VGCaps Cancer Treatment

VGCaps is a comprehensive formula of strong and multiple anti-oxidant rich nutrients and minerals synergistically in capsule formulation. It helps the body neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals to effectively combat the aging process.

VGCaps is an alkaline producing supplement. Ingredients are safe and natural with no process that kill the potency of nutrients and delivered the way nature is intended. It represents the all in one nutritional food supplement in the market that prevents the attack of illnesses. VGCaps repairs body problems by supplying enough vitamins and minerals to the subject to regenerate and recover damages into normal way thereby reversing illnesses back into good health. It is formulated to serve all your body needs to recover from disease or mantain the way it should be.

VGCaps promotes energy and stamina. It prevents and help people recover from all kinds of cancers, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism, lung problem, liver problem, ulcer, hemorhoids, weak eyesight, dyspepsia, cataract, post menuaposal, urinary tract infections, dismenorhea, hypertension, mental problem and any other kinds of degenerative diseases.

VGCaps Functions

For Cleansing/Detoxification
VG Caps has the capability to detoxify and cleanse our body most especially our intestines that are feed up with unreleased toxic wastes that bars the absorption of nutrition’s we get from food we take. The combination of right ingredients through our process promotes powerful detoxification. VGCaps cleanse our intestines and hold toxic waste going outside the body.

For Cellular Nutrition
The cell regeneration process needs enough supply of nutrition. The nutrition from these foods needs minerals to serve as escorts for its entry into the cells therefore enough nutrition and minerals is necessary in feeding and protecting our body cells. All kind of degenerative diseases starts with malfunctioning and destruction of single cell. When cells is destroyed the next line are “tissues” which may also be destroyed. Same thing may happen to the organs and then body systems. Thus, when the Systems of the body malfunctions it is on its way to what they call physical crisis.

For Alkalizing
Most people suffering from degenerative diseases are acidic and all degenerative diseases has started with the destruction or malfunctioning of cells by free radicals (toxins) from the environment or because of nutritional deficiency. These cancer cells may create neoplasm or when the body is acidic the growth of neoplasm can easily be accelerated that may result into cyst, tumor and cancer or any other degenerative diseases. The body must be alkalized because cancer cells can’t exists in alkaline environment, on the other side cancer cells can easily be accelerated in an acidic environment. Cancer patients can still have chance if they promote their body’s alkaline level. If the person suffering from it, follows cellular nutrition and upgrades body PH level into alkakine line level so that cancer disease or any degenerative diseases will easily diminished thereby reversing that bad health into good health. VG Caps contains ionic minerals for fast alkalizing effect.

VGCaps contains Philippine nutritious vegetables for cellular nutrition.

Per capsule contains 500mg each with 50% concentrate mixture of Philippines powerfull native vegetables such as: MORINGA OLIEFIERA (mallungay), MOMORDICA CHARANTIA (ampalaya), JUTE LEAVES (saluyot), CAPSICUM FRUTESCENS (siling labuyo), IPOMOEA BATATAS LINN (camote), TARO LEAVES (gabi), and CARICA PAPAYA (papaya) plus 50% ionic minerals that promotes body alkalinity and serves as escorts in bringing nutrition from vegetables in the body because nutrients need minerals for their entry into the cells.

7 Powerful Vegetables in VGCaps

Malunggay is called as “The Miracle Tree”. According to book “AYURVEDA MEDECINE” by india healers it is used to treat more than 300 kinds of diseases.

Malunggay Health Benefits

  • Powdered dried leaves can clean contaminated water.
  • Contains Pterygospermin, a bacterial and fungicidal compound that pushes its strong Antibiotic property.
  • Good for skin treatment.
  • Anti-inflammatory in healing wounds and swelling.
  • Its juice can lower blood sugar in 3 hours.
  • Anthelmentic – can kill intestinal worms.
  • Good for lactating mothers, it increases milk production
  • Act as Coagulant
  • Used for feeding livestock’s (mixed in feeds)
  • Seeds contains ben oil (behenic acid) used for cooking and beuaty products.
  • Used by HIV infected individuals.
  • Continous consumption increases sperm count.

Malunggay was actively cultivated by the AVRDC, the principal international center for vegetable researhed in the world. In the Philippines, malunggay was endorsed by Senator Loren Legarda to the Department of Health (DOH) last september 2007.

The only vegetable that is rich in Iodine.

  • Contains Anthocyanidins that induce apoptosis in human promyolocitic leukemia cells.
  • Anthocyanidins (anthocyanins) are strong anti-oxidant with anti-tumoral compounds, it has chemopreventative action against cancer.


  • Rich in Vitamin C and Potassium.
  • Use to relieve pain and etching, nasal congestion, colds, fever and headaches.
  • For obesity and add-onn treatment for diabetes.
  • Anti-inflammatory – used for relieving pain and treating arthritis.
  • For poor appetite and improving digestion.


