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Breaking an Extended Fast

My husband is just finishing a 40 day fast today.  Througout the 40 days he did 10 days of juice fasting, some water fasting, and finished it off with doing 10 days of the “master cleanse”.  I’ve been trying to find information online about the proper way to break an extended fast, but it seems that almost everyone says something different or has their own oppinion about things.  I am looking for some answers so he can break his fast correctly this time around.  This is his third 40 day fast in 3 years.  We both know that breaking the fast is the most important part… he just needs help knowing how.

I have read in a couple places that for however many days that you fast, you should eat that many meals of just raw fruits and veggies.  So a 40 day fast would = 40 meals of just the raw fruits and veggies.  Is this correct?  Is that something you would recommend?

Other than that.. I’m not sure what he should do after that?  When can he start bringing other things into his diet.  Grains, dairy, meat, eggs…  I know people have their opinions about those things too, about making sure you stay away from dairy and meat… but if you were to start bringing those things back into your diet… how many days after a 40 day should you wait?

Thanks so much


When you break a fast the most important thing is to listen to your body.  Never eat too much and if you do go back to juicing till you feel hungry again.  When you do feel hungry you have to know that you can only eat a small amount.  I always recommend going to juices for a few days after a long water fast.  As to the formula, yea 40 meals of fruits and veggies would be great.  It is better to wait 10 days before reintroducing grains, dairy, meat, eggs or cooked foods.

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2 Responses to Breaking an Extended Fast

  1. Kelli Denae says:

    I’m getting ready to break a 33-day water only fast. I don’t have a juicer so I can’t transition to juicing. What do you recommend? There’s so many conflicting ideas out there :-( . Also… because of a hiking trip coming up, do you have any idea how many days/weeks it will take before my digestion won’t cause me to be in the restroom frequently?
    Thanks in advance,