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Starting fast march 28-Apr 6th

March 28 weight 190 lbs  will be taking new picture on the 6th to encourage progress. It is better to give more details on a post. The pics would be great. Sorry about the delay in posting this.

Starting a 40-Day Water Fast

Hi, I am starting a 40day water fast. I am not new to water fasting, longest water fast I did was 15days and 30 days juice. I think I m ready to do a 40day water fast. I have not fasted for about a year now and I think I lost myse

I need a fasting buddy! :-)

I am going to start a 14 day minimum cleanse today sunday march 28, 2010 and it would be really helpful if someone would be willing to be a friend during this. I am looking to lose 15-20 pounds and need help staying motivated. Ple
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Fasting For Asthma

I am currently on the third day of a water/honey/lemon juice fast. I started fasting to make my weigh-ins as a flight attendant.  Now I am fasting because of the health benefits.   A HUGE "thank you" to Tom for this site.  Yo

Salt Water Flush or Epson Salt

Is the Salt Water Flush a salt drink or salt water enama? In the past I have drank epson salt drink with really fast result. These are two very different flushes.  The salt water flush is designed to flush the colon and
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Epsom Salt Liver/Gallbladder Flush

>Do you have an opinion on the use of epsom salt drinks ? Hi Ernie, The gall badder flush has a lot of supporters on the web. I had my doubts on the treatment as the green ball that float on the toilet after a flush are not st
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Fasting for Hiatal Hernia?

I am 23/female and have a Hiatal Hernia, as well as digestive problems. It's to the point where the pressure in my diaphram is causing problems with breathing. I do not want surgery though. If I fast, and therefore, shrink the s
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