think thats normal. I have lost 6lbs and i feel tierd alot but thinking ill feel better tomorrow or maybe the next hopefully!

  95. Kevin says:

    Good afternoon everyone I just completed day 2 on my 14 day fast.

  96. Cat says:

    i am on day 4 of my fast

  97. Lara says:

    Hi, I’m a Korean girl living in Korea now.
    I’m on the day 1 of my 14 day fast and excited to find this website.

  98. hippiechick says:

    hi everyone,

    i just found this site and thought i might join all of you. i am on day 12 of a 40 day fast. i have only done the master cleanse in the past but am now doing water only. i have never felt better. i am still working and functioning better than ever. i have more energy than i have had in a long time. the only thing i notice is that if i stand up too quickly i can get a little dizzy. it’s great to have this support forum. take care everyone and have a great fasting day.

  99. Cat says:

    i am on day 5 of my juice fast…:D

  100. hippiechick says:

    thanks tom. i know it’s weird but i don’t mind the dizzy spells, as long as i don’t black out that is. i was wondering do you have cravings when you do a juice fast, or is it like the master cleanse and the cravings go away after 3 or 4 days? this is my first water cleanse and so far i’m so suprised about the energy i have. i have heard from all the so called experts, which is everyone with a voice box in the vacinity, that i would lose all my energy. so far it’s the opposite, but i’m not sure what it will be like when i’m closer to day 40. has anyone done a 40 or more day water only fast? would love to hear about it.

  101. Cat says:

    i am on day 6 of my 30 day fast….feel tierd was having bad dreams last night, and my 3 month old daughters sick so i was up alot, but other than that i think ill walk on my tredmill today, and finish cleaning my house up…

  102. hippiechick says:

    hi cat. you have a 3 month old? i don’t think i could do it with a baby. i have 3 children but they are older. it’s hard sometimes when i have to make them dinner every night. this is day 13 for me only 27 more days to go.

  103. Cat says:

    hi hippiechick i do i have a 5 year old and a 3 year old too its very hard with making them food. this is my 6th day of 30 if you wanna chat i have msn and yahoo,

  104. Cat says:

    :O why am i gaining weight? I havent been drinking that much juics, alot of water why am i gaining weight??

  105. S.K. Ward, Jr. says:

    I’ll be keeping better track this time. Beginning my second water fast! Stay tuned. Goal is 10-14 days!

  106. Lesley says:


    My name is Alexandra, I am 22 years old and I am from Nassau, Bahamas. I am looking for a healthier way of life. I would like to start on sunday as I have a few get-togethers that I have to go to over the weekend. If anyone is interested in being my buddy please let me know, and let’s start this journey together!

  107. Lesley says:

    And sorry about the confusion. Everyone calls me Lesley Alexandra .. but feel free to call me Lesley.

  108. hippiechick says:

    Cat – yikes three little kids!!! I remember those days…glad there I can’t chat on msn as I don’t spend all that much time on the computer, but email is great, so I’ll probably shoot you out an email when I get some energy.

    Jr. and Leslie – this board seems awesome and very supportive. I am on day 16 of water now. It’s quite different from fasting with the master cleanse that’s for sure. I had a lot of energy in the begining but now it’s teetering off a bit. The insomnia can be a little frustrating too, but par for the course I guess.

    Good luck to both of you. I feel that fasting is a life altering discovery that should be broadcast to the world. It has certainly changed my life in many ways.

    All the best fasters.

  109. hippiechick says:

    this is day 17 of my water fast. today was really quite a hard day. i was making dinner for my children and i really really really wanted to just taste it. i didn’t do it, but the desire was so strong. it would be so much easier to be at a retreat and fast with other fasters, but alas this is the best i can do. my energy is fine. i have lost 33 pounds. i’m not doing this for weight loss, but it’s nice to have the loss. i think i’m losing so fast because my life is quite active. i don’t have a choice. anyway that’s all for now.

  110. melissa says:

    If anyone wants to join me in my 40 day water fast feel free! And email me at

  111. Sandra says:


    I would like to start a water fast this Sunday, January 18th. Lesley, I noticed wanted to start then as well. If you want to be fasting buddies, you can email me at anyone who would like to join me is welcome to email me. I plan on 21 days and however many I can do thereafter.


  112. Larissa says:

    Hi everyone! I’m starting my water fast tomorrow, Sunday 18th January. I would love to do this with someone! Going to go for 14 days then I might keep going.

    Email me if you’d like to join me

  113. forhisglory says:

    Hi! This is my second day of a 3 day water fast. I plan on a cycle of juice and water fasting for the next 38days. Thanks for this website. It is very encouraging. God Bless you all in your fasting!

  114. Kevin says:

    Hello Larissa I also am going on a 14 day water fast starting sunday 18, & I would enjoy giving & recieving modivation until we complete our objective.I’ll keep in touch everyday. Email me at

  115. Melissa says:

    I started my water only fast on Sunday, January 18. I am fasting to gain a spiritual connection with God and to lose weight gained due to my extensive food allergies. In reality my body cannot handle hardly any types of food. I have a very long list of foods I cannot eat and a very short list of the foods I can. I have tried so hard to abstain from only foods I am allergic too but it is just too hard to be around all the other foods. So I have decided to do a water only fast for 2-3 months. I would like to complete a 40 day fast before I think of continuing on to 2 and 3 months. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would be willing to help a struggling Christian with their goal to detoxify and gain closeness with God.

  116. Melissa says:

    Also i would like to add if you would be willing to be my fasting buddy my e-mail is

  117. Megan says:

    Hi! I am a fairly new mom, my son is seven months old, and I recently stopped breast feeding…I did a three day fast and told everyone it was to ”help my milk dry up”… which is not totally a lie, but not entirely true either. I have not given up our night time feeding, but I am no longer his sole source of nutrition, he recieves formula and solids. I was in Iraq when I found out I was pregnant…so I had done alot of hard exercising while I was pregnant (i.e. the Army 10 mile run….it was pretty warm out too…well over 100) So, that may have contributed to the complications that arose shortly after I returned to the states. I developed a high leak, and my doctor instructed me to stop working out, and rest as much as possible. THEN, I gained 80 pounds. Now, I need to deal with it…I have been on ‘weight watchers’, and exercising regularly for the past 3-4 months, and I have lost 20lbs…but it is soooo slow. I am rambling, I apologise… Basically, I need a fasting partner….maybe someone that knows what it is like to be constantly discouraged by everyone around you…lol. Everyone I live with thinks fasting is starving myself, and i may While I would like to do strictly a water fast, I do have an infant to care for, so I must maintain some energy…. So maybe water for 3 days, juice for 1-2, then food for 2, then start all over? I don’t know, I am so new to this, and all of these websites tell you to do such different things. SO, yeah, there it is. Am i hopeless? Can anyone help me figure out a way to do this…Please? Thanks a ton for taking the time to read my blabber! XOXO Megan e-mail

  118. Megan says:

    One more thing….while physical hunger pains, for me, go away very quickly (within the first 6-8 hours) Its the psychological stuff thats killing me!!! It is very hard to see everyone around me eating my favorite foods, 3 times a day, sometimes more… does this ever go away??

  119. Colton says:

    Hello everyone my name is Colton. Im 18 years old. I have wanted to try fasting but didn’t know how to come about it. I am not active at all. But i did walk 3 times a week and do push ups and curl ups, then I stopped. I want to get fit and get my body back. Please give me advice on what I should do.


  120. healing and fasting says:

    I am just about to start water/broth fast coupled with prayer and gratitude. I’d like to be on it for two weeks. Please go to my website and comment and I’ll contact you or just email me at actualize81—gmail you get the idea…


  121. sobana says:

    hi,all im looking for a fasting buddy to keep me motivated with my weight loss i have gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks which isnt great so if anyone wants to chat my e-mail addy is

  122. Nikki says:

    I need a fasting buddy too! I can’t find support from anybody I know. They all seem to think I want to starve myself & that it can only harm me, lol. I’m 5’7″ about 170lbs now. I’ve gained 30lbs in the past 4 months & it appears to still be climbing. My house is a mess because I have no energy & I never feel good. My boyfriend is getting very disappointed. He keeps asking if I gained all that weight the day after we got together, lol. He’s running out of patience for my laziness & excuses for our messy house. I’m tired of the way I’ve been feeling & being so disappointed in myself. I want to get healthy & feel good again & rid my body of all the toxins it’s sure to be full of – an abundance of refined sugars, overly processed foods etc. Most importantly, I want to get back on track with my walk with God. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been putting God on a back burner to my laziness as well. What better cure than fasting & prayer to get things back on track!
    My boyfriends birthday is Feb. 1st, so I thought I would enjoy using my teeth on one last steak. Then starting Mon., Feb. 2nd, nothing but raw fruits & veggies for 2 days. Then nothing but steam distilled water, fresh juices, & herbal teas for the 1st week. Then nothing but my multivitamins & steam distilled water for as long as I can stand it. When I can’t take it anymore & have to have something besides water (I’m hoping I can make it at least a week at a time), then I will just have a cup of fresh juice & go back to water only again. My plan is to keep this up through Mar. 5th, then 2 days of eating only fresh fruits & veggies to prepare my body for food again. Is it ok to take a multivitamin while fasting?

  123. duskydelphinus says:

    Hey everyone πŸ™‚ I am after a fasting buddy for 7 days plus. My email is

    thank you Dusky πŸ™‚

  124. Craig says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am starting a 30 day juice fast starting Jan.31. I am 50 and recently been packing the weight on. My daily diet lately has consisted of everything that is bad for you. I would like a fast buddy if anyone would be interested. Thanks

  125. duskydelphinus says:

    Hey sorry for posting again, but I REALLY do need help with fasting, its more i think im addicted to junk food, its horriable, i was going to start my fast today, i last like 20 hours without food, i feel terriable, don’t know what to do!

  126. Rhet says:

    Hey Dusky,

    I totally understand. I’ve been there a thousand times. I even fell off the wagon this last time I tried. (But I’m back in the saddle.)

    The idea is, you have to PLAN on feeling terrible off and on your first 10 days. It’s normal, it’s expected. You’re doing it RIGHT if you feel terrible. Your body is dumping toxins into your blood stream AND you are going through sugar/carb withdrawal, maybe also caffeine withdrawal, which in and of themselves can be brutal.

    For me, I succeed when I can convince myself that the waves of misery WILL and DO pass (often within the hour), and that I WILL survive them. Sometimes I have to think of it like childbirth (my opportunity to know a bit of what it’s like!) A laboring person knows the contractions are coming like clockwork, they know they will be very harsh, and they know something amazing will result from the experience if they can just hang on.

    Are you water fasting? I’ve found Glaceau SmartWater (it’s tasty and has got some electrolytes) rotated with distilled water (which is easier to take in, for me) is most helpful for the kickstart, as opposed to tap water.

    Keep posting. Here for you.

    –Rhet, age 39, fasting ahead of some scary medical tests which are about 8 weeks away.

  127. Julia says:

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a fasting buddy – doing a 30 day water fast and on day 3. Then i’m going to switch to juice for another 2 weeks and start on raw food after that. This is mostly for spiritual and health reasons for me =). Email is

  128. Aly. says:

    hi. well im 15 yeah i know im young but thats not the point. im 240 pound and im gunna starting water fast of about 40 days ive done a couple before all aiming for 40 days and the most ive maneged is 24 days. so this time i want someone to support me instead of telling me how unhealthy it is. im starting next sunday feb 8. so anyone who wants a buddy can email me or aim me what ever. thx.

  129. Craig says:

    Hi Tom,
    I just started my juice fast on 1-30-09. Fantastic book by the way. I have been reading it and re-reading it. There is alot to learn. I plan on jogging and hitting the gym after being on the fast for 5 to 7 days. My current goal is to do a 30 day juice fast but may extend it to 40 days. Thank You again for all of the great information you provide. Also if anyone is interested in being a fasting buddy I would be interested.

  130. Sarah says:

    Hi guys! I’m so happy I stumbled upon this website. I know I’m young- 13- but I really want to try this to clean that totally clean and healthy feeling I get when I don’t eat for prolonged periods of time. I want to go on a water fast, don’t know how long yet, but I ammmm looking for a fasting buddy.

    My stats:
    13 years old
    112 pounds

    Email me at

  131. looseit says:

    heeyy!! so today im starting the master cleanse a.k.a as the lemon cleanse!
    im @ 140pnds 5’5 21yrs
    im hoping the loose somehwere in between 15 to 20pnds im crossing my fingers since it “varies” on each body planning to so some exercise not too much because from what i have read and watched is a real strength killer for the first few days!

    anyways ill keep you guys posted i have mentally brain washed my self and cleaned up my fridge to avoid the “juicy temptations”

  132. Jeremy T. says:

    Hey Gals and Guys. Hope everyone is doing good, feeling strong and healthy. I am starting a juice fast on the 9th. I was going to do water for ten days but can’t take off work. I want all the benefits that come with superior health, but more importantly a better relationship with the Great Physician (God). I’m really excited to lose some weight, I could stand to lose about 25-30 lbs. My main concern is the sugar and calories in fruits. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, or experience. I have a moderate to slow metabolism, but plan to exercise with all the extra energy. Thank you and God bless you all.

  133. looseit says:

    Raisins are the best!
    go to this web site they tell u all the cal carbs and water in each fruit!

  134. Diana says:

    Hi all,

    Hooray for fasting! I started a water/juice/kombucha fast today. So far I haven’t had any juice, just water and about 8 oz of plain, organic, raw kombucha tea. I plan to keep it up for anywhere from a week to 21 days, depending on how I feel.
    I am also looking for a fasting buddy or two. To, ya know, tell each other how it’s going and make it seem like we’re not alone.
    I read an excellent and very informative article today that you all might like:

    Let me know if anyone is interested in fasting with me!


  135. rejco100 says:

    I just started my fast on Feb 1 @ 3:00 pm. Does anyone ever get little head “Rushes” of euphoria and is it normal while in the early stage of fasting?

  136. Diana says:

    Wow, small world. Yes, that article was one of my favorites of the few that I found actually useful online. There seems to be a widespread fear of fasting; an unfounded idea that it’s harmful for one’s health. God forbid deny the body precious protein for a few days. Silly people.

    Thanks for the work you do, Tom!

    Second day went fine on this end


  137. Overeater says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am a compulsive overeater who is addicted to food. Previously i was fit and healthy and lived on a raw food diet. However since august my compulsive overeating has ruled my life. I now have 28 extra pounds of fat to loose. I am doing a water fast to achieve my goals. I plan to do weight trainig every day to get strong. I have to do this. I want my body to break itself down and rebuild fresh and healthy with no addictions. This is day one. If anyone wants to join me email me at

  138. kikii says:

    Good Afternoon!!

    I am on day one of my water fast. I will be doing a 57 Day water fast.

    I previously did a 54 day one last year November through Jan. Lost about 45 lbs i used to weigh 300 lbs now i’m 225. While on the water fast, i took isotonix and liquid minerals/vitamins.

    I will not stop my workout regiment. — I swim every morning and i do p90x training everynight.

    I want to lose another 30-40lbs [if not more] before my birthday.

    I would love a buddy’s support. Too keep my motivated and on track. My previous fast i had a friend start with me but she quit after 8 days. I have Email and IM — if there is someone willing to buddy up i will gladly pass my information.

    Thank you,
    God Bless,
    Keep smiling – you’re only getting healthier.


  139. Nikki says:

    i’m hungry. late afternoons are the worst.
    pretty soon i will get used to it & i won’t even be hungry anymore right?

  140. (Mr.) Kim says:

    Nikki: What day are you? Yes….the hunger pangs will subside….usually if you can make it to day 3 you’re over the hump…at least in my experience. Drink water (or juice) when you feel the pangs. The longest fast I have done is only 10 days. I just finished day 4 this time…no hunger….greater ‘alertness’….feeling good. Loss of 10lbs.
    I have been experiencing some indigestion the last couple of evenings which is new for me. (You can do it!!)

  141. Charli Adrianne says:

    hiya i am 15 years old,, and for tha last 2 years i av been dietin,, starvin ma self,, etc..
    i am a size 10 now n feel so fat,, i keep fastin and failin n i feel so fat,, i am 9 stone,, healthy weight range but not comfortable in my skin lol..
    i want a fastin buddy so we can like support each other and tell each other how we have done n that,, so if you want to email me on
    tah xxx

  142. Nikki says:

    thanx 4 your support mr. kim! i was on day 2 when i wrote that & starting over every day at midnight. i’d do awesome all day long, just distilled water maybe half a cup of fresh veggie juice. then 4 or 5 o’clock would roll around & i’d be jonesin for a snack like a junkie. i’d cave cause i couldn’t stand not to. then i’d feel guilty cuz i blew it by grabbin a quick snack. i figured since i already ruined it anyway, might as well keep goin. so i’d have a couple candy bars, drink a coke & snack til midnight then i’d quit since it was a new day & start over. i fought it harder & harder each day. i’m doing better now though. i’m not hungry anymore πŸ™‚ i’m feeling full of energy which seems crazy on nothing but water… where does it come from? i think food only slowed me down. i was always so lethargic before.
    anyway, now i have a question. i’m having surgery on the 19th. before they do the surgery they’re going to do a bunch of blood work to make sure i’m perfectly healthy. if i come back deficient in something or otherwise unhealthy, the dr. will cancel the surgery & send me home & i’ve already paid for it. i know i can’t be anemic & i can’t have garlic – i can’t imagine why??? & many herbs are off limits as well. does anybody know if its ok to continue fasting before surgery? could i just take a multivitamin daily with a little juice? or do i have to put my fast on hold & eat meat for iron, etc.? i finally got rid of my hunger, i’d hate to have to start forcing myself to eat again now. wait spinach is a good source of iron right? so maybe a little cup of spinach juice daily before surgery? anybody know if that would do?

  143. Ariella says:

    im 14
    weight: 120 lbs
    i want to try a juice or water fast for at least 5 days!
    if you wish to support me please drop an email πŸ™‚
    i will be happy to encourage u in a fast as well!

    Thanks u

  144. looseit says:

    Hey all is day 9 and i still havent weight in … but my measurments have dropped a lot.. i run everyday for about 15minutes i dont like to push my body tooo much i do exercise tho for a good 3-45mins a day depending on my energy level which recently has been pretty good… the only thing is at school i seem to be finding the hours a lil longer but w.e im gonna try and go for another 10 days so total of 20 days πŸ˜€ honestly i didnt find it too hard the first 2 days where the crave hunters but after that that lemon diet juice mix is not 2 bad!! and water well water is water w.e
    anyways so i started out as a 36-30-42 today im a 33.5 27.5 39 i was expecting to loose more but thats ok my goal is a 34(but i’ve already lost it all LOL 27 37 so i guess i have a few more inches to go, although the more the merrier..anways for those of you out there trying or thinking about fasting JUST do IT like nike says Its totally worth it.

    Im a person that is very hard to see the weight loss but i feel GREAT and my bf says that i have lost weight! and my old jeans when i was a”27″ what i normally used 2 be well i can get in to them still a lil bit tite but not too much like before when they wouldnt pass my hips..and is a heck of a good feeling so whatever fasting you wanna do whatever juice u preffer do it! is totally worth it i repeat

    ill keep u guys posted on day 15th with my wight etc
    cia ciao
    loose it will loose it:)

  145. rbooh says:

    I’m a married mom and I used to fast all the time for weight control but my husband caught me and made me stop. After 5 years (and gaining 30 lbs) I have started fasting again and have lost 10 lbs. I feel wonderful but my husband is making rude remarks and tempts me to eat. I need some support in my efforts. If anyone else is in the same situation, I would love to hear from them. My email is or I can chat at rboohtwo on yahoo.

  146. Christina says:

    Hello there! I will begin a juice fast tomorrow morning. I have slowly eased into it and I am in desperate need of cleaning out the garbage that has been going in for years. I am 37 years old and I feel awful..overweight, bloated, moody and I am just done with it. I have done extensive reading about fasting and a raw food lifestyle and I feel it is the only way to achieve optimum health. I would love a fasting buddy if any one is interested. My 4 year old son loves all the juices and he now enjoys juice breakfasts with me. Best to all!

  147. Kevin says:

    Hello every one this is me, I’m here seeking a fasting patner.Christina I would like to become your fasting patners & also with anyone else who is interested in joining this life changing objective.I’ll begin tomorrow febuary 12.The reasons for doing so is to be my healthiest & to feel better then I have felt in years.The longest I ever made it was 2 days on a water fast.Hopefully with my ambition & my fasting patners I will achieve what is nessacery to be where my heart desires me to be.UNTIL NEXT time I wish all of you the best & remember that the fast is only temporarly it isn’t permanent. wanna chat more email me

  148. melissa says:

    I’m starting a two week (healthy) water fast to cleanse my body of toxins, reenergize and drop a few pounds. I would love a partner for support. Please email me. or aim- meldavidson3333

  149. Ashley says:

    hey, I tried to do a fast today but only made it until about 3 30. If anyone would like a fasting buddy please e-mail me. Id really like to do a two week fast. My e-mails

  150. Jamie says:

    I beging my fast this morning, skipped breakfast and lunch, its 3pm now and I’m begining to feel hungry. I dont want to droppout.I need some inspiration

  151. Kevin says:

    JAMIE stay strong it’s a battle that you can win!I believe in you & I believe in all of the other fasters on here,we can win and will,by faith & determination.The devil wont’s us to quit don’t give in you,me,& our patners are closer to a miracle if we make it through this challenge(test)victory is days

  152. Teetie says:

    I’ve developed anorexia nervosa about a year and a half ago from sites like these and the constant pressure for people, especially girls, to be thinner. The next stage was that I started to see myself as obese no matter how much weight I lost each time during a water fast or juice fast. My metabolism kept slowing down; it was horrible. So I had to keep changing and switching my fasts up lowering caloric intake then raising it then exercizing to speed up my metabolism and it was just a vicious cycle that caused me a lot of pain. I fainted many times just being on a water fast and I was starving. I was so starved that my body started to eat my muscles. So I don’t understand how people claim water fasting does not cause muscle loss. It’s a big secret to everyone that isn’t supposed to be talked of. Sorry, but it’s the raw truth. Any type of fasting that eliminates nourishment causes muscle loss. The body is designed to eat itself when it is being starved. If the body fat percentage is below it’s normal level then the body will specifically target muscle because the body needs fat to keep it warm. If a person is average weight, the body will target fat and muscle but it is mostly muscle. If a person is obese, the body will eat body fat and keep most of the muscle but it will consume some muscle. Furthermore, I used laxatives as directed and now I have internal problems with going to the bathroom and it is VERY painful. Throughout the so called “fasting,” it an irregular heart beat that cannot be cured.
    With my experience and plenty other people’s, I don’t know how fasting aka starvation is healthy.

    I am 20 years old height at 5’7 and I am currently 80 pounds struggling to stay alive.
    With the misery these sites have put me through, I would rather be bigger and healthy than trying to become thin if it is so called “healthy” because it really isn’t.

    I believe a person should be at a weight that is appropriate for his or her height and age. Being a skeleton isn’t everything. BEING THIN DOES NOT MEAN HEALTHY.

    You people who do this need to be careful and by all means don’t believe anything you read over the internet. Especially if it’s a money making thing.

    I don’t think you want to end up like me.

    I’m anorexia nervosa and I’m not even pro-anaorexia. All this fasting garbage is bad news.

  153. Rhet says:


    You should seek the help of a counselor, and your family, immediately. Anorexia is a very serious illness, and is life-threatening.

    It’s true that some people who suffer from anorexia are attracted to sites like these, but it is a gross abuse of the purpose of these sites. You will not get to the root of your illness as long as you blame sites like these.

    Fasting is an ancient religious and healing tradition designed to call on the body’s natural healing powers, and the spirit’s natural strength. The first and final goal of fasting is not to lose weight, and particularly not to lose weight in order to conform to social pressure to appear emaciated.

    Any medical remedy or strategy can be abused, including fasting. That is the responsibility of the abusers, not the fault of the remedy or strategy.

    I am here to combat a very serious medical problem. Many people are here to get help for life-threatening addictions, neurochemical imbalances, skin and joint problems, respiratory illnesses, type-2 diabetes, and some are fighting cancer.

    My heart goes out to you, and again, I urge you to seek professional support, but do not minimize the worthy efforts of people working together here by assuming everyone suffers from your particular issue.

  154. Teetie says:

    No. I said people need to be careful not that I specifically typed everyone here suffers from anorexia nervosa. I’ve read many posts on here in which people wanted to lose weight through fasting such as the posts above. So, people need to be careful because it can turn into an eating disorder like mine did.

    I also mentioned that through fasting and healing is supposed to “heal” issues? Well I have an irregular heart beat that can’t be cured, screwed up digestive system from the so called laxatives that are supposed to be helpful in releasing toxins, early onset osteoperosis, I’m extremely pale when I have naturally tan skin or should I say HAD naturally tan skin. I have just about zero muscle and my metabolism is stuck. The only way I can lose weight now is to exercize which is unrealistic because I’d probably die being at the weight of 80.

    I have gotten to the root of my problem in what caused my anorexia nervosa. If you read and comprehended my post before, you would have understood that sites like these caused my anorexia nervosa. Nothing and no one else had caused it. So, I knew of the root of the cause a long time ago. If I didn’t find the root of the issue I wouldn’t have posted here.

    Sites like these tend to try to make others conform to another races, religious beliefs in which may be dangerous because every body and ethnic group are different. Our bodies run differently. Sometimes fasting won’t work for some people and people will just get sick more than they would “heal” or lose weight.

    I’m highly AGAINST these sites and if you’re going to post that I’m trying to assume people here have the same issue as me you’re very wrong. I just don’t want people to be brain washed like I was because look at what happened to me. Surely wasn’t anything pleasant. People need to be simply careful. That’s all. I’d hate people who to suffer as I did before. Just accept it.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Teetie,
      Clearly prolonged malnutrition damages the body. I am sure you were not juice fasting then eating healthy afterward. What is teach is nutritional saturation and controlled catabolism in a life and death race against cancer and terminal disease.
      Here in the Philippines anorexia is almost unheard of. Just the opposite they like to be a bit heavy. Many come here who are anorexics. I cannot stop that. And I am glad they do. At least I can give some healthy advice and thereby protect their health.

