Progress Report of Robin

Intended Length of Fast: 30 Day

First Name:Robin

Site User Name:ERobinM

City, State and Country:



Weight:242 lbs

Height: 5’1

Proposed Fasting Method: Water Fasting

Past Fasting Experience:Water went good.

Present Diet:None

Relevant Medical History:Thyroid Cancer,High Blood Pressure,Headaches

Present Medical Problems:None

State of Mind:right now? cranky and tired Lol

Limitations:I stay at home mom and home school so None.
Ok so its the 8th day and this is my 1st 30day water fast.  The other 2 water fasts were for 17 days.  I was 350lbs the first time and lost 48lbs.  The second fast lost 42lbs I have went from 259 to 242 in these 8 days. I am doing it for weight loss because I was 115 and thyroid cancer pushed me up to the 350 in 4 months…so im doing this One for 30 days then taking a week or 2 break and going  for another 30day water fast.. Today for some reason i am very irritable and i will feel hungry then not even 5 minutes later get nauseous but i vented to my Husband who is supportive of me and i feel somewhat better.. is it just me or does kids etc decide to really show more attitude when we least need them to??  like today..Lol   The other 2 fasts i did pics but i watched Keith’s videos(which i bookmarked Lol) an really thought it was a good idea to video these last 2 fasts i want to do..

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