Fasting After Chemo Therapy

Hello.  I’m trying to get myself back in good health after surgery and Chemo (8 treatments total).  I know I must detox immediately to rid my body of toxins and rebuild my immune system.  From what I’ve read from EVERYONE is that juice fasting is a major role in accomplishing just that.  I can not afford to lose any more weight!!!  I am 47 years old, weight is 140 and I’m 5’10”.  The very day I discovered I had breast cancer (June 26, 2009 – Stage 2A) I did the following:

Eat only fruits, vegs, legumes, whole grains, tumeric and other healthy spices, and protein drinks made with whey protein, green food, fruit and coconut milk.  NO white sugar, NO white flour, NO processed foods, NO dairy.  I use olive oil and coconut oil ONLY for oils and raw butter.  I cook only with stainless steel cookware – no microwave.  Switched to mineral make-up, no chemical hair/body products and installed filter for shower and osmosis drinking water.  I have really tried to eliminate as much toxins that I could.    I do take a regimen of supplements, get plenty of sunshine and rest as well.

I never want to take my health for granted and want only to live the way God made us to live and that is in harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit.  I love the Lord with all my heart.

Your site and information is a true blessing!

Do not worry about the weight loss as your body will return to a healthy weight within 2 weeks.  Yes juice fasting will dramatically assist your body regain health after the damage of chemo.  Chemo is toxic and juice fasting is the best way to detoxify the body.

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