      Yesterday we put a very thin 19 year old girl on a fasting program here at the hospital. I warned her how thin she would be by the end of the treatment, war camp thin. She does not have an image problem she has stage 4 cancer that has metastasized to every part of her body. She had chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and the treatments failed and the cancer is still growing. So again we are “the last hope” Most of our patients are older. But age 19, with her life ahead of her, so heavy upon my heart. So if you have the capacity for prayer, please pray for Theresa. This is her 3rd day of fasting. She is in pain from the bone cancer and she is at the edge (time wise) of what this treatment is capable of.
      This was a hard day for me.
      Another patient with cancer in the hand who is healing slowly realized that although the cancer is clearly regressing she will never have the function or her hand to work. She is considering having it cut off. She is such a sweet heart of an lady. What do I recommend? I know that damage the cancer has done is irreparable and she will never regain function of the hand. As the layers of cancer die and peel off the bleeding is profuse as blood vessels are being exposed.
      I need bigger shoulders.

  155. Rhet says:


    It might be worthwhile for Tom to post an official warning for people who suffer from anorexia on this site, especially young people, but from what I know of people with body image disorders, it won’t make a bit of difference.

    This site did not go out and grab people. It does not advocate an emaciated appearance as the goal of fasting. People chose to come here. If they came to get assistance with abusing themselves because they have a body-image disorder, they already had a problem. The site owner cannot control abuses of the purpose of this site.

    I never claimed, nor does this site claim, that fasting heals everything. It can be helpful in healing some conditions. Clearly not yours. For me thus far, it’s helped me get rid of colds and flu, it’s gotten rid of acne and psoriasis, insulin resistance and bacterial disorders. That’s just me.

    It sounds like it’s important for you to locate the blame outside yourself for your difficulties. That’s your privilege of course, but as I said, it won’t assist you in getting control of your condition.


  156. Teetie says:

    “It sounds like it’s important for you to locate the blame outside yourself for your difficulties.” THESE SITES CAUSED MY ANOREXIA NERVOSA lol. I don’t know how you cannot understand that.

    I’m just a person who is against these sites and decided to leave a message for people to BE CAREFUL. Don’t get all festered because I don’t want other people to suffer as I did. I know someone posted already that they were gaining weight on a fruit or veg. fast. That is because their metabolism probably slowed down which can cause frustration and can lead to eating disorders.

    If people want to be “healthy” isn’t exercizing part of the entire process of achieving good health? Uhm yea…

    So why can’t people just exercize if so many people want to lose weight? I lost over 130 pounds just dieting and exercizing and it only took me like 11 months, not even a year! to complete all the 130 pound weight loss but I had to push myself; that is what wanting to lose weight is about.

    But then lovely ana snuck in my life because of these web sites but all I’m saying is that anything with fasting and taking laxatives people need to be careful. I have so many health problems from following these sites so just be careful and don’t get all insulted. Fasting is anything to lose weight. It’s simply unhealthy and lazy.

    I wish I would have stuck to exercize and dieting the whole way through until I was satisfied with my weight.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Teetie
      It is hard to believe that a website can cause a self-image problem. You may have to look deeper into the root or a distorted perception of your identity and how you perceive the worlds around you and why you have to fit those distorted perceptions.
      Congrats on the weightloss and your recovery but I doubt it would work for stage 4 cancer patients or would it cure any disease.
      I do not recommend any laxatives during fasting and an enema only during fasting. Anything can be abused even good things. You stated about fasting that “It’s simply unhealthy and lazy.” I guess we should tell the patients here at the hospital that their healing is an illusion. And most people find it hard to fast. And I have sites and posts here that deal with anorexia and compulsive eating. No offense take as this is a free and open to all. It is wise do some reading before trashing.

  157. Teetie says:

    I don’t need to pray for anyone because I’m struggling with my own life right now at the weight of 80 pounds. I can be a bit selfish because I’ve bent over backwards for people who’ve just stepped all over me. I USED to be a very sweet person and I cared about people more than I do now but people took advantage of that so I have the right to be a bit selfish.

    As I posted before, people need to be careful because I don’t want people to suffer from what I have been through. Those people where you’re from, your patients can get over my opinion that fasting is unhealthy and lazy. We live on Earth and Earth is reality so accept it and learn to accept other people’s opinions. If people actually read my posts correctly I didn’t mention anything about cancer patients fasting. I was on the subject that fasting for weight loss is bad news.

    It is wise of you to learn about eating disorders and how they can start before you start “thrashing.” Obviously, you don’t know how much of an obsession fasting and dangerous diets can become.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Teetie
      I have found fasting can be excellent for weightloss combined with a change in diet and exercise. I have a site dedicated to compulsive eating and dealt with it myself an number of years back. Anorexia is not caused by fasting. But water fasting can aggravate anorexia. For someone in state like yourself juicing daily is important to regain your health. There are people with anorexia using this site and that cannot be helped. There is enough warning, unless you want a banner on the front page. I find it the best to talk and ask questions and steer people in the right direction. If you look at the backlinks to this site you will see several anorexia sites. It would be good to have a few people to work with anorexics but it takes much time and investment in their lives. For now a website and the book Eating In Freedom is enough.
      I find counseling anorexics a mine field, as they are touchy and have so much bottled anger ready to vent.
      On the other side of the coin, there is nothing more rewarding so see someone come out of the dark hell of a distorted self image and see the beauty of who they are.

  158. sylvie says:


    Get yourself a magazine rack because it sounds like you have issues.

  159. Rhet says:

    Tom, thank you for the information about Theresa. I will pray for her. Will you keep us updated?

    I have a question about spiralina, wondering if I can add it to my regimen without losing the strong effects of a mostly-water fast. I have quite a store of tablets from a few years ago, and I’m wondering if they’re still good. Does spiralina go bad?

    Thanks, Tom!


  160. Emily - Jane says:

    Heyy , Im Emily – Jane im 14 ^^ I’ve emailed some people from up there.

    But yes any way , Im looking for a fasting buddy , as i would like to do a fast and i think it would help me a grate deal if i had some one who was going through the same thing to talk to. I have msn , so add me if you do too or email me please if your interested

    Yes its a silly email but i made it years ago ,

    I hope to hear from some of you soon

    From Emily x

  161. Kayla says:

    im kayla.
    and im working on losing wieight and i wanna break my 130 mark with a 5-day fast.
    of juice, soup, and water. basically any liquid.

    aim- aydeexd

    add me/IM me =]

    btw im 14 and 5′ 5″

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kayla,
      Keep the soups low in salt and no starches. The best is to juice carrots beets with some garlic cloves and heat it but not boil. A juicer will increase health and help you achieve a healthy weight. Diet and exercise are more important than fasting for weight loss. You can lose any short term gains by eating starchy fatty foods after the fast. Than for posting your info page. If you are gaining weight at 14 you will have to be careful. Fat cells are easy to create and hard to lose. You may have a slower metabolism. Sure it is not much over normal but that will increase as you get older. Diet,,,,,,,,, lots of salads, no bread, white flour friend foods or junk.

  162. Lexi says:

    Hey I’m Lexi,

    I’m 21 and have lost 14kg (that’s 30 lb) over the past 4 months. I’m 5’6″ and weigh about 151 lb. But now, no matter what i do I’m struggling to lose the last 20 lb even though i’ve only been eating about 300-350 calories a day for the last month (almost).

    So… Today is day one of my very first fast. I’m aiming for a one week Juice fast followed by a 21 day water fast. I have rather good self control but my family and partner keep telling me to eat. That i’m wasting away. Pft. Hardly. This last week I’ve found myself eating just to stop them worrying.

    Anyway… I have msn ( Add me if your interested in chatting…. Sharing useful hints or taking your mind of fasting.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lexi,
      Is a little crazy to have extra fat and people worrying that you are starving. But most people do not understand that the fasting state is normal and healthy. That is great self control. I have a hard time eating small amount of food daily as I feel hunger.

  163. adam says:

    hello everyone!
    i’ve had some prior experience with fasting, and have been visiting this site for a few months now, posting here and there.

    i think this is a real good idea. i’ve found that my will to fast would sometimes dissipate because i didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. no one around me would understand how i felt anyway.

    feel free to message me! i love having a good conversation.

    my email:

  164. Jessica says:

    I want to encourage you as you are not alone in your suffering and struggle with such a taxing disease. I myself have suffered from Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating, and Binge Eating Disorder. I have recovered from the first two but am still suffereing with the others. I know what it feels like to feel as if no one cares or that the media and other things has caused your disease. I am still very angry at the media and I am even still angry at some of my family members and how they have affected my self esteem, body image, and this disease. I now see that despite what has happened in my past, I must move on and put those things behind me (something I stuggle with every day). Eating disorders result from the inability to deal with one’s emotions in a healthy way. I too have been on the brink of death and through God’s grace alone I have been given life. As for praying for others, the lord sees your heart and understands your pain. You are loved beyond your you might already realize this..I hope it doesnt bother you that I’m telling you this but I feel that it is important. I have been selfish in my disease and I have been taken advantage of. It hurts and I finally came to a place where I had to find people who would support my recovery and stay away from those who did otherwise. You are strong and If you need anything I would be more than willing to help. No one wants to go it alone. Recovery is a long painful process as was your journey to your current condition. Keep your head up my dear.

  165. jojo says:

    Hi all, I have been fasting for 13 days now. This is my second fast. Last July I completed a master cleanse for 10 days total. This time I completed 10 days on the master cleanse then switched over to juicing on the 11th day. I have been juice fasting for 3 days as of today. I’ve lost 14 pounds so far and feel very good most days. I have not lost any weight in the last 3 days of starting the juice fasting. I’m very overweight since having my 3 kids. My starting weight was 262 now it is 248. I was wondering why my weight loss has stopped. I drink about 48oz of juice per day. 24oz green juice and 24oz fruit/veg combo. What could be the reason for the lack of weight loss?
    Any suggestions?

  166. digby says:

    I have begun my second 30 day water only fast; the last was four years ago. This time I hope to keep off the weight I lost during the last fast (a war protest fast). I have done briefer fasts of 5 and 10 days also. The two main things I’ve learned is that 1) I’m a great faster, and 2) I’m terrible at going off the fasts. Unlike many people, I seem to have no problem eating whatever I wish, and like the mice in the studies that gorge following fast, so do I. My goal this time is less about the fast since I don’t have problems there–not after the first three days–and more about having a good 3-4 months post fast.
    I love the healing of the fast, the absence of hunger or cravings (rare for me if I’m eating anything with much carbohydrate), and as I’m sixty now, the rejuvenating effects are more than ever a plus.
    Glad to have found this website. I think fasting is more needed now than ever.

  167. Ashley says:

    Hi all!

    My hubby is away on a 2 month deployment and it is the perfect time to start a fast so…I NEED a buddy :o) I have tried to fast a few times and i just can’t do it bc everytime I try I have to cook for the, if you are interested shoot me an email

    thanks a bunch!!

  168. digby says:

    Fasting (water only) has helped enhance my spiritual life, since we have a biologically heightened response to all that’s around us while abstaining from all food. But, it doesn’t pay to share that one is fasting with others who usually know next to nothing about what a therapeutic fast is all about.

    Fasting doesn’t cause anorexia, anorexia is a rooted in other mental difficulties, in fact fasting if done correctly would be apt to cure the anorexia.

    Prior to agriculture, for thousands of years our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, who fasted when food was hard to find, in the winter for instance. The body is miraculous in its ability to both feast and fast. Our modern problems relate to way too much food, in too many places, constantly being shoved at us through magazine, tv, movies, and the old ways have been lost.
    I value the mental and physical benefits of fasting, but we struggle against many forms of ignorance in our culture, and fasting is part of that.
    If anyone is interested in chatting about their fast, contact me at

  169. Carli says:

    I began my 7 day fast 3 days ago. so today is day 4. I am doing the lemonade cleanse. Not as bad as I thought, the first few days I had a light headache, and this am some intestinal cramping but not to bad. I hoping this cleanse will help me transition to a raw food diet more easily. Good Luck to everyone!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Carli,
      Your stomach my be having a hard time with that much citric acid. Cutting the lemon juice in half my reduce the cramping. Using the enemal is the other suggestion. It may be the last meal fermenting.

  170. kevin says:

    can you fast while smoking cigarettes

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Keven
      Yes, I have seen many smoke and fast. You can quit during a fasting. The best is to cut down as much as you can. Never smoke full cigarettes just a few puffs. Using the patch will allow your lung to heal. When you have the urge to smoke have a backup activity and keep moving for 15 minutes. Like a walk around the block.

  171. justlovely says:

    hello! i need a fasting partner. (:
    i’m 17, 5’6 and 152 lbs.
    i’m planning on doing a 40 day water fast.
    yes, i have done fasts in the past. quite a few, actually.
    anywhoo, i need a buddy to share my accomplishments with!
    tata for now!

  172. kevin says:

    here I go again attempting a 10 day fast Im going to give it all I got.It seems as though people around who I tell seems to tempt me with food & snacks every time I fast.Im not sure if it’s purposly or accidentaly.But I won’t stop to I complete my assignment.I recently went to a healing retreat were I fasted four days.I felt decent after words, but I know to get were I won’t in life I need to go longer,so here I am seeking support to my brothers & sisters on here for support & to give support.I’m starting now. Anyone wont’s to become my fasting patner holla at me.

  173. FaxingBerlin says:


    I’ve been water fasting and have noticed that I am losing muscle. I’m also taking metabolism boosting pills so my metabolism does not slow down significantly. Someone told me that the muscle loss is because I am already at a healthy BMI for my age and height and when this happens the body takes from mostly muscle as opposed to fat. I was wondering if this is normal? I do not mind at all if muscle loss occurs in people who are at a healthy BMI because I can also re-build the muscle at a later time. Just would like to know if this is normal? I’ve also been walking every day for 15 minutes just to keep the blood flowing and so forth.

    My water fast is 40 days. I am trying to heal from bulimia to give my body a rest from all the harmful, painful purging my body has endured for a year and a half.

    Besides, if someone would like to fast with me please feel free to e-mail me at or

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Faxing Berlin,
      Metabolism boosters are almost always a herbal stimulant that make fasting very hard on your organs. Not advisable. During a water fast your fast is the first to go and then muscle mass. It come back after the fast. If you are fasting to heal water fasting is far less effective and has some risk if your organs have been damaged from the mal nutrition of bulimia. 40 days of water fasting is for people who have a few successful fast accomplished. The equivalent of tacking Mount Everest on your first climb. Blowing a fast that long can cause permanent physical damage. Try a 10 day juice fast then break it correctly.

  174. Maddie says:

    Hi all. I plan on starting a 7 day water fast tomorrow and wondered if anyone would like to be my fasting buddy. I’ve started several before, but failed on day two or three. I’m doing this for several reasons. One, I keep getting sick. It’s not like serious, but I hate having a cold for 3 months at a time. Second, I am overweight and I feel like a water fast would cleanse my system and jump start my weight loss. If anyone is interested, my email is

  175. Mimi says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m planning on a 20 day (or more) fast starting on the first of April. I’m going to use the next 10 days to up my excersice in preperation for the first few days before ketosis.

    I have done afew week-long fasts before and miss every aspect of them. I love how they make time slow down & thoughts clear up, let alone the physical benifits & asthetic improvements.

    If anybody is interested in joining me (no need to be as long as mine) my email is

    Cheers everyone,
    All the best.

  176. Las Vegas Dave says:

    I’m looking for a fasting buddy. Just started my fast about a day and a half ago. Feel free to join me, I’m doing a juice fast, and am looking to keep it going for at least 7 days if not up to 30, but 7 days is my minimum. I’ve never fasted this long before, but I’m excited as I have been researching the benefits.

    If you’d like to know more, feel free to email me at Thanks, and I enjoy reading your posts.


  177. Brooklyn says:

    I am sixteen 5’5 125 pounds and love fasting : )

  178. Munchkin says:

    Hello all,
    I am a 28 yr old female starting a 23 day fast tomorrow, today I am going to eat grapes till noon and then have cucumber juice for the rest of the day. I plan to fast in an alternating fashion, cucumber+apple+celery juice on one day, water the next,but i will probably end up doing more water fasting than juice fasting. I currently weigh 95.5 kg, and am 6ft tall, and I would like to lose as much of 15.5 kg as possible in the 23 days. I would love to have a fasting partner, if anyone is interested please contact me on Will keep you posted on my progress.

  179. Christina says:

    Prior to having to stop my 40 day water fast after being on day 9 and hearing the news about my father causing me to binge out of depression I am finally able to recover from it, I am able to finally begin my 40 day water fast today. Whatever I gained, if I gained weight, I will have burned it off within a week. Being thin already puts me at a bit of a risk for such a long water fast, however, I enjoy fasting and the results.

    I don’t necessarily need a partner because I’m always motivated when I fast and never have any doubts during so I know the deal but if anyone is in need of support or needs extra encouragement please feel free to e-mail me at

    I would be happy to fast with anyone who needs a bit of encouragement or needs help in dealing with crazy emotions that can come with fasting.

  180. Christina says:


    If fat is the first to go before muscle how come I end up losing muscle each time I do pro-longed water fasting and it never comes back unless I lift weights again? I am at a normal weight for my height and I’m actually 7 pounds away from being considered underweight. Could this be why because I have a lower body fat percentage?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Christina,
      I am answering this post from the back of my van that is broken down in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of the Philippines. Some people with certain body types have a hard time putting on muscle and they stay thin without trying. If you are this body type only hard weight training will put on muscle mass.

  181. Christina says:

    Now I’m confused lol.
    I thought both muscle and fat are burned at the same pace during fasting.

    And if a person is under weight the skeletal muscle mass is broken down to feed the organs during fasting and re-gained during weight training. Then when the skeletal muscle runs out the body consumes the major organs.

    I just don’t want to risk damaging the heart.

    From research I done..the organs are the last thing that are consumed before death.

    Me being close to being under weight I don’t want to have heart damage from fasting but yet I want to fast.

    That is all.

  182. Irish elaine says:

    hello all my name is elaine
    i have been thinking about a 7-10 day maybe more.. water fast for the last couple of weeks but not sure if i have the will power Im quiet an active person and bring my dog out for around an hour every day and im wondering on a water fast will i have energy to still do that….also im just wondering will the same time frame but a juice fast work as well for weight loss and clearing my over active mind !!!

  183. Irish elaine says:

    dear Tom
    I wanted to ask your oppion if i can… i am 28 and i am tryin to recover from bulemia which i have suffered with more or less nearly 10 years on and off would water fasting be to had on my organs

    Kind Regards


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Irish,
      If you have suffered from bulimia, I recommend a juice fast to repair the damage. Less chance of hurting your body if you blow it. Try a short juice fast and repeat hundreds of times per day your new self image statements. Ex “I am successful.” “I am blessed.” Break a 10 day fast correctly and you are ready for bigger things. Read for ideas.

  184. Christina says:

    Tom, Excuse me for me being ignorant here.

    But I am going to assume that my organs will be fine during a long 40 day fast that even though I’m close to being underweight my heart wont be damaged because organs are the last to die if the skeletal muscles are broken down.

    I hope I am correct on this lol.
    I enjoy fasting but just didnt want my organs to become damaged.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Christina,
      A water fast of 40 day is right at the limit of human ability. The difference of cleansing and tissue damage can be on day 41 or day 70 if you have lots of fat. Water fasting is hard on the organs. People with damaged kidneys or liver cannot undergo long fasts. During water fasting you are running on the nutrition you have established in your body and if your diet was bad this is not good for your body. A 40 day water fast is a serious event that many talk about but 1% actually make it.
      You did 10 days and broke the fast correctly so that is good. Fasting can only cure Bulimia if you have a total thought overhaul during the fast. If you want to write up your fast and the psychological aspect I would love to post it. So great to hear of your new freedom.

  185. Christina says:

    Hi Elaine!!!

    Oh good heavens I can answer your question for you as a former bulimic myself.

    The answer is YES! It can! I used Tom’s wonderful web site to heal from bulimia through water fasting. You would not believe it. I only water fasted for 10 days and within that time period I was healed from bulimia and I have NOT purged/ relapsed since. In fact, I even sometimes indulge in my favorite foods and I don’t feel guilty about it nor do I purge! Three years of therapy nor exercize could even help with my bulimia! It is something about fasting that COMPLETELY changed my life. I mean fasting has allowed me to make healthier food choices yes, BUT it did not deprive me from the not so healthy foods I enjoy. Now I can eat without having the demons harrass me to make me feel guilty about indulging or eating what I want to eat. From now on, I am going to be a fasting fanatic and I hope to become more skilled at it. Fasting is simply beautiful and I have never been more happy in my entire life. Get information from Tom and give it a try!

    Fasting is truly AMAZING and I thank Tom for having such a wonderful website that has brought many miracles of inspiration, courage and wellness to all people such as myself.

    You have my support Elaine. Please feel free to contact me at for support and I can even support you through your fasting if you decide to even if I’m not fasting.

  186. Christina says:

    LOL wow, I completely miss-read your question. But at least you know water fasting healed a former bulimic! Well as Tom mentioned before short fasting on juice would be better to start with as from what Tom had told me before.

    If I remember correctly, Tom recommended a 10 day juice fast for me because of the possible damage to my organs and malnurishment. But before I learned of this I did do a 10 day water fast. Nothing bad happened, however, I became more pale quickly than an average healthy person on a fast would. My hair also fell out a bit more but nothing in the extreme happened.

    Had I known about Tom’s advice before I water fasted I would have done the juice fast for 10 days then would have broke that fast properly and then later start a water fast for 10 days.

  187. Jana says:

    I am starting my 40 day juice fast tomorrow. I have completed a few 20-30 day fasts, and it is much easier when you have a fasting support buddy. No matter how motivated one is, it gets tough at times (especially in the first few days), and it is very tempting to give up. If anyone is interested in joining me on the juice fasting journey, feel free to email me. You don’t have to aim for 40 days…. If you are just about to start your fast, or if you are in the middle of your fast,…I could use your support, and support you as well. Mutual encouragement and motivation is really helpful. Thanks, Jana

  188. Irish elaine says:

    hello Christina !!

    Thank you ever so much for your message and really i am kind of looking for something to help me with my bulimia tried every thing but still when i am stressed or feel out of control of a situation i bing and purg your message really was an inspiration hopefully a fast can help me like it helped you !!!

    Kind regards


  189. Rachel says:

    Hi! πŸ™‚
    My name is Rachel and I am 20 years old.
    I am 5’2″ and weigh 105lbs.

    I am on the first day of what I plan to be a 10 day water fast. There are various reasons I want to fast. Mainly because I have gained one stone in about 6 months which I find horrendous. So I’m hoping to lose some weight and keep it off once my stomach has shrunk after the fast.

    Another reason is because for about 3 years I have suffered with a kind of eating disorder, that started out anorexia-like and turned into eating normally but purging. It has got out of hand and I’m hoping that the fast will teach me self discipline and stuff. So I can now say from this day forth I will NEVER induce vomitting again. (yuck I hate even writing it)

    The other main reason is because I want to improve my relationship with Christ. After a serious accident I was in and a major heartbreak the day before I lost touch with God, I kind of turned from Him and tried to depend on only myself for my happiness and everything else as I thought this would save me ever getting hurt again. Obviously a life without Christ us actually a sad one so I’m hoping fasting will be helpful in my spiriutal life as people seem to say it can be. Also if I crave food in the fast or am going through a tough time I plan to pick up my Bible and spend time with the Lord to help me through it.

    It would be cool to have a fasting buddy so if anyone wants to they can email me at

  190. Cyn says:

    I am 25 years old and have been living a pretty bad lifestyle, having been very dependant on alcohol, smoking and not being healthy overall since I was 16. I am 5’9 and have weighted as low as 125 and now am about 160. I need to give my body a break , I am tired of my bad skin and feeling empty and toxic and have decided to start a 7 day water fast(that could become longer I hope) and am looking for a partner who has had the same issues as me and would like to turn a new page. Please contact

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cyn,
      For a first water fast to end a toxic life, could be unforgeable bad. Do a juice fast for a few days before entering a water fast for a more pleasant entrance into fasting. You will get your breakthrough with far less suffering.

  191. Dushan says:


    I am going on a juice fast starting tomorrow 4/13/09. I just want to get a jump start to healthier nutrition and diet. I now weight 240, and my goal is 160-170. I am a Male and I am 5’7″. I keep starting and ending a fast. I lack motivation when I am alone. I was just playing when I typed in “fasting buddies”. OMG…it actually exist. Anyway, I will log in daily while on the fast.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Dushan,
      Yes fasting buddies are a rare and almost extinct spieces that do exist. For an 80 lb weight loss that will take you some time but I have seen one person lose 100 lb on a 44 day juice fast.

  192. Cyn says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am soo happy to see your response! I was going to go straight into a water only fast because I am going to have some blood test done early tuesday morning and have to have only water in my system so that was part of my motivation. I am surfing the site now but I am still not sure how much juice I can have on a juice only diet and what juices are good. I do not have a juicer but could get one but until then, can I have something like Bolthouse juice? And can I still drink 2 litres of water a day? I plan on exercising as well, 2 hours of walking daily and 200-300crunches mixed with other toning exercises. I really want to make it a whole 30 days so please point me in the right direction.

    Thank you again!


  193. Cyn says:

    PS-Can I continue taking my Centrum multivitamin?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cyn,
      Centrum multivitamin, is better than nothing but is is a cheaper synthetic brand. Best buy then at the health food store.
      The less juice you drink the harder is is to exercise, and on down days exercise is like trying to work out with a bad cold.
      Water fasting and exercise is only good for those with a very slow metabolism. For normal or fast metabolisms, exercise and water fasting is impossible and unwise and an extra strain on the cleansing organs. You should drink as much juice as you want for the first 3 days then follow your body. Bottled juice is far less sustaining than fresh juice.

  194. Dushan says:


    Thanks for posting a response to my message. I am on day 3 of my juice fast. I feel good, alert…very alert. I do not know why. I feel like I have “spiderman senses” I notice EVERYTHING! This is bad news for my clients because I am a clincial addiction cousnelor. Nothing gets past me now…LOL.

    I do not think that I will use fasting to drop all of my weight. Instead, I will include fasting 1 or 2 times each week because of the benefits; it teaches me to respect food, and rebuild a healthier relationship with it. So far…so good. To be honest, once I completed day one thereafter became easier (thus far). I will complete 7 days then check my weight.

