Detoxification for Athletes and Bodybuilders


Fasting with Raw Egg Whites will increase energy, decrease muscle loss and detoxify the body. I discovered an amazing trick to muscle up and thin down. I was in a chin up competition with my friend bill... Read more

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Bibliography, Research Sources


These are the reference materials I used in the witting of the site and e-books. P. Airola Ph.D., N.D., CANCER THE TOTAL APPROACH, Phoenix, AZ, Health Plus, 1972 P. Airola Ph.D., N.D., HOW TO GET WELL,... Read more

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The Perfect Diet E-book By Tom Coghill


Learn what is making you sick from a cellular level. Lear foods to eat for healing, and weight loss. Learn of the dangers of hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids. Learn what additives, milk, white... Read more

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Eating In Freedom by Tom Coghill


The only e-book you will ever need on weight loss and food addiction. Learn how to fight cravings. Lose weight through self-encouragement, overcoming obsessive thinking and rebuilding self-discipline to... Read more

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Extreme Health Recipes by Tom Coghill


A complete guide to natural,delicious recipes.Learn how to pick a ripe fruit or grow sprouts. Delicious butter replacers and healthy vegetable soups. Discover natural sweeteners, omega 3 and 6 salad dressings,... Read more

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Fasting by Tom Coghill


The only e-book you will ever need on fasting for detoxification, healing, weight loss and colon cleansing. Every detail is covered. How to prepare and safely end a fast. You will explore the mysterious... Read more

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