Cancer Treatment with Juice Fasting

After treating terminal cancer with juice fasting for 6 months with Dr. Clare Lalwet at St. Theodore’s Hospital of Sagada,  we realized many limitations.

Cancer Protocol One

We decided on basing the first cancer treatment protocol on the Bruess Cancer Cure.  It was a version of the Bruess Cancer Cure based on available produce as the hospital is in a remote location.  The juices were mostly green with some carrot and beet and restricted to 1/2 liter per day.  We did not have the black radish during the treatment and that was a limiting factor. Black radish has a powerful alkalizing effect on the blood.  We were not using organic produce and that was another limiting factor. We did have a positive supportive environment in a beautiful newly renovated hospital.  Mostly, we were admitting terminal cancer patients in the last stages.  Many had undergone chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation without success.  We consider it a clinical trial but it’s cost-prohibitive with many difficulties such as establishing a control group of healthy people that want to undertake a 40 day fast.  Each patient has a different preference for the juice mixtures. Some could afford supplement other could not.  These factors limited us to doing case studies on an individual basis.

Observed Results Of The First Cancer Treatment

Reduction in Pain

Every patient experienced a reduction in pain levels.  One terminal cancer patient stopped taking morphine after months of use.

Reduction in Inflammation

This may have due to multiple factors such as dressing that have applied at home, applied by nurses in a hospital, fasting increases the performance of the immune systems and fasting also reduces plasma viscosity that may assist the immune system effectiveness.

Greater Mobility

Patients appear to be more active.  Very hard to document but it would appear that after a few days of juicing some patients were getting out of bed more often and moving around more.

More Positive State of Mind

This was due to several factors:  The patients were in with other patients and some had had improvements.  The staff and Dr. Clare created a positive healing environment.  Juice fasting always brings mental clarity after the initial stages of detoxification passed.

Life Extension

Again hard to quantify as you will need a case study to verify results but to me, it appears that life has extended with a range of weeks to one year for terminal cases.  Juan Liswig was an example. He has bone and prostate cancer. The prostate has swollen to the point he could not urinate with great difficulty and burning.  He needs to assist when walking due to the pain.  Within 10 days, Juan could walk unassisted and urinate normally.  He completed a 50 days juice fast and released from St. Theodore’s Hospital and live one year in good condition when cancer returned and killed him within a short period.  The family was thankful that he has given a year’s extension of his life.

Tumor Reduction and Necrosis

It became clear that reducing available blood sugar to a tumor caused a reduction in mass and necrosis.  This clearly observed in a patient with a large tumor on her hand that was bleeding and exposed.  Within 5 days there were changes in color and tissue necrosis, but as this continued, the tumor peeled off in layers as it was adhering to the dressing, but the blood vessels to the tumor became exposed and we face the problem of blood loss as the blood vessels connected to the tumor started to bleed profusely and as the fast progressed she needed blood transfusions.

Cancer Treatment Limitations

The first protocol was shown to have limits in cancer therapy due to angiogenesis the proliferation of blood vessels.  Cancer researchers studying the conditions necessary for cancer metastasis have discovered that one of the critical events required is the growth of a new network of blood vessels. Angiogenesis is the process of forming new blood vessels.   Tumor angiogenesis actually starts with cancerous tumor cells releasing molecules that send signals to surrounding normal host tissue. This signaling activates certain genes in the host tissue that, in turn, make proteins to encourage the growth of new blood vessels.   During a restricted juice, fast angiogenesis continues as it is part of the body’s healing mechanism.  Although there is a clear reduction in tumor mass and tumor necrosis due to the reduced blood sugar. Cancer adjusts to the lowered levels of blood sugar.   The tumor suffers necrosis till it comes to a point where there is enough blood supply to feed and a smaller amount of tumor mass.  Cancer then reached a point where there is no more mass reduction or necrosis.  But as the body continues to create more blood vessels the tumor regrows.  We found that cancer returned in months or a year and when it did the growth rate was fast and death came quickly.  Clearly, we needed an angiogenesis inhibitor to have consistent success with terminal cancer treatments using juice fasting.

Cancer Protocol 2

It was at that time Jamie Diaco came to Sagada and offered his cancer protocol based on Dr. Kelly which used pancreatic enzyme and Tumorx  (bloodroot).  We found this more effective and have one successful recovery from cancer named Waldo Peck, a US citizen, who had a large tumor above the knee with the only option offered was amputations. He is now in rehabilitation and is presently living in Sagada.

We now believe that a combination of the Bruess cure with Tumorx would be the most effective treatment.

After a successful treatment of Waldo Peck, with Tumorx,  who came for treatment at St. Theodor’s Hospital the program shut down as Dr. Clare Lalwet took a leave of absence.

The bias against natural healing, the AMA,  the invested interests of drug companies, medical schools, the insurance industry,  and all the establishment doom the natural God-designed healing process to the sidelines. It will take a spectacular documented verifiable track record to make inroads.  Quote by Richard a Member of Fasting.

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