  195. April says:

    Hey Dushan,
    congrats on day 3! I guess today is day 4 for you πŸ™‚ Nice job. I am on day 8 of my juice fast. I belong to an amazing fasting group on Yahoo with so many awesome people and cannot believe how supportive it is. It’s not just about fasting but about all health topics and is a great place. Here is the link if you want to come by and join us:

    If anyone is interested in getting support and having fasting buddies it is the BEST place πŸ™‚
    take care

  196. Cyn says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your response. I was able to do water only for 2 days but then broke down and had a day of eating salads and salmon. I am back on my fast again, drinking juice and it makes it a whole lot easier. I was wondering if you could advise on an issue I am having. Its been a couple of weeks now that I have noticed the white in my eyes is getting more brown/slightly yellow. I went to get some blood test done yesterday but would you recommend anything to get the white back? I have stopped drinking completly, am on day 5 and very proud! Your advise would be very appreciated!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cyn
      I am glad you went for the blood test as yellowing of the whites of the eyes could be a sign of jaundice which may be brought about by diseases of the liver, gallbladder or blood. This is caused by too much bile pigment bilirubin in the blood either because of the body’s faulty excretion or absorption. It may be accompanied by itching, yellow skin, dark urine and light stools. The are a few hundred diseases that can be the cause. Fasting can stress a weak liver. Water fasting is harder on the liver than juice fasting. Let us know right away the test results. You may need a liver repair detox program that would have about 3 liters of juice per day, with some protein supplement and essential oils, B vitamins, and lots of lemon and beet in the juice.

  197. KylieBrook says:

    On my 4th day of water/juice fasting (i’m in college so I water fast on the weekends and do a limited juice fast during the week to keep my energy going and brain sharp)… i don’t feel hungry right now, but I have this strong desire to eat for some reason… just want to know if anyone else is in the same boat here or if there are any suggestions on how to shake my desire to eat even though i’m not hungry. Thanks!

  198. Cyn says:

    Thank you so very much for your response Tom. I am soo worried about what I have done to my body and want to fix it soo badly! I have to wait a week for my results and will forward them to you as soon as I get them. I am worried because I have not been feeling like myself in a long time, I feel like a ghost. I will pause my fasting for now so that I don’t make my situation worse in case it is a liver problem…Oh my…I have never been this scared…Thanks again

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cyn,
      I have seen the liver total recover on modified juice fasting. My kidneys and liver were so damage my skin was constantly yellow. But I could only do short fasts of 3 to 5 days for a few months as the pain in my back was so intense and increased the longer I fasted. Then then heal and I was able to do longer fast of 10 to 18 days, and the 30 day was the one where I was permanently healed. Even with the worst news, you still can heal a damaged liver.

  199. Dushan says:


    Thanks for the motivation. Today is my final day…I’m on Day 7. I checked my weight…WOW, I now weight 222 lbs. I have lost 18 lbs in only 7 days. Of course, I was also working out at the gym 5 of those 7 days. I think I will include fasting at least 1-2 times a week. I will check out that site, thanks so much.

  200. Sylvie says:


    I am on my fourth night of fasting, and I feel most of the detox symptoms are starting to subside, but my major problem is that I just can’t sleep! I have trouble sleeping when I am hungry, and th past two nights I haven’t been able to fall asleep until 5am, only to wake up a few hours later. I want to fast for at least seven days, but not being able to sleep due to hunger makes fasting so hard. Does anyone have any tips on how to ignore the hunger pains so I can get to sleep?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sylvie,
      The enema is the best for eliminating hunger pains.
      You will sleep deeper each night, as you are now in a sleep deficit.
      Sometime during fasting you sleep long hours in a deep sleep and at other times cannot get a good night sleep.

  201. Dushan says:


    I keep fresh juices with me (especially at work). What helped me deal with hunger pains was taking sips of a variety of juices. And I alos chewed “Extra” sugarless gum. Today I fasted again. My goal is develop a routine to include fasting at least 2x out of 7 days. I started out with a complete 7 days fast, to jump start things. I tell you this, the number one thing fasting has helped me with, is portion control—when I do eat. I feel that is the spiritual connection and awareness that is teaching to simply respect food.

  202. Rachel says:


    Here’s my little introduction to this website… I’m a 21-year-old student and really interested in this idea of fasting. I eat very healthy foods at the moment but just way way too much of it and I’m very overweight (too embarrassed to give my stats!) at the moment. I’m also a very social person and this has always been my stumbling block to starting a fast before.

    I really want to start a water fast as I’m desperate to end my dependency on and cravings for food and I really REALLY want to lose weight- I feel absolutely disgusting and haven’t looked in a full length mirror in months (meaning I bump into things a lot when walking with my eyes closed in clothes shops!)!

    The thing I’m thinking will be hardest for me is the social aspect. How does everyone else handle this? Do you cut yourselves off from the world whilst you fast or do you tell your friends and family that you won’t be eating? I don’t think any of my friends would respond very well if I told them I was fasting and I know my boyfriend would disapprove and worry about me. I talked to him before and told him I had been researching fasting and found this great website and that I was planning to start a fast and he got really worried about it so much so that he kept cooking for me and taking me out for lunch so I felt I just couldn’t do it. I’m thinking if I seriously want to do this then I’m going to have to pretend I’m ill (nothing serious- just say I’ve got a cold and am not up for socialising!) for a while and just become a recluse whilst I fast. I don’t want to have people worrying or guilting me into eating- it’s going to be hard enough to deny myself food without all that!

    Also, what are the views on alcohol whilst fasting? I know that if you haven’t been eating then you will get drunk faster (I’m a cheap date anyway!) and it will probably make hangovers worse and mess up any detoxification but does anyone else still dabble in it? It’s just I know my friends would miss me on nights out (even if it was just for ten days) as I am usually the life and soul of the party and I don’t think I have the maturity to be able to handle being sober around a load of tipsy people- I’d probably find them all really annoying!

    Sorry this is so long, I just have a lot of questions I suppose! I really just want to get started on this, I just think I’m going to have a load of people holding me back!

    Good luck to everyone! I hope we can help each other reach our goals.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rachel,
      Your friends will be a minefield during a fast. Sounds like you need to find friend with a healthier lifestyle. Ten years of heavy drinking will make you a very old woman. Alcohol during fasting, ouch…. get high very fast on a small amount then come down like a rock with intense hunger. Tell your fiends to find another form of entertainment. Even one drink can disrupt discipline. Most people with compulsive eating can water fast but destroy the results by breaking it wrong. I would juice fast first and break it correctly. You need some down time to refocus on the direction of your life. I am 53 and it is amazing how fast you get there. What you do today, you will live tomorrow.

  203. Carina says:


    I am also a student and have the same problems about how to deal with my social life this is actually one of the reasons why I had a lot of problems staying on several of my fasts. So to help me deal with some of that I am starting my fast today, on a Friday. Today I will still have enough energy to go out at night and when I am out I can just ask for sugarfree sodas rather than the mixed drinks. Everyone sees the soda and thinks that there is some gin in there, but is simply sparkling water. However, during the weekend I will just hibernate in my room. I found that I feel horrible during the second day so I can’t handle that with classes going on. When the week rolls over again, I will be on my third, so I will have gone to far to feel tempted to fall off the wagon by going to diner with my friends in the cafeteria.

  204. Carina says:

    Hey everyone. My stats are pretty low so I am a little reluctant to post them here because I know that several of you will think it is dangerous for me to fast if I am already skinny. However, weight loss is not my motivation for this fast. As I posted in another section of the website, for the past three weeks, I have been binging and sometimes even purging. I really don’t want to develop bulimia and I hope that fasting will help me relearn how to deal with foods, my emotions, break the cycle, and help me fight my addiction. I’m starting a water/ tea fast today and I hope to do it for more than 7 days. Once I reach day 7, if I feel the motivation I will go on for another week or so, but because I can’t afford to lose much weight I don’t think I should go on for more than 2 weeks. In previous fasts (never for more than 2 days) I would lose 1lb per day so even if I go on for 2 weeks I don’t think I will ever lose 10lb.

    So if you want a buddy feel free to e-mail me at I really could use the support

  205. Nina says:

    hey everyone, I’m 16 ,165 and 5’5. I’ve been gaining weight, and I had enought, I want to get back into shape, but never have enough motivation to be sucessful. It would be cool to have a buddy to do this with. Cause I know none of my friends would understand why I would want to do a fast and probly not support me with it either. thanks

  206. Kendra says:

    Hey everybody i’m 16 i know it’s kind of young but i’ve been fasting since i was 13 never for more than a few days but what i’m really interseted in is fasting for a whole month. i know it’s a lot but it’s always been one of my goals plus i’m a lifeguard so i need to get my ass into shape let me know if your interested thanks.

  207. Lauren says:

    Hey kendra, I’m 21 and I would be more then happy to email you back and forth. It would be nice to have someone who gets what i’m doing without a lecture πŸ™‚ Especially with summer around the corner and exams almost over I will need a support buddy. Shoot me a line if you want.

  208. isfbmylife says:

    hey everyone,i’m going to start my fasting this sunday coming wanted to know if anybody would be willing to be my buddy.. i am planning on doing it for 30 dAYS.. BUT NEED TO KNOW SHOULD I DO JUICE OR WATER FAST?????

  209. Christina says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m doing a 14 day water fast combined with a juice fast and then water fasting again after the few days of juice fasting which will be another 14. My first 14 days is the water fasting. I’m done with my first week so far and I am not at all having a hard time with eating and I can be around it without having the disire to eat. Obviously, that isn’t the problem. Today I blacked out and I woke up and had a slit below my forehead…I had to go to the hospital and I got stitches. I’m still going to continue to fast of course but are there any ways that I can sort of lessen the dizzyness and feeling like I’m going to pass out? Sometimes I lean down and close my eyes or I don’t get up too fast but I’m willing to accept advice from you if you have any more tips.

    Thanks Tom,


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Christina,
      Blackouts are common during water fasting and easily prevented. There is 200+ comments on how to deal with black outs on this site. So here it is again. Breathe deep for a few breathes before getting up. If you do feel a blackout coming on lower your body by sitting down or getting down on one knee. It always works.

  210. Christina says:


    Thanks for your advice. So far I haven’t had any more lol.


  211. Bonnie says:

    I’m 25 yrs old and I’m 5’3 and 145 lbs. I’m comfortable with my body and I think my sexy curves are a part of who I am. I exercise and cut calories as much as I can, but I have a pot belly that I’ve never been able to get rid of. recently, people have been asking me if I’m pregnant! I have this outward distended belly that I just can’t seem to get rid of! I’ve been wanting to do a 30 day colon cleanse system to see if that would help, but its expensive. I figure it would be more cost effective to go on a water fast. I’m not sure if I can do it without falling ill or giving into temptation. does it get easier? I want to start with a pen pal partner. Anyone have any experience or does anyone want to partner up with me via e-mail? I’m talking a 14 day water cleanse, is that good for someone who hasn’t fasted since 2000 for a prayer group? lol ! Contact me soon.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Bonnie,
      You first fast may be a journey to hell. Try 3 days on juice with an extractor before and after water fasting. Years of toxins hit the blood and the reaction is bad. Juicing slows the detox to a comfortable level. After you are past the first wave of toxins water fasting is easy.

  212. Angela says:

    TO: isfbmylife

    Hi. I am on day 3 of doing a juice fast and am also looking for a fasting buddy. If you or someone else is interested please let me know. I plan to mix in some water fasting – maybe 2 days of juice one of water – I’m going to see how my body handles it.

    I’m 5’8″ tall 226lbs and 41 years old. I have extensive food allergies and am hoping this will help with both those and with weight loss. You can email me at Good luck. Angela

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Angela,
      Allergies is one thing that juice fasting helps with every time. You will see a reduction in symptoms in 3 days but you may need over 21 days of juice fasting to heal your allergies. Combining juice a water fasting also works.

  213. Shaun says:

    Hi, I am in my 50’s and pretty healthy but a little overweight. I have fasted many times before but not over 7 days. I am going to do a 20-30 day juice fast and am now on day 11. I would like to have a fasting buddy to chat with.

  214. isfbmylife says:


  215. Amanda says:

    My name is Amanda, and I am in need of a fasting buddy.
    I’m doing a 10 day water fast. I have a gastric ulcer and I need to fast to help cure the lining of my stomach.
    If anyone can be there to help support me during these 10 days would be appreciated.

  216. Rachel says:

    Thanks for your response, Tom!

    I do realise I need to change my lifestyle if I want to be healthy and I’m hoping that fasting will act as a springboard for this change.

    You recommended a juice fast instead of a water fast for me- although that is the way I was leaning, too, the problem is I don’t have and can’t afford a juicer right now. This is probably in the wrong section and I know you’ll get asked this by people a lot but can supermarket bought juice ever be as effective as fresh juice in fasting? Is there anything I should avoid when reading labels so that I can buy something as close to fresh homemade juice as possible?

    Thanks again for providing such a great website. It’s really opened my eyes to what I want and probably need to do!


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rachel,
      Choose juices that do not have sugar or other ingredients. Try goodwill or ebay for a cheap used juicer. I bought a few for $5. When you add the cost of juicing and buying a juicer and the supplies after 20 days the store bough juices are more expensive and less effective. I do not find the body heals on the store bought stuff. Symptoms will reduce. It is the enzymes in fresh juice that heals.

  217. Tiffany says:

    I am a 38 year old stay-at-home mom. In the past three years, I have gained and lost twenty pounds and put back on like 7-9. I used the cabbage soup diet to get me started. I juice fasted three days like a year ago and found that it was easier to gain weight after that. I started another fast like two weeks ago and “failed”. I now have a juicer, some cucumbers and lots of carrots. I really need daily motivation. My family is supportive but they aren’t doing it. I am 5’9″ @175 lbs. My birthday is in July. I want to get “in shape” (by that, I mean weigh what I did years ago which I know is possible) and clean myself out before I turn 39. Please help. Please email. Thanks! Blessed be.

  218. Cyn says:

    Hi Tom,

    I still have not received my blood test results, I dont know why its taking so long but I would like to start my healing process to cleans my kidney and liver. Please contact me if you can

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cyn,
      The best juices for healing the liver are a veggie combo of , carrot, beet, lemon, cucumber, celery, apple. I would try to have a few glasses a day juice fasting or not. Drop into a health food store and ask what herbs they have for liver health. Milk Thistle is one example.

  219. mcdrewery says:

    Fasting Buddy Wanted – Hi Anyone. Simon from New Zealand here. Am after someone for support and sharing. I am on my second fast – did a 7 day water fast last year and are now 5 days into a 14 day water fast. Am keeping a brief diary.
    Anyone want to team up online?
    See diary to date below to see if we could work togther:

    14 Day Water Fast – Food, reflection and life in general 4th May 2009
    Last year I did an experiment. I spent a month eating only raw uncooked food. This was life changing and has greatly impacted how I approach food, eating and general health.
    I am now almost 100% vegetarian – still eat fish when served to me and eggs – I think I will drop them in the near future. I did a 7 day water fast and apart from finding it boring enjoyed the challenge.
    I am concerned that I can obsess about food and still over eat at times. I also have one big downfall in my diet – beer! Can easily drink 8 bottles. Am currently feeling over food and want to give my system a rest – also want to drop kilos so today I start a 14 day water fast.
    Here we go…

    Day 1:
    Weighed in at 81 kg this morning 6:30 am. Have drunk lots of water today. At work for this fast – the last one was during the holidays. So far feeling fine. Early days. Gym tonight but only weights not cardio. Ciao.

    Day 2:
    79 kg – mainly water and shit weight lose I’d guess. Feeling very alert and motivated. Hungry this evening but nothing different than usual. Day three is when I think the body enters ketosis. C U 2moro!

    Day 3:
    78 kg – woke feeling weak. Had hot and cold flushes. Did not feel great and thought about giving up while driving to work. Got better as the day went on. Feeling the cold very easily. At times my thought process is very clear and precise.

    Day 4: Woke up feeling more settled and even. 76 kg now – heck. Enjoying drinking hot water at times. Probably drinking 4 to 5 litres a day. Thinking very clear. So much spare time.

    Day 5: Feeling in the groove. Not that hungry just missing the anticipation of a meal & sharing it with my family. I can’t believe the ongoing weight lose. I believe that by day 10 it begins to level of according to Don Tolman. 75kg this morning.

  220. Denise says:

    I just came across this site. I am beginning a fast water only. I want to fast for spiritual benefits. I would like to have a fasting buddy. Also what might I expect in the area of weight loss.

  221. Dalton says:

    Hello, I have water fasted for six days twice. I want to water fast for 21 days. Does anyone want to receive support on a 21 day water fast. I would love to have a fasting partner.

  222. KylieBrook says:

    Hey Dalton. I am doing a 10 day water fast and a 20 day limited juice fast… I have never done a strictly water fast before and I’m kinda nervous about having strength throughout the 10 days. I’m on day 2 and feel pretty good though πŸ™‚ If you need some support I’m here for ya bud

  223. Shante says:

    Im doing a 21 day water fast. Ill support you guys as well. Im losing steadily about 2 lbs+ per day!!!

  224. kevin says:

    i wanna fast with you guys holla at me. give me your email. heres mine

  225. KylieBrook says:

    Woohoo! we have a whole group! πŸ™‚
    On day 3 and so far so good… I’m going to the beach this weekend which I’m nervous abotu because I hate having to explain to people why I’m not eating food and just consuming water… I then have to listen to lectures and concerns for the rest of the day. ugh! how do you all deal with that?
    Shante that’s awesome that you are losing so much each day! well done. Are you fasting for weight loss or another reason? I am losing 1.5 lbs a day so that’s good news for me too.
    Kevin I don’t usually check my email, if you still want it I’ll give it to you, but I’m on this website every day, so we can chat here if you’d like πŸ™‚

  226. s.makeda says:

    I need a fasting partner.
    This is my first day fasting. I am 5β€²3 220 pounds 31 years old. My goal weight is 120 pounds in 3 months. My daily intake consist of 64 ounces of water, a multi vitamin and β€œeveryday detox tea”. What can I do to keep from feeling hungry? It is 5pm and I believe I can make it through my first day but it is difficult for me to not eat.

  227. s.makeda says:

    It is almost 6pm and I want to EAT FOOD–but I am determinded–please contact me if you want a fasting buddy–eeveryone is welcomed to contact me

  228. paulina says:

    hi …. my name is paulina and i need a partner for fasting? anyone interested if so email me @

  229. paulina says:

    tomorrow i start wish me luck!

  230. KylieBrook says:

    s.makeda congrats on making it through your first day! Have you done a fast before? 3 months of a water fast seems like you are setting yourself up for failure (no offense) and I think it might be a bit much to start out with. In my opinion I think you should start out with a week or two and then at that point you can decide to add on another week… I just feel as though you might get discouraged (it’s all mental, and knowing you have 89 days to go might wear on you… I know it would me). So start off slow and switch it up to juice every so many weeks just to keep yourself in check. This is of course just my opinion and I truely wish you the best of luck! Again congrats!

  231. Re'Re' says:

    I’m doing what I called a daytime fast. I’m only drinking homemade juices and sometimes soups during the day. I eat one meal at night. Is this still a legitimate fast? I hear some people fast off and on on certain days. Instead of doing that I just decided to fast everyday and have one meal at night.

    I’m on day three and this is the first day I feel a little weird. I guess that’s the fasting pangs.

  232. Shante says:

    Hey guys,

    I have been fasting for a while now and wanted to let those of you know who are doing the water fast. If you feel like cheating, drink juice and try your hardest not to give into food. Remember, you only WANT it, you dont NEED it just yet. I have been losing 2kg/day and yesterday i wanted food so bad. So, i got me a cup of apple juice and when i weighed in this morning, i was still down 1 kg which is a little over 2 lbs… Keep up the great work guys…

    P.S… When you are hungry, just drink water and the pangs will go away!!!

  233. FreeBird says:

    Today is the 1st day of my 3rd juice fast. My first fast was 4 days and the 2nd was 10. You have to be very careful not to get any pulp in your juices. You do not want to reawaken digestion. Fasting gives your body a break from digestion, allowing it to use the saved energy for healing. I hope to do over 21 days this time. we’ll see.

  234. s.makeda says:

    This is my 4th day and I am on a detox diet. After my first day on the water fast I started eating grapefruit, apples (under 600 calories) along with 64 ounces water. I feel dizzy, my eyesight is blurry and I am always sleepy. Am I suppose to feel this way? I am hoping after 2 weeks on detox diet I can try the water fast again. All replies welcomed.

  235. Alexandra says:

    Hello everyone!

    I started juice fasting today, 32, no serious health issues, 5’6″ and 150 lbs. I really want to lose about 30 lbs. Never fasted before, should I have gone with water fasting to see quicker and better results?
    It sounded all too intimidating considering I never fasted before. Is undiluted fruit juice OK, in this process and how about vegetable broths? How much of them can I have? I am so hungry it is not even funny! πŸ™

    Does the skin fall of your bones when you lose the weight? What happens with the skin’s elasticity, does anyone have any experience? Can I see improvement on cellulite under the skin? Can I see any reversal of the aging process? I truly wish..

    Thank you all for your comments. I very much appreciate them!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexander,
      Juice fasting is the best type of fasting to start. Sure undiluted fruit juice is fine but a juicer get better results. Use the enema to end hunger. Sure veggie broths are good. Heating (do not boil) beet and carrot with some garlic is delicious. Cyanne Pepper has shown to increase weight loss. The skin regains natural elasticity and cellulite can be totally eliminated but take about 20 of 30 days of juice fasting. Yes you will reverse the aging process. Try the coffee or sugar scrub on you face, to dramatically reduce wrinkles. After about 3 to 5 days on juices you can go to water for 3 to 5 days then back to juice. Spend money on a juicer or get a used on at the thrift shops usually $5 to $10.

  236. s.makeda says:

    This is my 5th day on grapefruit and mineral water. Starting Wednesday I am starting a fruit fast for a week and I am hoping by June 1 2009 I will be mentally strong enough to try a water fast. Right now I just want MEAT–nothing but MEAT but I will increase my water intake instead. I am so hungry. Is there one particular juice I can drink for a full week. I don’t want to do too much work. I understand I am suppose to use a juicer. What is the best juice I can drink while on my juice fast?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      If you ate a lot of meat you will crave it much like drugs or alcohol. That will reduce with time. As I said the enema kills hunger and cravings.
      The best juice is a beet, carrots, celery, pineapple, cucumber, parsley, spinach, lemon, apple, garlic and ginger combo.

  237. s.makeda says:

    I’m not hungry I’m craving

  238. Alexandra says:

    Second day, lost (only?) 2 lbs. I didn’t have anything other than water today, am saving a veggie juice that I will make for later, will try to skip it if I can and see how water fasting feels like. Going for a walk as much as I can. Not feeling too bad, tongue coated and am sure I must have bad breath but no worries for now. Will report tomorrow.

  239. s.makeda says:

    I ate a can of jack mackerel today 400 calories–I was so hungry and was tire of grapefruit. I am hoping I can start a 7 day mineral water fast tomorrow. Maybe I can will actually accomplish this fast. This will be my first successful water fast ever. I hope I can do it. Just 7 days–I should be able to accomplish that.

  240. Alexandra says:

    OH YES! I am so happy to hear that, thank you thank you thank you, Tom!
    I hope that will be my experience also. Cellulite can be totally eliminated?!!!! WOW, that is one headline making news!! I can’t believe it and I am willing to go for longer than 30 days if that is the case! And the skin regains its elasticity?!!! WOW again!

    I will be your biggest advocate, I promise you and will shout at the top of the roofs if I see that with my eyes.. and celebrate day and night like nobody’s business!
    You have no idea what that means to me and to tens of millions of women out there!

  241. s.makeda says:

    You are 100% correct Tom,

    Prior to my detox my daily diet consisted of:

    2 whole baked chickens,
    64 ounces of wine,
    64 ounces of “store bought” fruit juice
    Plus the occasional “all u can” eat buffet

    That’s about 5,000 calories a day if not more. I have dramatically reduced my calorie intake but you are correct I am extremely addicted to meat more than anything else. I will try the juice you recommended I am going to the fruit market this morning. How do you feel about “apple vinegar” does that help?

    Everyones advice is deeply appreciated.

  242. Shane says:

    hey all. i m 19 from hong kong. i m on my 40 day water fast. its already the 9th day. i felt awful on the 1st 6 days but now the feeling is much more bearable. i had fasted 27 days in november last year. i need some buddies! my email is contact me please.

  243. Karen says:

    hi all , It’s unbelievable how quickly time goes by in 2001 I was a size 6 , not really athletic but in fair condition.I quit smoking that year which was a big deal for me, I drank coffee and smoked all day like there was no tomorrow. I started gaining a little weight and was not too concerned because I would bounce around 5 lbs all the time. The year passed and then it was 10 lbs, I was busy working and socializing, not really paying attention accept the clothes were getting tighter and then move up a size, so now guess what 10 lbs a year looks like. πŸ™ I had tried a few things here and there but could never get it to turn around. I decided yesterday to start a juice fast to see if that might reset the clock.
    May 18
    9:00 a.m. kashi go lean cereal (before I decided to juice)

    12:30 p.m. kiwi,brocolli,green grapes,cucumber juice
    3:30 p.m. carrot, apple juice
    6:30 p.m. orange,strawberry,rasberry juice
    7:30 green tea

    May 19
    9:00 a.m. kiwi, brocolli, green grapes, green apple, cucumber

    I have medications and vitamins I take at night, I am thinking I will continue for a few days and then gradually start getting rid of some of them.

    Is that too much juice in a day and what does anyone know about the meds.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Karen,
      Give me the medication list and I will tell you what you can cut and how. Your program is perfect. Maybe at 2 tablespoons of essential oil daily. Vitamin E is also great for healing. 1200 IU daily.

  244. Ivana says:


    IΒ΄m suffering candida. Have tried coconut oil fast before for 10 days. Would like to do it again, starting tomorrow.
    Do you think itΒ΄s proper fast even IΒ΄m on oil and lemon water?

    Thank you… would like to do it really properly.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ivana
      As candida loves fruit sugar, and even the sugars in vegetables increase Candida, water fasting is better. I would add cayenne pepper (do site search), and essential oils (health store) also clove tea.

