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  • JustDoIt2 23 years old female, weighing 64 kg / 140.8 lbs, 65 in /165.1 cm tall, Buddhist. Australia AU

  • Doing 17 days of Water Fasting. Starting September 7, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    For health and spiritual reasons. I have pcos and many people are searching for a cure online it seems. I believe everyone has different symptoms and different methods of relieving their symptoms. I have experienced most of the symptoms (such as anxiety, fogged mind, hirsutism, etc) and although I am not overweight, most of my weight is actually held around my waist. What I have found previously is that water fasting followed by a strict vegan diet has helped regulate my menstrual cycle and lifted my anxiety - although other positive lifestyle changes also helped (that is, really understanding and accepting who you are - not physically, but mentally - and learning to better myself everyday through study, sport, etc). I found that connecting with god has helped me put faith in him that what I'm experiencing is to help others. So I am doing this water fast again to really confirm for those out there looking to use water fasting to cure pcos. I will also back it up with an ultrasound - after I follow a strict vegan diet for a few months.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    Have another report on the site, Just Do It - 15 days water fast. It was good, cured my depression/ anxiety, pcos symptoms better, clarity of the mind etc, but I suppose during the last few months, I found myself relapsing on familiar territory such as comfort eating - which is a big negative for insulin resistance in pcos individuals. After 2 years dealing with the symptoms of pcos, I'm just tired and ready to get out of this coma.

  • Present Diet:
    Whatever the family eats which fortunately is semi-healthy or unfortunately semi-unhealthy - glass half full anyone? 🙂

  • Supplements:
    During fast: Diane-35 ED, multi-vitamin Others: Chromium, Zinc/ Magnesium, Q10 NB: Chromium has actually helped regulate my blood sugar and I feel that I wasn't experiencing "fat" gain from eating carbs (does not mean you should overeat and just take chromium as a miracle pill) Taking Zinc/ Magnesium supplements seems to also have curbed my mood swings and I truly feel somewhat sane since most of the time with pcos symptoms, you would usually think there must be something wrong with you mentally - but it's really all just a side effect of pcos and taking Zinc somehow has worked. NB2: I am androgen dominant, so my experience may not be applicable to those whom are estrogen dominant

  • State of Mind:
    Impatient - ready to get out. If you knew pcos is related to insulin resistance, then why do you keep eating sugar or self destructive foods? If you knew you had lung cancer, would you keep smoking?

  • Limitations:
    The only limitations are the temptations you give in to.

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