Starting a Juice Fasting

Juice FastingBefore you jump into juice fast, you need to get the science behind why it works. You may be excited about starting your fast but go slow and study first building momentum for the journey ahead.

As a teenager, I tried water fasting. On the second day of the fast, my goal of having Buddha-like spiritual enlightenment was smashed by the reality of painful detoxification. The headaches, dizziness and hot and cold flashes were only the warm-up to vomiting for hours.

Unless you have a slow metabolism, fasting on water will become a near impossible exercise for a body nurtured on poisons. Cells are like tiny sponges; they absorb what you breathe, eat, drink and apply to your skin. As a result of man-made chemicals and processed foods, the body’s natural ability to fast has been compromised.

And so, we instruct people to start with juice. After one has cleansed years of toxins, the wonder of water fasting will be within reach. If you are fasting for spiritual reasons, have no fear, as juice fasting will get you down to the depth of your soul. God will honor your juice fast. We may enter a Spirit-filled fast and rearm the body’s natural ability to water fast. The juice of fruits and vegetables is filled with healing, cleansing properties that allow the body to gently and safely detoxify. Juice fasting has become an effective steppingstone to water fasting. Juice fasting has a greater ability to encourage healing compared to fasting on water. Juice fasting cleanses the body while supplying a dramatic increase in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Look out cancer cells, toxins, built-up chemicals, excess body fat, transformed fatty acids, impacted mucus in the bowel, sickness and disease—here comes the juice! Radiating with God-given power, fresh juice boosts the immune system. Lymphocytes attach themselves to anything harmful in the body, giving it the heave-ho. Fresh juice does not need digestive energy from the body, allowing the body’s entire focus to be on healing and rejuvenation. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, antioxidants, phytochemicals, yet low enough in calories to force the body to cannibalize on its filthy waste, propelling you to vigorous physical health and clarity of mind. With juice fasting, you can increase your vitality whether you are a 21-year-old athlete or a 71-year-old getting ready for a honeymoon! Sure, there will be periods of toxic crisis, but once you learn not to fear them, they can bring an exciting anticipation that your body is going through a deep cleansing.

Fruit and vegetable juices are the cleansers, energizers, builders, and regenerators of the human system. A combination of either fresh, raw fruit or vegetable juices will supply all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein and fats critical to increased vitality! By adding live juices to one’s diet as a daily routine, many have experienced a rejuvenating effect and healing of various illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, skin infections, liver disorders, alcoholism and smoking. Supplying the body with easily-absorbed nutrients, while the body is cleansing itself in the fasting state, avoids the dangers of total abstinence associated with water fasting. Be confident that this method is both safe and beneficial.

For most health conditions, juice fasting is the best method to transform health. Because juice fasting removes toxins and excess fatty tissue while supplying a full spectrum of nutrients, it has an advantage over any weight loss program. I have been spellbound by the joy and happiness that radiate from those who lost from 20 to 100 lbs. of excess fatty tissue on a juice fast.

Juice fasting works because it does two things at once:

  • Removes Toxins–Eliminates life-robbing toxins that hinder the body’s God-given recuperative abilities.
  • Increases Nutrients–Floods the body with nutrients that energize the body’s natural regenerative abilities.

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25 Responses to Starting a Juice Fasting

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  2. Sheila says:

    Hello Tom,

    We have spoken a few times via email. I have wanted to go on a long term juice fast for the longest but lack the funds to keep a fast like that going for so long. Plus, I have to meal plan and make dinner for my kids.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Sheila

  3. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Sheila,
    You can detox buy skiping breakfast and making juice instead. Longer fasts need space. It is hard when you are under pressure, working or stress. So try shorter fasts and get the hang of breaking it with control.

  4. paris says:

    Tom i have a question what all kind of juice can i do? or is everythingthing pretty much like preparing it your self with fruit and veggies threw a blender??

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Paris,
      Juice through a blender has all the fiber that will slow the detox and make you hungry.
      It depends on what you are juicing for. There are many juice recipes on the site and can be found with a google search.

  5. JenC says:

    Dear Tom, I am planning to juice-fast for 7 days – more if I feel good to go on longer! I am wondering if it is ok to drink herbal teas like chamomile with honey during the fast and if it will affect the detoxification process in any way. Also, should I start using the enema on the 1st day of the fast or the night before?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JenC,
      Herbal teas are great during juice fasting. I would use the enema when you start the fast as it kills hunger and the hunger comes about 3 to 5 hours after not eating. Or wait till the hunger comes. You may have to to it twice on the first day to get the bowels cleaned.

  6. JenC says:

    Thank you Tom! So honey is ok during the fast? I can’t find the article you advised on replacing our good bacteria – should I be taking 2 capsules of Acidophilus/Bifidus each day for 3 consecutive days when breaking the fast?

  7. JenC says:

    Hi Tom, I haven’t heard a reply and am now on day 2 of my planned 7-day juice fast. I’ll like your advise on how much Acidophilus/Bifidus capsules I should be taking when breaking the fast and over how many days.
    Thanks so much for all your advice!

