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Gray Tasmania, Australia
Lost 26.5 pounds 
On the 27th of August 2001 I began a 30 day juice fast. I didnt actually plan to do 30 days, it seemed impossible to even think of. I just began and thought Id see where it went.

The fast was trouble free and relatively easy so I just kept going.  On day 27 of the fast my family decided to climb a local mountain, I thought it would be a challenge and to my joy I made it to the top and down, a task previously impossible, there was some pain but not as much as expected.  The knees were being healed as never before!

By the end of the fast I was feeling a new man and had lost 26.5 lbs, my pain was gone, I was feeling 10 years younger and really enjoying a healthier diet, so I decided to stay with it.

Fasting Testimonies 2

The following are personal testimonies of people just like yourself, whose lives have been profoundly changed. Although edited for readability, their words remain intact, and the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent our beliefs.

Kim L.
It started like any other conversation. I was in the gym working on the shoulder press when this guy asked if he could "work in" with me. I recognized him as a friend whom I had gone to school with 20 years earlier. He looked fit and trim. We got talking about health and food additives. Although I professed how bad they were, I ate without discrimination. I found it difficult, if not impossible, to control my eating as I kept falling into the old bad habits. I had tried but it always felt like I was forcing myself.

After the workout, I had the chance to talk to Tom in the sauna, where he told me he had co-authored a book about nutrition and fasting. Being open-minded, I asked if I could read it, and later that night I started to read his book.

Some nutritional points I already knew, but the things I didn't know started to blow me away. The causes of disease made sense. I bought a juicer, made fresh juice, and stared eating less. I even stopped drinking my five or six coffees per day. To my surprise, it was easier than I thought.

The first thing I noticed was the effect of the caffeine withdrawal. For the first two weeks I was lethargic, wanting to sleep constantly. The second thing I noticed was the weight loss. I was losing half a pound per day. As time went on, I felt better and better. There were times when I felt incredible surges of energy. Yet, I didn't always feel like a million bucks. Occasionally I felt bad and thought "this can't be doing any good." Luckily, I persevered to reap the benefits.

A highlight was a trip to the doctor. Upon examining my blood pressure, the doctor took a second look at the readings and said," I don't know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up."

I am no longer tired by climbing one flight of stairs. Instead, I bounce up them two at a time. In fact I can exercise for 50 minutes on the stair climber. In losing 20 lbs. of excess weight, I now weigh the same as when I was in high school. I have permanently given up drinking coffee. (My wife says I am easier to live with.) I try to make fresh juice daily, and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I don't live the diet perfectly. Once, I had the tremendous urge to eat a pizza. Rather than fighting with myself, I allowed myself to enjoy it without guilt. Surprisingly, I was satisfied with only two pieces. Normally I would have eaten six or more slices.

In closing, I want to say that I am happy I took the time to pursue this path, and appreciate Tom's reassurance and insight whenever I called for help. I have no trouble endorsing Tom's book, his knowledge, and commitment.

Brian C.
35 years old
For years I had thought about disciplining my eating habits, largely because I gained a few pounds, and inches, from a diet heavy in dairy. Every time I got hungry I drank some milk, right from the container.

To illustrate, I was unemployed during my late twenties and had a fridge in my one room apartment. It was so close at hand I drank sips of milk every 45 minutes or so, which got rid of the hunger pangs; however, it also made me thirstier. Milk does that! I actually started the dairy diet because the doctor recommended it to deal with ulcers caused while driving a truck in Toronto.

The remedy worked, but I put on weight.

Any attempts I made at disciplining myself were defeated: I had no direction and the foods I ate were not healthy.

However, in the summer of '92 I met a friend who asked me to look at a book he was writing. Because I was trained in journalism, I ended up editing the first draft of Fasting to Freedom.

During the process I learned a few things, some of which I put into practice. for the first three months, I went four days every week on juice alone. In the following two months I slacked to one meal per day and have continued this way.

