Fasting To Be Free From Nicotine Cigarette Addiction

Fasting to be Free from Nicotine Cigarette Addiction Fasting to be Free from Nicotine Cigarette Addiction

Nicotine Addiction can cure by fasting

The body craves because of the metabolic imbalance that fasting will reset if given enough time. Curing nicotine addiction needs a prolonged juice fast over 20 days. The cleansing of the lungs will need longer fasting. The psychological aspects are harder. That can take months. It is important to develop and positive, healthy lifestyle with an exercise program.

Nicotine Addiction Facts

Tobacco contributes to 30 percent of all cancers. A burning cigarette contains over two hundred poisonous substances that carried by the blood to every cell in the body. Cigarettes advance the aging of the skin. Nicotine binds white blood cells, increasing the chance of infections. Shellac, acetone, turpentine, acetaldehyde, and glyoxal common cigarette additives, some of which causes cancer in animals.

Researchers find that a burning cigarette releases radioactive polonium. Polonium metals vaporize by heat and sucked into and deposited in the lungs. Smoking one-and-a-half packs per day expose the lungs to 8,000 millirems per year (Science, December 1984). This is greater than any other radiation source. Scientist Dennis O’ Dowd says that your exposure several times greater than living next door to a nuclear reactor.

If you live in Mississippi and you need help with your nicotine addiction, you can make use of a Mississippi rehab locator to find the right kind of treatment for your condition.

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