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Informalism Abstract Art of Tom Coghill. 
The Colombian Collection

The art style of the Canadian Tom Coghill was developed in his country in the 90s, following the expressive line of artists like the very pioneer of this style Helen Frankenthaler, and strongly influenced by the work of the German Helmut Dorner. The line that he follows is called  abstract informalism.

It is a non -geometric art, that it rescues the materiality of the paint, and its multiple technical possibilities. It rejects the figurative and nonfigurative form, and assumes the blending of colors as the subject of the picture. The end result is a direct expression of the artist that merges the textures, colors and hues released in the paint and their infinite possibilities.  


The technique used is called Fused; this technique is a physical fusion of adjacent colors in a painting that produces a dramatic and smooth transition between color areas.


The very first test of this style failed the expectations of Tom and was sent to a low-end auction with the hope that they would be appreciated in someones home. Weeks later Tom received a call from a friend. She told Tom the auctioned paintings were in a prestigious gallery with a price tag of several hundred dollars. Months later Tom art was displayed in the Robert McLaughlin gallery of Ontario where some of Canada most expensive pieces of heritage art is displayed.


When Tom came to Colombia, he fell in love with it and his life was changed forever. For the first time in his life, he felt profound happiness and joy.  The combination of perfect weather, beautiful loving people and the adventure that Colombia offers became a profound release in Toms creative process.


Tom is the author of several books on health nutrition, detoxification and addiction. He lived in Colombia for 7 years before moving to the Philippines where he presently resides.

The Paintings

Name: Surrender

Size: 61 cm x 61 cm

Status: A la Venta


The difference between this art and other art is the detail involved in the art. These close ups give a sense of the intricate and fine detail of this art.

In order to see the rest of the pieces go to the  Gallery

Every original painting of Tom Coghill is certificated. To see the certificate  click here.

Dedicated in the loving memory of Margaret Coghill.