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Water Fasting- The Good the Bad .:.

Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly

Water fasting is tough. Water fasting can have good and bad times. I decided to write this post during a water fast. Water Fasting The Good Ending a water fast is always amazing. The first few glasses of fresh juice flooding the

Toxic Diet Jokes

Toxic Diet Jokes

For those who insist on returning to their old toxic diet undoing the revitalizing of fasting, here are some tongue-in-cheek suggestions. Toxic Diet Tip 1 Slowly begin to reintroduce harmful foods. Suggestions are potato

Maintaining Healthy Diet After .:.

Maintaining Healthy Diet After Fasting

If you want to suffer pain after a 5 day water fast, eat a big greasy hamburger. It will land in your stomach like a brick and take 2 days to digest during which you will suffer intense pain. Fasting increases your body’s