  245. Karen says:

    My medications are lipitor for cholesterol, norvasc for high blood pressure, CoregCR for an anomolie of the arteries, the way the cardiologist explained to me was that I have curled or kinked arteries, so the medication is supposed to soften them. I don’t think anything can be done about this problem. I still have some discomfort. I take over the counter aleve and 1 tylonol pm every night. I also take some supplements, fish oil, coenzyme Q-10, calcium,magnesium,zinc, vit.c, rose hips, lysine & proline (mix called heart plus)
    Thank you for any advice you can give.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Karen
      You can cut the lipitor right away as you are not ingesting cholerserol and fasting is always reduces or normalizes cholesterol levels. Cut the norvasc when your systolic blood pressure reaches 130. It is goes above that amount take a half does until it drops below 130. 80% of fasters experience a drop in blood pressure to under 120 in the first 3 days and 10 days if there are other health problems. “CoregCR for an anomolie of the arteries” You have two choices: 1. Cut the medication as it may interfere with the healing of the arteries. 2. Keep taking CoregCR and if the pain lessens during the fast, cut the drug. I would add B vitamins, and E. A few tablespoons a day of flax or a flax/ hemp mix would be good.

  246. Karen says:

    O.K. Day 2 a little hungry but not bad, today I had

    9:00am grape,cucumber,green apple,kiwi juice

    12:00pm carrot,apple,tomato juice

    3:00pm apple,celery,cucumber juice

    6:00pm I blended a banana with ice and mixed with pear juice
    ( I think that might be cheating, not sure)
    8:00 pm green tea

  247. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am trying to be as stingy as I can with my juice intake to accelerate both detox and weight loss process but it is the end of my 4th day, I am almost unbearably hungry! Especially after I had a very brisk walk (I broke a good sweat) of 2 hours accompanied by steam baths, 2 of them 15 minutes each. Since I got home I could barely function, I am having the hardest time I am so hungry, it is unreal!

    I feel the urge to go to the bathroom for #2 but there is nothing going on there. I am still trying to find an enema like in the picture on the article, why is it so hard to find?

  248. Katie says:

    Hello to all!
    I am excited because I will begin my next water fast tomorrow. I have done a several water fasts before, my longest being 13 days.
    I am not fasting with a goal of weight loss or number of days in mind. I feel called to this fast by God as a means of purging myself of any stress and doubt in Him.
    I will only fast until I feel led to stop, or until I am unable to continue.
    Pray for me, because I feel this fast may be longer than before as I have lots of things to let go of.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Katie,
      I will pray for you. Here are some keys that work for me. Lots of alone time in prayer that is thankful, entering for people suffering in intersession and spiritual warfare. It is good to start with one day of juice and end the same way. (juicer)

  249. Amanda Vlahakis says:


    We both started fasting on the same day. So this is day three for both of us :-))

    I did my first juice fast last spring for five days and it was amazing. Difficult in the first couple of days but amazing. It got rid of a sizeable wart I had sitting on my finger for ten years!

    Since then I’ve been trying and failing repeatedly to do it again. I want to do it again because it was so beneficial, it reset my attitudes to food (I didn’t touch caffeine for 3mths afterwards) and I feel it’s something I want to do on a regular basis to maintain a better attitude to food and for the obvious health benefits.

    So I’ve managed (finally – hurrah!) to restart a fast again properly, it’s took me a year but I’ve managed it. I’m on day three and now that I’ve got over the very worst bit I feel I’m certainly not going to waste my two days of mental torture by eating before I aim to.

    So this time I’m going for probably about 10/11 days – I think that’s a good timescale for a second go, and also I’m away for a weekend with my sister after that and I’m not sure I want to sit and drink juice at lunch with her when we are having a lovely ‘girls’ weekend. If I could at least have some salad, that would be very nice.

    Saying that I feel like I do want to do longer than the 10 days, but I’ll see how I go with it. I may be well and truly sick of juice 8 days from now :-))

    Last time I didn’t buy a juicer, I used commercial juices, but this morning I just heaved home a nice quality juicer figuring that if I’m going longer than five days this time I really need to listen to the advice of the experienced and drink what I really should be drinking.

    Just juiced some oranges and cucumber and have a recipe book full of ideas.

    What do I want to gain from this? – To continue to improve my attitudes to food (they got all messed up after having my children 7rys ago and I started to move from a very healthy eater into a dreadful lazy eater with dreadful compulsive eating habits), and also to help shift some more of the baby fat I never fully lost!

    Last time the wart went, I’m looking forward to a brighter more youthful me 8 days from now! πŸ™‚

    Karen if you want a fasting buddy, I’d love to be in touch, we’ve started fasting at the same time so it would be good.

    Once I’ve done this fast I want to do a small fast every single month if I can just gather the will to do it. 3 days every month I think would be a glorious health boost.

    I’ve also told my husband never to buy commercial juice again now we have a juicer.

    Our children (aged 7 and 4) absolutely love fruit and fruit juice, but now we can give them real fruit juice (we always water it down 50% for them though …teeth…sugar etc…).

  250. Alexandra says:

    Hey Amanda and Karen,

    If you want I can join both of you to be fasting buddies, it is my fifth day on juice fasting, first time around. I will do a 30 day to reset my body to -hopefully- much better health, beauty and youth. I am having a hard time sometimes and I can use experienced advise during those times, for sure!

    Thank you both ladies πŸ™‚

  251. Karen says:

    Amanda and Alexandra

    Thanks for writing, any support from you would be great ! I haven’t done this before so we’ll see how it goes, so far on morning of day 3 I have lost 8lb which is certainly a boost. I haven’t really set a (how many days will I do this) I just am going with it. I know from past experience setting traps for myself never seems to work. I feel pretty good, so i’ll just keep going. I am already trying to make a solid plan for when I break the fast. It will be a challenge, last night I fixed beef stroganof for dinner and managed to convince myself it didn’t even smell good. Ha ! Then my daughter made popcorn which is my night time downfall. Again talking myself out of that. So far so good. I can make it up the stairs at a normal pace now, so will just keep going.

    I have managed also to fit in a 20 minute yoga in the morning and a walk in the afternoon, which is getting easier.

    Keep it up girls

  252. Karen says:

    Thank you Tom,

    I will look into the flax. Vit B & E I forgot to include the other thing I take for “depression anxiety” 5-HTP not really sure what it is, but was recommended to maintain serotonin levels. Thanks again for your help.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Karen,
      You should cut the 5-HTP. A juice fast of 24 to 30 days can heal depression. Try to fill you mind with outlandish positive thoughts.
      I am rich, I own and island. I am the sexiest person on earth. It is strange but if you repeat the statements in your head your spirit believes it. Sounds stupid but is really works.

  253. h40skier says:

    Hello everyone!

    forgive me if I have posted in the wrong place for this is my first online post ever! I am going to start my first juice fasting experience tomorrow and I am very excited for the detoxification, physical & mental healing, and the spiritual journey that is in front of me. I am strong willed and in good physical condition with a fairly healthy diet, so I am confident that I will endure the full 30 day juice fast. But I would be lying if I said I were not afraid of the pains and hardships that I hear come with the fasting process. I am stoked that I came across this website with all of the great information and motivated and experienced people that come here. As this is my first time fasting I am really hoping that I can find a fasting buddy so we can help each other through the process. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  254. Amanda says:

    It’s 10pm for me (UK) day 3. It’s much easier today compared to yesterday and hence I’ve tried and succeeded in drinking less juice today and replaced with water, and will focus on adding in more vegetable juices now I have my fab juicer.

    I haven’t weighed myself and probably won’t for many days because I don’t want to risk discouraging myself, because although it’s not just about weight, I just know I’ll be discouraged if not much has come off. Its hard enough to do this without discouraging thoughts running through my mind.

    I sure look better that’s for sure at only on day 3!

    I walk to school and back every day anyway that I can’t avoid which is 50mins worth of brisk walking daily, in addition yesterday I did some weights, pressups and situps for 15 mins. I didn’t do anything like that today because my arms are hurting a tad from yesterday!

    I’ll keep reporting in and it would be great to hear how you all are doing also.

  255. Karen says:

    Thanks Tom, I’ll try that. πŸ™‚ It’s been a very rough year, so am trying to get up the positive mojo.

  256. Karen says:

    Day 3 Today went pretty well, no major problems yet, just a little hunger. Today I had.

    9:00a.m. Cantaloupe, Apple, carrot, orange
    12:30 p.m. Sweet potato, pear, cantaloupe
    3:00 p.m. cherry, turnip,sweet potato
    6:30 p.m. pineapple, orange, strawberry, blueberry

    7:30 green tea

  257. Karen says:

    Oh yes, I also mixed a coffee,sea salt,olive oil concoction and had a nice salt scrub, hot bath, cool shower. Oh the crazy things I do !

  258. Karen says:

    That was a really lousy night. Not much sleep and then it was very restless. Nerves were having spasms or something, strange. Especially behind the eyes. Sinus drainage,(yuk) hunger. It took a long time to settle down. A little better this morning.

  259. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    Don’t worry, one of my earlier days was very lousy as well, it shifts and gets so much better. Hunger will stop mine did today and it is my 6th day! πŸ™‚
    Very very happy about that so hang in there! πŸ™‚

  260. Alexandra says:

    I think I posted that in the wrong section, it a double post here:

    Day 5th Report (on the 6th day early early afternoon)
    Today finally I woke up happy with almost no hunger pains. OH! What a relief!
    Yesterday I took in a bit more than usual juice, 2 glasses to be exact and 3/4 coffee mug of vegetable broth with cayenne.
    Jogged a bit around 15-20 minutes and walked (let’s not count that walking as it was negligable) Let’s say moved a bit but not much. Sorry! I was feeling low energy like you would not believe all day yesterday.
    Today I weighed myself and saw I lost 0.6 lb.
    I am down to 144.4 lbs.

    Today feeling much better but a canker sore appeared on my upper lip πŸ™

  261. Amanda says:

    Today I have thoughts of cake filling my mind, it’s day 4. I haven’t eaten any cake but starting to feel really ‘sick of’ drinking juice and the remaining 7 days feel like an eternity ahead of me.

    I did my usual 50mins brisk walking today and about 15 mins of weight training and situps, including some weight sets with a very heavy barbell. When I did it I felt great and energised and only really stopped at 15mins because I had work to do.

    All the juices taste vile unless I get a bit naughty and add half a banana or natural yoghurt!

  262. Karen says:

    I had pepperoni pizza haunting me all night, crazy… I just got up and started looking at veggie recipes to help plan for when I do break the fast. I feel a little better today, I am not saying two weeks or four weeks at this point. I did see a cardiologist today , concerned about making any medication changes. I no longer have to take the blood pressure medications after only four days of fasting. I am also not taking any more cholesterol medications. If I can turn around all this stuff, I may juice for life !

  263. Amanda says:

    Wow amazing health results! You must be really pleased. I definitely want to make fasting a part of my life.

  264. Karen says:

    I made it another day, no problem, I seem to be on a every 3 hour juice, and am wondering how many calories ?

    9:00am apple, carrot,cantaloupe,orange

    12:00pm apple,cucumber,celery

    3:00pm cherry,apple,carrot,strawberry

    6:00pm grapefruit,orange,carrot,apple

    I had some juice left so I put it in the freezer and had it at 9:00pm

    That’s alot of fricken juice !

  265. Ivana says:

    Hi Tom,

    thank you for your advice.

    I failed again :-((( Unbelievable sugar and carbs craving.
    Candida wont leave me alone: everytime I start fasting: depression, anxiety, crying, mood swings, weakness, feeling very cold and hopless and much much more…
    How come I did it before?
    I need a fasting buddy, need motivation.
    The thing is if I donΒ΄t fast I feel even worse, eczema, depression…
    Help please :-(((
    I am going to start tomorrow again…have to really prepare…although that is not easy, because depression and foggy brain have overtaken my mind… so I can not make any decissions myself :-(((

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ivana,
      Come to the center here and work as a volunteer. Mostly you just need airfare and some spending money. There are a few here working through issues, studying and helping out.
      Radical problems need radical solutions. Read You may need to start on light juices like cucumber celery and apple and use the enema. Candida is complex and tough to treat and I only have limited time to post. So research and keep on pushing through.

  266. tiaz says:

    I’ve suffered with polycystic ovaries for years and in the last two months have gained 2.5 stone out of no where. Ive fasted before, done a 30 day water only fast and lost slowly- but managed it. I think I didnt brake my fast as well as I could have. Anyhow, I know have 84lbs to loose! Would it be possible for me to do a 40 day water fast and then switch on to a juice fast to try to loose remaining weight? I’m so tired of carrying all this weight around and want a permanant healthy weight. I also am sick and tired of trying diets that I only loose a few pounds on at the start- then nothing more even though Im sticking to them….life is too short to be this overweight for any longer than I have to be. Advice appriciated, thanks πŸ™‚

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Tiaz,
      Yes you could go from a 40 day water fast to a juice fast but is is better to start with the juice with supplements for say.. 5 days to boost your nutritional reserves. Go to water for 10 then juice for 3 then water for 10 and keep going. You will get more healing from the fasting and better results. You may think about trying cayenne pepper to assist your weight loss. Do a site search. Keep us posted on your progress. Exercise such as walking will help.

  267. Ivana says:

    Hi Tom,

    I wish I could come, but I donΒ΄t live in USA.
    I live in London and in 2 weeks IΒ΄m going back to Slovakia.
    I have been suffering candida for 4 years… 4 years of medical testing, depression and all the weird things like memory loss, energy lost, weird aches and pains, lost of my feelings, wishing to die :-((( and much more…
    Tried all the supplaments: coconut oil, coloidal silver, oregano oil, citricidal, acidophilus, garlic, etc… also yoga, reiki, acupunture, EAV etc…
    I was only feeling better when I was on low carb diet or fasting…
    I know I need to fast again to get it under the control…but the first 3 days are just horrible…need somebody to support me, but that is hard, as many people never heard of candida or donΒ΄t believe me…
    If I fail one more time tomorrow, then no idea, what IΒ΄m going to do :-(((((((((

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ivana,
      I hear you … Candida is hell and resistant to so many treatments. Water or respected juice fasting helps for a time but it comes back.
      There are a few medication that are even more effecting during water fasting. Have your tried any?
      It will need our research team to hit Candida correctly. Right now cancer and diabetes is our focus.
      What would help us and it would be some work….on your part would be your documentation on what you have tried and the results.

  268. Ivana says:

    I have got it all, what IΒ΄ve tried, when, what I was diagnosed with… metabolic test results etc. All my feeling…linkig with food…stress, mercury etc…
    Where are you based? Am actually thinking about coming to your clinic

  269. Ivana says:

    oh, Phillipines, lovely. I thought you were based in USA, sorry about that.
    I was going to India this year study alternative medicine and buddhism πŸ™‚ (if I would be able to concentrate :-()

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ivana,
      This is one of the most advanced systems on earth, This is a large medical hospital that does herbology, vermiculture and organic farming. We have 3 places for the volunteers to stay and each are amazing. It is also the cheapest that your biggest cost is plane fare and fun money. You can fast or eat super health meals. You work in the community and help many poor people. I will ask another female volunteer that is here to contact you.

  270. Ron says:

    Hi Tom, and everyone! I’m ending my 19th day of juice fasting! Considering my goal was 7 days, I feel motivated to go the 30 days. I lost 20lbs. and my heartburn is almost nonesistant. As well as the stomach pains I had before the fast.

    I have fasted on water for a few days all during. Mostly because I was sick of juice! LOL This past week was hell as far as hunger. As I’ve mentioned, my 9 kids are cooking up a storm constantly! So, if any of you out there think you have temptation…come to my house for an hour! LOL I also have a birthday party, and a First Communion party to host for 2 of my dauthers this weekend! AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! HELP!! If I make it through this weekend I will definitely get myself an award! LOL

    My questions are: I have not used enemas during the fast. Did I mess up…or in this case…NOT mess up enough? LOL

    2. Should I water fast the last few days of my fast, then startup with juice a day or so before I start eating solids?

    Good luck fellow “fasters”! Thanks again Tom for all your help!

    P.S. I purchased your books a few days ago! I started with the recipes!! LOL…You should be plugging the books more here for all the great information in them!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron
      If you have not used an enema when you break the fast you can get an intense “runs” that can burn. Like 15 trips to the bathroom in 8 hours. So it is good to have and enema handy or secondly Vaseline if you get burning from the acids. Juicing before going to food is good and if you blow it back to juice till the stomach settles. Yes kids, I have one and her friends. We were fasting and the kids were carrying around cookies. OH……. they looked soooo good.

  271. Ivana says:

    Hi Tom,

    thank you :-)… IΒ΄m interested in your idea.
    IΒ΄ve been working as a health care assistent for 6 years (people with autism, dementia, cereblal palsy, spinal injuries, terminal cancer, etc) and have been doing a lot of research on alternative medicine.
    I hope to hear from the other volunteer very soon.


  272. Karen says:

    Amanda and Alexandra,

    How are you doing ? I doing fine, day 5 now and still hangin in. Hope you are doing well.

  273. Ivana says:

    Hi Tom,

    After 10 days of fasting, I couldnΒ΄t stop eating for 5 days…especially sweets… I feel sick as never… and foggy..
    I am starting master cleanse today – lemon water and cayenne pepper… at least for the first 3 days.
    Then I will add candida killing supplaments. I was doing it all at once before and that was too much, I couldnΒ΄t bear anxiety, fear and mood swings.

    Wish me luck pls…

  274. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    Was doing fine yet this morning I woke up with an incredible nausea, so intense that it was unbelievable! Tired with no energy doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel! I guess I am/was really toxic and really deep detox is into place. After the canker sore (oh so pretty!) now this and it hasn’t subsided yet (it is 9 PM here), intensity is a bit lighter but still feeling pretty sick. I had a morning meeting and I needed to be sharp so I had to have something and I did a boo-boo: I had one small Tropicana juice (orange and something I don’t even remember now) and to compensate I didn’t have anything else other than water today.
    Maybe my weight report earlier was not 100% reliable as I tend to store water before my period and gain 3-4 lbs and this morning on top of everything that also started! Oh yeah, what a day, right? πŸ™‚

    I know I am supposed to give yesterday’s report: well, I had only half a mug of veggie broth, that’s all. I power walked 1.5 hours, did some barbells and crunches, did the steam for 15 minutes.

    I don’t think I have one drop of energy today to do anything, I can barely move as it is right now..
    I’ll start with my weight report -if anyone interested- when I am out of my cycle in 5 days (as now anything is misleading)

  275. Alexandra says:

    Hi again Karen πŸ™‚

    Thanks for asking how I am doing, that is so sweet and thank you for your support! (I am sure you didn’t expect such a dreadfully detailed answer, ha?)

    About your earlier post, i wonder if you may want to incorporate some vegetable broth if you are sick of the juices. When I desire something salty and hot (although I don’t add any salt), veggie broth with a little onion powder and a lot of cayenne pepper sprinkled in it does a world of good for me. Just an idea that really “saves” me also when I feel really hungry.

  276. Karen says:

    Sorry, you are not so good today. I didn’t know about the vegie broth idea, maybe I’ll give that a try. I seem to be doing o.k. not as hungry this eve. I’ve been looking for fresh cayenne peppers but am not able to find, so may have to try powder, not sure, I don’t really do that well with too spicy. The “dreadful” detailed answer is great. Keep in touch, feel better tomorrow.

  277. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    I found this posting by Tom and now know that I have been doing it the pretty hard way. For example all that I took in yesterday was half a coffee mug of vegetable juice and that is it! All day nothing else but water and I am a first timer. Quote: “.. Juice fasting with 3 liters of juice will get cut all the detox pain. Detoxing slower is healthier..”
    Although I really want to see results as soon as possible and I will try to drink only as much as it is absolutely necessary maybe I will add one more glass of juice now and then and now I am going to the kitchen to have some vegetable broth that I made by myself of organic veggies (3/4 white cabbage, 2 sticks of celery, 3 carrots, 2 tomatoes, 1 jalapeno pepper, one clove of garlic)
    Slowly starting to feel better..
    Thank you, Karen πŸ™‚

  278. Karen says:

    Glad to hear you doing better. I will make some broth and give it a try. When I started I was pretty sure I couldn’t go from eating all those great dishes I love to cook to eating nothing. I did notice today I wasn’t has hungry, so I was able to stretch out the time between juices.

    I usually feel pretty deprived if I don’t have a hot meal at dinner. So I have a cup of tea. πŸ™‚

    I read an article about coffee, sea salt scrubs helping with detox,cellulite and vericose veins. So thought I would give it a try. I Scrub, then hot bath, then hot shower, then cold shower. Pretty crazy.

    I’ve been spending a ton of time trying to figure out how I will do when the fast is over. I can not go back to the way I ate before.

  279. Latisha says:

    Can you make smoothies? Just Ice and fruit and veggies. I dont have a juicer thats why Im asking

  280. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    Yes, you know what it is not so “crazy”. I knew about coffee scrub for cellulite and Tom here advised me to do the same. I also read that was Halle Berry’s big thing for cellulite. What I didn’t know was to mix it with sea salt. But again, sea salt scrub also is a common practice in spas so should work. Cellulite is my HUGE concern! So I will try to start no I WILL start with that today! πŸ™‚ Hot and cold showers one after another is to stimulate the blood flow, and make sense, very often suggested (however why bath, is it for detox in general?)

    What do you think about incorporating diet pills? Do you have experience with that? I know Tom is not opposed to that, in fact he encourages but what I know about diet pills is that they work for a short period of time then not only do they stop working but they give me chest pain that worries me. So I was thinking about using them for a time period after the fast break where I really need to control myself, control the hunger and to get over it easily. That actually is an open question, if there are experienced people out there with this your comments will be very much appreciated.

    Yesterday was a very very difficult day for me, let’s see how today is going to be. I will start by meditating a long time and think good thoughts, plan nice things and see what happens πŸ™‚

  281. Karen says:

    I have tried a hydroxycut (spelling ? ) a few times and noticed it did help some in the beginning, however I think once my body got used to it and after time it didn’t seem to do much,at least I didn’t notice any change in craving food. I was also concerned about what it might be doing to me that I didn’t want. Now there has been talk of taking it off the counter, some kind of medical controversy. I’m not sure it is worth it, so probably won’t try again.

    Day 6, doing o.k. a little hungry but not too bad. I am noticing a difference in my skin, some varicose veins fading and skin is not so rippled. I am also seeing a change in my face, not so puffy, also no water retention around the ankles. I have stopped all medications, Blood pressure is great !

    Positive thinking does help, and for me making new plans always makes me feel in control.
    Thanks for writing πŸ™‚

  282. Karen says:

    I am experiencing hot, cold this afternoon and also very dry irritated throat. ?? Other than that so far sticking to it, even with cooking for others.

  283. Alexandra says:

    This is the end of my 8h day and I had one glass of carrot-celery-apple juice all day. My nausea is not going anywhere! It is now really difficult to endure. Nausea is very difficult. I am of course sticking to it yet it is fast becoming a quite unpleasant experience. I am supposed to be honest here and here I am 100%. I have aches and pains all over also, feeling very weak, stiff joints. It took a life out of me to walk about an hour today.
    I don’t know if I am experiencing all these because I am on the second day of my period (and it is heavier than ever)

    Weight loss appears to be only 0.4 lb since yesterday which is ridiculous but again it is my period so I am not counting on it.

    This too shall pass, I hope, any advise is very welcome!

  284. Karen says:

    Sorry to hear about nausea, that is the worst ! I don’t think I could make it on one glass of juice, and I do good to get in a 20 minute yoga and a short walk. I am really hungry tonight at day 6, wondering if I am going to be able to sleep.

    Don’t too discouraged with the weight loss or lack of, it will come off, it’s just never fast enough. I had aches everywhere before I started fasting. That all seems to be much better. Hang in there, hope it’s better tomorrow.

  285. Amanda Vlahakis says:

    Thanks for asking in Karen, I’m definitely fine and think I might have the metal to go the full 11 days I’ve planned.

    Funny what you should say about being sick of juice Ron! After my 4 days of juice fasting I decided that I might as well try water fasting because I was totally sick of juice and also thought it would be good to attempt. I could easily go back to juice if I found it too difficult.

    So when awaking on day 5 I started the water fast and today is my third day of water fasting and I’ve found it fine. So I’m on day 7 now … four days were juice and the last three days have been water.

    On the morning of day 2 of the water fast I started to feel ill; dizzy, heart running and was concerned that I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I did some research and realised that a bit of salt would probably fix it and it did.

    I’ve got to say I’m not finding it any harder than juice fasting at the 3 day mark, so am hoping to continue the water fast for a further three days before going back to juice fasting and then ending the fast a couple of days later – thus completing my full 11 days but including a water fast I didn’t expect to carry out during this 11 days.

    My eyes are brighter white, my skin is much brighter also, and my trousers fit much nicer – big bonus πŸ™‚

    I also have kids; a couple of days ago we had family round and I cooked food for everyone and the kids ate sweets, then today we went on a daytrip and I watched the kids eat a nice lunch meal and then I bought them giant oat cookies to eater later …which they ate this afternoon. They are having more treats than usual because it’s the holidays.

    I must say it’s quite hard to witness the eating of not just treats, but even the kids eating their healthy food, in a psychological way more than anything I think.

    I just keep telling myself that it’s worth the wonderful results and that I’ll kick myself if I give in just because I can’t wait a single week before eating again. In fact if I can’t wait a week before eating, it means that I haven’t gained any better any control over my eating and I’ll end up in the same unhealthy pattern that has lead me to the fast in the first place.

    I’m sick of running round in circles trying to establish a healthier lifestyle and always backsliding, I really want this to be the start of my healthier life ‘for good’.

    Glad to hear that you are all doing well. Ivanna I wonder how you are doing with your cleanse? It’s been two days since you posted your plans to try again.

    Alexandra, did you try a bit of salt? I felt unwell on day two of my water fast and took some salt in my water and felt better, then this morning I did it again just to head illness off at the pass again. Is it an electrolyte imbalance causing your issues?

    I’ve been feeling fine on water so far and have even done some light exercise yesterday and today. Today we took the kids on a day trip which involved a fair amount of walking for me.

  286. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda, sounds like your doing great ! I’m doing fine today, day 7 for me. I don’t really feel much different today, just a little hungry. I was thinking I might try to water fast a couple days but not sure about that. We’ll see.

    How are you doing today Alexandra ?

  287. Ron says:

    Hi Amanda!

    I made it thru my first 3 days in a row on just water, then I OD’ed on juice! LOL The first 14 days of fasting were pretty good for me, besides the usual detox effects. But then I started to get hungry. I realized I had to cope and told myself: I know what the food I’m looking at, or smelling tastes like, I’ve eaten it before my fast. And I know how I felt before my fast too! That’s one of the biggest reasons for my fast! I felt lousy about myself!

