Breville Juicer

Breville juicer reviewThis juice is great for veggies. The opening is huge enough for an apple so it cuts down the preparation time. It is not a good extractor for fruit especially melons. The pulp container is sloppy wet. But for veggies, it is fast as the motor has some good torque. The cost is about $150 and that is cheap for what you get. I have owned a Breville Juicer for about 2 years and it is still going strong so I give this a 4 out of 5 rating.

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3 Responses to Breville Juicer

  1. Megumi says:

    Why is the Breville bad for melons?

  2. rydinearth says:

    I would have to disagree. One of my absolute favorite juices to make with my Breville compact juicer is cantaloupe juice. (It’s my fasting version of a decadent dessert), especially with some fresh raspberries thrown in. Yumm. I have to take the tough skin off the melon, of course. (I quarter the cantaloupe and then ‘filet’ the 4 sections out of their skin with a sharp knife. Then just toss them in the Breville and it juices each quarter slice in about one second. Very little waste. Delicious juice!

  3. blt says:

    Try to freeze melons before you juice. My juice has little bits so I strain the juice through a paint strainer to get the bits out. The Breville is great.