  8. Laura says:

    Hello Tom,
    Tomorrow is my first fasting and I believe I am ready for it, its going to be a Juice Fasting or should I call it a liquid fasting? My question is: What do you think about Protein Shakes during my fasting? My fast is a Spiritual One, I dont have health or weight issues. Could I please have your thoughts on it?
    Thank you!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Laura,
      Fasting on protein shakes is not a great idea. Better to have small amounts of fresh juice. Juicing with protein shake are great if you want to get cut up for weight lifters. If you are doing hard exercise, 2 hours a day, you can get lean in 30 days. It is also hard to do as you have to continually push through the exhaustion.

  9. Juniper44 says:

    You replied to Laura’s question about fasting with protein shakes. My question is can you have protein powder blended with fresh berries ? I also use hemp protein powder because it has fiber and omega 3 and 6 in it. But then I also have fresh green drinks (brocolli and cucumbers) and fruty drinks ( organic store bought tart cherry juice or fresh apples/ pinnapple juice. So my diet isn’t just protein. Its mostly juice, some grounded Flaxseed and 40 gram of protein powder through out the day.

    I also blend my Broccoli and apple because I want the fiber but you mention this slowing down the fasting process. How much slower if you know.

    thank you.

  10. newlife says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this site and posted a question on the wrong link, sorry. I’m going to repost here and I’ll try not to go too long on my question. I’ve been researching this fasting for about 4-6 weeks. And I am excited to be starting 01-01-10. I’m glad to have this place to come to. Please pray for me. My only concern is going too green. From what I’ve read, even though greens are good for you, they can cause increase red blood cell production(vit K)and possible blood clotting. As I have 100+ to lose, and my blood is already probably like sludge with toxins I’m not sure how to incorporate greens into the juice fast. It’s a bummer cause the green juices sound really good. Any advice from you Tom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Many Blessings.

  11. keith101 says:

    Hi Newlife
    Nice name for a new start on the 1st. lol.

    First things first, how old are you? your hight? your weight at the moment? do you have any medical conditions? are you on any medication?

    I know you would like to loose 100 lbs, wow this is great!
    We are here to support you all the way through your journey, to help you loose this waight safely. A long juice/veg fast is the way to go for you Tom or Ron will be the best people to talk with. I will email Ron today so that he can give you more advice on your questions, but im sure Tom will help you to
    Sorry one thing i can add to my comment is add, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, to your juice/veg fast this will thin the blood, and remove fats from the arterial walls.
    Blessings and be strong Keith.

  12. newlife says:

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the reply. I was embarassed to give my stats but, I need to get over that. I’m 50 (this year), 5’4-1/2″ (and shrinking the wrong direction), my present weight is 350 I think aaaakk! I have no medical insurance now but, was taking glipizide when I did. It was not controlling diabetes and I would probably have been on insulin soon. Also took hbp med. What drew me to research fasting other than feeling lousy was, a couple of months ago I put myself on a cabbage soup diet. On a website I frequent,, a poster suggested taking the cabbage soup and pureeing it in a blender as a change of taste, it was delicious, but to my surprise at 1 am I had the mother of all gallbladder attacks, I knew it wasn’t a heart atttack by how I carry my weight and the locations of the pain. I had to laugh though, as I googled gallbladder it brought up where I found that cabbage and a few other veg’s are no-no’s for gb. problems. I see no other alternative than juice fasting to restore my health, Water or dry fasting would probably send me into detox to hard to handle. And as far as someone else’s negativity, what could be any more unhealthy than being morbidly obese? from what I’ve found mono (carrots) juice fasting can yeild great results and I already plan to have avacado’s or bananas on hand to slow detox if needed (hopefully not), don’t want a repeat performance from my gb. Well, I guess I’ve gone on long enough, any suggestions will be appreciated and keep me in your prayers. Many Blessings Keith.

  13. keith101 says:

    Hi Newlife
    God bless you for your honesty.
    There are many things you can add to your juice/veg fast.
    can you tell me your intake of cals/carbs that you were taking in per day? this would help me to give you a healthy intake of fruit/veg.
    Have a look at my fruit/veg calorie counter on my site.
    Reduce your calories to 2000 per day and your carbs to 150 grams per day for the first 3-4 weeks, then once your body adapts to this, reduce your calories to 1200 per day and your carbs to 100 grams for the next 6-8 weeks.
    However i must sugest you do light exersise during this time, even a long walk twice a day will benifit you, remember that you have the power to do this.
    It will be a mind body and spiritual battle for you. I will be with you all the way on this journey, trust me.
    Be strong and focus, “YOU CAN DO THIS”
    God bless you Keith.
    Click on
    Tom and Ron will be there for you to.

  14. newlife says:

    Hi Keith

    accidentally sent the post before I could finish. Thanks so much for the calorie counter on your site, I’m sure I’ll get alot of use out of it. God Bless.