    I don’t want to be like I was before my fast! Also, The short goals has kept me focused. I started with a 3 day water fast. That was the longest I ever fasted before. I made it!! Then a friend of mine did a 6 day juice fast. I beat him by going 7 days!! Then I heard 10 – 14 days would detox my body pretty well. I made it to 10, then 14 days!! I was feeling pretty good, and getting compliments by this time so I told myself you can make it further. Tom said my heartburn would most likely be gone in a 20 – 30 day juice fast…So, here I am at 21 days!!

    Well…you know where I’m going from here! LOL

    I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention my God! He’s helped me find this wonderful means to heal myself, and have a spiritual re-awakening. And peace of mind!

    There’s no way back, and I remember why. I don’t want to be there ever again. There is just too many good things in life besides food! And I want them. God Bless, and God’s Peace! Ron

    “Man does not Live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

  288. Alexandra says:

    Hi everyone,

    Karen and Amanda, thank you for caring! I am now seriously ill, very very heavy nausea, heart burn, acid reflux, it is really a hellish state, very painful now! I don’t know what to think or do. Yesterday I was on water only as I am so disgusted even by the idea of juice.

    I went to my first colonic yesterday and the lady who took care of me believed I was detoxing faster than my body can handle and I needed to assist it. She also could not beleive that I didn’t go to the bathroom since I started for 9 days. She believes (she is a holistic doctor) water fasting is just crazy. Not my words just quoting.

    I am confused am I hurting myself or doing good for myself?

    Yesterday I walked 2.5 hours, did 2 sets of 15 with the dumbbells, dry brushed, took hot shower only, did not have any energy left for the steam.
    Today I am too sick to even leave my bed and really suffering!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Your pain is due to detoxification caused by water and once again I state. If this is your first fast. Do juices for 3 to 5 days before going to water. You now need to go to juices for the rest of the time period to heal the damage to your body. 5 days of juices using potato juice in the mix. Use a juicer. Avoid acid juices such as lemon and apple. Do not exercise. Water fasting is not bad but you need skill and preparation and as you have found out, mistakes are painful. It may take weeks to get back to feeling normal.

  289. Karen says:

    Hi Alexandra, so sorry you are going through this. I am doing pretty good , I was thinking I would rush this along and try water for a day. You just convinced me otherwise. I have been doing pretty well following the juices I posted in the beginning (Tom said was perfect) I plan to continue that for as long as I can.

    I am finding it really helpful to read most of the previous posts to Tom and his answers. That has helped me with the do’s and do not’s and some of them are just comedy. 9 days is a long time for no bowel movement even with juice and water. Enemas once in a while would be better.

    Hope you can feel better soon.

  290. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom,

    I didn’t go to water before more than 5 days passed but maybe I didn’t use enough juice? I don’t know..The max I used was 1 big glass a day.

    Today I took watermelon, pomegranate, aloe vera juice, 1 big glass and 1 coffee mug of vegetable broth. The juice seemed to help a little bit but not much. I don’t remember feeling this sick and tired.

    On the bright side, though total loss in 9 days, and today was my tenth day, is a bit over 10 lbs. I am down to 140 lbs. now but I know the price should not have been that high.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      One big glass of juice per day is about the same as water fasting. Better to have 4 to 6 cups throughout the day. The challange with water fasting is that the body is cleansing at the maximum rate with years of toxins built up in the tissues.
      Most cleansing crisis pass within about 2 days and 3 maximum. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

  291. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for writing! Well, the reason why I have been so tough on myself is that I have done diets before and I don’t seem to lose weight while others are dropping pounds (same diet) like nobody’s business. So my fear was to go through this program with no success. I wanted to help the process as much as I could.

    I see detox and fasting is a whole lot more serious business than I thought. I am only looking forward to feeling better hopefully soon enough.

    My only advise would be (from first hand experience!): don’t try to overdo it, don’t try to cut back on the juice too much, water fast is hell if you are doing it for the first time, do it slowly but safely with juice, seems to work for a lot of people -especially first timers like us-. I really don’t know if I harmed my body seriously, I hope not!

    Stay on the course but safely! All the best πŸ™‚

  292. Karen says:

    I know how you feel about failing at other “diets” and I think that’s one of the reasons I chose fasting. I don’t really think of it so much as to loose weight as I do resetting by body and gaining some better eating habits. I expect to loose weight, because 4 glasses of juice a day has to be less fat & calories than I was getting before. It seems like the most important part will be what happens after the fast. My big leap today was not having the 9:00 am juice , I just had water. So I lessened my juice to 3 glasses today.:-) whooo ! whoo ! Hope it’s a good day tomorrow

  293. Amanda Vlahakis says:

    Great to hear that you’re recovering Alexandra, and that you’re still on your fast, and you also Karen :-))

    Well after 2.5 days of water fasting, on the evening of the third day I start to really really want to eat, and so in fear that I might actually eat something solid I had some watery soup. Two cups of it in fact! Wow, felt great.

    The next day (yesterday)I had entirely water except for two cups of herbal tea with honey. Again, that was in the evening. I find the evenings psychologically tough I think… it’s my old snacking time.

    Today I’ve had water all morning, but my husband made a blended soup and it was full of organic vegetables and smelled amazing and so I could not resist. I added water to it to make it more ‘runny’ to avoid anything too thick. I’m hoping to spend the rest of the day on water only.

    So I guess after 2.5 days of water I’m back to a juice fast, but not having much juice/soup at all.

    It’s 1pm on day 8 of my fast, results time:

    Skin; looking great and feeling really soft, my daughter felt my neck and said it was really soft just after touching a babies neck and commenting on how soft it was, and I touched her neck (7yrs old) and mine was softer!

    I tried on a whole bunch of clothes from last spring on. They all fit great and I can get into some stuff I couldn’t even get into last spring. I’ve lost around 7Ibs now I think … I weighed in about a day or so ago, I don’t really like to weigh much I prefer to measure.

    I’ve lost lots of lovely inches. I’ve lost 2 inches of my waist, 3 inches off my lower stomach, 1 inch off my arms, 1/2 inch off my thighs, 1.5 inches off my bum. Hoorah.

    Not sure if I’m imagining it but I think my hands and nails look better – glowing by comparison to before.

    Three days left to go … pretty sure I can make it, and am seriously looking forward to that salad on Friday lunch time, never has a salad going to have tasted so good!

    By the way, never mentioned it, my husband went on a short fast also. He did 4 days juice and thought it was really great. He started eating yesterday, but just salad. Today so far he had juice and for lunch that gorgeous soup he cooked.

    When they hear the blender the kids come running asking for juice or demanding pieces of carrot. They’ve always loved fruit and veg because we make sure they eat really healthily so they love all this juicing that’s going on.

  294. Karen says:

    Hey Amanda, sounds like you are doing great ! I wish I had thought to measure myself, I’m thinking my numbers may be close to yours as my clothes are fitting a little looser also. my husband has said he see’s a difference in my face, but I haven’t really noticed it. Day 9 today, still hungry but still hangin in there. Very difficult to do yoga this morning.

    How are you today Alexandra ?

  295. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen, This morning -Thank God!- I woke up with heartburn almost 50% gone and nausea all gone! Ah! I feel so happy that I am feeling out of the hell! That juice combo worked believe it or not, i think it was the aloe juice that was in it.

    This is my 11th day now. I only lost 0.4 lb since yesterday (all of which I spent almost entirely in bed) I measure myself in centimeters. I lost 3 cm from my hips, 7 whole cm from my waist line. All the fat and puffiness that was really embarrassing on my face is totally gone, my legs are leaner, so are my arms.
    I have been up all night fantasizing about fish, and fish restaurants on a remote beach, variety of fish delicacies, how I will eat fish when I am allowed was ridiculous πŸ™‚

    I am going for my second colonics today and unless I go I never go to the bathroom so (although there is nothing that I like about the procedure) I am excited.

    Amanda, you are doing so well, I am so proud and happy for you! πŸ™‚

  296. Amanda Vlahakis says:

    Face … I’ve definitely lost one of my chins, lol.

    I’m thinking of buying something like psyllium tomorrow because there is no way I’m going for a colonic or administering anything like that to myself πŸ™‚

    So pleased you are both doing so well. Shame this website doesn’t have a proper forum, I feel a bit guilty about posting all my updates on this blog, which does actually say ‘find a buddy’, not ‘find a buddy and talk to each other on here’, ha ha!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Amanda
      You can post there is fine. No post away. This is how this site works. I think the page fasting club was the page designed for sharing which is so very important to encourage others. Even more valued than my writing.

  297. Alexandra says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I don’t agree that posting our updates here is embarrassing, just the opposite, it is not only sharing to support each other but also a tremendously helpful first hand experience and guidelines for the new fasters. It is also tremendous for Tom for his database as I for instance have been keeping a pretty good diary since the beginning (like a few others here).

    I don’t agree about your views on colonics either. if you read about it and inform yourself about it, you will see and will not believe how in the world you lived such a long time without ever experiencing it (not only once but a set of dozens until you get all the stuff of a lifetime out of you)

  298. alex says:

    Hi there(:
    My goal is to lose some wieght because i am starting to feal very unhealthy and i want to feel more comfterable in my own skin. I would love a fasting buddy:)

  299. alex says:

    hi again..i was wondering if a 5 day water fast would be too much? i will have minimal exercise this week with the exception of school P.E.
    I dont want to put myself at risk though. Any tips?

  300. alex says:

    ok thanks! i am starting my fast today! what do you do to keep on track?

  301. Karen says:

    I don’t know. I think your writing is pretty valuable ! There are really a ton of people out there that don’t know what their talking about. Thanks for your help Tom.

    As for keeping on track Alex, for me so far it has been pure determination. I don’t want to take cholesterol medication, high blood pressure medication and or have a problem with diabetes, which I expect would have been my next problem. I didn’t have any of that 5 years ago and then my poor eating caught up with me.

  302. alex says:

    Hi Karen
    Thanks il try to keep that in mind! Have you been successful?

  303. Karen says:

    This is my first fast. I am on day 9 and am still having 3 glasses of juice a day. I have had a few times that were difficult, but not too bad. I have still been cooking for my family which is pretty hard, because I like to cook and I like to eat. But if I can do both responsibly that will be the “success” . I just have stayed the course so far, not sure how.

  304. alex says:

    How much weight have you lost so far?

  305. Jolene says:

    I am starting my FIRST juice fast next Monday, June 1st for 10 days and my husband will not fast with me!
    I am fasting for detoxification purposes and am looking for someone who will be fasting around the same time to exchange supportive emails with. Basically, I just want someone to share the experience with (bad and good) and to bounce ideas and questions off of. I do not mind if you have never fasted before or are an experienced faster.

  306. Karen says:

    I have lost a total of eight lbs, I actually lost that in the first 4 days. I have lost a couple inches in waist and hips though so am seeing some results.

    Even though I am at day 9 and this is my first fast, I would be happy to keep in touch. I have read most of the posts on this site and have found this to be different for everyone. You can look back at my posts and see what i’ve experienced so far.

    Alexandra and Amanda
    How did you do today.

  307. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom, then it is no wonder I have been having such a hard time! I really do want to cleanse my body all the toxic buildup, not only fat but cellulite as well. I am afraid if I drink more juice I will considerably slow down. I kind of feel like I rather suffer and get it all out. Maybe unnecessary?

    My colonics specialist today recommended me to include chlorophyl and probiotics. Not only during the fast but for lifetime. Do you know anything about that, do you agree/disagree?

    Thank you Tom for your kind advice in advance, always very much appreciated!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Probiotics are recommended at the end of a fast but they grow and reproduce so you do not need to keep taking them unless you take antibiotics. Chlorophyl is excellent during juice fasting and even added to water fasting to help neutralize toxins as it has no calories. Sure juicing more will slow the detox but you are trying to get past the initial detoxification. After that fasting is easy including water fasting. Sure water fasting or restriced juice is quicker for detoxing but the suffering factor will make you not want to fast again when you quit as it has been taught that fasting is very uncomfortable. Better to enjoy the ride and go slow. This is a lifetime program till age 108.

  308. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    Today was my 11th day, I brisk walked 1.5 hours, had only half a glass of juice and half a coffee mug full of vegetable broth. This time I really didn’t do it on purpose, my juicer broke! However starting tomorrow I will take in a bit more juice and we’ll see what happens. I felt much better than yesterday but still heartburn is an issue. I had a colonics session but not much happened as I am (sorry to be grossly graphic but how can I explain it otherwise? πŸ™‚ full of gas from old eating habits: I used to drink a lot of diet coke. I went to steam afterwards but could stay inside only 15 minutes then almost fainted and left. I feel tired only bc I got caught up in an insomniac cycle, I start by fantasizing about food and then no sleep all night! Crazy, huh? πŸ™

    Again, I am fixing the juicer and increasing the juice intake tomorrow. I promise. Thank you for asking and thank you for your support, Karen! πŸ™‚

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Please be graphic, makes for better reading. LOL Remember to get down on one knee if you get dizzy. Food fantasizing can become a food compulsion after fasting. Imagine eating and enjoying healthy foods.

  309. Mel says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m looking for a fasting buddy. I cannot seem to get past day 4 of water fast (and herbal tea) after preparing with juice. Not sure why, it’s almost an unconcious act..

    However each time I ‘break’ it, it just makes me more determined. I’m 25 and have been through what I call my quarterlife crisis, I have a toxic past of partying, alcohol, drugs and ridiculous yo-yo eating habits. I’ve been slowly ‘healing’ and detoxing for the past year and now fasting is my next step to CLEANING UP MY LIFE! FOR GOOD!!!… I broke my latest fasting attempt a day ago, but am jumping straight back the band wagon… My health, well-being and personal goals ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING and I KNOW I can do it… but would LOVE some help and support or someone to email each day who wants to share a similar journey!

    All the info you have all posted is truly inspirational.. and has helped me so much already so thankyou!! And Tom thankyou for your expertise on this topic and your dedication to helping people. This website is AWESOME thanks heaps!!!

    Mel πŸ™‚

    Anyone who’d like to support pls email me:

  310. Ron says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    I have the heartburn also! Try some carrot juice, cabbage and a little raw potato. Most fruit juices have bothered me with mild acid reflux during my fast!

    The DGL (deglicerized Licorice root) tablets from Whole Foods market are wonderous for me! I chew 2 during the day if needed and 2 before bed. Also, the Aloe Vera you’ve been taking is great too! I drink a whole cup in the morning to heal my stomach and digestive tract. The ulsers and reflux are just now healing and going away at my 24th day of juice & water fasting. The ten years of damage takes time to heal, I guess.

  311. Ron says:

    Hi Mel

    Why don’t you start with juice? Tom recommends this for first timers. I started with water and switched on the 4th day to juice. I also have been doing one day water fasts while on the juice fast.

    I set small goals for myself by beating previous fasts, and friends fasts. This way I felt I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I couldn’t do my ultimate goal of 30+ days. Also, try telling yourself: “I know what food tastes like, and it will be there (in abundance) anytime I want it, when my great fast ends.” I did say that to myself last Saturday… as I hosted a b’day party, prepared the food(s)…AND manned the barb-a-que grill all day! It doesn’t get more tempting than that my friend. People just shook their heads, stuffed burnt flesh in the faces and told me how great I looked!

    Once you get past the first week of detox, things get better. In that: the duration of temptations and achyness are shorter. Plus, the more benefits you see, the less you want to eat and the more you want change, and to feel better in life!

    I can’t begin to explain how wonderful I feel at 24 days! It’s like really starting over again, and getting a new chance at life. Once you see the changes clearly, there is no turning back…EVER!

    Good Luck, and God Bless! Ron

  312. Shane says:

    Hi all! its Shane again. i m 19 from hong kong! and thx for the reply , Tom. Hong Kong has always been polluted. ^v^

    btw, its already the 17th day of my 40 day water fast! Wow……i cant believe i can go that far! haha, too bad i didnt realize i could upload some videos on youtube to record my progress. anyway, my stomach used to be so round as if i was pregnant, but, thank goodness, right now its totally FLAT. and i just love looking at it! but i dont weigh myself because i know if my weight stays the same i would be frustrated and want to give up. but i estimate my weight has already dropped below 120 lbs. the hardest things that i m going through during the water fast are boredom, nausea and having the very itchy pimples all over my upper body. and they look really horrible……but that doesnt bother me as much as boredom and nausea.

    i m now living alone in some suburban area so i can avoid many unnecessary temptations. i dont even switch on the tv. and i really cant tell anyone i know that i m fasting coz they will be very worried. afterall, fasting is still not part of our culture. chinese regard eating as a very important way social interaction and fasting as something which is only practiced my the monks/nuns.

    i m still looking for buddies, anyone interested plz contact me :, coz i still have a long long way to go! ^o^

  313. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much, Ron!
    I am now going to GNC to get the stuff, your advice has been very very helpful! Thank you, again.

    On a separate note, before I go, I weighed 139 this morning with the exact same measurements. I don’t know what to make of it. The body has a mind of its own apparently so I decided to do my best and the rest to simply let go and see what happens. Can’t be bad! πŸ™‚
    My chronic shoulder pain that bothered me for the last 3 years disappeared. However I am not at the point of loving what I see in the mirror yet, the cellulite is blocking the picture πŸ™

  314. Ron says:

    Hi again Alexandra!

    I’m glad to help anyway I can. I also drink Marshmellow root tea w/ honey in the evenings. It soothes the tummy oh so well.

    I just had my yearly physical! My doctor who is great and very open minded, was astonished! I lost 35lbs. since my last visit. My BP was 105/70, and everything checked out fantastic! He said, “I was a fine specimen of health”. A far cry from what I was last year! Also had my blood work for my cholesterol and triglycerides which were thru the roof last time! I’ll let you know. I have no doubts it will be perfect tho!


    my doctor wants me to go for a colonoscopy! I’ve been putting it off for about 3 years. Should I use the standard methods to eliminate? Should I use it all? Is it safe during a fast? Should I wait until after the fast? Thanks, Ron

  315. alex says:

    hi guys
    so im feeling quite pathetic…day one of my fast and i already broke down once and ate some food!

  316. Mel says:

    Hey Ron,

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! I have no doubt in my mind that I can do it, even if its takes me 1000 attempts I won’t give up!

    I did juice fasting leading up to water fast on the last attempt, i found it a lot easier. However I still broke, I’m not even hungry so I know its just craving or an emotional response, and when I do break it’s almost unconcious, I am usually preparing food for others and before I realise I’ve nibbled on bits of whatever I happen to be making. So I am just going to AVOID the kitchen or helping with food, its not doing me any favours!

    I also started using affirmations last time to help me.. for some reason I stopped using them, so I’m going to re-write them for this time and make sure I repeat them to myself as often as possible, hopefully this will help my sub-concious stay on track!!

    Anyway will keep you posted on this attempt.. !

    Mel πŸ™‚

  317. Melissa says:

    I am starting a short 4 day water only fast to get me started on my journey of losing more weight. In January I tried a longer fast and felt failure for giving up after only 6 days. Since then I have lost 30 lbs from eating less, having my tonsils removed and traveling to Peru. My weight is currently 203 lbs and my goal for the end of the summer is 160ish. I am hoping to start this water only fast and continue into a juice fast for a few days and alternate between water and juice for the next 2-3 weeks. If any one would like to join me and be my fasting buddy, my e-mail is Thank-you so much for your support.

  318. alex says:

    Hey Melissa
    I am doing about the same time so id love to be ur fasting buddy. Il send you an email

  319. Alexandra says:

    Today is my 13th day.
    I GAINED yes you are reading right GAINED 1.4 lbs!!!! Now I weigh 140.4 lbs!
    What is going on???

    I increased my juice intake yesterday to 2 cups as recommended (not even 3-4-5 cups just 2!) and I had one cup of veggie broth (in which I started to add a generous amount of salt because I don’t want to fool myself by cutting salt during the fast and gaining immediate weight right afterwards because of the salt effect) but I have been adding salt for 3 days not just yesterday.
    I didn’t have time to go to steam or for walking so all I did was 15 minutes of crunches and dumbbells for physical activity.

    What do I do now?

    Go back to what I have been doing?

    Very puzzled! πŸ™ Please HELP!!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      The weight gain is water retention due to the salt. 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt is enough for trace minerals and the salt flush should be done once during a fast. A pound of fat is 3500 calories and that amount is not in the juice.

  320. Ron says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    You may be converting fat cells to muscle with all that working out. And maybe the salt is holding some water. I found that the fruit juice was keeping my weight stable. I switched to just veggie and the pounds crepped down.

    Also, you may just have a slow metabolisum as myself. I lost 10 pounds the first 4 days, and only another 15 the following 3 weeks.

    I also suggest throwing your scale out the window for awhile. Just concentrate on fasting, and feeling better. Look in the mirror! If you look fat, you are! I step on the scale now, about twice or 3 times a week. It doesn’t matter anymore, because I don’t look fat anymore!

  321. Amanda Vlahakis says:

    I don’t think it’s embarrassing to post here at all, I just was feeling a bit guilty about whether were are using this in the right way, or the way that Tom wants it used. He’s cleared that up now obviously.

    Colonics – I’m not against them at at all, I think the health benefits are great, but I’m just too grossed out to do one πŸ™‚

    Tom, yes I have a juicer, I bought a really good one near the start of my fast, it takes whole fruit and is very quick and easy to use πŸ™‚

    Keeping on Track – I haven’t got any medical problems at all, I’m very healthy really apart from being about 20Ibs overweight, but the main thing that keeps me on track is knowledge of the benefits because I did it for 5 days last year and experienced them already.

    I think the best thing anyone can do is to really believe all the hearsay about fasting and at least do 3 days just to find out for themselves. Once you’ve done one properly, you’ll be a convert to the benefits of fasting for sure and the next fast will be more motivated.

    Although I came off my pure water fast after 2.5 days on it (at a total of 6.5 days fasting), I was only having one juice a day after that so according to what Tom said to Alex about the quantity of juice, have been on a sort of combination of water/juice fasting for the last 4.5 days.

    So it’s been very restricted juice fasting since day 4. To be honest it’s not been that hard other than psychologically, because I don’t think I lived ‘that’ unhealthily beforehand so physically there has been no suffering.

    But – the psychological stuff has been very hard, especially the kids eating all the time and preparing food for them!

    So I’m at day 11 today and it’s 7pm (several juices today to prepare for solids tommmorow) and had decided that I would eat my first solids tomorrow at lunchtime.

    However, I’m afraid I went for a meal with my kids at 5pm today and my brain said with all the tantalising smells and sights around me after 10 days of no solid food “What’s the difference between tonight and tommorow lunchtime” so I broke my fast right then.

    I ate a tiny piece of salmon off my husbands plate and about 10 fries. Then I came home and had some blended soup.

    I know I should break with veg/salad and this was rather naughty but I didn’t have much, was able to stop and not start any ‘binging’, and 2hrs later my stomach is not complaining so I think I got away with it.

    Tomorrow I’ll have a thick juice containing avocado and banana for breakfast and then for lunch the salad I originally planned πŸ™‚

    This has been a wonderful fast and as I still have weight to loose, I’ll give myself a week or two as a break to enjoy solid food (whilst being watchful of what I eat obviously) and will then go onto another fast once more. Perhaps for 7 – 10 days.

    This summer I’m going to be super healthy and a healthy weight, I hope!

    It did take me a whole year to make myself commence a new fast despite many failed attempts, so I hope I can resume this two weeks from now. Unless Tom thinks I should wait longer than 2 weeks?

    What I’ll do is come right onto here on day one, I’m sure the wonderful support will help me start off again.

    I’m going to keep checking in anyway between now and then to find out how everyone else is doing an remind myself of the new healthy ways I want to adopt in my life.

    β€œI know what food tastes like, and it will be there (in abundance) anytime I want it, when my great fast ends.”
    I think this is great advice by the way, this type of thinking has really kept me going.

    Mel – don’t worry about breaking down on day one, I did a 5 day juice fast last spring, and then between then and this spring tried and failed on day one about 10 times at least I think. Just keep trying, you’ll do it one day.

    I agree that it’s best not to weigh yourself and to instead focus on the fasting. It’s pretty obvious in the mirror and with pinching yourself if you are fat or not. If you are fasting, you WILL loose weight, so I think it’s best to divert focus to that rather than scale watching.

    I weighed myself several days ago and have no intention of weighing myself again until perhaps the end of my next fast.

  322. Alexandra says:

    Thank you very much, Ron! πŸ™‚

    I started to take Detoxufree, some colon cleansing product that I found on the internet, this morning for the first time. It is a 3 day regimen after which I will start this very highly recommended weight loss pills called Apidexin. (before you start using apidexin the company recommends using detoxufree for 3 days for full benefit) Tomorrow I am going to colonics again. I read on this site that for slow metabolisms weight loss pills do wonders and Tom is also behind that support. I have not been taking any supplements at all but then again I read that it was OK to take them.

    So I’ll see what happens with this little extra push.
    Today I do have time to go to the gym and the steam and do it right.
    I’ll report the result (as I do religiously everyday!) πŸ™‚

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Some weight lost supplements can help reduce weight and work better during juice fasting but there are many that are stimulants with ingredients like ephedrine which is a mild speed. Do a search on the ingredients before you buy.

  323. Karen says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m still here, fasting away. Day 11 for me, I am doing fine, other than being a bit hungry. I’m doing great. people are starting to notice changes in my body, so the fat must be going away. I am feeling much better. I was able to start adding the flax oil yesterday.

  324. Alexandra says:

    Thank you very much Tom!

    Today, I was too afraid to have anything so I was on water the whole time, maybe before going to bed I will have hot vegetable broth with cayenne. I went to the gym and did some light workout for 35 minutes (15 on elliptical, crunches, leg presses, core exercises for the rest of the time), I had two steam baths, cold shower in between and I had a massage today, took detox pills and chlorophyl.

    Ron, I got the herbal pill for acidity. Hoping it works, I will owe you big time if it does!

    And Tom, I got the whole leaf Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin Shoppe brand, hope that’s the right one. I will try that out tomorrow. I checked the ingredient list and there is mentioning of ephedrine. So I am assuming it is fine.