Some of the changes that have taken place due to my change in diet include clearer sinuses from a reduction in milk; a weight loss of 28 pounds, with eight inches lost from my waist (I really enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now)! I have a real sense of achievement in exercising self-discipline; and I managed to reach more than 600 push-ups, 600 sit-ups, and three twenty-minute workouts (aerobics) per day. In fact, I was more motivated to exercise on the days following a straight juice dietthe days I ate solid foods were followed with a heavier, dragging sensation, which discouraged pushing it during workouts.

In December of '92 I was surprised to learn about my capabilities. It had snowed heavily over two days. Both days I did the push-ups and sit-ups prior to shoveling my driveway and two other driveways in the neighborhood. After the shoveling expedition, I returned to do the workouts. Furthermore, the second day, a Saturday, I volunteered to shovel the church parking lot. After approximately three hours per neighborhood driveway (I'm a perfectionist), and six at the church, I was surprised to find my muscles were not sore the following morning. What's more, I danced in my church and I enjoyed every minute. My pastor was also surprised because he had joked during the service about those in the congregation who might be experiencing pain from clearing their driveways.

The authors of this book suggested that if I failed in my eating habits now and again, it was all right. No sweat!

That really helped. It also encouraged me to enjoy fast-food joints without guilt about once a week. Nonetheless, I returned to a regular diet of approximately 70 percent fruits and vegetables.

Elaine H.
I was carnivorous in my eating; my diet was mostly fried or grilled meats. My favorite delicacy was the beef fat around the steak, after it is fried crispy. This diet continued with its monthly cold, anemia, and various related health problems that are considered "normal"such as a hysterectomy at the age of 24. Fortunately, I met Ron H. in 1978 and he began discouraging my milk drinking, heavy salt use, white bread consumption, and insisted that I eat a few vegetables. At first I could only tolerate a very small token piece of green pepper or broccoli. Eventually, the pieces kept getting bigger until I was eating a whole piece. Now, Ron has to fight for his share of the vegetables. One of the most pernicious habits I had was always keeping a bowl of candy within 10 feet. As my diet improved, I found I did not need the lift from sugar. Together with my husband, we searched for a better diet. We experimented with the Rotation Diet, Pritikin Diet, and Macrobiotics. None of these diets worked for us. Then we read Fit for Life in 1988. By adhering fairly strictly to Fit for Life principles, I lost 40 lbs. in eight months. The improved diet heightened vigor, and encouraged me to take a 12-day water fast in Texas at T.C. Fry's fasting facility in 1989. On the third day of the fast, I stopped sleeping for five days and nights. This was the body correcting an industrial accident that injured my tailbone ten years earlier. Specialists had told me that " full flexibility could not be restored to the spine," but after five days of fasting I could bend from my waist. Since I broke that fast, I have lived a hygienic-vegetarian diet for the last five years. Lately, I just water fasted for 13 days at Tom's fasting retreat without any noticeable symptoms, indicating a high level of health.

Ron H.
Elaine's husband
I have been working in the health field for thirty years. In 1962, while growing germs in the laboratory in Ryerson College, I questioned how these germs could combine to attack us. They have no means of communication and no mobility. However, if you wish to work in the health field, you accept the germ theory or work elsewhere. I got married and started building a home. Five years later, this marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce. For advancement, I took additional college courses. One of the options was sociology. This was the first time I had heard the word placebo, and when they came to demonstrate the different cultural expectations of disease, I saw clearly that germs were not the cause. This led me on a quest through health-related literature. Not much change was made in my diet until I met Elaine. This gave me the impetus not just to live a longer life, but to live it at maximum capability. I was 36 when I met Elaine and promised her 50 years, which meant I would have to live to be 86. Now, having seen my mother die at 85 in great shape on a standard diet, I have my sights set on a hundred. Then I will decide where to go from there. With this goal in mind, I started searching for the best diet to ensure high-level wellness. I traveled many blind alleys before finding natural hygiene. When I discovered Fit for Life, I also lost 40 lbs. in the same time period as Elaine. I tried several short fasts, but always went out of control about day five and had to break them. I then decided that I had no option except to have a minimum 14-day supervised water fast. My main concern was that my left bicep felt like a bag of marbles. From day three of the fast til day five, my left arm was in excruciating pain, but on day six the muscle was smooth and as fibrous as it should be.

