Progress Report Rebecca

Name: Rebecca Maddox

Site User Name: lynn2010

City, State and Country: Evansville, IN   USA

Sex: female

Weight: 260

Height: 5’’5

Proposed Fasting Method:  Juicing with a juicer

Past Fasting Experience: 1 to 3 days on water

Present Diet:
No limits

Relevant Medical History:   Polycystic ovarian disease

Present Medical Problems: Polycystic ovarian disease,  Arrhythmia.

State of Mind:  Very disorganized, I feel like I cannot keep a handle on things, very   ADHD,   cannot remember a lot of things I get to overwhelmed and get upset.  In   desperate  need of a clear mind.

Limitations: Cannot over work   myself , very hard to walk up steps without passing out.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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16 Responses to Progress Report Rebecca

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Rebecca
    If you can do a juice fast of 30 days your life will be transformed.
    It is like getting a brand new like and a new start.
    We are will you all the way.
    Welcome To and our community.

  2. lynn2010 says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thank you so much for the page and the awesome support. Means so much to me to know that I have people helping me through this. I went to the store and got some sea salt and going to start the cleansing my colon today. Can you tell me how often I should do this. Thanks and God Bless.

  3. lynn2010 says:

    Today is day 1 and I will post everyday my progress and how do I post videos do i do it on youtube and create a link?

  4. keith101 says:

    Hi Lynn
    If you post it on youtube then i can put it on my site for others to see.

    Tom’s site is more complex. He is working on this problem on putting videos on his site that are high res and not so slow as youtube.

  5. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Kieth and Lynn,
    Yes you can easy paste the code to the video on the page and it will show like on Kieth’s site. We are working on a video interface for the front page.
    So what you can do it I will make you an author and you can make changes to your post and add videos. We are traveling right now and a little busy but I will try to get it done today. Yes videos on this page would be perfect.

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Kieth, we are also working on a feed system so that you can have a page on your site that will automatically update and syncronize posts and visa versa. The linking will help page ranking for you.

    • keith101 says:

      Ok Tom
      Thats great, i will be posting more videos in a few weeks so others can see my progress after my 32 days on water, i will post them on my own page here.

      yeah i know how to paste the code and transfer it to here.
      I have a few ideas on what i will do LOL.

  7. lynn2010 says:

    How long do i do a salt water flush?

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Lynn
      You can do the SWF on day 1 or day 3. I performed the flush 3 times on my 32 day water fast then took picolax 2 times after that, but you have to end your fast by lining the gut with healthy bacteria after your fast.

      • lynn2010 says:

        Hi Keith,
        ok thank you. what is picolax? I am just drinking laxative tea at night and salt water flush in the mornings and juice fasting. what would be good to replace the bacteria?

  8. keith101 says:

    You can buy picolax from a chemist.
    Natural live yoghurts are fine, it takes 3 days for the gut to reline with healthy bacteria using live yoghurts.
    Only do the swf 3-4 times on a long fast.

  9. lynn2010 says:

    Today is day 3 and I have lost 8 lbs. So far so good I am doing the SWF as well as taking the tea at night and the SWF in the am. Will post videos soon.

  10. lynn2010 says:

    Day 4 is a little rough but getting better bought some 48 hour hollywood diet juice and it really worked and helped me to get pass the worst of detox. will bew posting a video soon. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone it really makes a difference. I did find a fasting buddy and we are doing a 60 day juice fast together . I am trying to get her on this site aswell

  11. lynn2010 says:

    Well I have fasted on and off now for several weeks today is the beginning of a 19 day juice fast with lots of exercise. If this goes well then i will continue on to 40 and then 60 days. I have lost 12 lbs on this series of small fast.. Yay I am getting there….. So Excited..