    Karen, great going! πŸ™‚

  325. Alexandra says:

    sorry, typo:

    there is no mentioning of ephedrine among ingredients of the weight loss pill which I will start using on Sunday πŸ™‚

  326. Nicole says:

    I am on day 1 of starting a 30 day water fast. I have fasted before, but I am just worried about when cravings kick in or I start to feel weak because that is when the fast often breaks. I am a university student and throughout the year I ate a lot of processed foods and gained a fair amount of weight, so I think by fasting my body will feel better and I will lose the weight. I am currently 130 lbs and want to lose about 20. Through people’s experience is this do-able? Also, about colonics, I kind of find the idea of going for one embaressing yet it is something I would like to try. Does anybody find that it makes a big difference? Anyways, I would really love to have support from people and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much.


  327. Alexandra says:

    Day 14, today.

    I woke up only because I had too, I really needed more sleep. I was very tired yet I forced myself again and brisk walked 1.5 hours but very brisk! Got my third colonics and this time it started to work (maybe because I am also using the detox pills?) I have been on water until 7 pm but I started to feel really bad so I am now having apple-carrot-celery-beets-aloe vera juice. Very sparingly. I will try to go to the steam later, I thought if I went after the walk I was going to faint there.

    Yesterday was only about water and at night a cup of vegetable broth with salt, onion powder and cayenne pepper.

    I weighed myself this morning, now I am 138.4 lbs.

    Nicole, how colonics makes a difference depends on several factors, your lifestyle, eating habits, usual bowel movements, etc. I had done it before and the difference it made was feeling clean on the inside, and a peace of mind coming from knowing that you got all those toxins out that are waiting inside to get you sick, weight-wise nothing significant but again that’s one person’s experience.

  328. Alexandra says:

    Day 15, today.

    The latter part of yesterday was a difficult day. I had only half of that glass of vegetable juice, the rest of the day was only water. My stomach started to go crazy with acid on me. At night, I experienced something I haven’t experienced before. I had incredibly difficult time breathing and my heart rate was going into jumbles. I was really scared, thought about calling 911, instead stayed in bed trying to catch my breath and not faint for hours and hours. What was that and what should I do if that happens again?

    Not feeling too good either, today.

    On a positive note, I lost 0.6 lb, since yesterday. Now I weigh 137.8 lbs.(61.7 kg) My waist is 72 cm, hips 99 cm.
    and I look good πŸ™‚

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      You need a slow detoxification. The acid can be solved by taking calcium tablets that will neutralize the stomach acid. If there is pain you can drink some milk to coat the stomach lining. Taking calcium with juice is the best. You need to go slower for detoxing at a safe rate by drinking more juice. Do not worry about the weight loss focus on healing your body first. This is lifestyle development.

  329. Ron says:


    It sounds like your diet of juice and water is erratic. Also, stress may be giving you heartburn! You certainly sound stressed.

    Why don’t you stick to the veggie juice, (like carrot & cabbage) and herbal teas until you stabilize? Try to maintain a schedule, so your body can get used to what you are doing.

    Try a diet and exercise schedule.

    I’ve been using water until mid morning w/ lemon or lime. Then a little Aloe and/or fruit juice, or herbal tea mid day. Then a “boost” in the afternoon if needed with fruit juice. Then veggie juice or broth in the evening. At night, an hour before bed I have some of that Marshmellow root tea… EVERY DAY! Unless I take a day off for just water. My exercising schedule is 3 times a week! Monday, Wed. & Fri., at 3 pm.

    I’d drink A LOT more “veggie” juice if I were you. It won’t put on as many calories as the fruit juice, and you’ll be getting some nutrition. Especially since you’ve been working out so hard.

    Don’t forget those supplement & vitamins! Especially with all the workouts!

    “Slow down” honey! It sounds like you have some sort of deadline. Relax, and enjoy your fast! Why ruin your health, and future fasting you may do, just to drop a few pounds?

    You can do it! I’ll pray for you! God Bless, Ron

    P.S. my email is if you need some fasting support.

  330. Alexandra says:

    Hi Ron,

    What I am most concerned about is if this is healthy or if I am doing harmful to myself. I really want to know that. I certainly definitely under no circumstance do not want to do any harm for whatever reason. However if it is something that the body goes through to detoxify, I’ll endure. I am not doing anything at all physical today. I think my body can not handle it. Heck, I can’t even walk around the house, I feel dizzy! πŸ™‚

    Some emotional release also started today (on my 15th day, not before). Very very old wounds that I thought I dealt with are coming up to be released. I am really very grateful for that so that I can totally clean them up and get it over with once and for all.

    I will have broth in the evening but I am saving it for now until I really need it. My metabolism turned out to be exceptionally slow, if I do juice in abundance, I am afraid I will never lose a pound. I believe I have been moved by the spirit to do this (I never never had the courage ever before) and I believe it is for physical as much as emotional toxins to be cleaned out of me. For me to be free. And it is time for me. The physical beauty and anti-aging effect of the fast is just the cherry on the top! And oh what a delicious cherry that is! πŸ™‚

    However again my concern is doing anything harmful to my body in the process. I really want to make sure whether or not I am.

  331. Alexandra says:

    OK, Tom! Will do!

    As a matter of fact I am going to the kitchen to make some juice right now. I have been having incredible chest pain for the last few hours that really scared me! I don’t know if I am having a heart attack, really worried!

    I don’t know if that is normal.

    Thank you very much, Tom! Right now what you are doing is really important to me, as it is about my health & welbeing and seriously so!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Fasting can have short term negative effects like you have reported but they become a concern over 3 days. Some people have weak liver, heart or kidneys and the water or restricted juice fasting releases toxins to fast and affect organ function. So up the juice amount and find the balance where you feel good. Eventually you can cut the juice amounts. I would give it 5 day on the higher juice amounts.

  332. Christina says:

    Hi all and hi to you Tom!

    Good news, my mom finally accepted my fasting and slowly started to understand it. No longer am I being shoved into therapy for having been mistaken for having an eating disorder; so rediculous.

    I have been water fasting and juice fasting for over a month and I am absolutely in love with fasting. I have lost a lot of weight even though this was not my goal nor do I really pay attention to a scale and it is silly when people ask me how much I weigh I just reply I don’t pay attention to a scale every day. However, I do know I am underweight so I am very careful in my fasting and I’ve learned to ignore the ignorant people who claim I’m an anorexic.

    After today is over, I will have completed another week of water fasting and I am going to carry on another week of water fasting until I truly feel ready to consume the vegetable juice again. I cannot begin to explain the benefits of fasting there are so many it’s wonderful and amazing. I sleep so much better, fasting has completely tightened up the little excess sagging skin I had from losing over 132 pounds when I used to be over weight over a year ago having lost the weight through gym and exercize, my hair is growing faster than ever it is barely falling out and it looks so much more healthy. Furthermore, I feel so much more spiritually enlightened and I am at peace like I’ve never been before in my life; I just feel so relaxed I love it. Fasting has gotten rid of my stress, rarely do I experience hunger pains during the fastings and I no longer crave the desire for harmful junkfoods. I’ve learned to appreciate life so much more including the healthier foods around me. It taught me to be more positive. Fasting has definitely become a major part of my life.

    The beginning of July is when I leave to go to South Carolina for a vacation and to look around for residency; I plan to fast down there as well and it will be more amazing since I will be fasting right on a peaceful beach.

    I know this blog is about support and not about experiences nor did I intend to “brag”…but please know I wanted to share my experience with everyone to prove that fasting is an amazing, wonderful extremely beneficial journey to experience and I am willing to help anyone who needs help and support through fasting. I will be your rock and positive role model through your fasting when needed. I also know what it is like for people to be shunned because of being mistakened for having an eating disorder. In fact, I lost all of my so called friends because of my fasting but I couldn’t careless. Fasting is worth so much more than them and they weren’t ever true friends to begin with. But anyway, I want people to view fasting as a positive quest through my experiences of fasting. If anyone needs support I am here for ANYONE who needs it. Do not hesitate to e-mail me. I am a very friendly person! =].

    Please e-mail me at I promise I will be here for anyone who needs it =].

    God bless and love to all!!!

    Thank you again Tom for your amazing services.


  333. Karen says:

    Hello everyone, just checking in. I am doing great, I don’t really see much weight coming off. I have reduced my juice to twice a day now. I have been on that schedule for the last 3 days. I am hungry but getting by. I also added vitamin E and a B complex. I took one tablet that is garlic and cayenne but was a little shocked at my reactions. I had flushed itchy feeling and skin became red and blotchy. Is that normal ? I have garlic all the time and never reacted that way before. I don’t know as I’ve had too much Cayenne I’m not a big fan of spicy stuff. Any Ideas Tom ?

  334. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom, thank you, I did exactly that, upped the juice amount and had a fairly easy day (except the headache that I started to get in the late evening).

    Today was my 16th day. I had a glass of beets-celery-carrot-apple-aloe vera juice and another glass of apple-aloe vera juice. I power walked for a little bit over 2.5 hours. gym was closed when I was finished so could not do steam room but had a long hot shower with scrub.

    Started to take weight loss pills today to help with the speed.

    Will report back tomorrow πŸ™‚

  335. Alexandra says:

    Day 17th, today.

    I am the same weight as yesterday but I lost 1 cm from my waist and 1 cm from my hips. They are 71 cm and 97 cm respectively and I weigh 137 lbs (=61.8 kg)

    I took the pill a little later part of the day and that kept me up all night (which as always led to thoughts about food) but good news is that I am making the mental shift for the low calorie, low density foods. The hunger that follows a workout is the big beast to conquer and what surprises me is that it still did not change for me.

    Still I am really happy that I am shrinking πŸ™‚

  336. Alexandra says:

    Finishing up day 17.

    I had one glass of betts-celery-carrot-ginger-aloe juice.
    Power walked 2.5 hours, did some crunches (120 to be exact), some leg curls and 2×15 minutes steam bath.

    I had only one of my pills, did not take the other one because didn’t want to take it later part of the day and stay up all night like I did yesterday.

    Will report weight tomorrow.

  337. Amanda Vlahakis says:

    Hi, I’m back and I’m juice fasting again, here’s a diary of my ‘good bits’ and ‘bad bits’ over my weekend away :-))

    So Friday morning we drove down to our ‘girls weekend away’, I had water on the way down, during the day also, and much later in the afternoon I did indeed have a delightful salad. It was later than lunch (4pm in fact) because we couldn’t find anywhere serving a nice salad for some reason and also it took us ages to find our hotel.

    Friday night I’m afraid at about 2am under the influence of some substantial ‘girls weekend merryness’ I had half a small pack of potato wedges from the chip shop! I was going to eat them all but noted through the drunken haze that I was in fact rather full after half and it made no sense to carry on eating the rest. My sister polished them off, lol.

    Woke in the morning and had juice for breakfast, then I had another salad for lunch but had to seriously dodge the salad dressing because it tasted very very sugary to my new tastebuds and in fact tasted pretty nasty.

    I usually have my salads with vinaigrette and ground pepper anyway actually so even pre-fast it may not have tasted so great. Post-fast it was like trying to eat sugar on my salad.

    Later on that Sat night, I again was merry again partake in another small portion of wedges.

    Woke up the next day, had water in the morning, and then healthy sandwich for lunch on the drive home. When I got home in the late afternoon I stuck to healthy home made soups mainly for the rest of the day.

    I was going to carry on eating for this week and resume my juice fast next week but decided that it’s probably easier to get back on the horse whilst I’m still slightly in the zone from the last fast so started yesterday (Monday).

    Due to hunger from having eaten again at the weekend, I had a lot of soups yesterday. Today I’ve only had a half veg/half fruit juice for breakfast and I’m having fresh lemon with hot water and honey right now (2pm).

    I may need soup later today but it will probably be only once I think.

    So I think I’ll be able to carry on until Friday this week and make another full five days of juice fasting. I’ll probably stop for the weekend again – or I may carry on depending on how I feel.

    I have a bbq on Sat and not sure I want to watch everyone eat whilst I drink juice. I’m a vegetarian so there won’t be much other food I can eat there other than salad really so that should be good.

    It was definitely easier to restart the fast yesterday when it’s been so close to the last one. When I started the 10 day fast day one was super hard to get through compared to yesterday.

    Was sunbathing my ‘improved’ figure in the garden this lunchtime, we are getting some mega sunshine in the UK this last few days πŸ™‚

    So now I’m tanned and leaner (my extra chin has gone!) and looking forward to using juice fasting to continue to move me more towards a healthier body and better life habits.

    I still have some excess body fat to shift unfortunately but very happy that I’ve found a way to do it healthily that at the same time rejuvenates my body and mind.

    Glad everyone is doing so amazingly well, you should be proud of yourselves :-))


  338. Sarah says:

    Hey everyone! I have decided to try a fast and i want to be able to monitor how much weight i will be losing. So i was wondering how much you guys think I will lose in 1o days if im 5’2 and 123 pounds. Alright thanks!

  339. Sarah says:

    that was meant to say 10 days

  340. Alexandra says:

    Day 18, today.

    I am surprised (not pleasantly!) to see that now I reached a plateau (how is this even possible taking in almost no calories and -supposedly- burning off a lot???) and stuck at the weight of 137 lbs., same measurements, actually waist is a bit larger (about half a centimeter!)

    I had only one small glass of veg, juice yesterday and worked out really well. For the last 3 days my weight has been the same. That is very unpleasant!

    I will continue today as I have been so far (what else, right?) and see what happens. I am taking the weight loss pill no matter what even if I stay up all night.

    Good news is lately I am not experiencing any of the bad symptoms of too fast detox. I am happy for that, makes it so much easier πŸ™‚

  341. Alexandra says:


    There is no way of predicting how much you will lose. It depends on a thousand and one factor. Just keep at it, be happy that you will be doing something great for your health and eventually if you are persistent and consistent, I believe you can get where you want to be. However again, your body is the one who will have the last word. That is what I am finding out anyway for myself.

    Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  342. Karen says:

    I think I’m right on schedule as far as weight loss. This is day 16 and I have lost a total of 15 pounds. 4 inches around the waist gone ! I am not experiencing too many bad affects. Just a pretty hungry now and then . Two glasses of juice a day.Determination is key.

  343. Karen says:

    Hello Amanda and Alexandra
    I was getting frustrated about no significant weight loss a couple of days last week. I couldn’t figure it out. So I didn’t weigh myself for a week and then it seemed to all work out. Not sure how, now I’m just looking at the overall picture. The pounds have to go eventually.

    Wow I didn’t realize you were going to fast so soon. Sounds like your doing great. I think the on again off again would be hard for me. I am on day 16 and will try to make 30 days maybe 40 depending on how I feel. I am trying to plan how I will eat when I break the fast. I really don’t want to yo yo.

  344. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    One theory about that (I am not sure if that is the whole story or just a part of it) is that the body produces stress hormone cortisol when you fixate and stress over the weight and cortisol is the big enemy, it won’t let the body lose anything, on the contrary loves to make a big stomach. Dammit, I know it yet still do it! Smart, ha? πŸ™

    I will try to lighten up on that front!

  345. Sarah says:

    Thanks guys!

  346. Alexandra says:

    Ready to finish the day, end of 18th day:

    I had 3/4 a glass of beets-carrots-ginger-apple-aloe juice and
    one coffee mug full off low sodium mushroom broth with cayenne

    I power walked 1 hour, did the elliptical machine -quite fast- for 30 minutes, core twists, leg presses for another 25. I had my last and the 4th colonics as well today. I did coffee scrub during my night shower.

    I have an intense nausea that started right after I came out of the shower. Going to bed, will report back tomorrow.

  347. ZeroDude says:

    Im a college guy i recently just gained about 20lbs over the last two years and I would like to shed those as quick as possible that is why I am doing a juice fast for Im hoping the next two months. I do not know if that is recommended or if it is dangerous or not. I will not do a water diet. I was thinking maybe juice diet as in V8 splashes 100% vegetable juice & water thats it every day for two months there are a lot of different varieties of V8 that will work I can save money and lose weight quickly this seems like something I not only want to do but need to do. Ive done short fasts before 5-7 days without eating or drinking anything but water usually after the 5-6 day i start dreaming about food and eating and thats where my down-fall is i need a support friend my email is also my specs are 6’4″ 220lbs I would like to be at 190lbs – 200lbs My goal at the end of two months is 190lbs.

  348. Alexandra says:

    I thought I would share the latest newsletter I received from, largely dedicated to fasting:

  349. layla says:

    Hi everyone,
    really love reading all your stories and progresses, you have all inspired me so much that I have started juice fasting myself as of today!! My first day has been okay so far, no bad detox effects as yet, I must say It probably is the fact that I had a few pieces of pineapple as well as a blueberry & orange smoothie. My last feeding was the smoothie and this was at approx 5pm, since then I have had a few cups of lemon tea and hot water with lemon. The only downside is I had quit smoking and was off it for about a month but found the day easier to cope with smoking!! I will try to ween myself off the ciggies as I progress. I am hoping to do this fast for 30 days, my aim in going on a fast is to stop my chocolate/binge addiction as well as to lose about 20lbs.

    Peace to all
    Layla x

  350. Alexandra says:

    Here’s what I am finding out and I have no idea if this is typical (did not read anywhere else just yet):

    Strangely and while I was detoxing heavily (so I am at the peak of repulsiveness at the time), a few days ago, my sexual appetite was totally of the charts. Like in all time high. However the problem was I was repulsive with the coated tongue, odor, etc. And the desire did not subsidize. I have been having my tongue all cleaned (no more detox coat on it) and odor gone, so I had sex yesterday and today with my boyfriend for the first time since I started fasting. It was incredibly different. It was like my whole body was in some kind of a strange wire, I felt ultra sensitive to touch and the stamina again was off the charts. Problem was I wanted to eat so badly afterwards but could not. I can only imagine how food is going to feel like when I am allowed to eat again πŸ™‚

    Other good benefits (that I read before as common experiences) is that I have now an ultra smooth skin, the difference on my face is not less than 10 years back, my youth came back again! The skin on my body is responding a little late but there too I see differences, inner thighs especially.

    I don’t know if I will be able to maintain the weight after I am off the fast because right now it is taking every ounce of my strength to stick to it to even get to the end of it and I am so so so hungry!
    (The rewards are so delicious though!)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      You are the first person to expound on increased sexual energy and experience. What I have never said on the web is the fact that after the first fast the sex was so amazing. My girlfriend and I did another 2 fasts over 30 day, with a few days in-between as we had become addicted to having sex while juice fasting. Learning ESO techniques, for extended sexual orgasim also increased the intensity. To most people that sounds a little nut but… I think you now appreciate the value.

  351. Alexandra says:

    Well, yes, today was my 19th day and I was so tired that I didn’t do any substantial exercise.
    I had 1 cup of vegetable broth all day and that’s all. I took all two of my diet pills and they scared me with extreme palpitation and a numbness on my hands. Waited out but was really scared. I don’t know if I should continue with it.
    I’ll see tomorrow if there is any change on my weight.

    I wore a dress that I couldn’t wear for over 3 years, just sitting in my closet, classic, sexy and skin tight, black leather and I am happy and quite surprised to see I was the sensation of the night. I have been hit by quite desirable hunks and have been told I looked fantastic! Not too shabby for only 19 day fast and spot dropping of 14 pounds, ha?

    I didn’t know if I still had it (apparently I do)

    Nevertheless can’t wait to eat again πŸ™

  352. Alexandra says:

    Day 20th:

    I did not weigh myself yesterday but from a day before I lost 0.6 lbs. and since then I am half a centimeter thinner on the waist and on the hips both,
    71 cm waist, 97.5 cm hips.
    I do feel thinner and lighter as well.

    My question is do you start gaining the weight back as soon as you start eating solid foods even if you are very careful and do not indulge mindlessly? Do you continue losing weight during that transition process where you will be doing more exercise? Is 2 weeks of transition diet reasonable?

    By transition diet I mean this: introducing small amounts of fruits and veggies and vegetable soups, first week. First week builds on quatity.
    Second week, you introduce few grains mashed in the soup, tofu, avacado, nuts, seeds, and you can eat real salads and introduce olive oil slowly. Second week builds on variety.
    Third week, you can start eating normally.

    I got your books Tom and have been trying to find info about breaking the fast but I am not very clear about it. The above info about breaking is from some other book I got.
    Thank you in advance very much! πŸ™‚

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      You will gain some weight after a fast as your colon refills and digestion needs the body to hold more water.
      Sure two weeks is great for breaking the fast. Do a site search for “breaking the Fast”.

  353. Alexandra says:

    OMG! I made a mistake! I lost 2.6 lbs NOT 0.6 since the day before yesterday! I now weigh 134.6 lbs. My brain is a bit foggy, sorry!

    Oh, feels so good!
    No wonder why I feel light and thinner! Duh!

  354. Karen says:

    Congrats ! Alexandra , that’s great news ! I knew all this would pay off eventually. πŸ™‚ I am doing well still hangin in with the juice twice a day. Having trouble staying movitivated for exercise but getting it in here and there.

  355. Alexandra says:

    Hi Karen,

    Not only a fasting buddy but my support angel! Thank you for your encouragement! I too am not feeling it for exercise lately, feeling weak, tired but at least try to get in 10,000 steps of walking (as brisk as you can) no matter what everyday. Unless you are really sick, going through “healing crisis” of detox.

    Another school of thought though advocates the opposite; that is, getting as much rest as you can.
    I don’t know which is best…:(

  356. Molly says:

    I am a 25-year-old female with a lot of desire to fast!
    I want to detox my body! Especially due to a skin condition called hidradenitis suppurativa.
    I have been trying over the course of the past three days to fast on only water, but I have not been able to get through the day thout eating a little bit of something. Help! I need motivation and encouragement! I would love to help someone else too!
    Please write me and let’s fast together!

  357. Karen says:

    Hi Molly,
    It’s really best to start with a juice fast. I am on day 19 of a juice fast and have done really well. The detox is slower but I have been able to stick to it. If you read my notes dated back around May 17th I wrote some of what I am doing and the results. I started with 4 juices a day and am now down to two juices a day. Tom also explains a few times how if it’s your first fast, juice is always recommended. I’d be happy to keep in touch.

  358. Karen says:

    Molly, that was actually May 19 on 17

  359. Karen says:


    I think Tom may have accidently missed your post. I wondered how you were doing on the v8 splash drinks. I am a little concerned about those drinks as they say 100 percent juice, but they really are not. I’m not sure how you would feel drinking just that. Are you able to get a juicer ? I have lost almost 15 pounds in 3 weeks with natural juices I make myself. I started on May 19th if you want to read how I have done. Keep in touch.

  360. Latisha says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Today I started my Fast. All I had was some green tea so far and some water I want to do a juice fast but is unsure how much juice to drink daily. What is the best tasting fruits and veggies to mix? What juice give you the most energy? I did a site search but Im still lost? Is anyone using a one dosed enema? I just need help some one help me????

    • Tom Coghill says:

      By a honeydew, cantaloup and water melon and juice them. Buy carrots beets, lemon and apple and try that. For the first 3 days drink what you want and listen to your body. You will cut down naturally. If you do not feel like juice go with it. Energy comes when you body starts getting clean. The longer the fast the more energy you have.

  361. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you so much for your replies, dearly appreciated! πŸ™‚

    I am on my 21st day today and GAINED yes GAINED 1 lb. again, yesterday I was so tired didn’t do anything other than rest and took only 4 oz. of aloe vera apple juice mix and 3/4 mug full of veggie broth.
    I have been exibiting all the negative symptoms of detox for the last 2-3 days and yesterday and today has been the worst. I thought the body detoxed itself already but clearly not still going strong on me! πŸ™ I know what to do now, I will up the juice amount and slow down the detox process but the question is when I slow the detox do I also slow the weight loss process?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Yes you slow weightloss the more juice you have, generally. But if a juice fast heals your liver or kidneys, there can be weightloss from the healing. Some of the detox crisis after day 20 can have the most amazing peaks after that so just hang on. Just be patient. This is a lifetime program.

  362. Eileen says:

    Hi All,

    Getting towards the end of my 1st day of fasting and so far so good. Let me tell you all that your postings are very helpful and inspiring. It definitly helps to know what others are going through.

    I had nothing today but 1 glass of distilled water and the water from 1 young coconut. I am going at this with the hope of major detoxifying and losing some excess lbs. I would like to lose 30-40 lbs within the course of about 45 days. I think I will switch between total water fasting and juice fasting, something like 3 days water, 3 days juice. I am a bartender so I have somewhat of a physical job and so I think the juice will be necessary.

    I started changing my diet to an all raw food diet about 2 months ago. I had occasional meals of cooked and processed foods so weight loss has been minimal so far. I have a sister who loves buffets! πŸ™‚ Overall, the significant increase in raw foods has made me feel so much better and coinfident that a fast is a great way to start my complete lifestyle change. Since eating lot so raw fruits and veggies, I have felt more energy, better sleep, better mental claity, and more sensitivity to what I put in my body. Those experiences make me KNOW that I am what I eat and I must rid my body of all the toxins that I have let accumulate over my 33 years of life.

    I will do my best to post my progress on a daily or weekly basis. I think it will be helpful to me and hopefully helpful to others.

    Stay Strong everyone!

  363. Latisha says:

    Hi, Eileen

    This is my first day too! All I had was green tea, water, and I made orange juice. I Feel ok until my boyfriend came in with Pizza that seem to smell and look like the best pizza in the world. I too plan to switch from water, to juice. I want to lose 40-50 lbs by my birthday on July 31. I will try and go as long as possible. But please keep me posted on your journey and I will do the same.

  364. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am in so much pain, I can’t even describe. I think I have something wrong on my liver and kidneys maybe also heart (none of which have been diagnosed so far) I am a bit worried. What should I do?

    Do I endure this hell or what?
    Please HELP!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Intense continuous pain during a fasting is not an good indicator the fast is progressing normally. The liver and kidney are stressed by fasting due to the toxins in the blood.
      At this time I would totally up the juice amount to break the fast with soft fruits. I liver function test is the best. Pain in the liver or kidney area or any yellowing is not a good sign.
      I had to do several short fasts when I started as my kidneys could not handle the toxin release. As my body healed I did longer fasts.

  365. Latisha says:

    Starting day 2 Yesterday I felt a little hungry today I feel empty but ok no headache yet but tired. Im at work so when I get off I see.

  366. Karen says:

    What the heck’s going on with you ?! So sorry to hear this trouble seems to be coming back. I am feeling so fortunate to not have had any of that, and yet am wondering if you should be at this point. I think if I had that kind of pain, I would probably be seeing a doctor and having that checked out. I would be careful about which doctors I told about fasting though, some of them don’t get it.

