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This is the first chapter of the fasting book upgrade.  To make corrections just copy the error and paste into comment and we will fix as we go.  Do not be afraid to offend me.  Look at clarity, impact, spelling, tense, and for excess words.  I ..

The Perfect Diet E-book By Tom Coghill


If you are wondering why most people in North America are sick, this books makes it clear what is making your sick. The message is simple, too much meat, salt, sugar, white flour and junk food impacts your cell on a molecular level and after years..

Eating In Freedom by Tom Coghill


Most people are not successful at fast as their thought life disables discipline. It is hard to break a fast correctly then stay on a healthy diet. The e-book is designed to rebuild your thought processes and build emotional attachments to healthy fo..

Extreme Health Recipes by Tom Coghill


What to eat after a fast can be complex. For most people eating healthy is a totally radical change in what to buy and how it is prepared. Eating a salad is good but day after day the same salad gets boring. This ebook is a complete guide to natura..

Fasting Book by Tom Coghill


The only e-book you will ever need on fasting for detoxification, healing, weight loss and colon cleansing. Every detail is covered. How to prepare and safely end a fast. You will explore the mysterious properties of fasting as a catalyst for spiritu..