Kidney Damage from Lovastatin

I think I have kidney damage from lovastatin therapy for 6 months.

I interested in input for fasting or it appears to be juice fasting as the most effective means of repair of my kidneys. Early March I

found my urine excreating tissue.  I researched it and found the Lovastatins are highly criticized.

I used Rapid Response urinalysis 10 parameter test strip to find that i have elevated levels of:

Specific Gravity 1.03

Blood from +++ to a trace

Protein 30(0.3)

My levels go up and down depending on what I eat.  I read that carrot juices with combination’s of cucumber, spinach, beat,  and lemon juices is effective.

I think I should contact a Naturopathic doctor before I start.

Any input please.

Incidentally, in the summer of 2010 I found after a second CatScan in 2 years, July 2010, that a growth in my bladder had doubled in size from one to two centimeters. I fasted for 28 days and all my symptoms went away.
However, I could not prove it with a Urine FISH test which color codes healthy and cancerous cell chromosomes.  In the US the medical industry has been corrupted to allow the the medical industry to profit from patient diagnosis of terminal diseases.

Response From Tom Coghill

I supervised a treatment for stage 3 kidney disease which was successful in reducing the BUN rate to 50% in 6 weeks.  Protein in the urine was reduced to negligible and the client feels good and has returned to work.  With kidney disease I prefer to detox slowly as to not over load the kidneys with too much toxic waste.   I recommend that I supervise the fast and it does take a lot of time on my part which I do for under $200.




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