Since age 14, I have always had acute sinus problems. I stopped the pain with aspirin, and inhibited the symptoms with codeine. This is the only drug of significance I have abused except for nicotine and caffeine, but I can still taste aspirin when I fast, indicating the cells are releasing this chemical garbage. Since that time, my only health concern has been small, weeping ulcers on my left arm and shoulder, which shows me that toxins are still trying to get out that side of my body. Having heard that we now have a Canadian fasting facility, I undertook 13 days of water fasting, preceded by three days of juice to lower my toxic load.

Each of the eight fasts I have undertaken so far have always involved vomiting because the bowels are shut down and the toxic load being sent into the stomach must be ejected. I feel it is a short-term pain for a long-term gain. The sores have closed up and the body has been lowered of its toxic load; and, we hope, theyll stay a thing of the past. I was very gratified to note no other pain or crises, which proved to me that I have obtained a high level of wellness. It will bea very happy day for me when I can fast free of symptoms, because there is no waste to be removed.

Tom P.
I juice fasted for 30 days, had a few days of light soups and salads and resumed juice fasting for another two weeks. I've noted so many positives from my fast that I thought I'd write them down now, in hopes that someone might be encouraged. Note I don't consider myself an expert on this by far, but it has been sort of fun working this fasting stuff out.

IT'S TRUE...I believe our bodies do react more strongly to things when we've had to do a little detoxing. For example, since fasting someone has replaced the world's chocolate supply with nearly tasteless brown wax. Okay, true confessions; in breaking my fast, I've had light soups and salads and slowly began adding a little chocolate at the very end. At first it really tasted odd. It was hard to imagine ever having liked it. But, I persevered during the days that followed and eventually worked my way up to a good sized bar. I had weird dreams that night and awoke the next morning with a mild headache. Repeating the experiment the following night produced the same results. Now, I'm not going to say I'm completely cured, but it doesn't seem likely that chocolate will be the staple it was for me in the past. IT'S TRUE about portions too. Maybe my stomach has shrunk and just really needs a good internal workout, but I am satisfied with far less food than before. I find myself stopping before feeling full and knowing that it is enough. IT'S TRUE about cravings for healthier foods, too. Maybe I just have a healthy fear of trying bits of unhealthy delicacies, but for the most part, I'm really craving healthier things. The process has slowed down and I'm making choices versus reacting. And while some things may have a certain amount of nostalgic appeal, it isn't nearly as charged as it was before.

And this is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. I can have a small portion of something containing caffeine, and not need to have a regular maintenance dose in order to avoid withdrawals. When shaking coffee in the past, it always meant a 2-3 day headache, followed by a few days of having the mental prowess of gelatin. I have actually been able to meet someone for coffee, have a little, and then go days or more without any caffeine and have no adverse reaction. I'm really encouraged by all of this. It doesn't mean I don't feel a bit foolish for having tried something, and have had a negative reaction. The good news is that the reaction does pass, I can make a note of it, and move back into a healthy rhythm.

Elizabeth D.
  Written by Tom McGregor
Elizabeth was suffering her seventh bout of pneumonia. It caused great pain and scarring of the lung tissue. Each movement was agonizing.

At first, she was afraid of fasting. It took a lot of explaining before she was convinced. I offered to fast with her to lend my support. She decided to try one or two days of fasting. She used the enema kit and then drank honey dew, cantaloupe and carrot juice fresh from the juice extractor.

In two days she was out of bed and moving around. On the third day she did light housework. By the fifth day the fasting had overcome the pneumonia. Feeling better, she decided to clean the house from top to bottom, including the windows.