  367. Eileen says:

    HI Latisha,

    Best of luck to us with this journey. I had a period of about 2 hours yesterday where I couldnt stop thinking about food then it went away and I felt fine. PHysically I was not weak or shakey, today I had some rumbeling in the tummy but so far no weak feelings and I am about to head out for a 3 or 4 mile walk. (depends on how I feel throughout the walk). I am also going to bring a good book and lay out under the sun because I think the sunshine helps keep my energy levels up.

    Keep posting as we started this journey at the same time and it would be great to compare notes. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear about your pains and worry. I am saying a prayer for you and please do let us know how things turn out. I am praying that you are just feling some major detox symptoms and they will subside asap. Keep being strong.


  368. Eileen says:

    Hello All,

    I wanted to share a website that I have been reading through with all of you who are interested. I found the website to be full of common sense knowledge and great information about a hygenic/healthy lifestyle.

  369. Sherry says:

    Hi Tom,
    Could you tell me if it’s safe to do a water and broth fast? I usually do water fasts for 5 days at a time but was thinking if I do water AND broth maybe I’d try 10 days or 15. And also,this may be a ridiculous question but does caffeine hurt a fast,if you’re mainly fasting for weight loss purposes?Thanks!!!


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sherry,
      Caffeine and water fasting is hard on the organs and can cause damage to the body. If you are quitting. You can have 1 cup on the first day and 1/2 on the second day but expect intense headaches. Pain relief is acceptable in this period and juice fasting is much easier that water fasting to end a caffeine addiction.

  370. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you so much. I will indeed do a whole check-up, making appointments asap. i suspect there is something definitely wrong with my liver and maybe more..we’ll see.

    Meanwhile I had 1 lt of juice yesterday and today I had a bit of juice with mushroom soup, little pieces of mushroom in it and I had butternut squash soup. I am afraid to bite or chew anything yet, I’ll go slow, tomorrow also I will do soups and the third day maybe start with pieces of fruit.

    Best of luck everybody!
    My result after 22 days of restricted juice fast is 16.6 lbs weight loss. i now weigh 134.2 lbs.
    I will be back after I get a clean bill of health as a result of various tests I will be taking in the next few weeks.

  371. Alexandra says:

    How so, Tom? How many, how long each, how much juice? When do you recommend them? I still do not feel well (nausea and total lack of energy)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Use a carrot, cucumber celery, apple, lemon combination and have big glass every hour or every two hours at the least. Small slices of avocado or pieces of banana will also slow the detox.

  372. Karen says:

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you can find out what is wrong and that it is something simple. Keep us posted.

  373. ZeroDude says:

    Hi Karen,

    I have not actually started yet 3-week from now I will start Im a tid bit younger then most of you in here not to say im completely immune to any illness or body stresses that the older crowd gets because I am not doctor but I completely agree with you Karen I have looked into getting a juicer instead. I have not started my fast yet because i leave here for hawaii in 4 days and will be there for 2 weeks. I see no sense in starting a fast on vacation =) lol for all the hardened fasters out there you will probably give me crap but thats okay lol but no anyways on Jun 29 2009 I start my V8 or Organic Vegetable Juice Fast. One of the questions I had was does anyone know of a website that selles organic juice already Im not talking im looking for a non-publicaly traded company something small and really organic not a wannabe organic distributor. I have had a lot of second guesses about the V8 my initial motive was because they seemed to be the only 100% vegetable juice distributor available and I wouldnt have to juice myself. Organic vegetables are expensive and im a college kid so i initially thought this whole fast would be cheaper than a normal diet lol anyways anyone with some help would be appreciated. Thanks~ ZD

  374. joy says:

    im 5 feet 1.5 inches, and i weigh 139. i did a 6 day water fast and went from 145 to 137 and blew it over the weekend and now im back up to 139.

    i have irritable bowel syndrome and rosacea and fatigue.

    im hoping that fasting for 21 days will help me.
    i know that i have a slow metabolism but would like some feedback on what else i could do to increase the weight loss.

    i am 27 years old and work 8 hours a day at a desk job.
    please help me. thanks!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Joy
      As you have learned, water fasting is hard and blowing one can be painful. You health condition would be better healed through a long juice fast. Or alternating juice and water. You need a juicer that can be cheap at a thrift store. If you had binged on juice you would feel amazing. Using the enema during the fast followed by probiotics would help your bowel. Take vitamin E 1200 IU daily with 2 tablespoons of essential oil for your skin. Cayanne Pepper in capsules or with lemon juice has been show to increase weightloss. Exercise is good during juice fasting but not with water fasting. What you dream about during a fast you will eat after the fast. Dream of healthy eating.

  375. Ron says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    Sorry to hear about your pain. Are you still taking the diet pills? To be honest, that bothered me!

    You may be getting the bad effects of those pills. Not to metion your extreme regiment of working out, steambaths and daily, multipul colonics!

    I mean gee…throwing so much at your body during a fast just can’t be too healthy.

    I hope you get a clean bill-of-health. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Ron

  376. Alexandra says:

    Hi Ron,

    -After diet pills gave me palpitations and nervousness I did not use them at all.
    -I did workout only when I had the energy. They were not strenous at all.
    -Steam baths only help you to detox instead of reabsorbing your own toxins that you work so hard to get out.
    -Colonics, I only had 3 of them during 22 day period, if I didn’t maybe I would have exploded by now as I never went to the bathroom besides that.

    So there you go, unlike what you seem to be assuming I am not self destructive type, I don’t have eating disorders, never had them, neither do I have mental problems like obsessive compulsions. I am, in fact, a pretty intelligent and overly educated woman, dear, so do not to worry! πŸ™‚

  377. Eileen says:

    Hello All,

    I am at the end of my 4th day. I did cheat a bit today and had a few spoonfuls of homemade ice cream and 2 bites of a cheeseburger. I can tell all of you that I immediately felt the ill effects and made a commitment to myself that I would not stray from my fast again except for fresh fruit juice. I was doing so good and feeling fine, I just got weak when presented with temptation. But I certainly did pay a price, physically! I Immediately felt the food moving through my system (yuck) and then had to use the rest room. I feel like my body was telling me how unhappy it was that I was taking it away from the fast!

    Anyway, I will keep on keepin on and have lost 6 lbs in 4 days. WOO HOO! Went for a 3 mile walk today after working on my feet for 8 hours tending bar. So I will forgive myself for todays missteps but promise myself not to do what is NOT needed!

  378. Latisha says:

    Hi All,

    Eileen I too fell into temptation after 2 good days of fasting I had food and also had to go the restroom right after Im starting up again I know I can do this I know I can

  379. Ron says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    I didn’t mean to sound like you were uneducated, compulsive or selfdestructive. I wasn’t assuming anything! I just posed questions.

    If you saw your posts from my end. I mean “.06 lbs lost”, sounds a tad bit obsessive to me!

    I was just trying to explore your problem, by throwing things you said back at you. Who knows, you might be taxing your body with something your doing, or NOT doing.

    But obviously, your educated enough to figure it out on your own.

    I relaxed and enjoyed my 30 day fast. Worked out 2 or 3 times a week. And enemas about twice a week (BTW, nothing but water was coming out of the colon by 14 days)!

    I took suppliments and probiotics, and plenty of juice & water.

    I went for a checkup the last few days of my fast, and got a clean b.o.h.

    I cured my GERD (heartburn) I had for 10 years, got off my medication I was taking for 2+ years, and healed 2 ulsers I was developing! Not to mention back & neck aches I had for awhile! Oh yes, I lost 25lbs.

    Good Luck!

  380. Paula says:

    Hello everyone:

    I am seriously considering a 30 day juice fast. I don’t think I could do a water fast as I’m a healthy weight and wouldn’t want to jeopardize that AND I’m pretty sure I just couldn’t handle water alone. I want to fast to detox from years of medicine, bad foods and alcohol. By no means an alcoholic, but definitely have consumed my share. I suffer from herniated discs and now am experiencing sinus problems. My acupuncturist has given me herbal liver cleansers but I want to go the full mile and really start feeling GREAT. I would love to do this with a partner as my husband (although usually very supportive) would not really understand this. Let me know if anyone is interested and when you want to start. I’m thinking of starting on a Thursday so my worst suffering is on Saturday and I can come back to life starting on Sunday.

  381. ZeroDude says:


    Dont get tempted by food they say that television is the worst for fasters because of commercials create temptation

  382. Alexandra says:

    Hi Roy,

    Please keep your “expert diagnosis” to yourself, you have no idea what you are talking about. Everybody has totally different standards here. One obese person can be happy by losing 20 pounds and still being obese while the other already gorgeous woman might not be happy only because she thinks she should lose an additional 5-10 pounds according to her beauty standards while she hears how gorgeous she is on a daily basis. Am I making myself clear? πŸ™‚

  383. Eileen says:

    Hey Latish,
    Yes you can! It seems to me that the longer I am able to go the further I want to keep going. I haven’t read this much in all my life! I am feeling good on my walks, did another 4 miles this morning, haven’t had anything but distilled water, and so far, so good today. Keep it up girl and stay focused on the goal. I know if we can meet our goal, we will be so happy and proud, not to mention clean and healthy!


    Thanks for the tip and actually I am already abstaining from TV, even movies. I do not want to watch anything that will trigger emotions either as I just went through a tough breakup and know I am an emotional eater. Thank goodness for the internet and self help books, anything to keep me in a positive state of mind and give me some non emotional distractions.

    Keep being strong everyone!

  384. Liv says:

    Hi, this is my first long fast. I fast monthly (dry fast) one day, but this is m third day of a water fast. I only am shooting for five days, but since I have 2 little boys that I fix meals for–it’s been so tough! I am a personal trainer and fasting goes against pretty much everything I tell my clients, but I am struggling with inflammation in my knee and shoulder and thought I might s well give it a shot. I usually only fast for religious purposes, but it makes sense. I am 5’2″. I weighed 135.8 at the beginning of the fast and this morning (only two and half days) was down to an even 132. I am muscular, but definately packed on about 15 pounds in the last six months due to personal stress. I lost five of them myself in the last month, but I would love to get back to my 125lb self. I just ordered a juicer and after my five day water fast I’m going to try juicing for a couple days before working back into raw fruits and vegetables. Please support me someone! I am a great cheerleader and will be happy to return the favor!

    Oh I just tried the cayenne pepper in my water. I added some lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. I think I put in about a teaspoon of cayenne and it was so spicy going down! I still feel the burn, just thought I would experiment with it a bit.I feel more energy already though (this was about 45 min ago).

  385. Liv says:

    THanks TOm–quick repsonse! I am so glad to have somewhere to go to for support!

    I have a question for everyone. How do you fill in the extra time since you’re not eating? I am amazed how much time I spent in meal preparations and eating every day. I love to cook and bake but since I am fasting I have almost entirely quit. I make bread from scratch (whole wheat ) for my family, but can’t bear to bring myself to do it because it would be much too tempting. I am fixing my kids (a 2 and 4 year old) really fast meals to keep me from being around food too much, but oh it all smells so good! I actually dreamt last night about eating celery and it was so heavenly.

    Because of my kids and being the main caregiver for them, plus running my own business I can’t really rest as much as I would like. In the evening (after kids are in bed) I find myself knitting like crazy to keep my mind off food. What are you finding that helps you? I like the knitting, but I keep getting cramps in my hands. SO far I have knitted two scarves and started working on a third. πŸ™‚ I have tried reading, but am finding it hard to focus on the stories even though I am generally an avid reader. I’m realizing I used to bake a lot when I was bored, but that is definitely out for now. What helps you? Especially when you can’t just go to bed? Thanks!

  386. Eileen says:

    Hi Liv,

    I am finishing day 5 of my fast. I too found an enormous amount of free time since I have cut out the food prep and sitting down to eat. I read on several websites about that “side effect” of fasting and one suggestion I came across was to sit down and make a “To Do” list of all the projects you have been wanting to accomplish but havent had the time to and then one by one, get them done. Some of my “To Do’s” are:

    1. Cleaning out my closets and dressers, including those of my daughters, and donating the extra stuff to goodwill/salvation army.

    2. Cleaning out old files and scanning the ones I must keep and putting them on CDR for less clutter.

    3. Learning to make my own natural facial cleansers and moisturizers. Coconut oil and Lemon are great base ingredients for a lot of natural beauty products.

    4. Organizing and cleaning out junk drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms of my house. Again, just getting rid of the clutter. LIke we are trying to do for our bodies by detoxing and cleaning out old debris in order to feel lighter and more clutter free.

    I have also given myself a couple of pedicures and manicures, go on daily walks for an hour or 2, take longer showers and use a loofah sponge daily, and take frequent short naps throughout the day.

    I understand the need for distractions, the one thing I do NOT distract myself with is TV. Too many commercials for food. I hope this helps you somehow. I also think about how much money I am saving by not spending on food and that helps to keep me motivated in addition to all the other benefits.


  387. Karen says:

    Well here I still hangin out with the fast. This is day 22. I am going to try and make 35 days . I am hungry all the time, but have managed to make it so far. I will be going on a camping,boating, trip this weekend so wish me luck with that. I’m taking my juicer and fruit and let everybody else worry about the cooking. Will be fun and relaxing. I plan to do a lot of walking,swimming and sleeping. πŸ™‚ Hope all of you are doing well. I will return on Sunday.

  388. Liv says:

    Hi Eileen!

    Thanks for the tip! We actually just sold our house so there is a lot of de-cluttering I should begin to do. I will take your advice and make a list this morning when I take my kids to the park. My husband will be appreciative, I am sure, of such productivity. πŸ™‚ Good luck with your list, it sounds very ambitious.


  389. joy says:

    ok, so im starting my fast AGAIN.
    gees, its so hard. i dont have a juicer so i will do the water fasting, till i buy one, in a couple of days.
    my stats are 5’1 and at 141 pounds
    I want to stick with this fasting and my bf is not supportive AT ALL. He is totally against it and I cant persuade him that this is a positive thing for me to do.
    i did mention the raw food diet to him that i plan on anticipating.
    How do all of you fasters tell your loved ones and significant others that fasting is indeed helpful?
    I have a slow metabolism and would do anything to clean my colon, as I’ve mentioned before, i have irritable bowel syndrome.

  390. Liv says:

    Hi Joy!

    I just don’t tell anyone outside of my husband. He knows and just shrugs it off–he didn’t think I could make it ’til day two. He does know that I did a lot of research before I started and we are religious so it is significant to me on that level which he understands. I am not going to tell my friends and family about it though because I don’t need the questions or flack. I feel good about this and I have this support site so that’s all I need. I’m a certified personal trainer so I take my vitals every day and am trying to pay attention to my body. I am only doing a five day water fast (ends tomorrow!) and then I will juice for a couple days to ease my body back into foods.

    I just believe fasting is deeply personal and unlike a diet where you need the support of family and friends, fasting is so controversial I would rather not wast energy explaining or trying to get anyone to understand.

    Good luck Joy!

  391. Eileen says:

    Hello Joy,

    I decided to share the decision to fast with my closest friends and sister. My Mom would freak out and worry and it is more exhausting to deal with her questions than it is worth. I started telling those close to me about 2 weeks prior to starting to fast so that 1-they could ask all the questions they wanted and I had plenty of energy to explain and 2-So that they could watch me stick with the highly nutritious raw food diet in preparation for this fast. I also shared a few different websites with them so that they had reference to the same info i have been researching. I asked them to be supportive of my decision and promised that I would be in touch with my Dr. and break the fast if I didnt feel good.

    They know I am a pretty smart gal and that I use common sense whenever I embark on something new. Not to mention a few of them have tried the Atkins diet so they are familiar with the process of ketosis. If anyone is to read the wealth of information available on the internet, then it becomes clear that the standard american diet is contributing majorly to all the chronic diseases of today. It is common knowledge that we have become a very unhealthy, both physically and mentally, nation due to our poor food choices and heavy reliance on chemical medications. When I discuss health with my friends, I point out the numerous drugs that have been pulled off the market because of their fatal side effects. It is really scary how far we have let ourselves stray from basic logic and common sense.

    I am on day 6 today. I was hungry this morning but I am determined to distract myself with healthy knowledge and productive actions. I am feeling more and more mental clarity everyday too. I started a personal journal which is really theraputic. Helps get my thoughts in a more visual and organized state and I feel it is helping me with the emotional fasting as well.

    One negative thing I have experienced over the last few days is the intolerance for noise. I am sitting with my windows open and the landscape people are using those aweful leaf blowers. I am extremely irritated by the noise and had to shut the windows to keep from going mad. I think this fast will make extremely sensitive to stimuli of any sort so be forewarned as it may happen to you too.

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant and I hope you are able to stay focused and strong. I firmly believe it will be the best thing I have done for my body and soul in all my life.


  392. Maddie says:

    Hello everyone!
    This is my first time posting,

    today I’m starting my 3 week fast and i’m very exited to see the results, although I feel motivated right now, I have started a few fasts in the recent past with the same motivation and broken them after just 3 or 4 days. The cravings got so bad I gave in, and after of course, feeling like an absolute failure.
    But now because of this site i feel that I will be able to stay on track and finish the 3 weeks.

    Thanks for allt the support I’ve gotten already, just from reading your past posts:) I really need it and if anyone would like to partner up with me and fast together plese let me know and I’ll give you my e-mail


  393. Natanya says:

    I am aiming to do a 40 day fasting and I am looking for a buddy to to join me. I keep on starting and fall off the wagon in 3 day. I am 24, live in London, I have gained 60 pounds recently.I am 57 and 168lbs. I’d like to lose 40lbs. My pain is what is driving me to do this Fast and my weight. I use to be much healthier eater. I’ve always struggled, but had made lots of progress. Then, a breakup set me off, So, if you’d like to talk about supporting a fast, you can email me at

  394. Laura says:

    im looking for a 15 day water fasting buddy. Im a 15yr old vegetarian whos bmi is a bit tragic and needs to start taking her heath into consideration. I would be happy to support anyone who wants to join me. You can Email me at

  395. Natanya says:

    I am aiming to do a 40 day fasting and I am looking for a buddy to to join me. I keep on starting and fall off the wagon in 3 day. I am 24, live in London, I have gained 60 pounds recently.I am 5’7 and 168lbs. I’d like to lose 40lbs. My pain is what is driving me to do this Fast and my weight. I use to be much healthier eater. I’ve always struggled, but had made lots of progress. Then, a breakup set me off, So, if you’d like to talk about supporting a fast, you can email me at

  396. joy says:

    hello all-
    so im starting my fast today. Yesterday , i was initially going to start, but my bf took me to a restaurant and i ate food. He doesnt understand about the whole fasting for detox, spiritual reasons, which annoys the hell out of me.
    I am 27 and eager to do a 30 day fast. Fasting will test my strength in giving in to temptation.
    After the fast, i would like to start the “raw foods” diet.
    Thank you all for responding to me.
    Im glad i can talk to all of you here on the board.

  397. Eileen says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Today is the start of day 7 for me. YEsterday had its moments but I was able to resist. As the days pass, I do think about eating but then tell myself “I’ve come this far, just get through today and see what tomorrow brings”. It helped me through yessterday, especially at night when my sis ter called and asked if I wanted her to bring me anything, meaning food. I was so tempted but reminded her about my fast and asked her to please not to even ask me.
    I am down 10 lbs and feeling pretty good. Energy doesnt seem to be an issue as of yet, naps are frequent but refreshing, mental clarity seems to improve daily, depression from breakup seems to be disappearing, more feelings of contentment and peace.

    Stay strong everyone, we can do this!

  398. Alex says:

    Hi, Tom. Alex here. I left a message a good while back. I completed a 14-day water fast to help heal my duodenal ulcer. It was actually easier than I imagined. Complete healing did not take place, but I did notice a HUGE improvement after I broke the fast. I want to do a month of potatoe juice which is what you suggested to me back then, but it is much more difficult than water fasting for me. I don’t know why. I can’t even make it to the third day before I am overwhelmed with hunger. I could really use some suggestions on how to stick to the potato juice diet. Thanks.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alex
      The standard mix is 5 carrots, 1 beet, and 1 to 2 medium potatoes. (mix other veggies to taste) There is more hunger on a juice fast. From what I have seen you will need 20 to 30 days and maybe even 40 days of juice fasting to permanently heal a stomach ulcer. The enema is the the best way to cut all hunger during fasting.

  399. joy says:

    hello all-
    its still my first day and im trying hard to get over it. actually, i fasted for a couple of days so this time, its not as difficult.
    I was wondering, how much weight are you all trying to lose? and also, if you are juice fasting, what are you juicing, and how much and how many glasses?
    i am doing a water fast right now. and i think it would be much more easier for me to do the juice fast.
    also, are any of you taking vitamins as well?


  400. Shannon says:

    Hey, everyone. It’s great to finally find a site where I could potentially get some support. Haha.
    Anyway, I’m 15. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 160 pounds. I went through a pretty rough time recently and gained a lot of weight. So I hope fasting can help get me back to my normal weight.
    I’ve tried fasting before and never follow through with it.
    I think a fasting buddy would help a lot! :]
    So, my e-mail is
    And my AOL/AIM screen-name is xXShannonGailXx if you want to chat! I’m always online. lol
    Oh, and my MySpace is if you have one!
    Hope to hear from someone!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shannon
      Yes fasting can get you back to a normal rate but it is a bit harder than just not eating. There are many curves that make fasting very hard. I always recommend juice fasting , with a juicer before water fasting. It is safer, easier, and more therapeutic to the body. Being young and gaining weight quickly is a big warning flag indicating a slow metabolism or a high calorie diet. This is a lifetime program, that needs a healthy diet and some exercise to be balanced. So keep us posted so we can respond to any problems.

  401. Karen says:

    Hello Tom and “all”

    I have returned from the river trip, lots of fun and rest. I am on day 28 now and doing great. The fast was not a problem on my trip. I am going to make it one more week and then should be good after 35 days. Hope all of you are doing well.

  402. Lisa says:

    I’m a 30 year old female in the US on day 12 of a 30 day juice fast. If anyone would like to chat with me please email me:
    Looking to find out how other people are dealing with their juice fast. I’m doing mine for optimal health. Feeling great and down 11 pounds.

  403. Alexandra says:

    Alexandra here, I am 19 years old almost 20. Ive done a few fasts one for 7 days and the rest are 3-4 days fasts I do them often..but now want to challenge myself to a 15day fast but Ill start of with thinking 6 and work my way up otherwise I think its to hard haha. Anyway I would love to lose 15pounds I am 130pounds and 5’4. The best and healthiest weight for me I think is 115-120pounds.also for my skin and health ( i am allergic to wheat and i think thats why i keep breaking out in pimples cause i constantly break out for no reason and i do eat wheat every day) so this fast might help take all that wheat out of my system and after the fast i am planning a gluten and wheat free diet with alot of brown organic rice and beans and vegetables.I want to look and feel great on my birthday!!! I also am launching a organic certified skincare range and its important for my skin to look good πŸ™‚ do you think fasting will help my skin tom????

    And has anyone heard of allergic recations causing breakouts?

    my e-mail is

    and I would LOVE a fasting buddy!!!!!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Yes allergic reactions commonly cause skin disturbances. Fasting (juice fasting) heals the skin resulting in a youthful radiant completion. You fasting will probably decrease or remove the reaction to gluten, a hard to digest protein molecule. Fasting may heal your digestive system to the point of being able to digest gluten. But you are at 20 to 30 days of juice fasting to heal. Oh yea, you skin can improve then have days of “bad skin” due to toxins coming through the pores.

  404. Sandra says:

    hi all, this is my first fast and I am on day 6 am planning on doing 40 days… On day 1 of my fast I was 190lbs am now weighing 181… am hoping I have enough will power to last 40 days… anyone want to join me on my quest… email me at or send me an instant message… Happy fasting all

  405. trey says:

    i am one day to why am i not hungry.I start my day with some lemon water through the day i have cranberry/pom blend i missing something?

  406. Natanya says:


    I am aiming to do a 40 day fasting and I am looking for a buddy to to join me. I keep on starting and fall off the wagon in 3 day. I am 24, live in London, I have gained 60 pounds recently.I am 5β€²7 and 168lbs. I’d like to lose 40lbs. My pain is what is driving me to do this Fast and my weight. I use to be much healthier eater. I’ve always struggled, but had made lots of progress. Then, a breakup set me off, So, if you’d like to talk about supporting a fast, you can email me at

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Natanya,
      One of the best way to get support is just post your days. Ex, Day 4, juice fasting, woke feeling…. bla bla. Post failures and successes. Also post to encourage others. Become part of this community. Email the people looking for fasting buddies.

  407. Shell says:

    Hi Tom!
    I have read books and articles on fasting and I really feel the need to fast the soonest.

    I have tried eating less with fish as the only meat ingredient because Im underweight and employed to be of service with employees (HR Officer).

    Will I be cheating if I just continue eating less and not jump into juice or water fast?

    What other alternatives can you suggest?


  408. Valerie says:

    hey all! My name is Valerie! I am on day 1 of a juice fast and I can tell already I’m gonna need some support. I an 5’6″ and 190 lbs. I am 28 yrs. old. I have Degenerative Disk Disease and recently had 2 back surgeries. I know if I get healthy and also lose some weight, that I will feel better. If anyone wants to chat please email me. Need a support buddy! My email is

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Valerie
      Juice fasting can reduce inflammation and pain with back problems. The hard part is fasting can increase back pain during the fast due to increased toxins in the blood and the body’s healing process. Juice fasting is recommended. For support post your progress and fears, and comment on others posts.

  409. Chris Wood says:


    I am just starting a water-only fast! To everyone out there – you are doing great! My email is I would love a fasting buddy!



    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Chris
      If this is your first fast you should do some reading of post of other fasters who did water as there first fast. You can be heading for fasting hell. Try juicing for a few days first. The best support is to post online and comment on others’ comments.

  410. Karen says:

    Hello everyone, just checking in. I am doing great but these last few days have been forever !

    I will have a few small fruits and vegetables on Sunday for the first time. That will be day 35. I have lost 20 lbs, I think it should have been more, and I’m not sure why. For 25 of those days I only had two 8 oz glasses of juice a day. I’m guessing when I start eating I will gain some. πŸ™ I am planning on a much healthier diet from here on with an occasional juice fast. I really appreciate all the help you have given and the support of others.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Karen
      The math of weightloss is that each lb has 3500 calories. So you just used up 70,000 calories. Discouraging in some ways as you want to get rid of all the fat but this is a lifetime program. You have prevented disease, increased health, lost weight and did something very hard to do so feel good about what you have accomplished.

