Starting a Juice Fasting

Juice FastingBefore you jump into juice fast, you need to get the science behind why it works. You may be excited about starting your fast but go slow and study first building momentum for the journey ahead.

As a teenager, I tried water fasting. On the second day of the fast, my goal of having Buddha-like spiritual enlightenment was smashed by the reality of painful detoxification. The headaches, dizziness and hot and cold flashes were only the warm-up to vomiting for hours.

Unless you have a slow metabolism, fasting on water will become a near impossible exercise for a body nurtured on poisons. Cells are like tiny sponges; they absorb what you breathe, eat, drink and apply to your skin. As a result of man-made chemicals and processed foods, the body’s natural ability to fast has been compromised.

And so, we instruct people to start with juice. After one has cleansed years of toxins, the wonder of water fasting will be within reach. If you are fasting for spiritual reasons, have no fear, as juice fasting will get you down to the depth of your soul. God will honor your juice fast. We may enter a Spirit-filled fast and rearm the body’s natural ability to water fast. The juice of fruits and vegetables is filled with healing, cleansing properties that allow the body to gently and safely detoxify. Juice fasting has become an effective steppingstone to water fasting. Juice fasting has a greater ability to encourage healing compared to fasting on water. Juice fasting cleanses the body while supplying a dramatic increase in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Look out cancer cells, toxins, built-up chemicals, excess body fat, transformed fatty acids, impacted mucus in the bowel, sickness and disease—here comes the juice! Radiating with God-given power, fresh juice boosts the immune system. Lymphocytes attach themselves to anything harmful in the body, giving it the heave-ho. Fresh juice does not need digestive energy from the body, allowing the body’s entire focus to be on healing and rejuvenation. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, antioxidants, phytochemicals, yet low enough in calories to force the body to cannibalize on its filthy waste, propelling you to vigorous physical health and clarity of mind. With juice fasting, you can increase your vitality whether you are a 21-year-old athlete or a 71-year-old getting ready for a honeymoon! Sure, there will be periods of toxic crisis, but once you learn not to fear them, they can bring an exciting anticipation that your body is going through a deep cleansing.

Fruit and vegetable juices are the cleansers, energizers, builders, and regenerators of the human system. A combination of either fresh, raw fruit or vegetable juices will supply all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein and fats critical to increased vitality! By adding live juices to one’s diet as a daily routine, many have experienced a rejuvenating effect and healing of various illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, skin infections, liver disorders, alcoholism and smoking. Supplying the body with easily-absorbed nutrients, while the body is cleansing itself in the fasting state, avoids the dangers of total abstinence associated with water fasting. Be confident that this method is both safe and beneficial.

For most health conditions, juice fasting is the best method to transform health. Because juice fasting removes toxins and excess fatty tissue while supplying a full spectrum of nutrients, it has an advantage over any weight loss program. I have been spellbound by the joy and happiness that radiate from those who lost from 20 to 100 lbs. of excess fatty tissue on a juice fast.

Juice fasting works because it does two things at once:

  • Removes Toxins–Eliminates life-robbing toxins that hinder the body’s God-given recuperative abilities.
  • Increases Nutrients–Floods the body with nutrients that energize the body’s natural regenerative abilities.

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