Noor: 3 days of Other

  • Noor 51 years old Male, weighing 98 kg / 215.6 lbs, 70 in /177.8 cm tall, From Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • Doing 3 days of Other. Starting October 18, 2010

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    Just getting the hang of using WordPress, its works fine and its great to use. I find it difficult to write about things , but I am going to give it my best try. Just some more background about my fasting experience. About 8 years ago went on a 40 day juice fast under the email supervision of Dennis Paulson at . It was very expensive but was a life changing experience, the main points were, dramatic weight loss about 20 kilos, extreme energy, great mental clarity, deep spiritual insights, fantastic skin and hair, much improved sexual function, needed much less sleep and rest. Since then had done many 7 day juice fasts which have produced reasonable results but no where near the 40 day juice fast. Over time stopped fasting but never forgot how the extended fast made me feel so brilliant. One of the main isuues was not been able to afford another fast supported by Dennis Paulson . Now that I have found this site I feel as if I am in fantastic company of folk who have loads of fasting experience and expertise which I think is vital for me before I engaged in a short or longer term juice fast. I have a very good knowledge of physiology and organic biochemistry and therefore understand fully how juice fasting enables the body to catabolise lots and lots of accumulated waste inside trillions of cells and subsequently rebuild the body from a cellular level upwards. Having all this knowledge and skill has been usless without the like minded company which I feel that I have now found. Thanx a million for this website

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