  411. Rachel says:


    I’m planning on starting a ten day water fast. My primary reasons for this are weight loss, detoxification and as a way yo kick start a new, healthy lifestyle and diet once the fast is over. I’m a 22-year-old female from the UK. I’d love to talk to people in the same situation as I am- overweight and desperate to sort themselves out. It’d be easier if we could support and motivate each other to reach our goals…

    E-mail me at and hopefully we can get through this.

    Good luck to everyone!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rachel
      Buy a juicer. It will be an investment in health. Do 3 days of juice before and after the water fast. Post your progress and support others is the the best way to gain support. We are building a community and would love for you to be part of that community.

  412. Sherri says:

    Hey Guys,
    Im on day five of a fifteen day water fast and its going great I’ve lost 11 lbs
    so far. I’m Pretty sure that its because of the cayenne pepper. I just put a bit of cayenne pepper with my water each day and the pounds seem to be just melting off, I think its really great for a slow metabolism. The only problem with cayenne pepper is that it burns a bit on the way down but its giving me great results so I’m not really complaining. Do a site search for cayenne pepper its got some great information on it.
    Thanks Tom your awesome

  413. andy_nyc says:

    hi, i just saw this site today and it’s awesome. it’s my 1st day of fasting but for me i’m doing it as an abstinence from something that I want to sacrifice for God. happy fasting everyone! God bless..

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Andy
      Spiritual fasting in the modern toxic world can cause a toxic crisis. That becomes a journey to hell rather than the opposite. Juicing for a few days before water fasting is recommended.

  414. Stephanie Ferreira says:

    I am on a 5 day fast right now, first 2 days water/herbal tea, 3 days, juice fast, before beginning a 2 week restricted diet. The meds I take for my kidney disease have destroyed my gall bladder, so I’m hoping this will alleviate the need for surgery. My problem is my stomach really hurts the longer I go without food. Any suggestions? ( I’m on Day 2 right now of the fast.)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Kidney can totally heal from juice fasting so your are on the right track but you have to go slow as fasting released toxins that have demands on the kidneys. I would drink lots of juice, especially if your stomach hurts. If you kidneys start to hurt you may have to add some bananas or avocado for a few days to reduce the detox. Keep us posted.

  415. Chris Wood says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am actually waiting until after Father’s Day to start my fast.

    Tom – I have done several 4-day water only fasts. I know all too well about fasting hell! I would love to do a 10-day fast. So, after our Father’s Day celebration, I will start.

    Stephanie – I have issues with my left kidney – I did not realize fasting could heal this. I also have bladder issues. Is your stomach feeling better?

    Good job everyone!


  416. Latisha says:

    Hi All
    Sherri How Much Cayenne Pepper do you put in water is it the powder or something different?

  417. Chris Wood says:

    Hello everyone,

    We had our Father’s Day celebration last night, so I started my fast about 12 hours ago. Water only. I am hungry, but I feel like I can do this. Thanks so much for your support!

    How is everyone else doing?


  418. skywalker says:

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for a fasting buddy. I’m a 42 male, 6′ 1′. 210 pounds. I want to loose weight and also treat psoriasis (I have some in my knee and my elbows). I’ll do juice fasting and maybe later switch to water with lemon.
    Also, Chris, or anyone knows 1) if I can practice Aikido while I do the juice fasting?
    2) what kind of juices are good for the skin (psoriasis)?
    If interested in being my buddy please email me

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Skywalker,
      treat psoriasis through a juice fast of 20 to 20 days using vitamin E 1,200 IU daily. Mixed with essential oils, and rubbed into the skin and taken orly. No juices that are spefic for healing treat psoriasis that I know of, so juice find what juices you like. The healing is catabolism. So just give it a chance to work long enough for healing.

  419. skywalker says:

    I started today the fast, I have a little cold (it was there before starting fasting) Can you recommend something for cold sympotms? Do they go away in the first days of fasting? Any feedback?

  420. jenny says:

    heya, anyone wanna have a one-on-one support buddy,i’m 16… i’ve just started my 1st fast (day 3) and would love someone to email now and then & also see their progress and use as motivation.
    πŸ™‚ thanx..just click on my page, leave me a messge & i’ll give you my email adress. <3 thankyou!!

  421. MMShadows says:

    Hello All!

    I stumbled across this website and must say that I’m very happy that I did. I appreciate all of the helpful links and wealth of information all bundled up in one place. It has made my mindset on this topic level out and become sensible and I now see the wonderful benefits that fasting can have.

    Because of this, I’d like to start juice fasting sometime soon. Preferably in the next few days, if not the next week. I have to buy the supplies for juicing (I can only go to the grocery store periodically for various reasons, so I try to buy in bulk) and will be preparing myself this week for my first official fasting period.

    I have many reasons for doing this – detoxification above all. I need it – I can feel it when I wake up in the morning, when I walk, when I clean up the house even. That desire to be cleansed, not only physically, but spiritually as well. I feel like I’ve fallen off the bandwagon in many ways, and through this, I’d like to see if I can become both stronger in religion and faith, and stronger mentally and physically (while I’m not overly religious, I have a firm belief in Christianity and its teachings, trying my best to uphold my standards of morality, for example.)

    With that said, I suppose it’d be best to continue by saying that I have fasted once, but it was more of a trial and error situation and only lasted a few days because of parental fears (my parents thought I was going to get sick). Surprisingly, it was back in 8th or 9th grade that this occurred. Since then, I haven’t had the willpower, and continually, it’s been waning even more over time. At the age of 20 now, I’d like to try again, and hopefully make it a regular part of my life.

    By the end of this fasting, I’d like to fix my relationship with food, and awaken the idea of eating in moderation instead of giving into my previous compulsion of either overeating, or not eating at all. I want to become more patient with the idea of eating, so that I no longer either see it as an obsession, or something that I abhor. I want to stray away from the extremes, and settle for a happy medium in the middle, if possible.

    I’d like to try and fix my life, so that it no longer feels like something to tolerate or endure. I want to enjoy it. And I no longer want to be a slave to the artificial sweeteners, the sugar, the preservatives, the prepackaged and freeze-dried foods. And above all, I no longer want fast food to have any hold on me, whatsoever.

    I want to feed my body healthy things, and I want to treat it as if I truly care about it, and redeem myself for the 20 years of horrible treatment I’ve put it through. I’d just like to break free from this. All of this. And periodically do fasts (longer fasts) in between spells of eating healthier than I do now (though, I must admit, being the person that I am, I WILL end up eating junk food. The only difference will be that I’d have made it myself – home-made pies, icecream or cheesecake, for example. The fasting would be a cleansing of such sugars, etc).

    And so because of all of that, I’m on here, asking for a possible fasting buddy. Preferably someone in the same or similar situation/boat as I am, or near my age, etc. Someone who can relate and understand. I receive no real support from anyone I’m around at the moment, so having some would be a wonderful breath of fresh air.

    If you’d like to be of some help, please leave a comment on here, or, if you know your way around this site (or wordpress? lol sorry, I just created an account tonight, and am clueless as to how to use it), please send a msg on here. I have a wordpress blog as well, if you’d like to comment there.

    Thank you in advance for any help =)

  422. Karen says:

    Hi Tom
    It’s been about a month since I broke my 35 day juice fast. I am planning to fast for 5 days after every four weeks . Does that seem reasonable to you ? Since I fasted I have been able to stay on a pretty healthy diet. Mostly vegetables, I have not had any desire to eat meat, which is pretty strange for me.

  423. Alexandra says:

    Hello Tom,
    My name is Alexandra and I’m 19, 5″4′ and weigh 160 pounds. I really want to get over this hump in my life so that I can finally get over my self-esteem problems and just do what I really enjoy which is living for God and helping others. This is my second day of a water fast and things are going okay. I have a headache and get agitated looking at the screen because I feel like I can’t see LOL. So here is the breakdown: I am going for a 40 day water fast. But its a water and lemon water diet (water, one squeezed lemon, and 2 teaspoons of sugar). I am doing 1 hour of mild exercise a day but I broke up into six 10 minute intervals throughout the day. I am really anxious because summer is over in 47 days and I go back to college then. So I really want to make an impression when I get back. Do you have any advice? I read all of your WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL posts and see that you advice people on getting juicers. Well I’m financially challenged so I figured the water fast would be the way to go lol. Also, could you give me an estimate of how much I could lose? Is it possible to lose 40 pounds (or more!)in 40 days? Once again, you are wonderful, helpful, and blessed. God bless and I wish everyone the best of luck!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Go to a thrift shop. Juicers are $5. Ask friends if you can borrow one. Repeat ….I am rich, blessed and everything I need comes to me. Your juicer is coming…. a good one. Yes you can lose 40 lb. But that is a complex guess as to how quickly.

  424. iva says:

    Hi Tom,

    is fasting good for a leaky gut? IΒ΄ve tried 5 and 10 days fast. To be honest, I was so tired I couldnΒ΄t even walk. My brain was foggy, I couldnΒ΄t think straight, I was freezing cold and very, very emotional. Is that normal? Could it be because of the coconut oil I was fasting on? Still didnΒ΄t get rid of the candida. Should I try fasting for a longer period of time?

    Thank you very much, I feel so hopeless, 5 years in fogg, unable to lead normal life :-(((

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi iva
      Try a juice fasting with veggies. Add ginger and garlic and hotpepper to the mix for the candida if your stomach can take it.
      The feeling you describe are normal on a water fast as the Candida dies and make the blood toxic.

  425. Alexandra says:

    Saturday, July 11, 2009
    Fasting for Forty: Days 2 & 3
    I was so excited yesterday because I had lost 4 pounds but now I am very discouraged because I only lost one pound. Right now I weigh 155.4 pounds and was expecting to lose at least 3. But I think I am losing focus on why I even started this fast. I wanted to grow closer to the Lord. This is the whole reason I started this thing in the first place! To get rid of my self-esteem problems to be the best servant I can be! Please Lord help me! Here is the scripture that has inspired me:

    β€’ Matthew 4:4
    o β€œIt is written: β€˜Man cannot live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

    Day 4: July 12,2009
    I’m about to go the gym soon and I’m excited because I’m not hungry and I’m starting to realize that my wanting of food is strictly mental not physiological. If I get through these 40 days I will have for once in my life have gotten over the biggest struggle I’ve ever had.


    Hello, my name is Shamikka. I’m 25 and my birthday is comming up. August 23rd to be exact and I need a fasting buddy, someone who is doing the samething that i am doing. I’m water fasting, but i’m only on day one. It’s eleven o’clock so i’m almost done with day one, but i wanna go for as long as i can take it and i need a buddy to fast with. We can encourage eachother and make it a little easier, so please someone help me.

  427. Diane says:

    Thank you for this website Tom!
    I am starting a 40 days juice fast. I have 40 pounds to lose and I hope to lose about 30 pounds with the fast.
    If anyone would like to be my fasting buddy please email me here!

    Also I have a question for you Tom, is it possible to just eat the fruits and vegetable instead of juicing them ? What is the difference between juicing and eating the fruits & vegetable raw except the fiber content?

    Thank you !!!!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Diana,
      Fiber is work for the digestive system and keeps it active and therefor more hunger. Drinking 2 kilos of carrots has no digestive effort. And try eating two kilos of raw carrots and beets a day.

  428. Diane says:

    Thank you for your fast response!
    I was actually planning on juicing a lot of carrots πŸ™‚
    I also thought about making some soup out of the carrot juice by warming it up and adding a little bit of plain yoghurt.
    – Would organic plain yoghurt make the digestive system active?

    Also I found SO much useful information in this comments thread but it is quite long to read!!! I thank you for the time you took to respond to all of us.

  429. kat08232 says:

    Hello all,

    I am planning on starting another fast soon. A juice fast this time as my water fast didn’t end so well a couple of weeks ago. Its scary because the reaction I had to the water fast lets me know how highly toxic my system has become over the years. I’ve done 20 day water fasts before and never had the crises I had on my most recent 12 day water fast. I plan on drinking diluted fruit juice (50%-50% with distilled water) and water as well as green tea and any other herbal tea I can find. I will also be taking a multi vitamin and 1000 IU of vitamin E.

    My purpose for this fast is to cleanse myself, completely. Cleanse myself of my depression, lack of motivation, hopelessness, fear, addictions, negative associations. On top of that, I broke my last fast horribly, consuming everything I know I should not. My whole body feels swollen with the excess water retention caused from all of the sodium I’m consuming. I can feel the congestion in my chest and my kidneys are beginning to ache.

    3 months ago, my blood pressure was completely normal, but stress and an unhealthy diet has pushed my pressure up to 175 over 101. Long story short, I have to fast. I have to fast and I have to finish. I don’t want to put a specific time limit on it, because when you subconciously know how long you’re fasting, it seems to make the time go by so much slower. I will just say that I want to fast until I’m healed, however long that takes. Anyone who is interested in starting a fast before the end of this week and would like a support buddy can either email me @ or simply respond to this thread.

    Thank you and God bless,

  430. greatjassy84 says:

    Hi everyone.I am a 25 year old female and I am going on a fast again.This time it’s a juice fast. I need fasting buddies.I start tomorrow which is the 25th of July 2009. Email me at or add me on hot mail.

  431. greatjassy84 says:

    Tom thank you for your fast reponse to us all. You are just awesome. Love your site.

  432. shiv says:


    I am 25 and so early on in life, i am already at a stage where i cant sleep, cant concentrate, am constantly depressed and extremely stressed out. And i do have other health issues. I recovered from an ankle suregery a while back, as i had smashed my ankle bone. I want my ankle to be properly healed. I know it can not be a 100%, but i want to be able to do things like before, especially running. Am not an athele or anything but i do like to go out running etc. I feel very restricted right now and have also turned into this huge pessimist! I have been preparing for this fast. I did some juice and very short water fasts just to get a bit of a feel. And i was fine except for the mental tension and pessimism. I am going to start another water fast tomorrow but i would really really appreciate support and help. I know at the end of the day, its me who has to do it… but i would like someone to share my experience with.
    Hope to hear back.

    Good luck to all.


  433. shiv says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have a question. Guess its very right when people say too much knowledge can be harmful! The thing is that since i have been researching a lot on water fast and have come across both the good and bad, i am a bit confused now. For someone like me who has been inactive due to injury and has put on weight despite of staying on a diet which had relatively less calories than what i was accustomed to when i was fit, i was wondering if my body will resist weight loss when i switch completely to water? Will it think i am in starvation mode and try to hold onto the fat?
    By the way- I was in bed for like 3 months and and took another month to be able to walk without any assistance , and i piled on 20 pounds during this period.
    Though i am on my feet now, i still am not running and doing any sports as i want my ankle to heal completely before i try anything fancy. Hence the water fast.
    Should i try any do light exercises like walking or lifting weights while i am fasting?
    I mean, how do i get the most out of this fast? Also, i am back at work now after a long leave so i will be working during the fast.

    Would really appreciate your feedback!


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shiv
      Master juice fasting first. You get more energy and build up nutritional reserves for water fasting. Get a juicer. It gets you over the hard part of detoxification. It is also the best way to end a water fast and the best thing to do if you see adverse reactions to water fasting.

  434. BBdfate says:

    Tom, i need help man im 21 the docs said i have weak kidney function when i went to the hospital, i have low sex drive, depression, numbness in my right foot. i think it might have been the result of just large amounts of eating processed carbs and stuff and i think i might have been a yeast sufferer of candida. throughout my life i had multiple surgeries at 5 i was hit by a car and in a hospital for months using that and other surgeries i have had. i have been drinking distilled water the past few months and i think the acidic content of the water could have been damaging as well. when i was juice fasting i was still using acidic fruits. and wasnt getting any better having eye floaters which look like little yeast cells floating in my vision. the past 2 days i been just drinking cucumber juice and celery juice. no sugar for the yeast. docs tell me i dont have candida but i did lots of research and understand it is most often diagnosed. i have been lifting massive amounts of weights since 16. when i fast on juice i notice i crave sugar juice which allow the yeast to thrive or sumtin and i get backed up. since just using veg. juice i noticed that i had a small bowel movement which had alot of white stuff floating around like the stuff that floats in spit. i feel a lil better 2 days in with the celery and cucumber juice. i been praying to God and i have strong faith. im approaching my last year in college and i would like to feel a lil healthier when i go back in a few weeks. if i have to go 30 days on just juice and watch the white coating on my tongue return to red i will. i will go 30 days like you. i feel that you could give me guidance. docs said everything seems good but they dont no why my kidney function was weak they say i dont have no kind of infection but from what i hear candida is hard to diagnose. since just using the juice and not using sugar i have been feeling a little better also been avoiding the distilled water i dont really no how to work the site so if u cud email my email is if you can help me in any kind of way i would greatly appreciate. im not really an emotional person but this has really brought me to seeing a different side of myself. i will continue to juice and pray please get back to me. thank you

  435. kdarocha says:

    I am looking for a fasting buddy. I am on day 3 as of the 13th of August.

    My buddy doesn’t have to be on the same day as me, just doing a water fast so we can hang in there together!

    email me at kdarocha

  436. Christinalove3 says:

    Hello. I’m going to water fast for 6 weeks which I have done so in the past so if anyone would like to fast with me let me know.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Cristinalover3,
      The best way to get support is just post your progress report like an online journal. Putting a picture on your profile gives people a better connection. Clearly you are not a novice so any support you can give will be appreciated.

  437. Christinalove3 says:

    E-mail if anyone would like to fast.

  438. Christinalove3 says:

    Well, It’s my first day of water fasting so far it’s pretty smooth. I shouldn’t have any trouble being that it’s my second time doing an extended water fast. I usually split it up into 14 days at a time. It helps with time so it doesn’t seem so drawn out. I recommend those who want to do extended fasting just take each week at a time. Don’t look ahead because you could become discouraged. Know that hunger will leave the longer the fast. I never really have cravings for fatty foods anymore. Consider the non cravings a gift after fasting. I do a lot of reading, mediation, listening to soft music during fasting. Fasting improved my skin tone as well as color. I felt alive and light during fasting. In addition, all my stress went away no matter what tasks I accomplished throughout the days. Fasting is wonderful. Make sure you fast in a calm, accepting environment so you won’t be distubred because this can cause negativity and chaos only to ruin your fast. Make sure you are ready to fast also. I will write again when I return from my first 14 days of fasting to share my experience plus more to come after my first 14 days of water fasting.

  439. Brendan says:

    Hello all, on hour 36 of a water and tea fast. Initiated this fast for a penance recommended by a priest after confession. Actually he only required me to do it for 24 hours and i’m also allowed to eat bread. This being my second water fast i knew bread wouldn’t be needed this time, and also once you pass 24 hours it seems easy and oddly fun. Only went 3 days last time..but don’t really have a goal now. My work requires me to be outside on occasion and I’m living in a location that has been getting freezing temps..this being the only factor that will shorten my fast. Support appreciated!

  440. keith101 says:

    Hi Brendan
    welcome to
    yeah keep yourself warm on your water fast,and a short fast while working should be fine as long as you dont over exert yourself.
    Best regards Keith.

  441. zeli says:

    Looking for a fasting buddy – if anyone is interested please let me know. I will be starting my fast on Sun the 1st of November 2009.

    Thanks in advanced

  442. keith101 says:

    Hi Zeil
    Welcom to
    We are all on fasting progress reports.
    There are a few new fasters that you can pair up with on that page.
    I am the site Admin, we are all committed to helping one another and you will find great support from fellow fasters.
    Best regards Keith.
    Tom the site owner is on vacation for a few days and will be back soon ta answer any questions you have.

  443. keith101 says:

    Hi blast the fat
    HI zeil
    you can get all the advise you need on the fasting progress report page and leave your dailly progress there
    Good luck on your fasts
    Best regards Keith.

  444. j1212 says:

    hi everyone, my name is jessica, and this is my first fast

    technically im on day 3 but, i failed and eat yesterday, but i am so determined to do this… soooo im starting over so today is day 1 for me!!

    im 23,5’0ft tall, 150lbs, 7 months post partum and just stoped breast deefing 2 months ago.

    so im ready to finally lose the weight, but more so then that change my eating habits. so im looking for a buddy to chat with.

    i do have a few stipulatins tho…. i wont go under 120 if i lose that uch weight at all, and if istart to feel overly weak or tired i will drink some juice , only because im at home alone with an infant so i cant get toooo tired lol…. but i am really determined to get this done, i really want to change the weight i eat and get my calories under control….

    i want to attempt a 25 day fast but its my first time so i need support people!!!!
    bb pin : 30BC702A

  445. Enlightenment says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am a 26 year old male who is on his first day of a 30 day water only fast. I have done both a 15 day and 17 day water fast in the past. My goal is to go as far as I can. I find fasting the most mind cleansing experience ever. I am looking for support and perhaps one on one support with someone who is also doing a 30 day water fast. I am looking forward to hearing from everyones stories. Soon I will be posting more in my profile including a picture. Good luck everyone.

  446. keith101 says:

    Hi Enlightenment
    I have just started a 40 day water fast yesterday, you are welcome to join me on” fasting progress reports. I have done several fasts in the past, all were water. I am on this site everyday, i am also the site admin here, so i am never allowed to leave LOL…
    This is a great site and you also get to meet a lot of nice people here.
    Best regards Keith.

  447. keith101 says:

    Hi j1212
    For your work commitments i would sugest that juice fasting would be the best way for you to go as water fasting is both meantally and physically demanding, you also need a lot of peace and quiet and time for yourself, water fasting would put a lot of stress on you as you have a newborn baby.
    Best wishes Keith.

  448. Laiya says:

    Hi, I would like a fasting buddy. Am on my 4th day of juice fasting. Want to do 30 days, the middle 12 being a water fast.

  449. keith101 says:

    Hi Laiya
    Nikki has just started her water fast, you will find her on fasting progress reports,maby you can team up with her.
    Best wishes Keith. Admin.

  450. Jamie95er says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m going to try my first juice fast ( for at least 2 weeks, possibly even longer ) starting this weekend the 16th of January, 2010. I usually always start my fasts on a weekend when I can rest if I need to. Going through the first couple days can be rough, at least I know that to be true when I do a water fast. It would be nice to have a fasting partner start at the same time, so if anyone is interested let me know:-).


    • Jule says:


      I am fasting with water only for 20 days, starting tomorrow, the 13th. I am doing this in connection with a fasting group protesting the lack of support for Darfur. I would like someone I can email, even call, if I am struggling or need support. I am very invested in this, but with kids, teaching, and life, I feel I will need additional help to make the 20 days.

      Let me know if you are interested.

      Thank you,
      Jule Wallis

      • Jamie95er says:

        Hi Jule,

        I can certainly help support you through email while you are on your fast even though I won’t start mine until this weekend. At some point we will be on the fast at the same time. I realize you are doing a water fast. I have done water fasts, so I know what it’s like to go through it. This coming fast will be the first time I will be trying a juice fast. Either way, it should be interesting:-). You can email me at


      • Tom Coghill says:

        Hi Jule,
        Water fasting with lots of demands can be very difficult. Your cause is good and that may give your the resolve to complete your goal. More on the Darfur Conflict in Sudan.

  451. madris333 says:


    • madris333 says:

      scratch that!!!! ill do an open ended fast. i just need to listen to God and go as long as he says.

      • Jamie95er says:

        Hi Madris333,

        I’m glad that you are doing an open ended fast rather than to shoot for a 100 day straight away. If you’ve never fasted before, 100 days is quite a commitment, even for an experienced faster. Personally, I would not do a water fast for that long on my own. If I was going to go that long I would want to check into a clinic and be supervised by specialist, like Tom who has a retreat specifically for fasting. I think the max I would do on a water fast on my own would be 40 days. That’s just my personal preference, but I also have a pretty good idea of my body’s limits in regards to fasting. Others have been known to go longer than 40 days on a water fast, but I don’t know of many who have made it all the way to 100 days of water only. I’m sure there are a few though. However, even the late Dr. Herbert Shelton had never taken his patients much beyond 70 days and even then, those were a few rare and extreme cases. I don’t know, maybe now-a-days people are going for 100 days like it’s the number to shoot for. I’m just amazed that anyone would attempt to go that long on their own. Just MHO.

        At any rate, glad to hear you are leaving it open ended and keeping your ears open for guidance:-).

        When will you be starting your fast?


  452. Nikka says:

    Hi everyone.

    I have been eating raw fruits and nuts for the past two days, because I am about to do a 40 days water fast.

    I need a fasting buddy.

    If you are interestet in fasting with me in 40 days, please write me an e-mail.

  453. MMataloni says:

    Looking for a fasting buddy.
    I’ve completed a 15 day water fast and would like to do a second. I had a partner at the time which made it easier.

    • jonanderson says:

      I’m starting a 14-day water fast today. A partner would be great! I need to know what to expect and just a little encouragement. Please let me know!
      Jon Anderson
      PS I have a lot of weight to lose-like about 150lbs. and I really need to get my health back.

  454. MMataloni says:

    Day 1 of a 21-28 day water fast.
    I’m about 30-45lbs overweight depending on what percent of body fat is optimal. My main goal is not weight loss, but to try and rid myself of psoriasis.
    My last fast improved the skin condition,After reading Furhman’s writings I’m convinced I did not go long enough to get rid of it. This will not be easy, but I’m tired of living with this stuff, and don’t believe I have to if I can stay focused on a water only to reduce or eliminate immune system response.
    Welcome any perspectives on skin related autoimmune disease.

    • Steve says:

      I have very bad skin

      To the sides of my nose
      Between my eyebrows
      on my chin
      on my ears
      in my ears
      and all over my scalp

      My doctor diagnosed it as psoriasis a few years ago

      im on day 16 of a fast with 200ml of orange juice + a vitamin

      the ones around my nose used to clear up from time to time
      but the last 6 months i can get rid of them at all even with steroid creams

      everything seems to be calming down
      they arnt gone yet but my ears are far less scaly inside
      my scalp isnt itching, and most of my face is clear apart from one stubborn bit to the side of my nose
      but it seems to be going

  455. keith101 says:

    Hi MMataloni
    At the start of a water fast skin and spots seem to get worse, its not until day 21-24 that you will see a big change in your condition. Yes juice fasting is great for skin conditions, but what i have heard many months ago with a girl that had psoriasis, juice fasting seemed to make her condition worse?
    Go with the water fasting and keep me posted.
    Blessings Keith.

  456. mbs689 says:

    I am starting a 14 day fast today and i would greatly appreciate a buddy to help me complete it. please email me at