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Gray Tasmania, Australia
Lost 26.5 pounds 
On the 27th of August 2001 I began a 30 day juice fast. I didnt actually plan to do 30 days, it seemed impossible to even think of. I just began and thought Id see where it went.

The fast was trouble free and relatively easy so I just kept going.  On day 27 of the fast my family decided to climb a local mountain, I thought it would be a challenge and to my joy I made it to the top and down, a task previously impossible, there was some pain but not as much as expected.  The knees were being healed as never before!

By the end of the fast I was feeling a new man and had lost 26.5 lbs, my pain was gone, I was feeling 10 years younger and really enjoying a healthier diet, so I decided to stay with it.

Fasting For Detoxification

Excerpt from 

Fasting has the power to detoxify the body.
Today, we consume more toxic substances than all generations before us.  Lead in our bones can be 200 times greater compared to bones excavated from the period of Christ.  Our bodies are living cesspools of pesticides, food additives, drug residues and household chemicals.  Within the cells you will discover dyes, bleaches, antioxidants, preservatives, chemical flavors, buffers, noxious sprays, alkalizers, acidifiers, deodorants, moisteners, drying agents, expanders, modifiers, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, clarifiers, disinfectants, defoliants, fungicides, neutralizers, anticaking and antifoaming agents, hydrolyzers, hydrogenators, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, steroids and over four thousand other drugs residues. 

                  Fasting  detoxifies the lungs.


Through air, water, food and even mother's milk as a child, there is absorption of thousands of toxins that saturate the environment.  City living fills your lungs with 20 million particles of foreign matter daily such as carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, mercury, DDT, cadmium, PCBs, strontium 90, radioactive iodine, x-rays, nitrates, and thousands more.  Not to mention billions of internal parasites discussed in the Fasting For Healing chapter and the 7-10 lbs. of impacted fecal matter on your colon wall that is examined in the Cleansing The Colon chapter.

             Fasting  detoxifies the organs.


If you make it to middle age without serious harm to your health, it is due to your body's outstanding resistance.  Unfortunately, resistance to disease diminishes as toxin saturation increases.  The body will absorb toxins to a point, and then there is a reaction illness!
                Fasting  detoxifies the brain.


For most people, a few hours without food cause headaches and discomfort.  By the end of the day, the tongue turns yellow, the breath becomes foul, and you can have weakness and dizziness.  This reaction is from the body detoxifying.  Your blood has been overloaded with the sludge of toxic living.  Because the blood is in the process of eliminating putrefying waste, the breath is foul and you feel cruddy. 

                   Fasting  detoxifies the cells.

Graciously, God has provided a way to detoxify that is both easy and effective.  It is called juice fasting; a natural and safe procedure for rebuilding health. The body is supplied with nutrients while being free of digestive work, enabling the body to cleanse at a comfortable level.  The process is slow but thorough.  People engage in 30-day juice fasts because it takes that long to detoxify. 

In the Detoxification chapter you will learn of lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, macrophages, natural killer cells and their work within the body during a fast. The stages of detoxification are mapped out for your fasting journey. It also includes alternate methods of detoxification. The emotional and mental challenges of detoxification are laid out in the chapter, Fasting Highs And Lows.