Then in the period of a few days, the sound of her voice changed. It lost its coarse and raspy texture. Before fasting, she had been overweight. Fifteen pounds of excess fatty tissue was also gone. She had also been addicted to Benzedrine (an amphetamine street drug), taking ten pills a day for the last three years. She had used the pills to get through the day. Now she was free of this habit. On the 21st day of fasting, she discovered that her normally severe menstrual cramps were greatly reduced.

To Elizabeth this change was a miracle. She wanted to fast longer. I recommended 30 days. This was the standard fast for juice therapy used in European fasting clinics. I continued to fast with her and 30 days became our goal.

In this period I saw a sick, frail creature become alive with life. On the 24th day of the fast, I showed up at the house to find an entire dump truck full of topsoil on the driveway. She was shoveling it into a wheelbarrow. Her pushing a wheelbarrow, full of dirt, uphill 300 feet, was leveling the garden in her backyard. She refused my offer to help because she was "enjoying the exercise!" Her attractive, 100-pound, body was doing a task difficult for any healthy male. Three truckloads and three days later, the backyard was leveled.

On the 28th day, she reported a feeling of inner joy, contentment, and indescribable mental clarity. She looked radiant. She was drinking a glass of mineral water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Tanned from being in the sun, she looked strikingly beautiful.

The 30-day goal was completed, and the fast was ended with a light vegetarian diet. Later I learned she had had cancer of the cervix and tests showed it had gone into remission. Again, fasting had proven its miraculous abilities to cure.

Here again, serious health problems had incapacitated a life. The use of drugs, combined with a poor diet had devitalized her body's cleansing system. The ability to remove mucus from the system had diminished, and the mucus had started to congest within her lungs, creating a bed for harmful viral infections. Each new bout of pneumonia had created further scarring of the lungs. The lungs had lost their ability to cleanse themselves of unwanted poisons and mucus.

Elizabeth recovered from the pneumonia in only five days. This was the time needed by her body to remove the mucus. After the mucus was removed, there was nothing for the virus to live on, and the problem was cured. As she continued to fast, the system cleansed itself of drugs, toxins, mucoid matter, and mucus that had caused other physical problems.

Carl W.
Fasting with water, juice and a complete diet of natural foods gave me a new lease on life! The disease crippling me was chronic hepatitis. Drug abuse began at thirteen and after years of serious addiction, I contracted hepatitis, a very painful and frustrating illness.

As the years progressed my liver deteriorated, causing my other filtering organs (kidneys and spleen) to be overworked, thus damaging them, causing even more pain. For sixteen years I suffered. My liver was swollen to the size of a football. The liver is the largest cleansing organ, and does not have room for swelling. When it does, constant irritating pain is felt from the rib cage to the stomach. Hepatitis is impossible to forget.

Life was dismal and without hope. I was a 270-lb., burned out drug addict coming off a massive intake of chemicals. It took 20 to 30 tranquilizers a day to prevent my mind from losing its sanity.

My emotions were out of control. Nerves were like electrical wires on overload. Without knowing what else to do I phoned Tom, a friend I had not seen in years. Tom's heart was moved. He explained that I was in serious trouble and needed help.

After a few days of sleeping, I awoke only to realize how grossly complicated my rebellious life had become. The past 20 years flooded my conscious. I had played the role of someone else;someone tough, ruthless, and invincible. All that was left was an empty, barren soul. The flood of tears wouldn't stop as I agonized over the loss of my family. There was no one to blame I was a victim of my own demise. I thought moving in with Tom would help the massive depression that was now my life, but nothing could stop my eyes from seeing painful reality. Tom stayed up several nights listening to my sad story. If all my pent up anguish hadn't found an outlet, my insides would have exploded.

After 20 days of juice fasting the changes were remarkable. As the pain lessened, I started to feel alive again. I wasn't cured, but because of the results I continued the fast.

