S: 20 days of Water Fasting

  • S G, 21 years old Female, weighing 62 kg / 136.4 lbs, 61 in /154.94 cm tall, United States

  • Doing 20 days of Water Fasting. Starting December 1, 2010

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Weight loss and to prove to myself I can work on my self control.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    1-3 days occasionally but never got past that, especially because I always procrastinate and told myself I'll just "do it next month."

  • Present Diet:
    Usually not too bad, but a lot of junk food for the past two weeks, and on top of being stuck in bed with a cold, I've gained 5 pounds in that time. After the fast, plan to stick to a raw diet for as long as I can.

  • Relevant Medical History:
    Always been overweight and borderline obese for my height just from typical American diet, but I worked off 40 pounds in 2008 the long, hard way, which in the end backfired and I ended up developing a binging habit so bad that I dropped out of college and had to move back home--and my parents had to lock up the fridge and cabinets to stop me from eating all their food. Even then, I found ways to get food and gained nearly all the weight back. Ever since then (March 2009), I've had on-and-off binging habits. I'm hoping, if anything, this experience will help me control the urges.

  • State of Mind:

  • Questions:
    Not a question, just a comment: I really appreciate this website, I think it'll help me get through this "project" a lot easier. Now that I've announced to everyone that I'm going to fast for 20 days, it's like the pressure is on and everyone is counting on me. Everyone's posts are very inspiring, especially Luna's, and I intend to update every day or so like she did, and I hope I can succeed and inspire others too. If anyone wants to email me, maybe we can talk and help each other out when we're feeling weak. My email address is alouettenoire@hotmail.com I'll be starting in a couple days (just because it's easier to keep count of the days if I start on the first haha).

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