Lily : 3 days of Juice/Water Fasting

  • Lily Casablanca, 61 years old Female, weighing 102 kg / 224.4 lbs, 66 in /167.64 cm tall, Christian. United States

  • Doing 3 days of Juice/Water Fasting. Starting October 10, 2010

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Physical and Spiritual.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    Have fasted many times in the past for both physical and spiritual reasons. However, it has been several years since my last fast and I am way overdue because some medications require food or you get sick if you take the medicines without food. However, none are needed to sustain life.

  • Present Diet:
    Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes disgusting.

  • Relevant Medical History:
    Lymphedema, Venus Insufficiency, shot Tendons in left leg (from dragging paralyzed right leg around), and partial Paralysis on right side of body from a Cerebral Hemorrhage in 1984.

  • Present Medical Problems:
    Overweight and Lymphedema. In addition to compression stockings and MLD Therapy, I wear a brace on the left leg and soon will wear one on the right leg. Their having problems deciding what to do with me as I need a brace for both legs and yet have to allow for the swelling of lymphedema.

  • State of Mind:
    If I didn't have Jesus, I would have lost it a long time ago, but in reality there are days when my trust wavers as I struggle with the physical, mental, and spiritual problems of day to day challenges. However, when I am weak, He is strong.

  • Limitations:
    Well, a brace(s), cane, walker, wheel chair, and a mobility scooter just about speak volumes about my walking ability and my left arm does all the work, while my right hand/arm just likes to sit there and do nothing most of the time.

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