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Can I drink bottled juice durin .:.

Can I drink bottled juice during a fast?

Do not expect to heal your body drinking only bottled juices.  They lack in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Bottle juice is fine if you are only trying to lose weight and you can fast on it, but that is so much less than th

Toxic Diet Jokes

Toxic Diet Jokes

For those who insist on returning to their old toxic diet undoing the revitalizing of fasting, here are some tongue-in-cheek suggestions. Toxic Diet Tip 1 Slowly begin to reintroduce harmful foods. Suggestions are potato c

Natural Face Scrub

You can look ten years younger in 20 days by using natural face scrubs. It is easy to have smooth skin without paying a fortune to buy expensive skin creams. So why spend money when you can do it in the natural way. Using natur

Erin Smith, Fasting Support, Ov .:.

Erin Smith, Fasting Support, Overeating, Alergies, Asthma

I am 25 years old. I want to detox my body. I am addicted to food, medically obese, not "a little over weight" and "carrying it well" doesn't matter. I was on a strict diet when I was young because we couldn't afford otherwise. I

Laxatives Removes Intestinal To .:.

Laxatives Removes Intestinal Toxins After a Fast

Laxatives or laxative effect is also found in fruits and natural fruit juices. The soft fibers have a cleansing effect on the intestine. This laxative effect stops after the colon happily adjusts to the soft fibers. (If fruit ju

Starting & Persevering on a Fast

I can’t count the number of fasts I blew when I first tried fasting. It was like trying to get on a slippery surfboard. As soon as I felt confident, something bad would happen and I would eat and break the fast. Failing was

Colon Diseases

Colon Diseases

Colon Diseases and the Healing Effects of Juice Fasting Colon diseases can be helped by juice and water fasting, supplements, eating natural foods, exercise, enemas and colonic. During a fast digestion stops, and with an ene

Tom's Favorite:Cantaloupes - Ra .:.

Tom's Favorite one cantaloupe 5 ice cubes 2 tbs. of Sucanat dash of cinnamon Juice the cantaloupe and blend with Sucanat, cinnamon and ice cubes. This is my favorite drink. Stunningly refreshing and full of flavor. Has

Detoxification for Athletes and .:.

Fasting with Raw Egg Whites will increase energy, decrease muscle loss and detoxify the body. I discovered an amazing trick to muscle up and thin down. I was in a chin up competition with my friend bill but I also wanted to

Mouth Cankers Remedies

Mouth Cankers Remedies

Mouth cankers are common during fasting as the body is detoxifying through the skin, tongue, and lungs.This waste is a feeding ground for bacteria and viruses resulting in painful mouth cankers, sores on the gums inner lining of t

Is breastfeeding ok during fast .:.

Is breastfeeding ok during fasting?

Breastfeeding safety for the baby while on fasting has been a common question question for lactating mothers. They want to know if the increased release of toxins will hurt the baby. It is certain that fasting increases toxins i

Extreme Transformation: Live Wi .:.

Extreme Transformation: Live Without Regrets

When life wanes into the hollow darkness of death, it will not be the victories, trophies or empires we built that will fill our thoughts but the memories of the ones we love. Your soul will cry out for last moment to share.

Extreme Transformation Introduc .:.

Extreme Transformation Introduction

To change your life in a powerful way you need to master the art of fasting. In this fast-paced, money-centered culture, fasting is the reset button that takes you back to who you really are. It gives you time to be at peace a

Your Promised Land

Your Promised Land

For 40 years, cruel desert winds reminded the Israelite of their cowardice in turning back because they saw giant warriors. To Joshua they were midgets before the power of God. With his leadership in five years of war, the bat

Fasting For Repentance

Fasting For Repentance

The conscience is without mercy. No matter how much we want to cover up, our conscience knows the truth. It becomes the nagging voice in the back of the head. We may convince ourselves and rationalize our behavior yet, the

Sin Nature: Process of Victory

Sin Nature: Process of Victory

The process of victory always starts with one small decision to change then building on the momentum. For example, a man cuts down on his smoking three cigarettes per day. Because he feels good, he decides to go to the gym. In

Sin Nature: Process of Sin

Sin Nature: Process of Sin

Process of Sin Sin is a tough subject to talk about because it is about the things we are doing wrong. Yet, to God sin is about, not missing the mark, and hitting the target, becoming the amazing person God intended you to be.

Sin Nature

Sin Nature

The apostle Paul was a free man. Even with 100 lb chains, he was free. He could have taught safely in some small town that received his teaching with eagerness but not for Paul. He strived for the greatest ministry impact,

Cutting The Roots Of Addiction

Cutting The Roots Of Addiction

Whether your addiction be sugar, salt or TV, fasting cuts at the spiritual roots of addiction: fear, insignificance, laziness, self-centeredness, guilt, negative thinking, resentment and spiritual emptiness. Fasting, being stil

During Your Fasting

During Your Fasting

Get Time Alone Taking care of a church, business or family can make constant demands on your time. Time alone can become a rare privilege but the busier you are the more you need solitude. Your ministry, company or family wil

Garlic Breath Delight With Toma .:.

Garlic Breath Delight 2 tomatoes 2 apples 1 clove of garlic sprig of parsley This bacteria buster means business. Garlic reduces blood pressure, helps with the problem of blood clotting, and lowers the LDL that increases b

Apple-Berry Better Bladder Juice

Apple-Berry Better Bladder 2 apples 1 1/4 cups of cranberries Cranberries Cranberry juice is a powerful healing tonic filled with quinine, which changes to hippuric acid in the liver. Hippuric acid is able to assist in the

The Niagara Falls Cleanser with .:.

The Niagara Falls Cleanser 1 wedge watermelon 1/2 lb. red grapes Watermelon rind has chlorophyll, vitamin A, protein, potassium, zinc, iodine, nucleic acids and enzymes that aid digestion. Ninety-five percent of the nutritio

The Brain Stimulator Juice with .:.

The Brain Stimulator 1 orange 1 hard pear 1 yam 1 grapefruit 1 apple Scientists have determined that we use only 10 percent of the brain. Living on coffee and doughnuts reduces that to 2 percent. Here is a juice to stimu

The Pain Remover Juice with App .:.

The Pain Remover 1 lemon 1 orange 3 hard pears 3 apples Bruises, aches and sprains can be irritated by a toxic bloodstream and a high-protein diet. But a low-protein, natural diet lessens irritation and reduces inflammatio