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Fennel, Beet and Apple Juice

fennel juice

Fabulous Fennel

1 fennel bulb
1/2 beet with greens
2 apples

Fennel contains plenty of phytoestrogens, which is known to protect against different kind of cancers and brain function disorders. Furthermore, fennel helps your eyesight improve and increase its sensitivity, overcoming night blindness. Some have found fennel juice is good for relieving migraine and headaches.

Fennel Juice

If you enjoy the taste of licorice, you will love fennel. This unusual vegetable looks like a fat celery plant with feathers. In fact, it is in the celery family and has much of the same nutritional qualities. Its distinct flavor spices up a juice or salad making it more delicious and tastes good.

How to Pick Fennel

Look for a white, solid bulb with healthy leaves. Refrigerate it for a week.

To find out more about beets and apples, click on the links below:

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