Dr. Breuss Cancer Treatment yes/no

My dad 78 advanced prostate cancer with bone metastastes. PSA 320 hormone treatment now want him to start chemo! Is Dr Breuss worth a go?

Answer By Tom

Juice fasting  for prostate cancer has the highest response rate of all cancers.  I have seen dramatic healing results with a 50 year old patient with a bone and prostate cancer.  It needs to be a long fast of 40 days.  To this I would add various supplements and the most important one pancreatic enzyme the foundation of the Kelly Cancer Cure.  At that age chemo can kill him and at best slow the cancer at a high price to quality of life. I will work out a program for him if he is willing.  But older people get set in there ways and my not stick to a juicing program.

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  1. mihaela says:

    I am 28 and I had C section 3 years ago.Now I have endometriosis on my abdominal wall as a result od the C section .
    Does anyone know could fasting help this disapear????