After 40 days of juice fasting, there was a metamorphosis from a sickly, unstable human into someone vibrant with health and well being. My self-esteem began to build gradually as I shed 100 pounds. At the start I weighed 270 lbs. This bulk was caused by the retention of large amounts of body fluids. Due to the drugs and the damaged liver, my body could not release these fluids. After the 40 days my weight had dropped to 170 lbs.; whatever had caused the bloating had healed. The swelling on my right side from my liver had disappeared completely. My mind was clear and stable. For the first time in years, I could live without tranquilizers! I sincerely thought drugs had done permanent damage to my brain. I was wrong!

If a butterfly could talk of its experience of changing from a crawling insect into a multi-colored, graceful, flying creation, it would most likely be saying the words I felt in my heart. I was given back what drugs took away.

This knowledge has brought me a new zeal for life. It has freed me from a tremendous addiction. It has brought me closer to God in spirit than ever before.

Debbie R.
I had been struggling for quite a while with my weight. I had tried unsuccessfully to lose the weight I had gained from my two pregnancies. Due to this extra weight and stress, other problems started to develop. I retained water, and my hands and feet became swollen. Six out of seven days, I experienced headaches.

After various trips to the clinic and one prescription after another, I finally asked the Lord for help, as I had run out of hope of ever feeling better again. He answered my prayer when this wonderful news of juice fasting came into my life. After listening to the author and reading some of the book, I figured I had nothing to lose, "except the weight, of course." My first fast of eight days resulted in a ten-pound loss and a renewed feeling of self-esteem. A few weeks later I tackled a 14-day juice fast followed by three days on water. The difference was remarkable. The headaches and the swelling disappeared.

I have lost over 30 lbs. to date, and have a new look as well as a new outlook on life. Not only did the fasting help me with my physical self, but my spiritual self will never be the same. I have come to feel closeness once again to the Lord that I haven't felt for years.

The most recent fast I completed was 30 days; that is something I thought I could never do. I can now say fasting will always be part of my life. Thanks, Tom.

The feeling I get from fasting can never be replaced by anything on a shelf in any store. I recommend to everyone to fast even for a few days. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Tim T.
I was interested in fasting, but could never get past one day without food; I usually felt too sick to continue. After gaining more information through asking questions, my confidence grew and I decided to try a fast. My first fast was three days. The juice made a big difference; I was able to fast without uncomfortable sensations.

Shortly after this, I went on another three day fast. It was on this second fast I started to get results. I gained energy, and my concentration increased. Because of this, I decided to tackle a longer fast. I was interested in finding out how long I could go without food. It had become a challenge.

A week later I started to fast. On the third day of the fast I became dizzy and sick with nausea and dry heaves, but I was determined. I knew enough to realize these things happened and would pass. I drank lots of juice to help me get through it. After 5 days of fasting, my energy increased. I jogged, did push ups, and walked. My ability to think increased, as I became more relaxed and focused.

After 14 days, I was down at the park practicing deep breathing. I felt a small pain in my chest. Then suddenly I felt a release. A burst of energy in the area of my heart sent a tingling feeling all over my body. I sat on the ground to continue my deep breathing and enjoy the feeling that was flooding my entire body. There was an incredible sense of freedom. Before, I had been experiencing pain off and on in my chest for over a year. The pain was gone!

Caralee B.
I was open to fasting because I was at my wits end with a sinus problem, as well as my candida infection. I had a rash on my face with redness and burning, and other uncomfortable symptoms. I was also extremely sensitive to certain foods and chemicals that caused even more itching and burning.

My first fast was three days. I felt better, but afterward I lost control and ate everything in sight. The good feeling I had received from fasting disappeared, and the mucus effect returned in full force. A week later I started to fast with more determination, fasting five days and eating sensibly for seven. On the fourth set of five-day fasts something happened. I had an intense pain in my head with hot and cold flashes, and fluid in my ears. Mucus was draining from my sinuses. My tongue was white and my skin pale. My reactions slowed and I felt drugged. Luckily, this only lasted for a day, as the feeling subsided on the second day.

Four days after the crisis, I awoke bursting with mental and physical energy. I felt alert, clean, and thin. I could breathe clearly through my nose. My facial rash had cleared. At this stage of the fasting, some of my friends became concerned because of how thin I looked, but to me I felt healthy. Besides, fasting had cleared up my agonizing symptoms.

