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Progress Report Tiana (user Woodrose7)- Adrenal Fatigue anxi

Reasons for Fasting: Severe health issues/weight loss/cleansing

Intended Length of Fast: 1 month

Name: Tiana Phillips

User Name: Woodrose7

City, State and Country: Lake Oswego, Or USA

Sex: F

Age: 60

Weight:Way too much

Height: 5′6″

Proposed Fasting Method: Juice Fasting

Past Fasting Experience: Usually one week, have done one month

Present Diet: Mostly meet/veggies. Allergic to pretty much everything else. Too much fruit early am/later pm has caused me to have some blood sugar issues, (not severe)

Relevant Medical History: Have had low thyroid issues before, never this severe. Otherwise, have always been very strong and healthy, ran, lifted, never had any troubles.

Present Medical Problems: Low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, severe food allergies, Hashimotos, toxic mold issues, ongoing sinus issue

State of Mind: Depressed, lethargic, have just recently had my first issue with an anxiety attack

Limitations: Very little energy, poor muscle strength, foggy thinking, and rambly.

I am a pet sitter, and I also house clean for some of my clients. Business has been very slow due to the economy, so I do have a lot of down time right now.

This, my health issues, started one year ago, I am far better than I was then, but nowhere near where I should be. After my mother passed I spent two months going thru her house on weekends, (which is where I developed the toxic mold issues. Also ended up with pneumonia twice, in the ER twice, spent about a month on the couch struggling to breathe. After starting to see my NP, I had a number of tests done, including the food allergy test.

I am now taking a thyroid supplement, an adrenal supplement, 5,000 units a day of Vit A, high doses of Vitamin C powder, DHEA, Calcium with minerals, icelandic kelp, liquid mag/calcium, progresterone cream, (my estrogen levels were pretty normal for my age), greens, B-5, liquid B-12,high dose fish oil, pantothenic intensive, and cayenne pepper capsules. Also on alternating days, coconut oil, and a product called Modifilan. I also take liquid Selenium every day.I just bought a Thorne product called MediClear.
I have a good juicer.

I am really excited about the possibilities here, it has been so frustrating to not be able to do the things I always have, to be the person I was. Just because I just turned 60 shouldn’t mean I fall apart, or have to stay like this!I read a lot about adrenal issues, adrenal fatigue in particular, and the need to eat several times a day starting with breakfast. I have dealt with adrenal issues for a while now. At first, chronically high cortisol due to prolonged stress, and then eventually burn out because I just had no cortisol left. I follow a Fast-5 lifestyle, or rather Fast-7 most days, and it works great for me. I don’t notice increased fatigue or weakness during the morning hours like some say I will experience.

I have also read that fasting (not intermittent)  is really bad for the adrenals and that it will make adrenal insufficiency/fatigue worse. This seems odd to me. Doesn’t the body go into a healing phase when fasting? And if so, wouldn’t the adrenals be included in that healing phase?


Answer By Tom Coghill

Any study that determines that intermittent fast may make adrenal insufficiency worse makes sense in that lowered blood sugar lowers muscle glycogen which would lessen the reaction to adrenaline.  But that is only part of the story.  As you can see by the case studies on, fasting, especially juice fasting assists the glands and organs to regenerate.  A 30 -day juice fast may cure adrenal fatigue.  We would love to support you in this.

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4 Responses to Progress Report Tiana (user Woodrose7)- Adrenal Fatigue anxi

  1. woodrose7 says:

    So, you are saying if done carefully, it would! be safe to fast with adrenal fatigue? My NP and several sites I have been on have said you could actually die if fasting with adrenal fatigue….
    I have low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, Hashimotos, severe! food allergies, toxic mold allergies, and was anemic when this all started, the anemia is gone. I have put on sooo much weight, the usual no energy, get physically sick if you push yourself too much. I really want to fast, have before, and do believe fasting lets the body heal itself, + I really need to get some of this weight off. I know that should be secondary to my health, but my self esteem, or lack of, can’t take much more.
    Any suggestions? Should I drink my juices and water more frequently? Would an organic chicken broth be a good idea, or not? Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi woodrose7
      This is the third time I wrote this comment. Lost the data. But is did make me think of what I need to do. I am going to create specific protocols for all disease starting with yours.
      The doctors are basing their opinion on long water fast and is impact to your condition, which is not a challenge to a specific protocol using juice fasting. And I am in agreement with them. Water fasting for you, is very dangerous.
      Do not take the broth. Did you start the juice fast yet? Or when are you thinking about starting. Do you have some money for supplements?
      Here rebuilding lives is day to day. You can expect dramatic results. But is had to be done right. The first 7 days are crucial. I am going to get the protocol started.
      Are you working? You will need some down time. I really need a progress report filled out to be accurate. I hate guessing.

  2. woodrose7 says:

    Have not started my fast yet, but want to get going.

  3. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Tinia
    We have started to develop the treatment. This is the start to what I believe will be a successful treatment for adrenal fatigue. It will take a few days to finish it but this is good for starting on. /juice-fasting/fasting-for-healing/adrenal-fatigue-treatment
    I removed your comment and moved it to the your progress report.