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Gray Tasmania, Australia
Lost 26.5 pounds 
On the 27th of August 2001 I began a 30 day juice fast. I didnt actually plan to do 30 days, it seemed impossible to even think of. I just began and thought Id see where it went.

The fast was trouble free and relatively easy so I just kept going.  On day 27 of the fast my family decided to climb a local mountain, I thought it would be a challenge and to my joy I made it to the top and down, a task previously impossible, there was some pain but not as much as expected.  The knees were being healed as never before!

By the end of the fast I was feeling a new man and had lost 26.5 lbs, my pain was gone, I was feeling 10 years younger and really enjoying a healthier diet, so I decided to stay with it.

Fasting Testimonies 4


Steph from Midwest City, OK,
When I entered into this fast, I did so out of obedience to the Holy Spirit. It started out as mainly a healing fast because the Lord told me that this healing would only come through fasting. I really had no idea how long this would be and actually felt that the Lord had released me from the fast after the water portion of it which would have been day 13, but I felt strongly that I wanted to continue. The short story about my healing is that when I started this fast I was taking about 20 pills a day, 4 different prescriptions. Now, after completing a 20 day fast, I am on no prescription medications. I have lost 25 pounds. And I have no swelling in my face, ankles or feet as before. The short story about the self-discipline and spiritual aspects of this fast, is that I lost interest in wasting time in front of the television, I have become much more productive in getting things done that need to be done in other words not procrastinating, I've been a procrastinator all my life. No desire to overeat. I have broken my fast, and have reached the point where food is palatable, but not lusted for. I'm eating very small amounts of fruits and vegetables for the next 5 days. I know my physical healing is not complete, but God has assured me that it is in progress and He has heard my cry. Yesterday, the day I broke my fast, I came to work and on my desk I have a little box of scriptures and I pull a different one out everyday. When I pulled out the card for the day, it gave these two verses. "But I will restore health to you and heal your wounds," declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17 "I am the Lord that Healeth thee. Exodus 15:26.

I praise God for the experience of this fast and am looking forward to making fasting a regular part of my life. I plan to keep checking in to be an encouragement to others and also I will let you know when I have my full testimony posted. Thanks for all the support and prayers I've received over the past 3 weeks. I love you and am praying for you all.

Nanette from Vail, CO
I have always loved to drink. Not only could I eat 4000 calories (and still can) a day, I could probably drink it to. I finally stopped drinking beer, but then got started on good wine. I would think all day what would I make for dinner and what bottle of wine I would open to go with it. I am a Christian and have struggled with the fact that drinking was not what GOD intended for His temple. Still, I would rationalize that everywhere in the Bible you read about them eating bread and drinking wine...so? Anyway, after I finished my short 3 1/2 day fast, my taste for alcohol disappeared!! It was unbelievable. We would sit down for dinner, and I actually would WANT to want a glass of wine, but just couldn't make myself. Just wanted to share that with you. I am hoping my next fast will do the same for my food obsession.

Wayne, White Plains NY, NY
Hi all, just finish day six of my water fast.  In a few hours I will drink my first juice, APPLE AND CARROT! Sounds so good to me right now after 12 days of juice fasting. I  know I will finish it, the water fast made the juice fast seem much easer than it would have been. The only problem I had on the water fast was bad dreams and being tired. I felt really tired at times but I know it's worth it.  After this is over, I will fast every week for 36 hours for the rest of my life. Already I feel new, my nerves are better and I feel peaceful. I think fasting is the greatest thing, but I do believe in eating and eating well. My diet which I follow for about two weeks before the fast was a lot of whole brown rice and lentils and other types of beans, all kinds of veg and fruit, more veg then fruit. Four glasses of veg juice a day. Cheese and eggs three times a week and meat once a week. For herb teas I use red clover and also Jason Winters tea which is recommended for cancer.  I don't have cancer just love his tea and feel it's very good for one. Live food days twice a week, only veggies and fruit and  juices. This is how I will live from now on, even before my fast started I was detoxing just from the food and juice. 