Stupidly, I ate some flour products and my sinuses clogged within a day; a frightening reminder of how these foods affected me. I had never seen the effect so clearly. Fasting had given me a clear indication of what I shouldn't eat.

A week later I was at a party with my friends. I watched their life style and how they acted; I just felt it was wrong: surface, void of meaning, gossip, and pettiness. I thought, "what am I doing with my life? I'm not happy." I was crying; I felt angry, hurt and scared. It was all wrong. Then I felt two light taps on my shoulder. I turned around but there was no one there. Everything came before me. These friends are draining me emotionally and spiritually. I thought it was okay just being the same as them, but it was toxic.

Something is pulling me; I can't stop it. I have no choice. I know it is the way I have to go. I have to dump the emotional baggage. I just want to start all over again. I remembered when I sat in Tom's room listening to a conversation between Tom and Pastor Rossen. They were talking about something in the bible; "You can't put a patch on an old garment." It came so strongly into my mind "You have to start over." It hit me like a light in my head. I am not a religious person. I am being pulled whether I like it or not. My body has been programmed through fasting. I want pure things.

Les L.
I have always enjoyed being relatively healthy, but I came to realize just how much I was missing out on after completing a 22-day juice and water fast. Although I am still very young (21), I had several minor problems that had nagged me for years. What I didn't realize was that my problems were all diet-related. I suffered from headaches usually at least twice a week. Aspirin didn't help very much, nor did several visits to the chiropractor. My memory has been that of a 50-year-old for the last five or six years, which I used to attribute to an emotional trauma I had experienced. I had been about 20 to 30 pounds overweight for about two years. Something had happened to my sense of smell that denied me the privilege of enjoying things like good food, flowers, and spring rain showers. My mental attitude was defeatist at best, so it was hard to get motivated, given that I never had much energy to begin with. And all because I was a glutton! Coffee and doughnuts were a staple in my diet and, with the amount of food I ate, I could have fed a family of three.

At first, I found the idea of fasting intriguing, yet I was skeptical. So before doing anything, I went straight to the library. I spent weeks reading books by doctors and nutritionists. After this, I was finally convinced. I began my first long-distance fast of 22 days.

The first two days I felt terrible. I was weak and in pain. I had a terrible headache, a burning feeling in my chest, and a generally sick feeling all over. But, I had anticipated these reactions, so I was prepared.

By the time the fast was over, I had lost about 25 lbs., and I had never felt better in my life. I had so much energy! My memory was sharp. My sense of smell was restored. I remember how much of a joy just breathing became! I would walk down the street smelling flowers and smells I had long forgotten. My headaches disappeared for good. Most of all, it changed my mental attitude. I developed a love for living I never had before. I felt so young and healthythe way I should have felt all along. The knowledge I have gained about nutrition and fasting has radically changed my life for the better!

Koni F.
Once, as a child I heard the call of the Lord. In an attempt to follow the strong pull into the ministry, I enrolled in Bible College in my mid-teens. Just after my first year at E.P.B.C. I became side-tracked by a young man, and dropped out to follow my heart, thus beginning a series of events which took me away from God.

Several tragedies contributed to my tumble from grace. A broken marriage, a lovely five-year-old daughter killed by a careless driver, a car accident which killed my brother on my birthday, and a few more life-jarring incidents. Hurting and far from God, Who had once been my Source of strength, I felt helpless. Out of touch with my Creator, I was stuck in a downhill spiral. Sin and bondage completely engulfed me, taking over my life.

The climax was 1991, at the end of my endurance; I attempted to drive off the pier at the Cobourg harbor. My heart was crying from a wasted life and "what might have been."

