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Progess Report Isabelle

Progess Report Isabelle

Comments: Reasons for Fasting: To overcome my food addiction Intended Length of Fast: 15 days: 3rd to 17th september First Name: Isabelle Site User Name: Isabelle City, State and Country: Quebec, Qc, Cda Sex: F A

Fasting Progess Reports - Carol .:.

Fasting Progess Reports - Carol User:Carol03

REASONS FOR FASTING: My goal is simply to achieve PERMANENT, significant and noticeable weight loss to improve my health, my appearance, the way my clothes fit and look on me , and to improve my self esteem and mood through the d

Fasting Progress Report User: j .:.

Fasting Progress Report User: justdoit

Reasons for Fasting: To achieve mental clarity, overcome food addiction, heal and reconnect with life again Intended Length of Fast: 21 days First Name: Val Site User Name: justdoit City, State and Country: Sydney, NSW, Austra

72 Hours on Water With No Hunge .:.

72 Hours on Water With No Hunger?

72 Hours on Water With No Hunger? I'm on 72 hours now of a complete water fast and so far I have not had any bodily signs of hunger (sure I crave food).  I believe that is suppose to happen in Day 1 and 2 but I have not been u

Cayenne Pepper - Weightloss- Fa .:.

Cayenne Pepper - Weightloss- Fasting

Cayenne Pepper- Weight loss It is considered thermogenic, meaning it can "rev up" metabolism and aid in weight loss. The reason this post was created was due to the increased weight loss experienced by fasters who were expe