Without good health one cannot enjoy the physical life God has given us, but I also think God can use sickness to refine a person, and to teach the things of the Spirit and that's more important then even good health. Jesus purifies us in many ways.  I been sick enough and feel the Lord wants me to have good health now and has lead me to fasting, juices and good foods like Daniel the prophet ate. It's Gods will for us to be healthy but if a believer is sick for a time, God's love is not diminish at all.  But nothing cannot surpass His love for us in Jesus Christ our Savior. Thanks all and now on to 12 wonderful days of juice fasting.

Wow this is so cool. I had a good thing happen to me today. My tonsils have been bad for years, for the last few days I kept having funny feelings around that area. Now I don't know what happen or what it is. But my right tonsil looked very big today and it had the feeling something was there in my tonsil, hope I am not grossing anyone out. I know from what health teachers say that the tonsils are one of the organs that help rid us of waste in the body too. Well after seeing my tonsils I took some green juice and swish it around my tonsil and out came this big white ball right out of my tonsil, never saw anything like it in my life. I spit it out and it looked like a bit of cheese but round and smell really bad. This has never happen to me, I got nervous, but after it was out I felt like jumping for joy, energy came into my body like I never felt. The 18 day fast and the juicing must have clear something out of my body also I did a lot of colon cleaning with herbs and other things. My eyes took on a look of health. I know I sound crazy but it's all true. I still can't think of what it really is but it must be some kind of waste. God is so wise to make our bodies like this. I must go biking today; I feel so strong, thanks Wayne


Wayne, White Plains NY, NY (April 22/01)
My fast went 18 days six on water and 12 on juice only and water. My body did a lot of healing and detoxing.  I felt sick at times and super good at other times. I think the enemas helped a lot. I also took a coffee enema when I was feeling bad, and it did help. My food intake now is good brown rice and veggies. I  had a small bit of cheese with my rice and beans last night. I do believe in eating cheese and eggs and a little meat from time to time. I think there good and healthy for the body but 80 per cent veggies fruits and juices and the rest whole grains beans, chesses, etc. But no sugar of any kind no fried foods no salt except what's in the food itself. A funny thing has happen I am a bald guy, no hair on top at all but now after three weeks of eating good and then a 18 day fast some hair has grown in. Not a lot but enough to notice, the sides are growing higher and some growth on top too. Maybe who knows? If it does not grow in I don't really care because I am a happy person anyway, but its cool anyway. Yours Wayne

Cindy, Michigan,
Thanks so much for all of your encouraging, kind words, throughout my fast. They really helped me through it.

I have fasted several times throughout the years, all the times in the past it has been for weight loss. This time I did it for spiritual/mental/physical well being. Much better results.

I began on Wednesday, April 11. I chose this because of my husband leaving for a week, thought it would be the best time. Proved to be so.

On the way to the airport I decided to have a coffee, hopefully avoiding the headache I knew I would come down with later, that I always have when I withdraw from caffeine. It worked. I had a very busy day, two houses to clean (my business).

The second day went pretty well. Since I did avoid the all dreaded headache the day before I decided to wean myself further by having one cup of green tea. (aren't I a wimp?) No headache. Great. No dire consequences occurred on this day.

The third day was my worst nightmare! Besides my cleaning business I also work at the hospital in registration part time. By 10:00, I was starting to fade. By 11:00, I was so lethargic, my mind started to really malfunction, or so it seemed. Well I barely made it through the day. When I did, I wasn't really able to go home and collapse, I had to care for my 11 month old grandson. I did an enema at night before bed and finally collapsed into bed around 11:00.

On the fourth day, I was still very much struggling with fatigue, when around noon a peace came over me, and my spirits lifted and I began to feel better. I decided to go for a walk. I walked for about 35-40 mins. Felt much better. Pretty good the rest of the day.

