mindnhealth: 10 days of Juice/Water Fasting

  • 18 years old Female, weighing 71 kg / 156.2 lbs, 69 in /175.26 cm tall, Christian. United States

  • Doing 10 days of Juice/Water Fasting. Starting November 13, 2010

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Spiritual reasons, break bad habits, and lose weight. Hoping for 10 pounds lost

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    1 day water fast and few days of liquid fasting.

  • Present Diet:
    all the wrong foods. pasta, fried foods.

  • Relevant Medical History:
    good health

  • State of Mind:

  • Limitations:

  • Questions:
    I get super nervous when I want to fast and feel obligated to eat because of my setting and I eat even though my stomach says its not hungry but my mind says opposite. Any tips?

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