February 5, 2008 Site Problem Fixed TADAHHHH!!!

Finally back to normal and stable and hoping to stay that way.  Enjoy. Tom  Read More →

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Recent Comments:

  • How Much Juice or Water Per Day (2)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Nicky, I always recommended starting with a juice fast to get your feet wet. Water fasting needs discipline and breaking a water fasting can be hard on the body and cause depression and binge eating if the fast is broken wrong. Weight loss depends on your metabolism. Weight loss...
    • nicky: i currently weigh in at 132lbs and i am planning on starting a 20 day water fast 2maro. how much weight could i expect to lose?
  • Nathan Gogol’s completes at 30-day juice fast. (4)
    • Tom Coghill: Today is a good day. The site is back to normal, and Nathan just sent me this amazing email. ————&# 8211; Hi Tom, I just wanted to let you know that I have completed my 30 day juice fast. I did a 3 day water fast on the 26-29 day and juice fasted for 1 day....
  • Fasting And Metabolism (3)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Loren, Your certainly have enough motivation, but your disciple level may not been to attain that goal. I would buy a juicer and do a few days on juice first just to get your feet wet. Healing will come, just go slow and build discipline. Tom
    • Loren Alix: I am 46 years old, have a daughter that is 8 years old. O.K., here it is, I am 5′6” and weigh 350 lbs. My hip dislocates, my knees need replacing, I am an almost if not already diabetic, my body has toxins that are coming out of my skin, I have cellulite all over, hanging...
  • Aloe Vera (2)
    • Tom Coghill: If you do it will taste awful. They process it so that it is almost tasteless, and sell it in health food stores.
    • G: Do you just eat it? i have loads of this stuff.
  • Fasting Support for Christin L. (6)
    • Tom Coghill: I have been water fasting, juice fasting, eating then back to water, and trying to train in the gym on the up days. The site as been down, with some major problems and we may have to move hosts. We are running on the old site now so there is not much traffic here. Congrats on the 8...
    • Christin: Hi Tom, Well, it’s day six and I am proud to say I have not deviated from my plan at all. I have only been drinking freshly made juices, veggie as well as fruit, three times a day with lots of water and herbal teas (no caffeine). The first three days were really hard; despite...
  • Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly (4)
    • Tom Coghill: Thanks for asking Syd_DownUnder, it was amazing ending it. What an energy surge. I was in the gym pumping iron. 4 day of fruit shakes, with egg white, and hard exercise then 3 on water again for the weekend were I can relax. Drink lots of juice or water when hunger cravings come. Or...
  • Erin Smith, Fasting Support, Overeating, Alergies, Asthma (14)
    • Tom Coghill: No that is fine. The diahhrea is a normal bowel reaction after water fasting. The body purges the colon as it does not need to extract every last calorie from the last meal you ate. Watch out for guilt. Ending a fast can by blowing it can cause depression guilt and more over eating....
    • erin: On day 6… I’m sad to say that I ate something last night… I’m not going to give up though. When I was done I felt sooo guilty.. then my body gave me diahhrea for the rest of the night and the next morning … So that is a good deterent to ever do that again....

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