  15. newlife says:

    Hi Keith,

    OOOOOPS! accidentally DELETED post ugh! In answer to your questions, I don’t know the amount of cal/carbs. I’ve just been doing the usual in prep.,eating less adding more f/v, mustard only for condiments,etc. The excercise I’ve got handled. I rent a room in a friend’s trailer(lost my home last year) and I set my alarm clock to go off at 20 min. intervals and walk the 60′ length (5x week). I take walks outside also but, I don’t want to give myself an excuse in cold weather. My plan so far is to drink a gal. of 50/50 juice/pure water as recommended for diabetics to slow bs surges and detox. Let me know what you think. I really can’t imagine my bs being too LOW, it’s been out of control for too long. Also I’ll use mostly vegs and save the fruit for just a boost. Well, I better go. Thanks again for the info on your site. I’m looking forward to posting on the “progress report” page. God Bless.

  16. newlife says:

    Hi Keith,

    Last post today, I promise.

    1-what is a neti-pot?
    2-do plain water enema’s require repopulation of flora (good bacteria)?
    3-what is a disorder called POTS?
    4-why can’t organic acv be used during juice fasting?
    5-any info on fasting and PAD?

    Thanks again!

  17. keith101 says:

    Hi Newlife
    1…Net-pot?…Do you mean for sinus and allergy?
    2…natural substances that will help the body to repopulate beneficial flora or good bacteria in the intestines include: Blue Green algae, Spirulina, Chlorella, Irish Moss, Kelp, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Ginger, Cloves, Cayenne, Black Walnut Hull, and Carrot powder.

    3…the simple act of standing up can be a challenge for some people. There are disorders that affect the body’s ability to appropriately adjust to the pull of gravity. When the body cannot effectively adjust to upright posture, a person is said to have orthostatic intolerance. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a disorder characterized by orthostatic intolerance.

    Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is defined by excessive heart rate increments upon upright posture. A person with POTS will experience heart rates that increase 30 beats or more per minute upon standing and/or increase to 120 beats or more per minute upon standing (Grubb, 2000). These exaggerated heart rate increases usually occur within 10 minutes of rising.

    4…Apple cider vinegar has many benefits and is rich in minerals, vitamins and other substances. It contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin P, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6, as well as many minerals such as manganese, iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulpher, copper, phosphorus and silicon.

    Organic apple cider vinegar is the best to use because apple cider vinegar is apples in concentrate, which means all the properties of the apples are combined into the juice, so if the apples are not organic, then we will be taking some pesticides and toxins into our bodies from the non organic apples when we drink the apple cider vinegar.
    Where did you read that you cannot take it with juice/veg fasting ?

    5…Your last question on PAD? …Do you have diabetes?
    Hope this helps for the moment.
    Blessings Keith.

  18. newlife says:

    Hi Keith,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t remember where I saw that about the acv as I have read sooo much on the internet about fasting. It didn’t sound right to me either. Yes I am diabetic. I thought since you hear from so many people someone may have mentioned it. OH and, happy new year, my juicer motor died yesterday. I’m hitting the thrift stores today to try and find one of those $5 deals Tom talked about on some of his posts. until that situation changes I’ll have to stick to just eating less. Sunrise and sunset only. I’ll do well to stick to that. It would naturally cut out binges, control calorie intake, eliminate night eating or eating too close to bedtime, and give daily structure. Bye now!

  19. MissJenni says:

    Hello everyone may you all have a very happy and prosperous new year. I name is Jennifer and this is my first day of the juice fast. I am 218 lbs and have various health issues. (Pre-hypertension and back problems, luckfully I do not suffer from diabetes) Anyhow, I came across this wonderful site and thought I would register and become friends with people who are as well traveling down the same life transforming road as myself.
    Right now I am drinking a pretty nice blend of spinach,Kale, greens-collard and turnip,celery,cucumber and apples. Im just waiting for the detox symptoms to arrive. lol.
    BTW, does anyone have any info on when to expect the symptoms? and how much weightloss can typically be expected in a week?(I know not everyone is the same and symptoms vary from person to person.
    Im just extremely happy that I have turned from the SAD diet and will now be giving my digestive tract a long deserved break.
    Thank you for your advise and info in advance and once again happy new year to all.

  20. keith101 says:

    Hi Jenni
    Welcome to
    How old are you and what is your hight?
    We are all friends on this site, helping one another.
    Detox on juice fasting takes longer than water fasting.
    Weight loss depends on your juice intake?
    Blessings Keith.

  21. newlife says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    My name is Kelly (newlife). Just wanted to send out some words of encouragement. I’m a newbie in fasting but from what I’ve researched, detox is relative to a persons health issues and amount of juice taken. Less juice= more detox, more juice= less detox. I think that’s why it is suggested to have a few slices of avacado or banana on hand to slow it, but alot of people say if it’s not too severe, just to wait it out and it will pass. Good News is the more a person has to lose (depending on metabolism), the quicker the weight loss. Personally I am in this for the long haul (I have more to lose than you). I can’t let one more year go by and not do something. I had to switch gears as my juicer motor died dec 31st. But I’m hanging on no matter what! The blend you said you are using sounds really good. Just keep telling yourself “I will overcome this unwelcome visitor” and you will overcome it. God’s blessings to you.