Cleavers Cancer

Cleavers can assist in a holistic cancer treatment. Cleavers will not cure cancer alone but in combination with other herbs, juices and therapies, cleavers will boost cancer treatment effectiveness.

Cleavers does not only contain vitamins and nutrients that can be beneficial to the health but can cure cancer.

Cleavers Historical Medicinal Usage
Cleavers has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine by indigenous peoples on many continents. Cleavers has a long history of use as an alternative medicine and is still used widely by modern herbalists. CLeavers is used both internally and externally in the treatment of a wide range of ailments. The dried or fresh herb of the cleavers is alterative, anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, aperient, astringent, depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge, tonic and vulnerary.Cleavers is a valuable diuretic. Cleavers is often taken to treat skin problems such as seborrhoea, eczema and psoriasis, and as a general detoxifying agent in serious illnesses such as cancer.

Cleavers Health Benefits

The extract of cleavers herb is used as a herbal medicine as it has many healing properties and is very effective, without producing any side effects. In ancient times, cleavers herb was believed to be used as a love tonic. Given below are some of the health benefits of the cleavers herb.

  • Cleavers herb is rich in chlorophyll, vitamin C and flavonoids that provide the body with antioxidants that replenish and strengthen the immune system. Cleavers also helps the body fight against free radicals.
  • Cleavers is a great detoxification agent and helps in cleaning the impurities of the body. Cleavers also purifies the blood stream.
  • Cleavers herb is very effective when it comes to curing disorders of the respiratory system like irritations of the mucous membrane, bronchitis and cough.
  • Cleavers helps in eliminating the upper respiratory infection of the lugs, throat and sinus.
  • Cleavers is also considered to be an effective lymphatic herb as it helps in dissolving the congestion in the lymphatic system.
  • Cleavers helps in reducing the swelling of the lymph nodes, clearing abscesses and healing tumors and boils.
  • Cleavers herb is an excellent remedy for treating ailments of the skin like psoriasis, eczema and inflammations or abrasions on the skin.
  • Cleavers has diuretic properties and helps in reducing the water retention and dissolves kidney stones and urinary bladder stones. Cleavers helps in clearing the obstructions in the urinary tract and heals any type of urinary tract infection.
  • Cleavers is used as a remedy for insect bites as it heals rashes and soothes the itching sensation.
  • A decoction of cleavers herb tea is an excellent remedy for a healthy skin. Washing the face and with tea made from cleavers herb leaves, helps in tightening the skin and reduces the signs of aging.
  • Cleavers also reduces sags and wrinkles and gives a smooth texture to the skin.
  • Cleavers is an excellent skin cleanser that deeply cleans the pores in the skin and prevents the eruption of acne.
    Cleavers herb prevents the growth and spread of cancerous cells in the body and also reduces the effect of cancer.
  • Cleavers has high anti inflammatory properties and is effective in healing the discomfort and pain caused due to arthritis.

The fresh plant or juice is used as a medicinal poultice for wounds, ulcers and many other skin problems. An infusion of the herb has shown of benefit in the treatment of glandular fever, tonsilitis, hepatitis and cystitis. The infusion is also used to treat liver, bladder and urinary problems. The plant contains the valuable constituent asperuloside, a substance that is converted into prostaglandins by the body. Prostaglandins are hormone-like compounds that stimulate the uterus and affect blood vessels. Much more scientific research is being done on the plant it is of great interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

Cleavers Anti Tumor Properties

The principle phytochemicals of cleavers are citric acid (hence its popular use in scurvy), rubichloric acid, galitanic acid, iridoids and coumarins.

Cleavers, is sometimes used in the treatment of tumours as it assists in lymphatic drainage that helps detoxify the tissue.

Cleavers is considered the best lymphatic tonic in the western herbal pharmacopoeia, and is both alterative and diuretic. Cleavers has a long tradition of use for tumor reduction and lymphatic drainage, especially indicated when cancer has nodal involvement.

Cleavers herb prevents the growth and spread of cancerous cells in the body and also reduces the effect of cancer.

Cleavers is one of the best tonics for the lymphatic system available. Cleavers treats swollen glands anywhere in the body and has been useful in the treatment of ulcers and tumors by lymphatic drainage which detoxifies the tissue. Cleavers is an alternative, lymphatic, helps remove obstructions, swelling. Cleavers is helpful in clearing the urinary tract with basis in the lymphatic drainage, which helps detoxify the kidneys keeping them in good working order.

The plant contains organic acids, flavonoids, tannins, fatty acids, glycoside asperuloside, gallotannic acid and citric acid. Cleavers has a mild laxative effect and stimulates the lymphatic system and has shown benefit in skin related problems.

Galiosin, an anthraquinone glycoside, other glycosides, tannins, and flavonoids may be the major constituents of cleavers. Little research has been conducted on this plant, but preliminary lab experiments suggest it may have antispasmodic activity.

Cleavers Application

Aerial Parts used.

  • Juice – Liquidize or pulp the fresh plant to make an effective diuretic and lymphatic cleanser for a range of conditions, including glandular fever, tonsillitis, and prostate disorders.
  • Infusion – Generally less strong than the juice. Use for urinary problems such as cystitis and gravel; also take as a cooling drink for fevers.
  • Tincture – Use for the same ailments as the infusion. Can be combined with other lymphatic and detoxifying herbs such as dried poke root.
  • Compress – Soak a pad in the infusion and use for burns, grazes, ulcers, and other skin inflammations.
  • Cream – Use regularly to relieve psoriasis.
  • Hair Rinse – Use the infusion for dandruff or scaling scalp problems.

Cleavers Dosage

Infusion- Use 1 ounce dried Cleavers herb in 1 pint warm water and let steep for two hours. Consume 2-8 tablespoons up to four times a day.
Tincture- Place 20-30 drops in water and use as needed.

Cleavers Precaution

There are no known cleavers herb side effects. Cleavers is safe for consumption for children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. Using cleavers herb in any form is beneficial to your health as it has many medicinal properties.

Cleavers Product

Cleavers supplements and tea can be bought online. Search cleavers products in Google.

Cleavers Research Links

A number of modern-day naturopathic doctors prescribe cleavers for incontinence treatment. Cleavers improve incontinence through its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

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