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Herbalist to beat Fasting Record (49 Days)

Shanghai Star. 2004-03-25THE attempt by 50-year-old herbalist Chen Jianmin to beat the record for fasting set last year by US magician David Blaine is off to a good start. Chen plans to fast for 49 days - five days more than Blaine - and he is..

Fasting – Hair Loss

Hair Loss during fasting can occur.  From my observation (Tom Coghill) of guiding people through fasts on, hair loss is very, very rare during juice fasting.  It is also rare during short water fasts under 14 days.  Hair loss usually oc..

Progress Report of Leslie (user: sunny)

Reasons for Fasting: Weight loss, increase energy Intended Length of Fast: 30 days First Name:Leslie Site User Name: sunny City, State and Country: Miami, FL, USA Sex:F Age: 38 Weight:176 Height:5'4" Proposed Fasting Method..

Progress Report of user “latoyale” (Shiree)

Reasons for Fasting: Need to lose weight, get healthy, break food addictions, gain normal eating and sleeping patterns Intended Length of Fast: 30 days First Name: Shiree Site User Name: latoyale City, State and Country: New York, NY S..

Fasting Progress Report Meg

Reasons for Fasting: Weightloss!!  And the secondary (at this point in time) effects:  feeling of ease of movement, fresh skin, more energy with less sleep, freeing of alcohol/caffeine overconsumption, freedom of compulsive eating and snacking. ..

Progress Report Rebecca

Reasons for Fasting: I am 130 lbs over weight. I am very upset with myself for getting like this. I want to beat PCOS( polycystic ovarian disease.) Intended Length of Fast: 17 day water only fast First Name: Rebecca Site User Name: thenewme_..

Progress Report of Janet

Intended Length of Fast: 40 Days--beginning June 1st First Name: Janet Site User Name: janet City, State and Country: Seattle, WA USA Sex: Female Age: 56 Weight: 335 at present (360 all time high on 5/10/10) Height: 6’0” Proposed Fastin..

Fasting Report Angela Gondwe

Name: Angela Gondwe Comments: Reasons for Fasting:
 To overcome chronic health problems. Intended Length of Fast: 21 days First Name: 
Angela (Optional) Last Name: 

Gondwe Site User Name: 

Trueberry City, State and  Country:..

Progress Report – Megan

Reasons for Fasting: Overall health and wellbeing. Need to make great changes in a short period of time and make them stick this time. Intended Length of Fast: 7 day + 30 day + 7 day First Name: Megan City, State and Country: Canada Sex: fema..

Bentonite Clay During Fasting

Bentonite clay I far as I can see would have benefits during fasting.  I gleaned this info from Http:// Bentonite clay - used by indigenous tribes and animals for centuries Clay is one of the most effective natural intesti..

Coffee Enema Instructions

This explains how to do a coffee enema. What Coffee to Use If possible, use organic ground coffee, not instant coffee. What is the Mixture Use 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for every 8oz cup of water. For every enema, use 4 cups or 32..

Kelley’s Cancer Therapy -This is the cure for cancer!


I (Tom Coghill) was first introduce to Dr. Kelly's cancer protocol when I was introduced to Dr. Jaimie Dy-Liaco in St. Theodore's Hospital of Sagada.  We were treating disease conditions with great success but advanced cancer was resistant to ju..

Retune The Body with Periodic Fasting

To understand how the body reacts to a lack of food, you could start by looking at what happens to newborns. Newborns can't sleep through the night because they need to eat every few hours. They don't produce enough glycogen, the body's form of sto..

Progress Report – David Tetti

I started my fast on 5/5/10 Reasons for Fasting: increase energy, clean out body, spirtual Intended Length of Fast: 22-30 days Name: David Tetti Email: Site User Name: David City, State and Country: Los Angeles, Ca, U..


Stevia is good during and after fasting. Especially if you have a sweet tooth. Stevia is a genus of about 240 species of herbs and shrubs in the sunflower family (Asteraceae), native to subtropical and tropical regions from western North America to ..

Progress Report – Jasmine

Reasons for Fasting: Fasting for better health, Weight loss, clarity of mind and physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Intended Length of Fast: 30 days First Name: Jasmine Site User Name: greatjassy84 Email: Cit..

Progress Report – Deaunna Evans

Reasons for Fasting: I’ve had low energy lately and feeling a little depressed so that’s my cue that it’s time for another fast. I also want to loose weight and get rid of the acid crystals that have built up in my joints that cause me ..

Progress Report Lily

Fasting 14 days for health , mental benefits , want to lose some muscle mass. Site User Name:lily Email: City, State and Country:uk Sex:female Weight:mm not sure Height:5'8 Proposed Fasting Method: water ..

Green Tomato Juice

Green tomatoes are an excellent addition to vegetable juice mixtures. Green tomatoes have many of the same health benefit that red tomatoes have.  Tomato juice is refreshing and healthy, with lots of vitamin C, A, and very low calorie. Tomatoes..

Progress Report Lisa

Name: Lisa Sportsman. Reasons for Fasting: for health benefits and occasional weight loss/control Intended Length of Fast: 2-4 weeks Email: First Name:Lisa (Optional) Last Name:S Site User Name:LIS City, State..

Progress Report of Richard (user:evergreen)

Name: Evergreen Fasting For:1) Spiritual 2) Health Cleanse 3) Weight Loss Email: Fasting For:1) Spiritual 2) Health Cleanse 3) Weight Loss Intended Length of Fast: 10 days would be great First Name: Richar..

Progress Report Rebecca

Name: Rebecca Maddox Site User Name: lynn2010 City, State and Country: Evansville, IN   USA Sex: female Weight: 260 Height: 5’’5 Proposed Fasting Method:  Juicing with a juicer Past Fasting Experience: 1 to 3 days on water..

Chenice Progress Report

Reasons for Fasting: Both Spiritual and Physical reasons (I’ve fasted a few times in my life and this year I’ve been both Spiritually and Physically out of sync) I continue to procrastinate which is not like me, I want more focus and di..

Salt Water Flush

To perform a salt water flush, first thing in the morning, mix one quart of lukewarm water with two tablesspoons of sea salt. Drink the entire concoction before you have eaten any food. Within one hour you should have several bowel movements. If ..

Tian Xian Natural Cancer Cure

The Tian Xian (pronounced "Dianne Sean") products are herbal dietary supplements. The active herbal ingredients aims to control, inhibit and destroy cancer cells. It's function is complementary to that of western therapies. Testimonials of can..