Fasting and Addiction: Introduction

The food industry has perfected addictive foods by adding lots of salt, fats, processed sugar and artificial flavor enhancers. Once in the blood, what was a delicious treat becomes tomorrow’s craving. These daily cravings become powerful forces shaping our destiny through dictating our thoughts, emotions and actions, and deteriorating our health and discipline.

We live in an addictive society where it is socially acceptable to be addicted to sugar, salt, caffeine, fried food, cookies, cakes and junk. Yet, no matter how small the addiction, it has to go. Even a cookie addiction can powerfully affect your life through guilt, pimples and thirty pounds of excess weight. You may say it is just a few cookies but if there is deterioration to your health, and you eat them without control, your cookie addiction needs to end.

Street Drug Addiction

In a matter of seconds of inhaling the fumes of a burning rock of crack, euphoria explodes in the brain, catapulting its victim into a moment of intense, overwhelming pleasure. With the first inhalation, the feeling lasts about 30 seconds but after that, five seconds, then two seconds, then half a second, then even less. The next hit is less intense and more is needed to achieve the same euphoria because the body has responded by readjusting its normal metabolic state.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Sleeping pills, sedatives, and painkillers are extremely addictive. As a youth, I discovered the painful fact that the size of a pill does not represent length and extent of the withdrawals. I learned that painkillers increase sensitivity to pain and cause constipation. Tranquillizers and sleeping pills cause emotions to become unstable, fogs concentration, and reduce memory and sex drive.

Addiction deepens with usage. The first time I became addicted to my favorite drug combination, sleeping pills, codeine and sedatives, it took a few months to get to the point where the withdrawals were drastic. After becoming addicted and quitting several times, the withdrawals came after only one week of usage. Every time you take a pill, drink alcohol or use a drug you increase the power of addiction.

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