Breuss Cancer Cure Questions

It’s my 18th day (read my blog), and I’m feeling really great!!!

I could feel even better, I assume, doing some more exercises… ;-)

As I extended the initial Breuss Cure a bit, I would much appreciate your feedback, bearing in mind that I do this cure in order to eliminate my goiter & big nodule, and consequently secure normal thyroid & its normal functioning!


1) what do you think of combining Breuss Cure with some more juices fasting (fruit juices & veggie juices)?

If you do not have cancer, then yes add what you want. The juices by Bruess are low calorie as not to feed tumor growth.

2) When juice fasting, do you remove all particles you possible are able to from the juice (as requested by Breuss)?

It is good to strain the juice as it keeps the colon more empty. Fiber is great when eating but fills the colon during fasting.

3) Mostly, I drink juices of one fruit only: apple juice, pineapple juice, orange or orange & grapefruit juice, white raisin juice, water melon juice…

Which fruit juices would you actually recommend I add to my cure?

For cancer a massive dose of vitamin E daily over 2000 IU for it anti angiogenesis factor and pancreatic enzyme of the Kelly treatment that is more effective than the Bruess Cure.

4) Apart from Breuss juice, I really adore a veggie mix juice I make from 2-3 tomatoes, a bit of green pepper, 3 handfuls of young spinach leaves & bunch of basilica leaves.

Which veggie juices would you actually recommend I add to my cure?

What you are doing is perfect.

5) The one that’s puzzling me quite a a bit is juice quantity. I didn’t even try to stick to Breuss recommendation to take only a sip/gulp of a juice… Well, I try to, but I make many gulps… ;-) Usually somewhere from 150 up to 350 ml. What are your experience & recommendation?

Cancer love glucose and needs 10 times that of a normal cell.  Lower blood glucose levels are key to killing tumor growth. There for we had our cancer patients stick to 1/2 liter a day.

6) I’m a bit skeptical about mixing fruits & veggies into one juice, as apparently, we’re digesting them differently. As you have that kind of mixes among the recipes, please comment.

Juice need no digestion so what advantage can you get by food combining?

7) I don’t eat/drink onion or vegetable broth each day – do your clients on Breuss cure drink it each day & what’s you’re experience?

We never had any broth with the cancer cure.  Most were terminal with day, weeks or months to live before entering treatment. Heat kills enzymes.  Broth would be fine for early stage cancers.

8) Would soaking dry acai berries and goji berries and later making a juice (out of one at a time) be worth of effort & money?

Sure as you are getting a wider spectrum of nutrients and they have unique health properties.

9) I liked colonic hydrotherapy (twice during my cure & so far) and feelings after it, but I’m quite skeptical about daily (or once per two days) colonic cleansing at home… During juice fasting, would we really need to do it?

During a juice fast an emema is not total necessary but for cancer the cleaner the colon the better the body detoxifies.  For cancer ,a daily coffee enema is recommended.

Zillion thanks for your reply, comments, and ongoing support of this site!!!

Wishing you a fine day,


Answers By Tom Coghill

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5 Responses to Breuss Cancer Cure Questions

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Aida,
    Your documentation on your site is very thorough and and excellent read. (See link at top of page.)

    One very important point that I need to make is during our tests of the Bruess Cancer treatment at Sagada hospital, we discovered that its limitations can be overcome by adding the pancreatic enzyme of the Kelly cancer treatment. We always saw tumor mass reduction in decreased swelling of the lymph but the cancer came back months or years later.

  2. Aida says:

    Zillion thanks, Tom!!!
    I’ll keep you posted…

  3. Aida says:

    1) If a “cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body”, I have it = thyroid nodule.
    If “cancerous cells are also called malignant cells”, then most probably I don’t have it = there’s less than 10 % chances my nodule is cancerous.
    No biopsy of my nodule yet. Ugh..
    3) Main sources of vitamin E: dark green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds & whole grains, brown rice, flax-seed, sweet potato.
    5) I’ll try to diminish juice quantity to approx. 1/2 liter per day… ;-(
    7) No fuss about onion broth – if I feel like eating it, I’ll just do as Breuss even recommends it to the ones with small cancers & similar…
    Although, I’ll stick to a Breuss recipe – no more mixes! 8) I’m buying acai & goji berries tomorrow… ;-)
    9) Well, I have another colon hydrotherapy scheduled on 22nd, chez Micheline… ;-)

  4. Aida says:

    I’m happy & glad to share with you that my juice fasting wasn’t in vain!!!

    My blog continues: