Create Support Page

Creating a support page has several benefits.

  • Your support info is on one page making is better for giving advise.
  • People get to know you and will support you on your fast. We discovered that asking for a fasting buddy did not work and answering comments on a community progress report can be confusing.
  • It keeps you honest.
  • Support pages get more responses and active support.
  • You are part of documenting the healing capacity of therapeutic fasting.
  • To create a support page copy the text below and past it to your word processor.  Fill in the information and send us though the “CONTACT” page.  Attaching a recent photo is good.  Do not worry about looking good, as this is a starting point.  Before and after pictures are perfect to document your fast. Filling in this form is the first step in being successful in reaching your fasting goals.

    Send The Following Information to Have Your Personalized Support Page Created

    Reasons for Fasting:

    Intended Length of Fast:

    First Name:

    (Optional) Last Name:

    Site User Name:

    City, State and Country:




    Proposed Fasting Method:

    Past Fasting Experience:

    Present Diet:

    Relevant Medical History:

    Present Medical Problems:

    State of Mind:


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