On the 5th day, it was Easter Sunday. I teach 3rd and 4th graders, so we had an Easter program planned. It went really well, they are such a great bunch of kids! Had a really good day, when I arrived home I busied myself, cleaning closets and rearranging, organizing. Cooked dinner for my son, a turkey breast with mashed potatoes, and green beans, salad and rolls. He ate while I cleaned, not what you would consider a traditional Easter.

Well on the 6th day, I still felt good, but had already decided to start a juice fast for the remainder, or at least three days of it. Was nervous about how I had felt on Friday at work, since I had to work at the hospital again, thought I better not chance it (or I may get fired!) At this point no one at work knew I was fasting. At this point my eyes were really bright and skin clear, with no puffiness present, I seemed to look younger. At work on Monday, I divulged my secret to one co-worker. Instead of being non-supportive, she seemed to be impressed. I was glad. Today went well, did an enema at night, lots of bad stuff came, strands of mucous (looked like worms, kinda) (hope this isn't grossing anyone out)

On the seventh day, had another busy day. Cleaned a house and worked afternoon shift at the hospital. Total 24-26 oz of juice today. Felt pretty good.

On the eighth day, Wednesday, I told my boss I would work an extra day, because she was short handed and I am a sucker. I told her that I already had a condo to clean and that she had to let me off early though. I left at 1:30, to deep clean this condo with cat hair everywhere! I vacuumed, and vacuumed, by the time I left there it was 5:45. Now, I still had to pick up my husband at the airport, mind you! I went home my back was aching so badly, I made myself some carrot, apple juice. I slipped into bed to lie down for just half an hour, before I knew it I had to get up, time to go to the airport, had to rush, rush, rush! But you know the miraculous thing, just by that short rest I felt rejuvenated! my back no longer ached, either.

On the ninth day, I cleaned a house, went to a staff meeting at work. (where they served an ice cream cake in honor of us) by then, several people knew about my secret and the ones who didn't wondered why I wasn't indulging, I guess. This was an ok day today.

On the tenth and last day of my fast, it was Friday, cleaned a house that morning, a calmer day that day. I went haywire cooking, though. I made enough food to last the family for the next 5 days. My refeeding time is always the hardest part for me, so I didn't want to be tempted. Easier to just heat up. Pretty good day today. Did an enema at night.

Well my first day of eating was yesterday. I broke the fast with watermelon, it was oh so wonderful. I took some fruit to work. had some more watermelon on morning break, and grapes and watermelon for noon time. When I got home I made another glass of juice, this time carrot, apple and beet. I had a really rough time with temptation today. Even on my way home from work, the aroma of the fast food chains, excited me so much, and my mouth watered! (I have not eaten at one of these in years) It was so fortunate that I cooked yesterday. Everyone ate and I had some chopped apple with a tad bit of plain yogurt later I had some unbuttered, unsalted popcorn. I had read somewhere that this helps peristalsis return, Oh and I also had some soaked prunes that I took to work, with flaxseed in them. So did pretty well to fight the temptation, it was hard though!

Today has been much easier. I had a fruit plate for breakfast, mangoes, banana, pineapple. After church, it was so nice out I decided I wanted to go for a run. I usually go for about 45-50 min, today I stopped at 33. I still haven't totally gotten my strength back, I am sure it will come back in full force, and improved in a couple of more days. I walked another 23 mins. When I got home I made some watermelon rind, pineapple skin, orange juice. Then I had some more fruit later. This evening I have had some shredded cabbage, carrots and a cucumber, with some vinegar and celery seed for dressing it.

So far my fast is a success and I have actually even lost another two pounds. I am planning on doing a one day a week fast every week, and another 10 day fast in about 6 months.

If I had one regret, it is that I didn't get enough rest. I worked too hard, and it made it not as beneficial, I am sure. With fasting we need to be able to have time to meditate and pray and work on our spiritual side. Next time maybe I will take a few days off work.   On the road to a new life......vegetarianism?