I cannot explain what happened next. First, there was a small voice telling me suicide would not bring release but take me to a place where the torture is far greater than anything yet endured. Suddenly, I was in Lake Vista Square in Oshawa at 2 A.M. with no recollection of having made the trip. Puzzled, I started to drive toward Cobourg, praying for the first time in years. "God are you doing all this? If You want me to stay in Oshawa, give me a sign." I was about to leave the city's boundaries. As I uttered these words, the headlights went out. Ahead stretched a pitch-black highway. In turning the car around, to my surprise, the headlight came back on. "Oh God," I cried. "It's You isn't it?" I heard no more, even though I begged Him to communicate further.

I remembered hearing somewhere that one can get closer to God through fasting and prayer. I needed spiritual contact! Taking an apartment across the street from Lake Vista Square, I started a ten-day water fast. Locked in the apartment without phone, TV or friends, I prayed and sought God night and day.

As the fast progressed, an amazing thing began to happen. His presence could be felt; then came the sound of a voice. He wanted me back in the ministry. "Downtown" He said, "Work with the oppressed and downtrodden. You must set the captives free."

"But," I argued "You have the wrong person! I am all that myself. How can I help others? Besides, I'm a sinner and dirty."

I was putting away things in the new apartment and had just picked up a frying pan cover suffereing from years of blackened, burned grease. The Spirit said, "Look at the pan in your hand. See how black and filthy it is? If you can clean up that pan, I can clean you up to do My work."

"There is no way I can do that without pot cleaners."

"Did you look under the sink?" came the soft reply. Sliding back the door revealed half a SOS pad left by the previous occupant. Skeptically, I grasped the small item and gave it a few passes over the bottom of the blackened pan. To my amazement, the charred grease gave way returning the pan to shinny newness, just as it was twenty years earlier. The astonishment turned to glee as the cleansing began happening not only to the pot, but also within me. I knew God had done the impossible, and even as I watched the old frying pan become spotless and new again, even so was my soul. Dancing, laughing, singing, tears of joy streamed from my eyes. I was now convinced of my worthiness to do whatever task He had in store.

From then on, through that fast, I continued to feel incredibly close to God, penning poetry and song under divine inspiration, obtaining instruction from the beautiful soft voice which remained always near. When the fast was over I was ready, and started His work.

I needed some answers from God, but a spiritual barrier stood in my way. I had tried to fast before when faced with these types of circumstances, but something was lacking and my attempt at fasting had failed. After reading a book on fasting, I became inspired and started a fast. My desire was to see souls come to Christ.

The first few days were surprisingly easy, no headaches or weakness, and I still continued my work. The rest of the fast went extremely well; only one day did I experience a bad reaction, and this was because I sprayed the oven and breathed in some of the fumes, causing me to feel sick and nauseous. Luckily, it cleared up in a day.

I maintained my spiritual focus and continuously prayed for a revival in our church, and by the Grace of God, it started to occur. People were getting baptized every service. Those who had fallen from the faith returned. The Spirit was moving in the church. Both a friend and I prayed to the Lord to encourage the church on a one-day fastthey went for it. The pastor delivered an anointed sermon calling us to fast, pray, and love one another. This message stirred my soul to fast even longer!

The result of the fast was amazing; not only did the fast benefit me spiritually, but my arm was healed miraculously. What a joy to feel no more pain. For months I had been suffering; now this pain was completely gone. The severe premenstrual cramps I experienced were also gone, and I lost twenty pounds of excess weight. For a fifty-one-year-old grandmother to fast 17 days on her first fast, I feel that the Lord really blessed me.

Fasting to me is a path for getting closer to God. We have to sacrifice things of this world to God just as Christ sacrificed His life for us. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." (2 CHRONICLES 7:14) We need to find sustenance in God.

Grace L.
A friend of mine was tackling a 21-day fast with vegetable and fruit juices from a book she had read. I wanted to see the author of the book to get more information, as I still wasn't sure of the concept. His experience and enthusiasm convinced me.