  • Contains MOMORDICIN that is used to treat type 11 diabetes and used to increase the production of beta cells by the pancreas thereby improving the body’s ability to produce insulin.
  • Used to treat skin disease.
  • Used for treating and preventing malaria and HIV infections.

In the Philippines, Ampalaya was endorsed by the Department of Health (DOH).


  • Very good source of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Iron, Phosphorous, Niacin, Potassium and Copper.
  • Maganese, and Zinc which are important in human body’s health maintenance and recovery form illnesses.

6. JUTE LEAVES (Saluyot)

  • Used for health and beauty by the Egyptians like Cleopatra.
  • Rich in Beta Carotene which is Anti-oxidant (anti-cancer) and good for eyesight.
  • Rich in iron for healthy red blood cells.
  • Rich in Calcium for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Rich in Vitamin A, C and E which are anti-oxidants.
  • Regular consumption makes skin look younger.


  • Used as dewormer.
  • Used as Profilaxis against malaria.
  • Rich in enzyme called as Papain and Chemopapain.

Papain is used in treatment of cuts, stings, burns and arthritis. Harrison Ford used papain for treating his cuts and burns during an accident in the making of his movie entitled Indiana Jones and Temple of Dome.

VGCaps Health Facts

Did you know that the aging process can actually be accelerated by nutritional deficiency, stress and environmental factors? The good news is there are many scientific studies informing you can slow down the biological process and in many cases even reverse symptoms of aging by:

  • 1. Meeting your body’s nutritional needs.
  • 2. Neutralizing the effects of stress and free radicals.
  • 3. Strengthening your body’s immune system.
  • 4. Targeting health risks with special nutrients.

It takes the entire combination of all these factors to effectively help your body manage and slow the aging process. No one single ingredient to answers your body’s needs. Just as a song that requires more than one note to become a beautiful melody, your body needs to address all aspects of the aging process to restore its natural vigor and brilliance.

As you age, the body replaces cells in your organs and tissues. Why, then, are they often not as good as when you are younger? One of the primary answers is STRESS. Bodily Stress is caused by many things – mental strain, physical exertion, environmental toxins like cigarette smoke and pesticides even poor diets! Stress can be dangerous because damaging molecules called free radicals are generated. Free radicals are harmful scavengers created inside your body that cause tremendous harm and accelerate the signs of aging – disrupting body systems, destroying cell membranes, mutating cells, even reprogramming your DNA. Free radicals have been linked to not only to premature aging but also as a case of some cancers, heart diseases, arthritis and more than 60 degenerative diseases.
However, ANTI-OXIDANTS are nature’s way of fighting harmful free radical scavengers. ANTI-OXIDANT converts free radicals into harmless elements and neutralizes their damaging effects.

VGCaps contains multiple anti-oxidant. It is 100% natural and no process that kill the potency of nutrients. It represents the nourishing all-in-one general food supplement product in the market that prevents the attack of illness, repair and regenerate cells then reverse illnesses into good health.

VGCaps Anecdotal

June Zaragoza Torillo was a survivor of Stage 4 Breast Cancer & Bone Cancer Patient thru Vg Caps. She is from Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

VGCaps Dosage

Starting: 2 capsules: breakfast,lunch, dinner
After a few days large doses can be advised: 15 capsules/day (5 caps. breakfast,lunch,dinner)

VGCaps Cost

VGCaps cost PHP 1,400/bottle.

Buy VGCaps Product Online

VGCaps is a product of Victory Global. Victory Global is a mission and vision driven company founded firmly and passionately on the wealth of determination to be one of the best in the leverage marketing industry. The company promote good health by providing superior products and services of high quality, unique, effective and reasonable price.

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VGCaps Research Links

Malunggay is the only herb which has potential source of anti-cancer compounds that helps cure female reproductive disorders called the epithelial ovarian cancer.

Scientists found extracts from bitter melon that can cure breast cancer. Tests showed ingredients in the spiky green fruit prevent division of human breast cancer cells also triggered cell death.

Papaya contains papain, a proteolytic enzyme that assists our body’s own enzymes in assimilating the maximum nutritional value from the food we consume. Papaya is a store-house of cancer fighting lycopene.

Based on studies conducted by the team of Rodriguez, the anti-oxidant activity of siling labuyo extracts in terms of free radical scavenging activity is 60.1 percent, indicating its effectiveness as a treatment for certain medical conditions.

Saluyot contains high antioxidant property, primarily in the form of Vitamin E.

Bioactive compounds contained in this vegetable play a role in health promotion by improving immune function, reducing oxidative stress and free radical damage, reducing cardiovascular disease risk, and suppressing cancer cell growth.

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