The fast was not for my physical appearance, but to pray for the burdens of those I loved. I felt suffering in the church and in my home. Even before the fast I felt satanic opposition against it. In bed, I felt a force push down on me trying to kill me, but pleading the blood of Christ the feeling left me. On the first day of the fast, I saw a WOLF. Yes! A real wolfand I live in the city. I even called one of the children to see it. It was staring at my house. It gave me the chills. Once again I prayed and it also left. These strange events firmly convinced me I was supposed to fast.

I prayed for my church and witnessed the power of the Lord move in our pastor on the Friday night service. The service was on fire; people were singing glorious praises to God. Two young boys got baptized.

On the second day of the fast the Lord spoke to me. (JOEL 2:12-13) "Therefore also sayeth the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and weeping, and with mourning. And rend your heart, and not your garment, and turn unto the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repentethHim of the evil."

By the third day I felt terrific. I was at peace; my four children would be loud but I was at peace, nothing could bother me. As the fast progressed it became easier. I had more energy, I was on a spiritual high, singing and rejoicing. One morning I woke up with severe gas cramps in my stomach. The cramps were so bad I thought I would end up in the hospital, but after 10 minutes the cramps went away. One day I went through a dip and felt low in spirit but that was it; the next day I was fine.

At the end of the 17-day fast, a physical problem was gone. My doctor had told me I had a stomach reflex disease and would have to take pills for the rest of my life, but after the fast I no longer had that disease; I was completely healed. I had arthritis in my left knee; it was also gone. I also lost 21 pounds of excess fat. Before fasting, my skin was dryit cleared up.

To me, fasting is a way of drawing me closer to God and being able to lean on Him. When I was weak, He made me strong.

35 years old
I haven't been a Christian for a year yet, but somehow it seems to be much longer. I had a lot of bondage due to a traumatic past that included a long list of foster homes. I had endured abuse and was raped at the age of five. The cruelty turned me cold and resentful, causing me to become an abuser. This, in turn, resulted in a broken marriage, drug addiction, alcoholism, and a depraved sex life. In search of the answer, I fell into the hands of cults who used brain washing and hypnotism. Their methods opened the doors for demonic activity.

A friend prayed with me to break the result of this manifestation and bring me to the knowledge of Christ. Our efforts were unsuccessful, so fasting was suggested. My friend told me of the extra power and potency of prayer that can be obtained when one fasts.

It worked! Not only did the fasting enable us to evict the demons and free me from bondage, I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within me, talking to me and through me to others. Exciting and wonderful things started to happen after the third day of the fast. Through me, God was able to put a marriage back together. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me what I must do and say.

At other times, the Spirit urged me to speak. Even when I had no idea what to say, the words just spilled out. I was amazed and awed by the beautiful way God worked through me while I fasted and prayed. Now I fast regularly to keep my spirit attuned with the Lord.

Paul I.
I am 54 years old, a United Church pastor, and very skeptical about fad diets. I would not have changed my diet except I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in my hands; back pain and constant digestive problems sapped my vitalitynot to mention middle-age spread. These were my incentives to make changes in my eating habits.

Tom came to my church one day and talked to me about fasting and found me intrigued but noncommittal, although I found his enthusiasm and sincerity infectious.

Tom joined the church I served. He frequently spoke to me about the importance of nutrition and fasting. Other friends had already mentioned that my ailments were toxin-induced. I had read Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. The book gave a believable and scientific context for the claims made by nutritionists and made a convincing argument for the benefits of dietary change. I was convinced of the possible benefits. I bought a juicer, filled the refrigerator with fruits and vegetables, and started to eat according to the principles I understood. I stopped mixing carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal to reduce the stress on my digestive system. In the mornings I made fresh fruit juices and ate fruit til noon. Not only did I eat more selectively, I gave up the coffee habit.

These simple dietary changes have given me wonderful dividends in health and vitality. I lost 12 pounds of weight without even trying. My digestive system has healed and my arthritis is slowly improving. I feel better and more energetic without the need for the caffeine crutch.

My increased vitality was brought home to me one morning after a nearly sleepless night as an on-call chaplain in our local hospital. Normally, I would have been exhausted, but instead I had an energetic and fulfilling day.

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